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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coretta Scott King ,a farewell.

It was not long ago I posted on this blog about the loss of humankind's Rosa Park's now sadly I must follow that with a tribute to Corretta Scott King. Mrs. King was every bit as brave as her husband and family was and she carried on his dream for years to come and her work will live on centuries after we all are gone. Mrs. King was instrumental and touched many people and supported many causes from civil rights to gay rights. She was a silent strong champion for woman's causes and fought long and hard even in South Africa. The Kings both of them leave some mighty big shoes to fill and it is up to all of us to keep the dream alive and make it a reality.

I offer my condolences and thanks to the King family and their supporters from all over the world, Perhaps my generation from the 1960's is the first to see the full effect of King's work and I hope momentum never dies!

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Monday, January 30, 2006

EDD, OTR/L Faota MSN, CPNP What do they mean?

The following article might be very typical of the state of shock autism is in today. It reads like a who is who College alumnus directory as well as an autism article.

IT REALLY does read really well and we should be honored to have professionals like these in our presence. However despite their best efforts and best intention Autism is not something that has ever been in print before, (picture based Autism) nor has it's mindset ever been discovered or realized besides a few autistic people and our parents many times. Again we have completed that double blind autism experiment. These fine people worked really hard and are dedicated to their profession but, despite their efforts our autism / human thought process has never graced a text book before. Absently they trick themselves in to thinking Autism is a version of traditional thought but in reality it is close but not the same thing. A few highlights of autism appear to be traditional thought but, that is our second language not our first.

Autism is so simple in some respects and it might indeed prove to be the DNA map of the mind someday. WE ARE the key to this kingdom, please we ask the Autism Society and Professor's and others in the spectrum to lower their guard and let us explain and share our autism with you. Lets add some more Initials to your names and courses to your college degrees, and lets "invent" these courses from the Autism that has already proven its worth.

Perhaps the initials PFC could be added to the titles of everyone from an LD teacher to a psychologist to a doctor to even a parent and they would stand for PICTURE THINKER CERTIFICATION. That would mean they have received the course (yet to be invented, set up) and have figured out what it is we do to mimic traditional life. PERHAPS the ASA will admit to us and "Gasp" host a conference of people like me that do autism well? It seems they have been hiding from us? (humor) Funny, I was the one diagnosed with Avoidant personality disorder?
Please note as you read and admire the following, no one has been there or done that in terms of our successful autism.

Copied from the web:

Autism is a complex developmental disorder that normally appears in the first 3 years of life. While there is no cure experts agree that the earlier treatment is started the better. NetWellness welcomes a multi-disciplinary team of experts from The University. Participating from the ,,,,,,Center for Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities are: PhD, Professor, MD, MEd, Professor Emeritus, , PhD, Assistant Professor, , PhD, Associate Director, , MD, Child Psychologist/Director, Dual Diagnosis Clinic, , MS, Program Director and , MSN, CPNP, Research Nurse Practitioner. From the Department of Neurology experts are , MD, Assistant Professor and , PhD, Assistant Professor. Participating from Children's Hospital in Columbus are , PhD, Professor, , PhD, Behavioral Treatment Specialist, , MD, Medical Director, and , PhD, Assistant Professor. Other members of the team include: , EDD, OTR/L, FAOTA, Professor in the Occupational Therapy Division of the School of Allied Medical Professions and , PhD, Director of the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. In addition to our Ask an Expert service in this topic be sure and read the new articles contributed. Dr. has authored an interesting article titled: "Ed for Autism" and the oveew from Dr.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

This Blog ,One Year Old

Dear Reader's

I am very humbled and pleased to announce this blog is now a year old. I need to thank BLOGSPOT for their free service, as well as, my sister for the computer upgrades and Internet connections. Ultimately we need to thank Alan Turing (1912-1954) Aspie (most likely) for fathering the computer. (THANKS Doug Gypsy, Tony *), Hajo, Bill and Dad, Roxie and Mom)

It seems over the past year my cyber "family" and cyber connections have come from all over the world. This blog started out as Autism but is now so much more. It seems to STRAIN and not FILTER autism connections thus it offers a broad view of Autism not available otherwise. I have spoke to people online for the very first time working from a library to aspie computer guru's to parents/teachers and even autism professionals from all over the world and of course aspies themselves. I have shared and been inspired to relate the issues via the posts on this blog. Due to the anonymity of the net I really must confess I have no I idea who I am speaking to at times but, I wonder due to the nature of my mail and the questions and points of view presented that I haven't spoke with some of the big names in autism? This blog coupled with the 30 some other online autism groups I participate in offered the basis and connections to my blog.

