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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Body Language at 40

PLEASE see the related post jan. 2007 Thank you Billie and readers for the comment.

On the idea of Eye contact and body language.

Many in the autism spectrum are hung up on Eye contact from their Aspie student, If we were "normal" (god I hate that word) It might be wise to be worried about that aspect of our development. But we are doing something far IMPORTANT (or tying to) during that time. We are trying to create, read or develop our picture thoughts.

Our OPTIC VISION is turned off and replaced with a brain generated Image that you do not see that we need to think with. While the "lights are on and no one is home" the glazed autism look, we are not ignoring you, we are working with our Picture thoughts. Young aspies especially today are confused and might be 'seeing things' like spots or images of things and have no idea WHAT they experiencing. This is the point in life where an autism school is NECESSARY. The Teacher could ask the student the important question// What is their picture Thought Regarding this? Did you use a STILL Picture for that thought ? ?/or a Motion Picture? (Temple talks of those in her book) We could work through all the stages of picture though development that our living anthropology had already figured out.

My Dad my BEST communicator knows when I'm thinking in pictures and has developed a 6th sense of when to wait for a thought to finish. He knows if he talks or presents new things during that time I'll miss some of his words or thoughts. I have learned over the years to really pre think most of my conversations and by using PICTURE IN PICTURE THOUGHT or PROJECTION THOUGHTS. These are advanced Autism Thoughts. They allow us to keep track of Optic Vision and still think with a picture thought. These advanced thoughts occurred naturally in later life and in my case I had to learn them for survival: I was an Auto mechanic (before I heard the word Autism) and had to figure a way of keeping track of the real world. Optic canceling Picture thoughts were TOO dangerous, I would have got ran over not keeping track of the real world. Those in our Anthropology have developed similar thoughts as well. Typically EARLY autism thoughts always cancel our entire optical vision. It is the more advaced ones that BLEND in to our normal visual field.

Well, now that I'm 40 something and have my eyes open and the optic vision is on during conversations I have been learning body language! (humor) better late than never. It is interesting to see the smirks, the odd faces the gestures and even the color of ones face changing as they really lie,,, funny I used to hear that in their voice. Ironically, perhaps traditional people do think in pictures after all? You are reading pictures via the body language and we just read thoughts in our head? The same idea but a LOT different obviously. I have discovered the difference between a red face of anger or one of humor or one of lying. I liked it better when it was just a red face and the tone of the voice, content of the conversation told the mood.

The very best communication I ever have with another person (strangers) is on the phone, My Picture thoughts can flow and be translated easily and if the connection is quiet and the room is QUIET we can simply set there and read picture thoughts.


Blogger Billie said...

Thank you for sharing, My son, who will be 5 in March, has been diagnosed Autistic. I am trying to understand, how to best help him and encourage his learning. Do you have any Ideas, what most helped you when you were young to learn and understand the pictures and put them into practical use.

My son has a nack for anything mechanical and musical. I appreciate any of your advice.

Thank you


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