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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Real Enigma of 2008

An Enigma

A special request to the asipes reading this. If you relate to the questions and thoughts, PLEASE Act! Help us help our selves.

*Do you know realize there is a different thought process going on in your mind, when for example your optic vision is suddenly off?

*Do you come to realize you have been disconnected from reality for a few seconds usually working on a previous conversation while missing the new one?

*Do new conversations often proplex you UNLESS you have figured out what the person is likely to say or do?

*Are you often "deaf"?

*Does the slightest noise drive you crazy? But you keep quiet as it is hard to describe to other non aspies?

*Can you hear things that float over everyone else?

*Do you get sick of people talking down to you, treating you like MR/DD and yet you know "IF" only my thought could get out ? (translate from Picture thoughts to words)? Normal thinkers would realize this as a form of dream interpretation.

*Do you make stunning statements that blow away others? Do you ever leave people stunned with a thought that they never get? You know that THOUGHT TO BE EINSTEIN?

*Do you realize what you just said is "above" the mindset of almost everyone?

*If you get along well socially, do you find yourself watering down thoughts into baby thoughts? Do you find it takes 20 conversations of a normal person to have one of ours?

*Do normal thinkers just drive you crazy with their "emotional logic"?

*Socially do you get along well only after some wild real life experiences? (usually in a forced social setting)

*If your Autistic and Gay (LBT) do you find a great social boost by coming out to some degree even online? (queer eye for the straight guy type of thing)

*Do you often know deep down the autism professionals are totally ignorant of autism and they are more interested in their career and sometimes fame at our expense? Do you realize they really want to keep us in the MR/DD mode?

*Have you ever had a few "ah ha" moments when your lack of eye contact thought process matched a normal thought? Was the magic sending chills down your spine?

*Do you wonder why normal people take so many pain pills?

*If you have been injured did you walk on a broken something or dislocate something and go days or weeks without treatment? DID the X ray tech and doctors just drop to the floor stunned to see a horrible X ray? (and you walked in the ER?)

*Have you ever seen the part of thoughts (normal thoughts) the building block thoughts where things like dyslexia, stuttering originate from? (if science could hook a monitor to our brains they could watch things like a dyslexia type of thoughts form, they could see where words come from)

*Can you usually tell the political, state of being of someone by listening to the quiver in their voice and knowing they are not sincere despite saying the right words?

*If you drive a car do you find your a great driver if you keep you optic vision on and avoid all the distractions possible? Have you ever used picture thoughts to avoid accidents? Have you ever missed a crash by thinking threw the "laws of physics" and maneuvering out of harms way?

*Do you never "show" instant emotion?

*If you have developed "picture in picture" thoughts do you use them for social purposes mostly?

(P in P thoughts are just like a P in P TV one image is our brain generated image we think with (day dream) and the other is actual optic vision)

*Do you have a special connection with blind people? Do you find they share your thought style and hear what you do?

*Finally do you realize that you really are doing a different kind of thought process that has never been in a text book before? Do you realize and laugh to your self autism professional are "jerks" unknowingly holding back mankind? Does your blood boil knowing we have connected Mr/Dd to Einstein and are stranded in the Mr/DD mind set and when we do figure out autism on our own we are snubbed by the very so called professional sometimes lost in the publish or parish keep my job mindset? Do you feel exploited by ignorance of the very people that claim autism Guru status?

*****If you can answer yes to a lot of these questions and want to see how autism really worked please read Autism's old working blueprint the 1983 book called The Enigma by Andrew Hodges . It is the biography of Alan Turing (1912-1954) who like many of us is gay autistic. See how gay made his social life work, see how his splinter skills connected him to real life and let him become father of the computer. See how his computer won W.W.II and see how he stunned Sir Winston Churchill a W.W.II hero and figure himself.