I have got 30 Emails a day at times from my online presence and I never dreamed (humor) I'd need a staff at times. By far the most popular post I did (shockingly to me) was a first one called Catching a Ball in 2004. It is in the archives in February 2005. It brought a tear to my dad's eye and apparently hit home with many others. It explained how in later life after overcoming autism I was able to finally play ball. The teens and kids I was playing with had no idea it was my first time! (I was 40.) I was swamped with mail of good nature from it and it inspired and gave hope to many. It even was the turning point in some of my early homophobic ctitques,saying oh, "he (they) are not so bad after all."

My on line experience has netted autism from Russia, and all over the globe. This strained version and not the finely filtered version of autism is proving to be a very eye opening experience and had given rise to my slogan "Explaining Einstein to Dyslexia." This world wide anthropology of people seem to do a different kind of thought and weather you think of us as autistic or Picture Thinkers or something worse, we all have done the same trial and error learning shared the same milestones in our development and today share the same working version of picture thoughts. By the way our thoughts have never been in a text book before. They might very well prove to be the DNA map of the human mind and the building blocks of how it works.

My blog and my appeals for information at times has brought to life many aspies (none of this is official or scientific) and here are some of our findings.

* Some of us share common genealogy many of us have Swiss German and Irish roots even if we live in Idaho or Australia.
* Many of us have a Narcissistic (or otherwise 'looped') family member.
*Some of have a definite problem running skipping and doing jumping jacks-In later life we finally have hip pain and X-rays show we have two different shaped pelvis halves.
* Some of us have defiantly experienced Pain Free Injuries.
*Picture thought is our primary thought process-we learned it on our own.
*Picture thought is the "same" no matter what languages we speak otherwise.
*We are teenagers to 80 something's.
*Quite a few of us (absently) learned via splinter skills.
* Seemingly only some modern aspies know us (Picture Think, Pain Tolerance, Keen Senses)
* Even Modern Aspies know us (some of them).
* Many of us do traditional lives hold jobs and have lifetime relationships.
*Image Streamers (on Yahoo) are people who TRY to picture think some seem "natural at it"
* We have a large (and Loved) population of Transgendered people in our Autism spectrum.
*The Transgendered seemingly have over come Autism better than anyone.
*Lots of us feel cursed by Rain Man and feel the sting of the after glow years later.
(**** I' m sure Rain Man the movie was never mente to hurt autism.)
* This "anthropology" as started on this blog (Yahoo before that) was 95% Gay based and now the numbers are equaling out as we meet more and more successful Aspies.
*We all agree psychology and mankind has never generally had thoughts like ours. We might very well being using a "Latin" no one has figured out yet.
*Modern Versions of Autism only seem to be known by the Autism that invented them.
*Many blind people that were once sighted share our thought process.
*Autism has a wonderful history that is 'unknown' and hard to connect and account for since we are spread out all over the world and our thoughts have never been in print before.
* A completed picture thought typically needs watered down and translated to traditional thought to be spoken-If one is able to do that he-she has figured out our version of Autism and done something never in a text book before.

(Again I must stress these are Observations and not proven "facts", I bet over time many will be proven true)

I have been no more excited and thrilled to learn of the success of several of my cyber friends that had graduated from High school reading at low levels and headed for a group home and after being turned on to their picture thoughts or splinter skills have grown by leaps and bounds. If only I could tutor them in Person. It would be even better If they had been treated to their correct thought process while they were in school. Again that has yet to be figured out in Autism circles. Many of us did our success via our splinter skills, now taboo in autism.

Thanks to all of you who have written over the past year and please hang in there If I haven't got back to you yet, (humor) I can only type so fast. I once again urge and appeal to the Autism community to admit to us and help us figure out what we have done or PLEASE admit to us and set us free and let us assume the identity of Picture Thinkers and share our knowledge with the world. Once you admit to us we can leave you alone!

WE NEED to do that Picture Thinkers Autism Conferance! That way all of us in this worldwide anthropology can finally meet in person, If you know of any foundation that will help us host this let me know!

Sincerely Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Please Note, I often mention Temple Grandin in this blog and we have never met in person BUT many of us relate well to her work and build upon it.

Only SOME of us have met in person and our Magic is real!

