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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Monday, March 31, 2008

What Autism Experts Forgot

Craving Salt, Industrial Dandruff, Pain Tolerance, Keen Hearing and Naturally Occurring Picture thougths,spell AUTISM - well it used to.

Not so many years ago and all that far away before Autism was curse and forced to become a designer condition complete with an empire to support the simple old autism it replaced had autism down to a science. Autism was much further along than Dr. Rimland (father of Rain Man) and other so called experts knew and thus they for some reason or another probably ignorance reinvented autism to suit their own needs and they set back mankind a few more centuries in the process. Their own peer review and automatic assumption autistic are smart as a sack of rocks was a fact that they thought they could take to the bank. I sincerely hope their ignorance was not intentional.

From the pages of old working autism and the experiences of a group of 200 or so high-functioing autistic people that modem autism will not touch, here are the very keys to autism, notice how they don't flatter modern designer autism/see how modern autism doesn't even know what we talk about.

CRAVING SALT Lots of autism people in our high-functioing group crave salt! We eat good diets and still we need to go to the salt shaker quite a bit to fulfill our need for salt. Some days are really bad for that and then we can go weeks without the craving for salt. Some modern aspie never have the urge to get salt and indeed some do just like we do. Some people attempting to fit in our Autism Group are not even aware of this need for extra salt and they never have a craving for it like we do. I can imagine a gluten free diet would make our salt carving WORSE!

Industrial Dandruff- bumps and bits on the back of the head. Ever since childhood our group reports bad dandruff, actually according to Tom and old autism researcher I met years ago that was kicked out of autism of research that dandruff is a yeast secretion autistic have. Sometimes they appear as bits on the scalp that can be scratched off. As usual these days many autistic people know the condition very well and others in the spectrum don't have a dandruff type issue. Of Course modern shampoos might go a ways in hiding that condition.

Pain Tolerance Autism Hero Alan Truing (1912-1954) ran Marathons without walls, Yours truly rode 1000s of bicycle miles often towing a trailer with my bike and never felt any pain to tell me to ease up let alone I was working too hard. As an Auto mechanic I often busted bolts loose others couldn't and I often broke nearly every bolt I touched until I used a torque wrench and discovered my pain tolerance.

Tom my old research friend had developed the torque test for autism and it was never instituted as his style of autism was deemed non designer. It was a series of bolts to be tightened with a standard wrench and it was predicted that aspie would break every bolt but the best grades thinking they were NOT tight. Many people in our anthropology especially those that have been injured or work in the mechanical fields know our pain tolerance really well. It seems we feel 1 and 10 on the pain scale and nothing 2-8, we feel a bit of 9 and 10 for a short time. It would seem likely the poor autistic souls suffering from leaky gut might have nothing more serious than lactose intolerance but the experts of autism would never know that or even think that low. Autism just has be a designer event or they are in the wrong research profession. Just how do they write a paper on "Leaky Gut" without it being something "big." The day someone writes a paper on our actual pain tolerance is they day they listened. That is also the day the Lilly / Drug company torture chamber will be set up-just when you thought the medieval torture chambers and practices were history?

Keen Hearing You would need a decibel meter to hear what we hear and what autism expert would even realize that fact. As loud as our autism schools are none do. Our Anthropology often reports hearing the refrigerator motor slow down when another electerial load in the house lowers its voltage. Many of us report passing hearing tests in first grade or so and still not being able to hear. When we drive we often hear the fluids flow in our steering systems. Modern aspie finding us sometimes don't have a clue to what were talking about and have never experienced such a thing still others finding us say I can hear the vacuum leak in our car. Since this ideal is well beyond the experts that think they know autism so well the odds of it being used as test for autism slim and none these days. Still it is a wild valid proven test.

PICTURE THOUGHTS I know the experts of autism SCREAM autism is a neurological disorder and to them it really is but in reality it is picture thoughts a natural default thought process for us. Don't worry Autism thoughts yield normal thought just like you use eventually. Our high functioning anthropology of people that can't be admitted to is proof of that. Picture thoughts have never been in a text book before and they are the building block thoughts of all of man's thoughts. They start out below 123 and the ABCs and end up in Einstein territory. Again many in our group know and love picture thoughts and have built on Temple Grandins Still and Motion Picture thoughts and taken them to the threshold of normal thoughts. Lots of modern aspie that find us don't have the first clue to Autism's picture thoughts leading me to think they were misdiagnosed. So many of us no matter how good or bad we function instantly relate to our conversation of Picture thoughts that means were on to something. Picture thoughts happen during the lack of eye contact by the way. If the peer review guru of Modern autism would listen to the retard they are researching and then those of us that over came autism they would get an education all of their own and it would prove autism is just another type of human thought. It would also sadly dis prove nearly every theory of modern designer autism. I can 't see any billion dollar empire especially those with a NASCAR sponsorship ever doing the right thing and admitting to all of autism especially when they forgot us to start with, so they could invent autism and their careers. Do they really care they are withholding the Di Vinci code of man's mind? Does Autism research really care if families are ruined and group home goals are called success? Does Autism worry our old working proven autism will be exposed? No not really if they never admit to us or let us in the peer review process they have nothing to worry about, as long as, Autism remains a neurological di$order . Expose it for what it really is and modern post Rain Man Autism is nothing more than a fart in the wind.

Really, If autism once again considered its past the Salt Craving the Keen Hearing the Pain Tolerance and the industrial dandruff and the Picture thoughts are all physical attributes to autism. If those prove to be true autism ideals just think how many Modern autistic people would not meet the requirements. Mixing modern autism with old Autism is like comparing apples and oranges but when Autism GURU's assume we are all dumb as rocks and they are far superior to us and in fact so superior they don't have to listen to us Autism really is the very helpless condition it is made out to be. How sad we have figured out man's core thought process and the experts couldn't care less and their research standards are so low they don't even have a bit of remorse for not doing their jobs correctly.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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