Please read this over and think about it and read my Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and Email me from link on the blog if you have ideas, thoughts or want to connect. PLEASE Consider doing a blog of your own to help "tell our gate keepers" we are far more connected than they think. Rich Shull Ohio usa

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This post is directly related to the previous one and it is a request for information from an autism research place mentioned in the article I commented on. Rich

Dear Reader's:

Hello, I'm Rich Shull (OLD AUTISM) and I have just included a post on my Blog you might find interesting? Pre Rain Man Autism = It indeed makes comment in an AP Medical Article with mention to your organization and highlights them from the point of view of Old Working autism.

I don't know if you have heard of me or not,(or will admit I was once on your mailing list) but, I was once the "next" Temple Grandin some years ago and there are at least 200 more like me from all over the world. Yes, many of us have figured out autism! It is simply a thought process that happens during the lack of eye contact that we figured out and connected to normal thoughts. Indeed we do think in pictures (like your Day Dreams) . The funny bit is our thoughts start out below 123 and the ABC's and end up in Einstein range. We all build on the work of Temple Grandin and add pages and concepts to her work and figure out the rest of our autism thoughts that include 3 and 4 dimension thoughts projection thoughts and picture and picture thoughts, they make us social. When we figure out all of the autism thoughts (never in a text book before),normal thoughts like you do and try to get us to do are the result.

Our anthropology met on line and we all figured out the same autism and had the same milestones and got the same successful results ignorant of each other. We met on the Web pages of Gay (LBT) Autism, Yes most of us are in the GLBT Spectrum. I suspect if we were straight Autism would have been "cured" by now as the successful autism from time gone by would not have been shoved off in the corner and ignored. Honestly if autism could have admitted to us it would have never turned into the ridiculous epidemic it is today-frankly Autism research has got a hold of the wrong end of the stick.

I encourage you and other autism researchers to investigate our claims discover our autism, discover our minds, and even add 1000s of pages to the psychology books when you figure out what did. I realize we are probably too little too late and no one in autism can turn back now and admit to those of us out of the loop but please consider it. Mankind needs our insight to his mind and it works we after all connected MR/DD to Einstein.

Sincerely ,Rich Shull

Please note I'm posting a copy of this on my Blog and I will also post your unedited response (if I get one) on there as well.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Autism Disorder? Well the experts made it that!

/MY Comments are in Itiliacs/

Gene clues suggest autism strikes when brain can't learn properly from early life experiences
10:16 AM EDT, July 14, 2008
WASHINGTON (AP) _ Harvard researchers have discovered half a dozen new genes involved in autism that suggest the disorder strikes in a brain that can't properly form new connections.

Oh only If they knew autism like we do: autism is so simple, it is just the building blocks of the mind and not a bit of what we have figured out has been in a text book yet. That is why the "experts are so lost." Of course looking up to the 'stratosphere' for some magical autism gene is hopeless as our roots are below 123 and the ABCs. We connected MR/DD Autism to Einstein and even earned our social graces along the way. Old Crypto Sensitive Autism and those of us building on the work of Temple Grandin is mildly embarrassing for the new age Autism "professionals."

The findings also may help explain why intense education programs do help some autistic children — because certain genes that respond to experience weren't missing, they were just stuck in the "off" position.

When all is said and done and the researchers finally know what we do, they can simply fill in the blanks like we do and they will see how the human mind works (for once) and how we overcame autism with a thought process they are not even aware of. Autism again, is the step by step one by one building block thoughts that normal minds do without a serious second thought. Once we learn our autism thoughts we can do normal thoughts. Autism is simply slow motion normal thoughts.

"The circuits are there but you have to give it an extra push," said Dr. Gary Goldstein of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore, which wasn't involved in the gene hunt but is well-known for its autism behavioral therapy.

Ever since the movie Rain Man and the designer Autism to follow it, autism is suddenly a "Disorder" a cause and a NASCAR race among many things. It is also a very good research career for way to many inept and seriously uncritqued autism researchers to get by. They can't even admit to the old working autism populations as we might well shatter their bubble. Autism was once non diagnosable and as such we thrived in a very odd childhood and education experience. MOST of us do normal, to the chagrin of Modern Autism. Our working mold is even blueprinted in the book the Enigma by Andrew Hodges (1983) Trust me if we supported their tale we would be "popular" and autism would have spilled its secrets by now. They only admit to the old autism folks that do group homes or a sheltered life. Working autism like we know and love does the impossible, normal lives. We invent things like computers, engines and even radio systems that run EMS services via Short Wave Radio from another country.