KUDO"s to a special Gal on the West Coast of America! Thank you for slowing me down a bit... Rich

Friday, January 27, 2006

You can UN-ring a bell

I copied the following,
Press release from the web, concerning autism and a local communities effort to help via the university and health system. I deleted the names of the people and left their titles to make the following point, their might be," too many chiefs and not enough Indians" when it comes to Autism research. While I have no doubt in the sincerity and the integrity of their degrees and efforts on behalf of autism they are traditional thinkers and have never shared our different never in print before thought process-picture based autism.

It is obvious WHY they think the way they think and why they have come up with the logical answers they have (everyone in autism not just these folks) as they only see life as they know it. They have never experienced a Picture Thought that cancels out the optic vision and turns off our hearing. They have never hosted or interviewed or admitted to our Anthropology of People from all over the world to see just what it is we have done to overcome. The doors to psychology that would be opened will keep people busy for centuries, if we were admitted to.

It is not like we are easy to believe an entire group of Autistic people that are all over the world, we do too much, we have figured out too many things and our anthropology and its double-blind experiment results point backwards not forwards in terms of Autism knowledge. Despite our success we can't be admitted to politically in autism circles we are on the wrong side of the autism time line and our message is obviously different than expected. None of us have a degree in anything but real life and if a few experts would care to follow our footsteps they would be pleasantly shocked to discover an entirely different working mindset. Our anthropology draws on the entire autism spectrum and we are every age range and nationality. However, our picture thoughts are the same! 80 year old Autisitcs have a wonderful tale to tell. It is not likely they will ever be heard as they blend in well and many are perceived as too odd to talk to. Indeed many in the autism spectrum are not considered worthy of equal conversation for many reasons. Perhaps, they really do think we are group home material and nothing else?

Here is the truncated article

Autism - New Topic and New Content
Autism is a complex developmental disorder that normally appears in the first 3 years of life. While there is no cure experts agree that the earlier treatment is started the better. NetWellness welcomes a multi-disciplinary team of experts from The University. Participating from the ,,,,,,Center for Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities are: PHD, Professor, MD MEd, Professor Emeritus, ,PHD Assistant Professor, ,PHD, Associate Director, , MD, Child Psychologist/Director, Dual Diagnosis Clinic, ,MS, Program Director and MSN CPMP, Research Nurse Practitioner. From the Department of Neurology experts are ,MD, Assistant Professor and PHD, Assistant Professor. Participating from Children's Hospital in Columbus are , PHD Professor, PHD, Behavioral Treatment Specialist, ,MD, Medical Director, and ,PHD, Assistant Professor. Other members of the team include: EDDOTR/LFAOTA,, Professor in the Occupational Therapy Division of the School of Allied Medical Professions and ,PHD, Director of the Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. In addition to our Ask an Expert service in this topic be sure and read the new articles contributed. Dr. has authored an interesting article titled: "Education for Autism" and the Over view from Dr.

WE Are indeed on the wrong side of modern autism and we don't have enough clout to overcome the Rain Man Empire of modern times. Rain Man's curse has unknowingly opened up the Lion's gates and turned Autism into a buzzword in Psychology circles. There seems to be an attitude of people diagnosed with anything in the way of Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome or even those in blind and deaf and differently abled communities, are consumers and not people. While that is a logical and expected view that same view and accepted point of view at that, ignorantly assures research it has done a good job also keeps the "retards" in their place. RESEARCH is not noted for looking for answers but rather it is noted for presenting the answers it likes. It has the virtue of the Autism Society to uphold and a reversal of a position or admitting to a mistake would prove to be too costly now.

I am and we are indeed fools for even questioning the status quoe of Autism but we are the only ones on earth capable of doing it. We have the inside information that has never been in a text book before we have done the double-blind experiments we have overcame. Our job is 2000% harder nowadays as we now need to fight the might the power and the glory of the autism empire. They do not like what our unbiased story has to tell but, they really don't care as they have the power to keep us from raining on their parade.

I feel a soft spot in my heart for the modem autism teacher, parent and autistic person that has had to endure the "best of things." You cannot un-ring a bell and I cry knowing what autism once was and what it is now. In the best spirit of helping the Modern Autism has taken away the very assets we used to overcome so well. I guess you believe Einstein or Alan Turing (autisitc father of the computer) for their obvious success it can't be denied and you just ignore the Village Idiot but he to is only a few picture thoughts away from being Einstein. I hope someday research will figure that out, but it doesn't seem likely, it hasn't been in a text book yet and might never be as those that do text books don't live or work or experience the very conditions they claim to know about or do they care to think about us as humans-Perhaps we are next BMW payment or notch on the ladder of academia success?

