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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Motion Picutre Thoughts

Motion Pictures/ Picture Streams -a form of Picture Thought

Part of series of posts Explaining Proficient Picture Thinking

As usual not everyone in Autism thinks in Pictures but, those of us that do deserve to have our thought process presented to us and understood by the research 'experts'. Perhaps many of us have the ability but never had the chance to develop it? ABA and modern education just might be too much help.

Temple Grandin wrote about these thoughts in her book Thinking in Pictures and described them as running a VCR on rewind and fast forward. Autistic author Bill Stillman mentions them as well.

Motion Pictures as it seems from gleaning information from my anthropology seems to follow the Still Pictures. Still pictures as near as I can tell always preceded Motion Pictures in Autism Thought development. Just as before when talking of Autism thoughts These are BRAIN GENERATED invisible to you, thoughts we see and think with. Maybe our glazed Aspie look/lack of eye contact might be a sign to you we are dealing with a picture thought.
My dad realizes that 'look'' and knows for sure I'm having picture thoughts, he figured them out like I did via trial and error and backwards experimentation. He really knew what I was doing after he learned of Temple Grandin's work and realized I was doing the same thing.

Motion Pictures to the average person would best be represented as you were watching a cartoon/a news show/a talk show / a video game or even the cards moving in a game of computer solitaire on a television or a computer screen. Our SCREEN is invisible to you, it is our Picture Thought. Motion pictures are precise to the point and related to the moment OR they can go back in Time or forward in time.

Motion Picture Thoughts are great for history and time type of problems and equally good for figuring out the order of something. Socially a family history type of question will spur a motion picture thought of an Old Family birthday party. My Brain generated image will play "video" of the party and suddenly' Stop' on Aunt Sue. That motion picture would then become a still picture. Perhaps someone Asked the question was Aunt Sue at the party? This entire motion picture sequence (picture stream) might last a few seconds or a several minutes and then once the final thoughts is completed that needs translated in to words or actions. I could simply tell you Aunt Sue was there but, you just experiencied/seen all the thought it took to form those 7-8 words to be spoken. Aspies learn this on our own and many younger people have not had the chance to develop a few tricks and translation techniques to really speed up their conversations.

Along the same line if it is not the same thing Many aspies report "Picture Streams" mostly motion picture thoughts or combinations of Still and Motion pictures that are again not visible to the average person that we view on our "own screen."

(Humor, kind of,) IF all of this picture thought COULD be monitored that would be great! Just as person hooks a meter to an electrical circuit to read voltage, etc. I often wish wires could be connected to our heads and our picture thoughts could be viewed on a screen. That way Mom and Dad and others would know what we are thinking. I guess I better be careful as the old adage goes as you really might just get what you wish for. (Visions of a Mad Scientist wiring us up)

I remember setting in a junkyard some years back, it is my version of Wall-Mart looking at 20 minutes of Motion Picture thoughts. I was inventing and working on one of my projects, basically I was taking parts from all kinds of cars and blending them into mine. (None of these interchanges were listed in Interchange manuals, they were that radical.) I was setting there leaning on an old hulk of a car, I had spied the axle I wanted. Via Motion Pictures as accurate as any computer ammoniation you would know I pictured all my odd parts assembled and installed in my car. Via Picture thoughts I seen a working true to life model of my work and how it would react when the car was fully loaded, going over bumps, in a rear end collision, a side collision and even a roll over wreak. I spent a long time running the brake lines the parking brake cables again with picture thoughts and even looking at the strength of the bolts needed to hold all of this together. I originally picked (in my picture thoughts) bolts that were too strong and would have 'cut into' the other parts. I even via again Motion pictures figured out the brake fluid flow and the pressures need and adjusted the balance of braking from front to rear.

The car was 79 Mercury Cougar and due to a design flaw had no working rear brakes, No official parts or fixes were available from Ford so I had to invent it my self. When I got done this car 4 wheel disc brakes and WONDERFUL STOPPING POWER. I could get from 60 to Zero in few short feet. It had 3 times more braking horsepower than engine horsepower. From the Very first stop on and for many years after wards the performance was flawless. I even done a hard stop every week just to feel the deceleration.

Motion Picture Thoughts have done the very same thing in my newest project my Turing Motor. The Turing Motor named for Aspie Hero Alan Turing is 70% Efficient and just a little bit to radical in many respects. If I were not seen as Rain Man, Forrest Gump I might be able to get it built easier...... Humor, the next time I present to someone outside the spectrum I taking along the Phone book,,,,, It seems the stereotype is Aspies always have something to do with numbers? UGH

My very First motion Picture was in 8th grade and it left me STUNNED and Physically tired, Like I had just ran 20 miles. I felt "Tingles" all over my brain. My First major still picture was in 4th grade. If this were ever taught in a proper Aspie school I wonder if there thoughts could not be in full swing by 4th grade? Motion Picture thoughts seem to the key to Aspie thoughts of all types, They make daily life flow and also make advanced aspie thought possible.


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