The genetics suggest that "what we're doing makes sense when we work with these little kids — and work and work and work — and suddenly get through," he said.

It is via no effort of the researchers, If they had done their job and never forgot OLD crypto Sensitive autism guidelines they could be well versed in our lack of eye contact thought process that is now a days a DISORDER but in reality its our lifeline. In fact Autism really could be a simple 1-6 Grade Preschool if they knew what we knew, or even cared to listen and learn form the very "retards they are smarter than." They are researcher$, NOT listeners.

But the study's bigger message is that autism is too strikingly individual to envision an easy gene test for it. Instead, patients are turning out to have a wide variety, almost a custom set, of gene defects.

"Almost every kid with autism has their own particular cause of it," said Dr. Christopher Walsh, chief of genetics at Children's Hospital Boston, who led the research published in Friday's edition of the journal Science.

Don't worry about the cause of it. When so many of us do the impossible-figure out Autism and do nearly normal lives (I CHALLENGE YOU) , do what we do connect autism to normal thoughts!

Autism spectrum disorders include a range of poorly understood brain conditions, from the mild Asperger's syndrome to more severe autism characterized by poor social interaction, impaired communication and repetitious behaviors.

Its all the same stuff mate! There is little difference between the village idiot and the savant or the social autistic person. IF and that is a BIG IF autism knew what we did, they could simply teach us our autism thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact in that 1-6 Th. grade school. We had to figure out our natural for us different mind set on our own just like today's Autistic people do as not one teacher or researcher has put even one of our thoughts up on a chalk board or in a book. Designer autism got a hold of the wrong end of the stick and took away our best chances at success-now they really do have an epidemic of self-inflicted ignorance on their hands and a billion dollar empire to keep funded.

It's clear that genes play a big role in autism, from studies of twins and families with multiple affected children. But so far, the genetic cause is known for only about 15 percent of autism cases, Walsh said.

So Walsh's team took a new tack. They turned to the Middle East, a part of the world with large families and a tendency for cousins to marry, characteristics that increase the odds of finding rare genes. They recruited 88 families with cousin marriages and a high incidence of autism, from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. They compared the DNA of family members to search for what are called recessive mutations — where mom and dad can be healthy carriers of a gene defect but a child who inherits that defect from both parents gets sick.

In some of the families, they found large chunks of missing DNA regions that followed that recessive rule. The missing regions varied among families, but they affected at least six genes that play a role in autism.

Here's why this matters: All the genes seem to be part of a network involved in a basic foundation of learning — how neurons respond to new experiences by forming connections between each other, called synapses.

If they knew how our thought system worked and it was built they would drop all of this Gene stuff and simply be in awe at the very simple primitive human thoughts that we need to figure out BEFORE we can do normal thoughts like you use.

In the first year or two of life — when autism symptoms appear — synapses rapidly form and mature, and unnecessary ones are "pruned" back. In other words, a baby's brain is literally being shaped by its first experiences so that it is structurally able to perform learning and other functions of later life.

What IF we are programed to Think in Pictures with the lack of eye contact thought process - BUT we are being taught your thought process and we are NOT ready for it. It is like expecting someone to learn to speak Spanish when trained you them in German, it is the same difference. All these Autism come lately autism researchers really think they are in the ballpark but the game was over before it even started. Really autism was pretty close to being figured out before the Movie Rain Man took it designer. What a shame we could add 1000s of pages to the psychology books and here modern autism spends all of its time going around a Race Track (Autism Speaks 400, NASCAR Race) and doing telethons. No wonder autism is an epidemic.

"This paper points to problems specifically in the way that experience sculpts the developing brain," explained Dr. Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, which helped fund the work.

Some earlier research had pointed to the same underlying problem, so these newly found genes "join a growing list to suggest that autism is a synaptic disorder," he said.