PLEASE ask the Autism Socieity to admit to us or offically kick us out of autism so that we can get on with our Vital work of explaining a different kind of human thought process that has never been figured out before in education and psychology circles. Everyone will win! Rich Shull

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stuttering no Speech and Picture Thought

An Idea a Thought and a Theory on Stuttering and Picture Thoughts and no speech in Auitism.

Picture Thoughts the as of yet unexplained form, of human thoughts that might simply be the building blocks the step by step slow motion internal thoughts our brains use to function with might explain lots of things. Picture thoughts seem to start out very simple and unnoticed in childhood and if the "automatic" learn goes well the person develops normally. It seems from my experience Picture thinking and not having the 'automatic learn'-easy button- in a useable form there are several steps from pre school on that the mind needs to do BEFORE normal functioning is achieved.

Most people are lucky enough do this naturally as they are taught in school. Some of us have a different basis for our thoughts and need and use the picture thoughts. (brain generated images that cancel out optic vision ,invisable to everyone else) Picture thought might be like a Windows 3.1 computer or a teletype machine and traditional thought might be like a Windows XP computer. Of Course, the picture thoughts we use have never been in a text book before.

What I'm talking about here could be associated with permeant memory on a computer, ROM as it is called it mean Read Only Memory humans might have the vary 'same thing' in terms of hardwired picture thoughts that are mostly invisible and unknown but nonetheless the basis for our thoughts and our not so perfect thoughts. I have found each step of completed picture thought results in a new a milestone in development. I wonder that if someday our Thoughts can be mapped like DNA and people might be able to look and see what picture thought task has been learned and completed and see oh that needs 'fixed.' Perhaps someday LD classes will teach Picture thoughts and their students might actually get to learn the slow-motion building blocks of the human mind.

With fully functioning Picture thoughts I can often fly threw life like with the best of them but at times I'm a mess and my picture thoughts must be used (Optic vision is off and Brain Generated Images are used.) The Picture Thought can be a visual step by step process I use to think with. Converting SPEECH from picture thought to words to be spoken might be an autistic based thought process (that hasn't been explained yet in traditional circles) where our brain generated thoughts get 'converted' to words or actions. You might come close to the idea by trying to tell others about your day dreams or dreams- I wonder If Picture Thought are not simply not the same thing but our primary thought process: not something we do on a whim.

Often Times when I stutter and I have had working picture thoughts (brain generated images) going I have noticed more than once that I often had 2-3-4-5 Completed Picture thoughts going and my brain was at a loss trying to pick the one to 'describe.' When I decide on the 'correct' picture thought the stutter goes away instantly. Until that time I try to describe too many thoughts at once. IF this picture based thought process is the very basic computer code of the human mind It is easy to see how stuttering can be helped. In order to figure this out a psychologist of the future will simply be able to figure out the base picture thoughts, computer code, of the mind and properly trained they will get a view of what it takes to figure out the human mind and what it takes to change it for the better. I have heard of Autistic people that can't talk but find a way to say the words they need to say by perhaps using a favorite spot on a record. If that part of the picture thought process was understood It might well, be related to the stuttering. Once we "learn" to translate that picture thought (by trail and error) to words we find we can talk. This basic windows 3.1 building block has yet to be figured out by traditional populations and researchers.

What we are talking about here are the building blocks for human thought and it has never been in print before. Picture thought parallels traditional thought but doesn't seem to copy it. It might very well be the basis for human thought. The completed points in Picture thought seem to be the magic button one needs to achieve before thought as we know it works as intended. Other populations with a version and a take on Picture Thought might very well be Image Streamers a Yahoo Online group, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and picture based autism thinkers. The Image streamers can really boost their IQ at times via picture thought. They have said pictures are worth a 1000 words and I bet they worth a million thoughts. An Image Streamer seems to have figured out a way to convert "prehistoric" picture thoughts to words. Like the High functioning picture thinkers of autism we need to water down our thoughts just to communicate them.

From the Blog of Rich Shull, Http://

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Myth Busting!

Autism myths / some of them in a new light Via Rich Shull, author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built upon Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures, host of this Blog

::::::::::::Dear Reader; If this your first exposure to my (our) Blog, welcome to a different kind of Autism. In our Autism we have figured out many things autistically and have an experienced Anthropology of People from all over the world that do Autism well everyday. We take the stuff Temple Grandin Wrote about to new heights. We are often times the Autism of times gone by and the Autism the Autism Guru's of today would prefer you DIDN'T know about. They naturally can't explain us and our autism has never been in a text book before. We were doing double-blind experiments in autism right under their noses. If you are reading this online or in print please look at the blog, Http:// ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Did you know, autism is NOT an emotional disorder? Autism is a neurologically -based disorder that has diverse biological causes.
The reality of that statement is, we think like no population on earth and our Optic Vision and hearing is often times turned off as we attempt to Think in Pictures. Have you ever tried Thinking with a Day Dream or interoperating a Dream? That is kind of what we do.

