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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Connecting Old and New Autism

Making a connection between old Autism and Modern Autism.

I need to address this point as people have been asking me time and again how does your Autism relate to my Kid and modern Autism?

I wish I had a simple explanation but all I can do is my best. I can see the autism connection in nearly every case I come into contact with. Sound and noise in terms of our super senses relates really well to some of the behavior issues of modern Autism. Perhaps too many pills and too many "experts" (with respect) simply just relate autism to their normal conditions and thus thinking they are doing the right things. But, if Autism was taught correctly and our Aspies would have hearing filters (something like an hearing aid/or even foam plugs like you wear in a factory) Do the pills really help? We are after all entire generations of aspies that grew-up without them.

Lots of Aspie bad behavior could be the result of unknown injuries, I realize now that many times I was in mood It was because I was really hurting but didn't know that I was hurting. Minus the physical pain, chemically perhaps the pain or the hurt will still register. Looking back with the aid of hindsight I realize that I had to have been suffering the silent effect of a pulled muscle or an injury. Perhaps we have a nagging minor little pain no one knows about including us. Perhaps and Aspirin would do wonders?

When I experience a modern Aspie having trouble processing or talking or thinking I can-fill in the blanks-with my own picture thoughts and know what that are missing. I know that I could easily figure out a problem If we were using the right kind of picture thoughts. Of Course Picture Thoughts have never been taught in a school of any type and the only aspies authors I know of that mention them are Bill Stillman (Demystifying the Autistic Experience) and Temple Grandin (Thinking in Pictures) . Temple only mentions Still and Motion pictures in her work and I add to them with Picture in Picture thoughts, projection thoughts and 3-4 dimension thoughts, and other types of thoughts of those in my anthropology.

A lot of this would be self evident if Splinter Skills were embraced. Splinter skills hands down are an aspies biggest asset. Please don't worry of 'tunnel vision/learning" you will find like we have, that Splinter Skills are simply our learning hallway. Once we learn a few things in our splinter skills our Picture thought really has a chance to develop and once that happens our Thought process is figured out and we relate to the real world so much easier. In absence of actually teaching us picture thoughts, at least, let us work in our splinter skills and we will learn and develop the Picture thoughts to go with them on our own. We have been developing our own picture thought for centuries, Please let us do it again now and abolish ABA.

I realize when people read this and try to relate this to their version of autism it is nearly impossible to make the connection: to be fair I make the same obversation in reverse I can't relate to modern Autism in terms of the new ideas it presents. I'm delighted I was never diagnosed or had an IEP. As hard as it is to believe old autism is just a different version of the new stuff, what we have figured out and proved within our anthropology is not common knowledge and none of us have a Ph.D. Sadly, professionals and educated people naturally wear blinders as they were never trained to 'listen to the folks they are supposed to be helping." Naturally, it takes inside information to figure out autism and we are the only ones that have figured out. We will indeed rewrite human psychology and reset a lot of human knowledge.

I respectfully urge my readers to think for them selves and ask? Who knows more of autism? People in the real world who do mostly traditional lives or those claiming 'Expert' status? Even if you opinion is we don't know a thing shouldn't all sides of autism be investigated and developed? Wouldn't autism really grow by leaps and bounds If it combined forces with it's working past. (we don't bite). The results would be fantastic!


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