If that sounds discouraging, here's the good news: The missing DNA didn't always translate into missing genes. Instead what usually was missing were the on/off switches for these autism-related genes. Essentially, some genes were asleep instead of doing their synapse work.

"I find that hopeful" because "there are ways that are being discovered to activate genes," Walsh said. "This might be an unanticipated way of developing therapies in the long term for autism: Identifying these kids where all the right genes are present, just not turned on in the right way."

Autism worked much better in a time a space now too far out of the limelight to be admitted to. Besides the fact we do too much of a normal life and figured out a never in print thought process, we are the 'very retard' they are researching so therefore we are too stupid to have figured out our own conditions. Answer this, has any Autism researcher ever had an autism thought or even cared enough to interview those of us have been there and done that? When they discover our stories and see the Pandora's box of successful autism results they are more than willing to ignore us for the sake of autism's "future." (And their well being)

At Kennedy Krieger, Goldstein thinks the work may provide a gene-level explanation for why some children already are helped by intense therapy.

"We have trouble getting through to these children, but with repeated stimulation we can do it," he said. "These are circuits that have an ability not so much to recover but to work around the problem."

Ironically OLD autism did just that!— we worked around the problem enough to discover glimpses of normal thoughts and even if it took us 35 years to connect autism to normal thoughts. Modern autism could simply unite our anthropology and figure out what we know and make the 1 threw 6 Th. grade autism school from the result. That simple solution is mired in muck however as most of us that done autism so well are GLbt and when we drive and hold normal jobs and even present well we embarrass the modern autism empire to tears especially when it would be obvious they rewrote autism for their own benefit. Not all that we call progress is progress - 2008 Autism is a few $tep$ backwards!

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism. I know these comments ruffle the feathers of a lot of readers but I will not apologize for figuring out my autism. Autism in my view was highjacked with good intention and has since been led astray. You must admit If autism research were sincere and honest it would have no trouble admitting to us, unless of course we embarrass them to death.

Rich is inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green triple hybrid car motor and author of autism's "worst book" Autism Pre Rain Man Autism a book built on Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

NBC news , Fragile X and Autism Speaks

Did anyone see the report on Autism from Autism Speaks! I'm glad for
> the doctor's report. We're getting closer to the cause. I still think
> it's in us parents,that our genes are altered and being passed on.
> Don't ask me how, through food, water or air. Look for the common
> denominator. It has to affect the Y chromosome like fragil X affects
> the X in the XY gene.

From Old working autism, Forget about the cause to some degree and learn from those of us that have figured out autism. Autism is quite simple really. (too simple) The complicated bit is our lack of eye contact thought process baffles EVERY autism researcher and psychologist. Add in the fact were a bit deaf during the picture thoughts and that "automatically" makes autism a disorder to the highest degree. That is precisely why all of us mostly older than Rain Man era Autistic that do so well can't be admitted to or explained.

Interestingly, If you really follow the history of the fragile X studies they were once hailed in the Gay community as a great predictor if one was gay or not. I doubt that autistic families will admit to that part of the fragile x or even apply the previous knowledge to determine if their kid is Gay. The studies in question were along the lines of the Fragile X was a good indication of weather one was gay or not. The studies confirmed their results in the GLBT and Straight populations. I suspect and wonder if the Fragile X people used up their "capital" and drained the gay community and discovered Autism and Fragile X have a connection as well and are exploiting that to keep their gravy train funded. Autism is a billion dollar empire and a piece of that pie would be tasty.

Honestly PLEASE don't be homophobic I get several secret responses a week from autistic people from all over the globe via my Blog, that come out to me. Many are just beside themselves in their coming out process and I know no parent thinks their kid could be gay but many of us are. We can't help that fact and that decision was made for us by our genes we are not that way to spite you. In fact most of our anthropology of very high functioning people that build on Temple's work and have solved Autism are indeed in the GLbt Spectrum-yet another reason Autism will not admit to us.

