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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Monday, March 31, 2008

response to a reader

Dear Mr. ************,

Thanks for telling me of your website, I looked it over and admire all the efforts you are doing on your son's behalf. Modern autism is such a night mare and I cry every day knowing what I know of autism and knowing It is so simple and CURSED. Autism is not at all the neurological disorder its claimed to be it is simply a different kind of human thought process that has never been in a text book before. Autism thoughts when completed and learned by us (we are all self taught) nearly equal and yes often exceed normal thoughts. One side of autism is MR/DD and the other is Einstein! (really). Add in our odd physical senses (we hate clothes for example) and keen senses and different thought process and modern autism "Experts" are stumped. You will be horrified to learn autism was "solved" before it was ever reinvented via the Rain Man era autism we know today.

I urge you to read the book titled THE ENIGMA (1983) by Andrew Hodges. It is the biography of Alan Turing (1912-1954) and he was Autistic and father of the computer. This book unknowingly is also the Autism blue print all of the people like me absently followed to overcome autism. There are at least 200 more people like me from both modern and old autism that have figured out the picture thoughts (lack of eye contact) and our keen sense's and also learned to waterdown our super complicated thoughts and pull off normal pretty well. Modern Autism knows of us and is horrified that if they admit to us modern autism will be seen as a farce. A billion dollar empire is self serving and will not tolerate us. Indeed Dr. Rimland father of Rain Man "forgot" or never knew 1/2 the facts of autism now called Crypto Sensitive Autism. Good luck trying to find information on them these days. Crypto Sensitive Autism facts explain all the nagging details haunting modern autism making it and epidemic.

Since what we have figured out has never been in a text book before and all the "experts are looking 'up" to discover autism's Di Vinci Code they are missing the whole point. Further no modern expert researching autism will talk to the very retard they are researching as their logic states "impossible." The Autism we have figured out will add 1000s of chapter to the psychology books and connect man to his past and along the way connect our two worlds. Autism is just the slow motion step by step thought process all humans do to think. Normal humans do a working streamlined version of our thoughts and when we absently learn those same thoughts we come off as normal as well. If science could hook monitor to our brain and watch the one by one picture thoughts (think daydream) compile during the lack of eye contact they would see just what we do to make a thought and then translate it to speech. (it also explains Stuttering and Dyslexia among other things)

I wish you well on you autism journey and like those before you we did autism on our own. Thankfully we were NOT cursed with Rain Man Era politics and "Help." Our Splinter skills were taped and we were not viewed as retards and that made all the difference in the world. I suspect when you read The Enigma you see the splitting Image of your son and many other autistic people and be shocked to discover Autism worked well on its own in a strange odd way. If I get my Inventions sold I will by back autism from the Empire and publish the 4-5 Thinking in Picture type book Modern autism will not touch as well as expose our anthropology of Temple Grandins.

Sincerely Rich Shull Ohio

Pre Rain Man Autism my blog
Alan Turing - Home Page Our autistc hero and father of the computer

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What Autism Experts Forgot

Craving Salt, Industrial Dandruff, Pain Tolerance, Keen Hearing and Naturally Occurring Picture thougths,spell AUTISM - well it used to.

Not so many years ago and all that far away before Autism was curse and forced to become a designer condition complete with an empire to support the simple old autism it replaced had autism down to a science. Autism was much further along than Dr. Rimland (father of Rain Man) and other so called experts knew and thus they for some reason or another probably ignorance reinvented autism to suit their own needs and they set back mankind a few more centuries in the process. Their own peer review and automatic assumption autistic are smart as a sack of rocks was a fact that they thought they could take to the bank. I sincerely hope their ignorance was not intentional.

From the pages of old working autism and the experiences of a group of 200 or so high-functioing autistic people that modem autism will not touch, here are the very keys to autism, notice how they don't flatter modern designer autism/see how modern autism doesn't even know what we talk about.

CRAVING SALT Lots of autism people in our high-functioing group crave salt! We eat good diets and still we need to go to the salt shaker quite a bit to fulfill our need for salt. Some days are really bad for that and then we can go weeks without the craving for salt. Some modern aspie never have the urge to get salt and indeed some do just like we do. Some people attempting to fit in our Autism Group are not even aware of this need for extra salt and they never have a craving for it like we do. I can imagine a gluten free diet would make our salt carving WORSE!

