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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Aspie body language

Speaking of Body Language?

Unknown to modern autism right before its own nose a great Autistic milestone was achieved in Oct 2004 in Columbus Ohio. I met two proficient picture thinkers in two days. There is a Bob Evans restaurant that will never be the same, that is for sure. If only it could have been taped? The very next day I met another aspie in person. One guy was 40 something my age and the other was 20 something.

The 40 something is also an Aspie author like I am. I wish I had known of his work before I published mine as my book would not have been so harsh. I thought I was the only one besides Temple Grandin that was pushing Picture thoughts. We met at a local Bob Evans and although we had known one another for a year or so via Email we had never met one on one.

Our conversation was 'wild,'we were talking a mile a minute and having the best conversation of our lives. We were setting opposite each other in a booth, just chatting away. Despite being a foot from one another and sharing the same table We hardly seen one another, Picture thoughts were canceling out our optic vision. Since I was sitting down in a safe place (as opposed to walking or standing) I let my picture thoughts develop and flow more naturally. If one is just sitting and doesn't need to worry about walking, etc., I find I can enjoy better communication / I can just "read" my picture thoughts.

The conversation fast paced precise to the point and I think it might have been short on lots of frivolous words. We used adjunctives if it was necessary to make a point but it seems we talked of the point at hand. For the first time in my life I said up he said down I said left he said right, I had never had a conversation with anyone else that ever worked like that! Picture thoughts would stop occasionally and I would get a look at him and I would scan the room as I taught myself to do to look for "danger" etc.

During this time I could hear our Waitress above all the others in the place and looked over at her occasionally and even heard her preparing our order. I would not see people walk by as my optic vision was OFF but I would feel the wind break as they got close or perhaps I'd smell them (not in a bad way). It seems the picture thoughts we share were very close thoughts or at least we had the same point of view. It was great to be able to leave out a few steps in the picture translation process. If I were talking to a traditional person especially a stranger I need to work really hard to water down the thoughts to a simpler tone. Aspie Thoughts are not known for being simple. We BOTH really flowed well when we were talking of our splinter skill subjects.

The very next day I met a 20 something Aspie guy at a local community center and again the Picture Thought was obvious both his and mine. We did another Aspie conversation and this one too flowed really easy, as well. I 'seen' and knew the thoughts he was using but I also noted he was young and not quite as 'polished' as the older guy was. We still talk as he lives in Columbus and he has definitely improved by leaps and bounds in the 6-8 month since we have met. I love talking on the phone with him as we discuss the world and how aspie relates to it. We joke all the time he is an aspie math whiz where I am horrible at numbers. He always corrects me on my math!

AUTISM has missed our entire point and these two conversations prove Aspie really does work in real life. This stuff is the next level up from what Temple wrote about. Obviously this has never been in print before and I tried to explain picture thought with illustrations in my book. As you have read through out this blog-this Autism-needs to be presented to everyone on the Autism spectrum. Natural picture thinkers will be delighted to finally for the firstime ever to have their thought process presented to them. Instead of a 20-30--40 year trial and error learning experience we could condense it down to 1st -6 th grades.

I could easily see our future 6th grade students holding smart conversations like these when they graduated 6th grade. Just imagine WHAT they would teach us? I expect we would learn as much from them as they would from us. We could use our proven anthropology as a starting point and see what develops form there. Modern Education/autism research would have to loosen up and admit they don't have a clue to what we are doing and let us put our time earned and proved knowledge to work. All of this might be autism's 'impossible dream' as no self respecting empire is willing to do 'cut its own throat.' Modern Autism is established for better or worse these days and aspie spectrum people and parents deserve better. Ask them Why they started ignoring Temple Grandin?

Aspie researchers have been working at a big disadvantage despite their best efforts as they LACK the natural insight into aspie life one needs to figure it out. Let face it: 'it takes one to know one' and we know of no other aspie 'expert' that has ever had a picture thought, a painless injury, or lives with hearing too much. Old Aspies simply bend in or fall through the cracks of society, and even fewer modern Aspies survive the new Autism and don't ended up in a group home. Politically, We are $imply in the wrong space and time and unless we can find some way to blend the old and the new autism the modern Aspie is forever screwed as us older folks die off. Modern education is such that our blind experiments are no longer possible and indeed ABA and group homes might now be the "normal" in autism. We all loose in that deal.


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