Rich Shull Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient Green triple hybrid motor that will get an average car 90 MPG. Rich is also host of the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and author of the book by the same name

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Deaf and Blind Autism Thoughts

--- In,
> Hello again....
> Some of you may remember me, but I have been quiet for awhile. I am the mom to ****** (5) and ******* (3) who are both diagnosed with PDD. I am also a BSC and working on my ABA certification. truncated
> ********** is in one of his "downslides". He makes progress for awhile and then backlsides. I am seriously thinking that he may have an auditory processing disorder. I am wondering if anyone can recommend some place that will do an evaluation for this. Has anyone had any good experiences anywhere? I called Children's and they said that they don't do language processing evals until after a child has completed the 1st grade because apparently they are very lengthy. They did offer to do a hearing eval and speech/language eval, but I'm not sure thats what I am looking for. His speech is very well developed. I'm concerned that he has a delay in processing the auditory info. Any thoughts?? Thanks for reading this long email!
> *********
From the pages of Old working autism,,, this will not hit the radar of autism professionals who forgot all about those of us that build on Temple's Thinking in Pictures but we have the answer to this one. The Autism thought process, The "di vinci Code" as we know it has never been in a text book before and we are indeed DEAF AND BLIND every now and again as we think autisitcally. Even Today at 40 something and well versed in our Picture thoughts I have to work hard to present normal and keep my hearing on all the time it can be done and it was normal autism.

We we think our OPTIC VISION is turned OFF and replaced with a picture thoughts ,interchanged actually and when this happens our hearing is often turned OFF as well while the Optic canceling thoughts are happening. FEW modern Autistic know that their optic and brain generated vision is being interchanged and those that do desperately try to tell others of their 'insight' and it never strikes a cord. This thought process has never been in a text book before so all the Autism Experts are totally ignorant of it. Amazingly once We figure it out we can and do mimic NORMAL THOUGHTS just like you use. Autism Is the building blocks of the human mind!

By the time We figure out Picture-in-picture thoughts, Projection Thoughts and still and motion Pictures and 3 and 4 D thoughts (they make us Einstein) and the social rules of our thoughts and the tricks to interject our thoughts in conversations we do pretty well to the chrigan of modern Autism. If Modern Autism Would listen for a change We could add 1000s of chapter to the psychology books. Rich Shull,,

Ps Autism could be a 1-6 pre School Class if our process was discovered!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

40,000 hits to this blog!

40,000 Hits and Growing!

Thanks to all my readers old and new for taking the time to read about old working autism, here on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism. Over the years many of you have wrote to say hi, and ask questions and present questions. Together we have discovered and learned from each other and in the end we are the better for the chat. My readers have come from all over the globe and have been Autistic and their parents and even reporters doing stories on Autism. At times I ruffle more feathers than many would like but Autism like ours is a gift and it just doesn't happen to fit the mold of modern day stuff with ease. Many readers know and appreciate that fact as they break from Autism's grasp and do autism their own way like we did. Still others want to believe in me and those like me but, we are not and can't be supported by the Autism Establishment Our message is counter theirs, but look at the start they got in the wrong direction. Of Course even to this day I get a bit of hate mail but I figured long ago hate and love are fundamentally the same thing so unless it spite filled I kindly refrain from more words.

Borrowing from the late Dr. King (American civil rights leader) "I have a dream! " and mine is someday Autism will be understood like we understand it. Autism is not such a puzzle after all and the way I figure it -it is the building blocks of the human mind. It is the slow motion step-by-step thought process all humans do to think with. One end of Autism is mental Retardation and the other is Einstein, along the way with the right luck we learned and connected Autism to real life. That will never happen again unless Modern Autism Apologist and researchers actually do honest research and figure out what we have. What a loss to mankind were are final frontier on earth (the mind explained) and man can't see the forest from the trees.

The Truth of anything is at first violently opposed, then ridiculed and then seen as self-evident. Sadly unless things change for the better, no one alive today will see the self-evident part of autism like we know and love as the whole tone of autism was diminished via the designer status of Modern Autism. That alone assures we are all MR/DD idiots. Too bad modern Autism has the wrong end of the stick.