Industrial Dandruff- bumps and bits on the back of the head. Ever since childhood our group reports bad dandruff, actually according to Tom and old autism researcher I met years ago that was kicked out of autism of research that dandruff is a yeast secretion autistic have. Sometimes they appear as bits on the scalp that can be scratched off. As usual these days many autistic people know the condition very well and others in the spectrum don't have a dandruff type issue. Of Course modern shampoos might go a ways in hiding that condition.

Pain Tolerance Autism Hero Alan Truing (1912-1954) ran Marathons without walls, Yours truly rode 1000s of bicycle miles often towing a trailer with my bike and never felt any pain to tell me to ease up let alone I was working too hard. As an Auto mechanic I often busted bolts loose others couldn't and I often broke nearly every bolt I touched until I used a torque wrench and discovered my pain tolerance.

Tom my old research friend had developed the torque test for autism and it was never instituted as his style of autism was deemed non designer. It was a series of bolts to be tightened with a standard wrench and it was predicted that aspie would break every bolt but the best grades thinking they were NOT tight. Many people in our anthropology especially those that have been injured or work in the mechanical fields know our pain tolerance really well. It seems we feel 1 and 10 on the pain scale and nothing 2-8, we feel a bit of 9 and 10 for a short time. It would seem likely the poor autistic souls suffering from leaky gut might have nothing more serious than lactose intolerance but the experts of autism would never know that or even think that low. Autism just has be a designer event or they are in the wrong research profession. Just how do they write a paper on "Leaky Gut" without it being something "big." The day someone writes a paper on our actual pain tolerance is they day they listened. That is also the day the Lilly / Drug company torture chamber will be set up-just when you thought the medieval torture chambers and practices were history?

Keen Hearing You would need a decibel meter to hear what we hear and what autism expert would even realize that fact. As loud as our autism schools are none do. Our Anthropology often reports hearing the refrigerator motor slow down when another electerial load in the house lowers its voltage. Many of us report passing hearing tests in first grade or so and still not being able to hear. When we drive we often hear the fluids flow in our steering systems. Modern aspie finding us sometimes don't have a clue to what were talking about and have never experienced such a thing still others finding us say I can hear the vacuum leak in our car. Since this ideal is well beyond the experts that think they know autism so well the odds of it being used as test for autism slim and none these days. Still it is a wild valid proven test.

PICTURE THOUGHTS I know the experts of autism SCREAM autism is a neurological disorder and to them it really is but in reality it is picture thoughts a natural default thought process for us. Don't worry Autism thoughts yield normal thought just like you use eventually. Our high functioning anthropology of people that can't be admitted to is proof of that. Picture thoughts have never been in a text book before and they are the building block thoughts of all of man's thoughts. They start out below 123 and the ABCs and end up in Einstein territory. Again many in our group know and love picture thoughts and have built on Temple Grandins Still and Motion Picture thoughts and taken them to the threshold of normal thoughts. Lots of modern aspie that find us don't have the first clue to Autism's picture thoughts leading me to think they were misdiagnosed. So many of us no matter how good or bad we function instantly relate to our conversation of Picture thoughts that means were on to something. Picture thoughts happen during the lack of eye contact by the way. If the peer review guru of Modern autism would listen to the retard they are researching and then those of us that over came autism they would get an education all of their own and it would prove autism is just another type of human thought. It would also sadly dis prove nearly every theory of modern designer autism. I can 't see any billion dollar empire especially those with a NASCAR sponsorship ever doing the right thing and admitting to all of autism especially when they forgot us to start with, so they could invent autism and their careers. Do they really care they are withholding the Di Vinci code of man's mind? Does Autism research really care if families are ruined and group home goals are called success? Does Autism worry our old working proven autism will be exposed? No not really if they never admit to us or let us in the peer review process they have nothing to worry about, as long as, Autism remains a neurological di$order . Expose it for what it really is and modern post Rain Man Autism is nothing more than a fart in the wind.

Really, If autism once again considered its past the Salt Craving the Keen Hearing the Pain Tolerance and the industrial dandruff and the Picture thoughts are all physical attributes to autism. If those prove to be true autism ideals just think how many Modern autistic people would not meet the requirements. Mixing modern autism with old Autism is like comparing apples and oranges but when Autism GURU's assume we are all dumb as rocks and they are far superior to us and in fact so superior they don't have to listen to us Autism really is the very helpless condition it is made out to be. How sad we have figured out man's core thought process and the experts couldn't care less and their research standards are so low they don't even have a bit of remorse for not doing their jobs correctly.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kinds of Autism

Autism is the same as it has always been from the old autism story of The Boy from Alverez in the 1600's to more modern autism heroes like Alan Turing (1912-1954) and the legions of unadmitted to Autistic of 2008 that have taken Autism from its MR/DD roots to its savants and Einstein and social summits and normal functioning people, Autism is the same as it has always been. Mis understood.

