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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Face blind

For up to date readers of this blog the following should not be a total shock. Please keep in mind as we picture think we do not see what you see. We might see a brain generated image we are using to think with thus our optic vision is interrupted.

I have had the hardest time in life realizing who people are. In 1 St. grade, and in real life I often identify people via their smell. (not body odor) I had a h*** of a time in grade school figuring out who was who and unknowingly started to using smell and the pitches of the voices and the way one walked to identify people. I have got better in recent years at identifying people as I use less and less picture thought in real life. The more I look at them the more I remember of them. The sound of their voice is also true indicator of their real views, I have lost court of the number of people I have met or seen over time that say one thing and mean another. My hearing is like a lie detecter test. It would take a decibel meter to hear the slight imperfection in their voice but it has proven to be a good indicator for me of who not to trust.

Today I often meet the same groups of people every few months for meetings and social occasions and I still find my self not knowing who is whom. The people with some obvious feature about them are easily figured out but the average person still looks the same to me. I often think to my self you could take 10 people I know well dress them all a like from boots to hat (women included) and I'd have to play "pin the tail on the donkey' to get their names right. People out of context really throws me for a loop, If you typically wear a suit and I meet you in casual wear I'm really lost. If mechanics would switch shirts at work I would really be looped as there was name tag that didn't match. It made for a few laughs as I stumbled with the wrong names. I learned to play it off as I was joking but in reality I was really lost and confused.

Obviously, a life time spent thinking with pictures has somehow detoured face recognition. I suspect typical humans learn this trait naturally as we learn to think with our pictures. If you would humor me yet again/What good does eye contact do for an aspie? Even if we are looking at you our eyes, they might be disconnected from our optic nerves and thus we still don't see you even if we are looking at you.


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