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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Florescent lighting

Florescent lighting,

I have had a number of questions here of late about this topic and I thought I might clarify it a little more. I had posted that early unfazed florescent actually gets brighter and darker (like a fun house) and if an aspie is in a room without natural light we can see the room getting brighter and darker.

Modern florescent lighting just makes noise and lots of it at times. It does NOT get brighter and darker as modern lights are 'purely' DC voltage these days. Old Style light can still be found but, newer construction or remodeling features new lights. They are lots more energy efficient.

I read about people complaining their kid can't stand the lights,,, but is it, the noise of the light? Our traditional friends can't hear our "7th" sense. We can hear the transformer hum and it might sound like we are standing in the middle of a factory floor.

How many parents ,teachers, or "experts" ever think , that we hear what they can't. Out of sight -out of hearing range and it is 'out' of autism.


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