Autism is a cause a condition a buzzword and anything BUT autism in 2008 and most of the trouble is the all the "experts" attracted to the condition after the movie Rain Man. Autism is not a neurological condition but rather it is the simple step-by-step thoughts all human minds do to think. We do what normal people do when we figure out our autism thoughts. Autism thoughts start out one or two steps BELOW 123 and the ABC's and then go to the 123s and then on to normal thoughts. Many many autism people have pulled off that trick and even if took us 40 years we learned a never in print before thought process that connects mankind to his more primitive side.

Autistic people cursed with the diagnosis of 2008 are forever blackballed and killed in the kindness of caring that is thrust upon us as experts ignorant of the basic facts of autism get swept off their feet inventing their own Autism Epidemic. Autism was solved long before Rain Man the 1988 Movie reinvented the wheel. Forces beyond human control turned autism in to the next designer condition and indeed many facts once known to autism (crypto sensitive autism) were purposely forgotten so the Autism crisis could develop. Old Autism researchers on the verge of exposing our different invisible thought process that happens during the lack of eye contact were banished from Autism. Admit to the Temple Grandin Autistic now blackballed from Autism (both old new versions of Autism) and the Autism you know all about gets a nasty dose of reality. Old Figured out autism is the building blocks of the mind and our thoughts have never been in a text book before and probably never will be as the autism peer reviewed guru's really don't care autism they care about their paychecks. If they were honest researchers they would welcome every point of view autism has to offer but in this case admitting to those of us figuring out autism is treason.

There is a very fine line of Autism Success and Failure and modern diagnosis assures Modern Autism diagnosed people unknowingly get the very worst treatment possible. Older counter parts missing the diagnosis like me, were often treated to the same harsh life but our difference was we learned grew and figured out autism's odd never in print before thought process and our keen senses a privilege modern autistic never get anymore. Autism can so easily present as social idiot and MR/DD and it also if it admitted to us can present as normal functioning people. Admit to Autism before Rain Man and see how old working autism absently worked so well in a time and space before we were cursed with progress. See how autism Savants and little professors worked, see how we were in two grades at once one subject above grade level and one below. See how we had social training and figured out all of our social picture based lack of eye contact thoughts and see how we even drive today. See the difference it made to be a SMART person and a genius Vs an autistic retard of today. Autism forgot and never knew the fact every Autism student has an Einstein side and if they tap into that (a forgotten art) Autism presents as much more doable. READ our autism blueprint in the 1983 Andrew Hodges Book The Enigma the biography of Alan Truing and see the same autism your kid has and see how it played out so much different from the way modern Autism does. See how modern Autism got a hold of the wrong end of the autism stick and see the horrible after math of shoddy Autism research. Yes, it had good intention and people genuinely don't under stand autism but purposely ignoring the successful autism people of today is just plain shoddy, sloppy, self serving autism research designed to keep people employed and give them papers to write.

Autism is both MR/DD and Einstein and no one in the spectrum will lower their standards to even admit to old working Temple Grandin types. No, we don't have all the answers but, we do far better at life than modern folks do. Modern researches will not talk to the very retard they are researching and presume they are smarter than. The impasse remains and is even greater than it ever was as autism is now a designer Epidemic plastered on the side of a race car and the hot topic of Ophera and Larry King Live and many other Television programs all promoting autism awareness month all year around. It seems all of us that had the natural born Autism thought process and figured out a never in a text book thought system are just inferior to our expert research staff assigned to us that never had an autism thought in their lives. No wonder Autism is such a mess the experts are in charge!
Rich Shull, Host of the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism. on

Inventor of the autistically designed Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green triple Hybrid Car motor that will get a small are 100 mpg.

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Evolved Autism

Evolved Autism-2 steps backwards!

Evolved anything doesn't always means progress. History will tell us evolution of anything is 50% luck and 50% moving forward 2 steps and back three. This explains why earth is old and man is still so primitive. Even worse man fools himself all the time by thinking he is so smart. Considering the number and people on earth and the obvious lack of the common experience to unite them man really has evolved as best as he can but mind you were still very primitive. Those Model T's we still drive are only one step above a stage coach!

