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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Autistic driving

Autisitc driving,

Yes Autisitc driving, we are pretty good at it and we even do it on the left and right side of the road depending on where we live. Our Uk and Austrilian Drivers and others obviously drive on their respective sides. (South Africa?)

Many of us have been driving all of our lives, I for one was driving at 14 as I lived in the country and a sneaked a few trips. Plus I grew up driving Tractors lawn mowers and go carts so actual driving was pretty easy. I passed my drivers test by one point and that was pretty good as I had the "worst" 'strictest" driver's license examiner around and I even parallel parked a 72 Buick Electra (it was 22? foot long with a blind spot).

I have had a few crashes in my time most were do the fact I was red color blind (defective) and once I started wearing colored sunglasses I haven't had a wreak. Over the years I have honed my driving thoughts like many in our anthropology have : I never picture think and drive anymore. Many of us have Projection thoughts where the a brain generated thought is projected in to our visual field. It allows us to think without disturbing our optical vision. If any one has ever driven a GM Car (Cadillac?) many of them have a feature where the speed and gauge readings are projected displayed on the back of the windshield, Our projection thoughts are kind of like that. If we have to picture think while Driving this is the mostl likley thought we use. For those Gasping about now. (Come Now.) that is not any worse than talking on the phone, adjusting the radio or eating while driving.

Autism Thought however has indeed saved me from a major crash. Autistic thoughts if you know how to use them are very current, precise, useful and much more complicated than traditional thoughts are. I used that advantage to save me from a crash. I was about to be hit offset head on while an approaching driver was about to run a traffic light. Their attention was too busy watching another traffic event across the road. I seen the crash coming and thought gee, That person is most likely to stomp the brakes and scream when they finally see me. With picture thought I figured the angles of how their car would end up sliding and how far it was likely to go. I did the same with my car and figured what would happen (with picture thought) If Idid the same thing and discovered If I pressed on the GAS and not the brake my own car would stay under control longer and I might promote enough tire grip to miss the entire crash. I wizzed by the other driver perhaps with a millimeter or two spare.

Aspies can't think quick enough to be scared (my humble opinion) or perhaps we are too busy figuring things out to be scared. I knew from driving experience the most likely reaction of the other driver. Please forgive me, I mean no disrespect, Humans are so predictable weather it is the out come of a TV show, or a traffic accident or a conversation most times they fit a pretty standard pattern. I used all of this insight along with my knowledge of my car and its tires and physics that I was able to figure my way out of trouble. I did blow my rear axle gears powering my way out of trouble but that was an easy fix considering the other outcome. I had a bit of nervous reaction and emotion after I made it through the "crash" but nothing during it. Years eariler I had driven down a BIG HILL with no brakes and again used picture thoughts to keep calm and I was even picturing (Brain Generated Thoughts) the Driver Education manual and the page of it telling what to do with no brakes. I did some downshifting and some dancing and all ended up fine. After I was finally stopped and the "entire Student Body" gathered around me cheering on my good driving I had some emotional letdown after that finally.

Some of my first trips featured my Aspie GPS where as I studied maps of where I was going and memorized them and as such I could follow my progress on my route by imposing a dot on my brain generated mental map. That was GPS long before it was in a car as an option. Other than that, Cruise Control and a super Quiet car and non talking passengers are a must for my style of driving. I realize where many folk in the spectrum today would have a few comments and thoughts and reservations on the idea of letting a loved one drive but, please remember we have done a different autism experience. This is a good example of how autism thought can work if it were ever admitted to or even taught in an Autism School of some type.


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