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Friday, March 25, 2005

Fine Tuning Fine Hearing

Fine Tuning- Fine Hearing

As a young aspie kid Mom sent me out to play, actually out to my hearing laboratory-the great out of doors. We lived out in the country and there was little in the way of anything but natural noise. I ventured out of our house and could play in our yard and Grandma's yard next door. Actually Grandma's house was on old 1800s church that had been converted into a house and I was amazed that I could hear the tin roof panels heating up and expanding the creaks and groans they made. I also heard the wind current move from around the roof as the air mixed from the cold and hot areas of the roof. Sometimes a BIG adjustment or movement of a tin panel would send my playmates (rabbits) scurrying for their dens. (made a 'loud' noise). I never really figured out that others were unfazed with my hearing and no one ever seemed to connect to what I heard.

I learned that all that all the extra noise was just there and absently just learned to deal with it, the majority of the time life is tolerable I found. Keep in mind this was the early 1960's and homes were quiet, there was no TV blaring no boom boxes and the worst noise I dealt with on a daily basis was the Volunteer fire serien from a town 3 miles away. Perhaps that is why in my kindergarten class I realized for the first time (hindsight) I was hearing too much at once and experiencing overloads and in reality not hearing a thing. This is where I learned to figure out via the tone of the voice of the teacher or simply follow the actions of the others to fit in. I remember being SHOCKED the first few times my teacher gave instructions and I never heard them. They must have been "Get Up and push your chairs in and form a single file line." I did that like my class mates were doing but I was just following their lead.

To complicate the hearing issues I was having my first picture thoughts (unknowingly) and these optic canceling events were turing OFF my optic nerve and replacing that visual with a brain generated image I was supposed to be using to think with. I absently Ignored those picture thoughts for eight more years until I figured out they were MY thought process. THIS IS THE TIME AND THE PLACE WHERE ASPIES NEEDED TO BE TAUGHT PICTURE THOUGHTS! If the world knew what was going on in my brain they would have told me of Picture thoughts, still pictures motion pictures, how to convert those pictures to words to be spoken, and what picture thoughts of the many to use to solve what problem. I'd been set and picture thinking like I do today by 3-4 th grade IF this were common knowledge. Folks in my Anthropology report similar things! We all had the same milestones in Autism development.

Back to hearing, I guess now know the obvious and the CONSTANT need for perfect behavior in school and at home allowed me to develop ways to "turn off" the hearing so that the noise would not drive me crazy. I wonder if we were doing a simple Aspie noise experiment that worked whereas the modern ideas have one drugged up in an IGNORANT disguise of helping. My one and ONLY autism tantrum that seem like events in autism today was my first trip to the dentist. That was an aspie disaster of all time, read more about this in earlier posts of this blog. Despite the threat of a Whack, and the stigma of doing "wrong" dad would be mad, etc., I simply could no longer control my behavior and indeed lost it.

GOD I HATE To admit this, but in this case it was the Autism and not the child -a very popular theory in modern autism-one that in my mind promotes too many drugs. Obviously that was an extreme case, but, otherwise we have proved Autism doesn't have to be as bad as it is, ignorance is no longer bliss.

If the shoe fits wear it? Rich is back on his cave man idea again. It seems the odd thought process the super senses and the lack of some others fit a cave man life style? Through out this Blog I make reference to cavepersons in real life (us) Are we the missing link?

In real life I have learned to use my gift of hearing, and use it to trouble shoot cars, figure out all kinds of mysteries and have fine tuned it to use as kind of a lie dector test. Despite what people say some are just saying those words and don't mean them. I know aspies are known for being disrespectful of authority figures and maybe this ties in to that, but some of the first people to cross me had a 'shutter' in their voice that probably only I realized. I'm sorry but it just hard for me to trust some folks, I have since learned they were usually my boss and they were simply playing a game of politics to keep their own butt of the chopping block. Still I had a total disrespect to one boss that others loved I knew all long he was untrustworthy and years later the truth came out all of it and it wasn't pretty. I never could really explain to my co workers why I never trusted that person but I gained a lot of respect from them after that.

The world would need decibel meters in an Autism class rooms and in homes to hear all the stuff we hear too much of, realizing what we hear would be one of the biggest and most important things ANY autism 'expert' could ever learn. Even if they learned this, we still have our internal hearing, we can hear our blood flow and joints move and hear certain types of food as we chew-that is good for a bit of a rouse. Some hearing filters I (we) have developed do improve the outside noise issues but make the internal noise we hear more prominent. Thankfully I have LOST a lot of hearing in my right ear probably due to an injury and that more than anything has done wonders autistically. I still hear way too much with other ear.


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