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Friday, April 08, 2005

Still Pictures 3rd in a series

3rd of a Series of Picture Thoughts,

Temple wrote about this one, Still Pictures,

The usual disclaimers apply, Not everyone thinks in pictures BUT, those of us that do deserve to be identified and taught our natural thought process.

For those of you that have read THINKING IN PICTURES by Temple Grandin,(it is not even a recommend read anymore in many circles) she talks of Still Picture Thoughts. They are a foundation Autistic thought, and a must learn type of aspie thought. They are similar to a learning the basics of reading and writing-8th grade level autism if you will. Everyone in my anthropology reports Still Pictures as one of the first types of Autism thoughts we figured out. I toiled with them in 1st grade and didn't know what I was experiencing, and in 4th grade I had a MAJOR STILL PICTURE Event that canceled out my optic vision. Despite being Struck with its AWE I ignored it, (or tried to) None of my teachers or other students were saying what is your Picture thought on this or that subject. We were on our own. Rather the teachers were always calling my name and telling me to PAY attention, actually I was connected I was figuring out (unknowingly) looking at my Picture Thoughts and trying to connect them to the real world. (that gazed look)

A Still Picture is-as all aspie thoughts are Brain Generated and invisible to anyone but us. Our Teachers, Tutors, Fellow students (in our era) or even a psychologist has never had proficient picture thought. They might have had a few day dreams and perhaps interrupted a few dreams in their life but none has done what we do. In a (too) simple Explanation we are using your daydreams to think with.

In real life Still Picture is equivalent to a one word answer in traditional thoughts. If I had the thoughts or someone asked me where my keys were? I would have a brain generated Thought Picture of my keys setting on the seat of the car, hanging on their peg on the key board, or siting on the deck, or setting in the bath room. Often time these quick glimpse pictures-like a flash going off-cancel out my optic vision for a second, display the appropriate and I then form words to answer the question or take action like go and retrieve the keys.

Still pictures are the most useful of autism and can be short and sweet and last a few milliseconds to minutes at a time. They are again a base picture thought. While I was designing my inventions I could take a basic still picture of a thought and 'study' it if you will. I could add to it change it or even rotate its view. This computer design without the computer as you would know it, You could do the same thing with a good computer.

Still Pictures are wonderful thoughts for family history or history questions in general. I have INGRAINED permeant still pictures if you will from childhood that I can refer to in an instant. I have 'photo' memory of everyone important I ever met and have an image of Grandma, Grandpa etc. Still pictures are also NEW AND ORIGINAL and totally brain generated and not at all connected to a memory. If I am having a Picture in Picture thought as I described in the last post, the Thought Pictures (brain generated Invisible to you) are often still pictures.

The Example above with the keys would easily be a picture in Picture thought If I were walking through the house for example. As I was walking I would need to keep track of my optic vision as to keep from tripping, walking into something so the brain generated picture thought of the key setting on the car seat would be a SMALL STILL PICTURE.

If I were setting down and in a safe position. I would have had an Optic canceling thought my optic vision would have been Turned OFF and replaced with that Brain Generated Picture of the keys. Generally, If we are not in danger our optic vision is canceled with most all picture thoughts no matter what type they are. Motion picture thoughts, filmstrips, picture streams (not yet discussed) "always" require Optic canceling vision for me at least. Some in the anthropology can do them while walking etc.,,,, I'm not that good. As we were all self taught and our thought molded to our enviroments it is common when we see variation like this when we compare notes.

I know this seems like science fiction to my readers, and I know human nature enough to realize I (we) have little clout in autism circles as all the 'Experts' have already spoke and marked their territory. They know the Autism they fostered and 'invented' but not the stuff we use in real life. Of course as long as, they refuse to admit to us and take up our invitation to study and learn from one of Earths last anthropologies,autism will continue to pay for their ignorance.


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