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism. Rich is also inventor of the Turing Motor a Triple Hybrid 70% efficient green car motor good for 90 MPG in an average car. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built had they understood their own.


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Thanks to Blogspot for hosting this blog.

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Autism and Short Term Memory

Autism and Short Term Memory

Psychology has a short term memory test you often see on television (Law and Order, popular TV Show Americas) where the subject is asked to remember three words. Then they are asked a series of questions like where they were born, to test long term memory and then the psychologist throws in the 'ringer' and asks the three words you were supposed to remember. If you can't come up with those words they claim you have a short term memory disorder. In effect you do, normal populations are able to have pretty good short term memory and AUTISTIC people can do pretty good too: IF we were able to have a chance to think naturally as we were programmed, with the daydream versions, the slow motion versions of your thoughts all can yield normal thoughts, once we learn our thought process.

Autism is the slow-motion step by step building block thoughts to the human mind all figured out (old autism) and If we really have figured out the mind autism thoughts are simply your thoughts in slow motion. Once we learn the code the autism Divinci Code we can do almost normal thoughts. Sadly Psychology and lots of science is is populated by "money" professionals of some sort, with jobs to keep and careers to build and reputations to protect. Psychologists will never admit and they were never offered a class in the college level courses to "look down" and see where man came from. Naturally, with all that expensive education and the brainwashing that goes with it ,;it means they learn, research is the key to discovery that indeed gives one not only a degree with cap and gown but blinders as well. For far too many psychology professionals they would never be caught dead sleeping with the enemy so to speak and they are far happier popping pills and exploiting the people they forced to a group home. It makes for a more comfortable no touch peer reviewed protected living if there is a good distance between themselves and their patients. If they would walk a mile in our shoes and see just what we have done and how we did it not only would the Short Term Memory test get a little sunshine, we might well add a 1000 new chapters to the psychology books. Alas, in order to do that, we would have to break the Autism empires billion dollar grip on us for a start. So much for progress, modern autism has screwed all of mankind all in the name of psychology. Curse you Rain Man (the movie).

By the way, the picture thoughts of autism are the very key to the short term and long term memory process. No Psychologist has been trained in our working thoughts nor have they ever been in a text book before. Peer review can't possibly be trusted to discover more than a misspelled word as the psychology professionals pat each other on the back and in effect keep the status quoe guidelines enforced. Just think of all the knowledge and insight right under their nose that they will never discover.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Comment becomes ,post of its own

The following is related to the post below "Thanks" for buying my book. This came from the comments of that post. Rich

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for interest in my Turing Motor. Please feel Free to Email me and we can talk about it. I would be delighted to have someone write about it.

Briefly, It will not hit the radar of too many people, the figured out autism that made it and invented it hasn't even been in a text book yet, so the logic that makes it go is just 'Greek ' to all the experts of Engineering. I came to the conclusion years ago I would simply have to build it and then have it reverse engineered. 90% of the Turing Motor has never been done before, thus in the eyes of the normal thinker it is impossible.

Politically Autism Wise the older people that knew autism like I do were forced out of post Rain Man Autism and they do their best to keep me and others like me hidden as we unintentionally deflate their empire. When we don't live in group homes, we drive and have taken autism thoughts to the threshold of normal ones: we are indeed not welcome news in modern autism circles. Add our stories back in to Autism and modern Autism will be wearing Egg on its face. Autism is now a billion dollar Empire so they have lots of reasons not to admit to us.

Occasionally a few people cite my work in research in high school and college level papers they write. Some write me back and claim I' got an "F" or the sharp edge of my professors tongue, as they mention my work and our old working autism. Many professors deduct points form their paper for in essence taking a stand against the modern autism. "Stick with only approved autism organizations" was a comment on one person's paper. One lady sent me her paper and I autographed it and sent it back to her, she was proud of her "F" on it.

If you write about my Turing Motor expect similar remarks, humans are not keen on thinking too hard and listening to odd ideas. I find if you don't "run a political campaign" and choose your topics and words carefully your lost if you are trying to make a point, especially if that point has never been in a book before (autism).

Sincerely, Rich Shull

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