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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Real Enigma of 2008

An Enigma

A special request to the asipes reading this. If you relate to the questions and thoughts, PLEASE Act! Help us help our selves.

*Do you know realize there is a different thought process going on in your mind, when for example your optic vision is suddenly off?

*Do you come to realize you have been disconnected from reality for a few seconds usually working on a previous conversation while missing the new one?

*Do new conversations often proplex you UNLESS you have figured out what the person is likely to say or do?

*Are you often "deaf"?

*Does the slightest noise drive you crazy? But you keep quiet as it is hard to describe to other non aspies?

*Can you hear things that float over everyone else?

*Do you get sick of people talking down to you, treating you like MR/DD and yet you know "IF" only my thought could get out ? (translate from Picture thoughts to words)? Normal thinkers would realize this as a form of dream interpretation.

*Do you make stunning statements that blow away others? Do you ever leave people stunned with a thought that they never get? You know that THOUGHT TO BE EINSTEIN?

*Do you realize what you just said is "above" the mindset of almost everyone?

*If you get along well socially, do you find yourself watering down thoughts into baby thoughts? Do you find it takes 20 conversations of a normal person to have one of ours?

*Do normal thinkers just drive you crazy with their "emotional logic"?

*Socially do you get along well only after some wild real life experiences? (usually in a forced social setting)

*If your Autistic and Gay (LBT) do you find a great social boost by coming out to some degree even online? (queer eye for the straight guy type of thing)

*Do you often know deep down the autism professionals are totally ignorant of autism and they are more interested in their career and sometimes fame at our expense? Do you realize they really want to keep us in the MR/DD mode?

*Have you ever had a few "ah ha" moments when your lack of eye contact thought process matched a normal thought? Was the magic sending chills down your spine?

*Do you wonder why normal people take so many pain pills?

*If you have been injured did you walk on a broken something or dislocate something and go days or weeks without treatment? DID the X ray tech and doctors just drop to the floor stunned to see a horrible X ray? (and you walked in the ER?)

*Have you ever seen the part of thoughts (normal thoughts) the building block thoughts where things like dyslexia, stuttering originate from? (if science could hook a monitor to our brains they could watch things like a dyslexia type of thoughts form, they could see where words come from)

*Can you usually tell the political, state of being of someone by listening to the quiver in their voice and knowing they are not sincere despite saying the right words?

*If you drive a car do you find your a great driver if you keep you optic vision on and avoid all the distractions possible? Have you ever used picture thoughts to avoid accidents? Have you ever missed a crash by thinking threw the "laws of physics" and maneuvering out of harms way?

*Do you never "show" instant emotion?

*If you have developed "picture in picture" thoughts do you use them for social purposes mostly?

(P in P thoughts are just like a P in P TV one image is our brain generated image we think with (day dream) and the other is actual optic vision)

*Do you have a special connection with blind people? Do you find they share your thought style and hear what you do?

*Finally do you realize that you really are doing a different kind of thought process that has never been in a text book before? Do you realize and laugh to your self autism professional are "jerks" unknowingly holding back mankind? Does your blood boil knowing we have connected Mr/Dd to Einstein and are stranded in the Mr/DD mind set and when we do figure out autism on our own we are snubbed by the very so called professional sometimes lost in the publish or parish keep my job mindset? Do you feel exploited by ignorance of the very people that claim autism Guru status?

*****If you can answer yes to a lot of these questions and want to see how autism really worked please read Autism's old working blueprint the 1983 book called The Enigma by Andrew Hodges . It is the biography of Alan Turing (1912-1954) who like many of us is gay autistic. See how gay made his social life work, see how his splinter skills connected him to real life and let him become father of the computer. See how his computer won W.W.II and see how he stunned Sir Winston Churchill a W.W.II hero and figure himself.

Please read this over and think about it and read my Blog Pre Rain Man Autism and Email me from link on the blog if you have ideas, thoughts or want to connect. PLEASE Consider doing a blog of your own to help "tell our gate keepers" we are far more connected than they think. Rich Shull Ohio usa

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