Autism no the modern epidemic of 2008 is a prime example of 2 step backwards! Autism before it was high jacked and turned into a cause, curse, and a future cure was on the verge of reviling its DI Vinci Code to mankind. Autism is not at all a neurological disorder but rather the building blocks of mans mind all figured out. Autism is 100s of chapters of pure psychology, education and medical science all waiting to be tapped. Autism is the connection of mental retardation and developmental disabilities and yes Savant and Einstein. Autism is the DNA Road map of the mind and is indeed both MR/DD and Einstein. Those of us completing the journey from one end of the Autism Spectrum to the other have done the possible and the impossible bit is we finished our double blind human autism experience just in time to face the scourge of modern Epidemic Rain Man Autism head on. A billion dollars worth of Autism Empire and peer reviewed proper autism experts are not about to admit to us.

So mankind is cursed a few more centuries and someday some other autistic person will be writing my blog and he or she will be mentioning The Boy From Alverez (1600's Autism story) Alan Turing father of The computer, The Einstein's of the world, the people like me that build on Temple Grandin's work which autism ignores on purpose and they will dedicate large amounts of words to the Autism Crisis of 2008 the self inflicted wound of Autism's Rain Man movie. They will make the same points we do Autism is so simple and the step-by-step thoughts of the mind. They will point out as we do figured out autism thoughts that have never been in a book before yield normal thoughts even social ones and like today they will fall on deaf ears. My future counterparts will face the same challenge of the same type of experts we do (they will be poured from the same mold) and only if one of us does some major invention or saves the world will we get any attention. I can see it now our Autism gate keeps will be saying see there is genius in autism! The only genius in Autism is getting our gatekeepers to listen to the very retards they are researching. Genius has it limits stupidity doesn't to paraphrase our autism hero Einstein. Centuries from now Autism will be solved like it is today and it was before Rain Man but due to the nature of autism and Mankind in general autism will not be any closer to being discovered than it was right before the Curse of Rain Man took effect. We will finally add the 100s of chapters to psychology everything from Stuttering to dyslexia to autism to social trouble to phobia to learning abilities and dis abilities and even lunatics mental moonstruck hysterical people will have a "plug in" answer to their conditions. All of psychology is very simple answers only made 30 times more complicated by man himself. Again, Autism is the simple building block thoughts of man's mind and Normal people do a streamlined version of our thoughts. Our thoughts figured out equal your thoughts. No wonder experts galore will never find the answer they seek as they are tricked by their own minds into thinking man is more patrician than he really is.

Rich Shull, Host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor a green 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor. Pre Rain Man Autism

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inclusion in Autism , a hot topic

Inclusion in Autism

Well, there are some buzzwords for you and today they are nearly an impossible vision and in the golden days of Autism before the curse of Rain Man, we actually pulled off the feat quite a few times! The autism blue print manual The Enigma tells of autism's hero and father of the computer hob knobing with heads of state and his peers and while no one could call Alan's way socially perfect they eventually yielded reasonable results. Even the Autistic like me, that build on Temple Grandin's work do very well socially and that is primarily due to the fact Autism was for us not a problem but rather an asset. Before autism was diagnosable and no "brilliant" expert was there screaming autism, group home, group home, special needs this and that we were doing autism all on our own and naturally we were absently being allowed to develop in our own strange way. You know it worked! If the 200 or so us that form our high functioning group could be admitted to and our odd stories told the obvious we did to become social would be seen as impossible today as modern Autism practice lost track of all of autism's ideals when Rain Man reinvented the Autism Wheel. Short of a few lucky souls form this modern generation absently falling upon luck like we did, there is no may Modern autism can even come close to Inclusion. To the so called autism experts autism is a neurological disorder and it is just that attitude that really did turn Autism into the very Neurological condition it seems to be. The Neurological Disorder sounds so much better than the simple we don't know what were doing ideal. Modern Autism knows full well they admit to us and their "game is up."

If Autism Included us in their Autism equation lots of autism experts would be proven not to be experts and even worse they would be 'Modern Autism Experts' and all of their knowledge is minus the old Crypto sensitive Autism Guidelines time and Dr Rimland forgot as they made way for Autism to be an epidemic will once again prove to be the saving grace of autism.

