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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Picture -in Picture thoughts 2nd in a series

Second of a Series on Advanced Autistic Picture Thoughts

The usual disclaimers apply, and again this was learned first hand, natural knowledge.

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Picture -in-Picture thoughts

P-in-p thoughts are kid of like the PROJECTION thoughts I just posted about. As with all autistic thoughts it is a picture based thought and invisible to anyone but us. The autistic parts of this thought are brain generated and that thought is blended with actual optic vision thus the name picture in picture.

Think of a P-in-p television set, the big picture on the main channel could be our OPTIC vision, it is the same thing you would see, If you were standing beside me. The little picture in the corner of the screen would be our BRAIN GENERATED PICTURE THOUGHT we use to think with. So in reality would could looking at 'Joe" at the dinner table and be seeing a thought picture (brain generated) image of Bill. When we seen Bill in a "still" picture that is what we would translate into the word "Bill." While we are talking of Bill, we would have P-in-p thoughts of him in other still pictures and even motion pictures featuring Bill, We could read those thoughts "remember" something about Bill and again translate that into words or sentences.

If I were in normal conversation with "Joe" and we were talking about Bill and I needed to add some intelligent thought the conversation I would be looking at JOE, keeping up with his body language and gestures and looking at a brain generated picture thoughts of Bill (motion Picture, a form of Autism thought) riding a motorcycle. Good Aspie thinkers could make the sentence, Bill, rides a Honda 750 Motorbike, while still keeping optical contact with JOE.

This later advanced autistic thought form was a late development for me and some picture thinkers don't even have this type of thought. Many of us that do realize it as working autism. I learned this or honed this thoughts in real life in an auto repair shop to be exact. Being totally unaware even at the age of 20 something of autism I was in a mechanic in a dealership and I was always in overload and shutting down. This is a dangerous job as it is, and overload was not helping. I learned to step to the side of a driving aisle and away from a lift and then develop or started thinking with a little Brian Generated picture.

If the traditional person were to hold a postcard or a picture up to the their visual field they would get an idea of a P-in p thought. If for example your postcard was a beach in Hawaii and you held that say, in the upper Right hand corner of your visual field that would be similar to me having picture thoughts of Hawaii. You would still have all of your optic vision and be able to see who you are talking to but the little 3x5 Card could be our Thought. ONCE We seen the Hawaii shot that would be Brain Generated for us we could start our Translation process and come up with all kinds of statements like.

the beach is beautiful,
the sand is white,
there are surfers,
The hotel in the background is tall;;;;;;; With additional picture thoughts We could tell you all kinds things about Hawaii,,, Perhaps with a picture thought of the longitude and latitude lines of the earth we could tell you where Hawaii is. (I have used the same longitude and latitude lines of the first maps I seen of the earth as a base thought picture since 4th grade)

Politically I could have picture thoughts of the Headlines I have read over the years indicating that Hawaii is Gay friendly. Again I would see the same optic vision you would, IF you were standing beside me and then my BRAIN GENERATED IMAGE would be of the Newspaper headlines, They of course could be translated into words sentences or actions.

In this case we might be discussing the benefits to Hawaii for Gay travel while standing on a street corner and once I seen my "Hawaii Newspaper headlines" in my P-in-p thought I could form the statements Hawaii is gay friendly,,,,,,, and still get the reaction of whom I talking with, A sour look and well they are ignorant of Gay issues, a Smile is better news

See We do think in Pictures,,,,, they are not just memories that we view, they are kind of that but those 'memory shots" produce new original thoughts new ideas and new ways to do stuff. When I designed my Turing Motor I used the advanced 3-4 d computer ammoniation type of thoughts to build what every engineer has told me is impossible. Well, it is possible just not in tune with their line of thinking. Just like Autism the thought process has never been in Print, my engineering insight leaves a little to be desired in a lot of places. I have however built nearly every invention I thought up and my life depended on many of them for years as I custom designed my car parts. I have made working models of my motor and it does work but it is too radical I guess.

Again this is advanced thought, it has never been in print before and I feel if the basics of Autism were taught nearly everyone autistic would be able to think with advanced thoughts like this. As I view my anthropology I am just amazed at the adaptability of Autism Thoughts, We are ALL self Taught and each of us have a different twist to our brain generated thoughts. Generally we have people that are good with numbers and math and they seem to have one set of thoughts, and we have others that are not great at math but often are great at drawing, music etc. THIS IS WHY our anthropology needs a proper study so we can figure this insight out and share this working autism.


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