So now -a- days Autism minus the real life real world experience we were privileged to endure leaves us Zombies and social idiots and then the "Autism experts" are screaming inclusion. If they knew one thing of the autism they push they would realize what we do-Autism social skills and human Social skills don't work as you think they do. If they included old working autism and the Temple Grandins in autism they would be in for a shock on just what worked. I fear however it is a shock no modern autism "Expert" could ever handle as the experts would have to admit the very retards they are researching (us) actually figured out the autism we were born with. Experts of any stripe are just not programmed like that and would rather see many more families ruined and kids in a group home (job security) than ever admit they messed up Autism accidentally on purpose. There is little if any difference between the MR/DD Autism of today and the Little Professor Autism of yesterday other than perception I am GLAD WE WERE NOT included in Autism's charade called Rain Man or we to would be in the group home spinning our thumbs.

The Day Autism Experts can tell us of Picture in Picture thoughts, they are built on Temple Grandin's explanation of Still and Motion Picture Thoughts from her book called Thinking In Pictures They will be able to tell you Picture-in Picture thoughts are the autism thoughts that serve to make us social. Of Course Modern 'so called" experts run all of out of town when we talk picture thoughts but they don't realize picture thoughts that happen during our lack of eye contact are simply the building block thoughts all human minds do. once we figure that out we can mimic normal thoughts. Who would have dreamed Autistic could have Figured out autism? Evidentially the "Experts" are still stumped and plan on staying that way they have jobs to keep. I included this last bit here as someday I know some aspie will read this explanation and "know" Instantly just what I am talking about and they will suddenly blossom socially. Of Course, modern Autism will be first in line to claim credit for their success but it will actually be self realization of their internal Di Vinci code.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism on Line at

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

टीच, निसोंगेर "एक्सपर्ट्स?

I received the following in the snail mail.
Central Ohio Autism Society Meeting Change.

On February 26, 2008, we will join Nisonger's Aspirations group to hear Ann Palmer speak. Ann Palmer is an author (realizing the Dream With Autism And Parenting Across the Autism Spectrum) Is involved with the TEACCH program and is Knowledgeable with the issues relate to helping young Adults with Asperger and Autism to Attend College

The Meeting will begin At 6;30 P.M. on the third floor of Nisonger's Mc Campbell Hall 1581 Dood Dr Columbus Ohio.

Funny Thing Happened on the way to the office 39 years ago Autism was hijacked!

In the rush for autism to become the buzzword it is today and become the employment empire it is for otherwise unemployable psychologist (too many not a quality issue) and others in the epidemic's reaches Autism was thrown the Curse of Rain Man. Mankind has been suffering ever since.

Long before the "EXPERTS" were trying so hard to get us to be social and attempt to us head into college and holding pow wows to attempt the idea, we were doing it on our own via Splinter Skills and Obsession autism's natural learning hallways. While we were odd strange kids we were in typically in two grades at once one grade ahead in a few subjects and one behind in other as we unknowingly developed our picture thoughts (lack of eye contact) and splinter skill ABILITY. The blueprint of how we all did the same thing is plan as day and readable in the Autism book of all time called The Enigma the biography of Alan Turing, He was father of the computer. This book is our autism blueprint of the Temple Grandin Era Autism style that works so much better then the modern stuff ever will unless they listen for a change. The Autism Society of America has a 39 year history of ignoring the successful Autism people, like us, that overcame autism they could never own up to us now especially since they purposely ignored our Crypto Sensitive Autism details so they could turn autism the miserable mess it is today. Autism is BOTH MR/DD and Einstein and seemingly the leaders of Autism are not real keen on listing to the very "retards" they are researching.

Thankfully "our miserable strange childhood" worked out too and the major reason it did was no one was there claiming we were autistic and thus too stupid to fart. Autism diagnosis and early diagnosis is the very worst thing to happen to autism ever. CURSE YOU DR Rimland. If autism research were honest and sincere and really cared about your Autistic loved one they would leave no stone unturned in this quest to figure out autism, unless of course they would have to admit they invented the very autism mess they are developing. Well, they call it autism research. Whatever modern autism is, it is holding back Mankind's knowledge base as autism is simply the building blocks of the human mind or in other words your normal thought in slow motion. Learn those thoughts like we have and you get pretty normal people. No, It's never been in a text book before but it could be if the experts would listen?

Rich Shull on the Blog pre Rain Man Autism

Inventor of the Turing Motor, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures

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