Did you know, autism is NOT just limited to childhood? It is a lifelong disorder, but shows changes based upon the positive results of effective Intervention and as individuals grow and mature.
/Perhaps this no more true than and demonstrated by studying our Anthropology. Most of us were Pre Rain Man (missed the curse) or for some other reason missed out on Modern Autism. Most of us grew up in a time and era before common diagnosis and ignorantly we over came autism. No one was there to tell us your Autistic and it can't be done. Our teachers, tutors and parents jumped through hoops IGNORANT Of autism to get us to learn and most of us as we later discovered came into our own via Splinter skills. Today splinter skill learning is Taboo in Autism but, It was our connection to traditional thoughts and our success. If the Guru's of Autism knew what we know or would care to learn from our experience they to would see the benefit of Splinter skill learning for and Aspie. Autism Life CAN rival a traditional life, If one realizes his/her full autism thought potential.

Myth! Children with autism never make eye contact. Many children with autism establish eye contact. It may be less than or different from the typical child, but they do look at people, smile, and express many other wonderful nonverbal communications.

/Well, you "Think" we make eye contact and lord only knows the modern autism folks push that point to death. We might be looking at you but our OPTIC vision is OFF and thus we don't see you our your body language. Our expressions are often an UGH as our picture thoughts might have been figured out by our brain but the conversation moved on too quick for us to be able to convert our thoughts to traditional thoughts. We have to think with your 'daydreams' and convert that to traditional thought. Our Anthropology has done that with trial and error learning-it has never been in a text book before. Our naturally programmed thoughts had to be self taught. Temple's Book was called Thinking In Pictures after all.

Myth! Inside a child with autism is a genius. The myth that a genius is hidden in a child with autism may exist because of the uneven nature of the skills that many children exhibit. Children with autism may have splendid physical skills, but no functional language. A child may remember the birthday of every child in his class at school, yet be unable to determine when to use the pronouns "you" or "me" appropriately. A child may read with perfect articulation and not understand the meaning of what he has read. Children with autism exhibit a full range of IQ scores. Most children with autism will exhibit significant delays in some areas of mental processing. A very small percentage exhibit above normal intelligence; an equally small percentage of children exhibit very low intellectual functioning.

/Actually many of us in our Anthropology seem to have two IQ's one related to our developed Splinter skills in our field, we often shine and excel with our splinter skills. The Computer was fathered by Alan Turing (1912-1954) he was autistic and father of the computer and a W.W.II hero and also a Gay Man. I have invented the Turing Motor a 70% efficient green car motor named for Alan Turing. I wonder If Einstein and George Washington Carver were not autistic as well. We can often come off as smart as a sack of rocks or really smart. Once we figure out many things via our splinter skills that knowledge simply spills over into life at large. Psychology and education professionals have never experienced or believed what we have done and simply attributed our success to happenstance. Splinter skills are our learning hallway and connection to a better life. Properly completed they make the difference often times between the village idiot or Einstein. Many of us drew hope and promise as our (unknown) splinter skills were being absently exploited. We were tricked into learning! To bad we can't trick modern Autism into realizing what we have done.

Myth! Children with autism do not talk. Many children with autism develop good functional language. Most other children can develop some communication skills, such as use of sign language, pictures, computers, or electronic devices.

/Well, WE DO and if we have somehow made it to the proficient picture thinkers stages of autism beyond what Temple Grandin wrote about we do typical conversations. We are able to translate our Picture in Picture thoughts, our projection thoughts, our 3 and 4 dimension thoughts into words or actions. If we were Not learning to this by trial an error on our own we might have been doing good conversation by 6th grade. Often times it took us years to absently to figure out what to do next and even realize that picture thought we had was only part of a step toward a more complete thought. Proper autism class once the Guru's figure out our basic thought process will consist of translation courses on how to convert Autism thoughts to traditional ones, Autism (picture based) could be taught by 6th grade!

Those of us honored to have grown up Gay and Lesbian (GLBT) and AUTISTIC often were able to attend the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Autism Finishing School." Growing up gay give one a totally different set of social standards and normals to adhere to. It just so happens many of us had friends would never had otherwise. Those friends unknowingly helped us connect to the traditional world. Of Course, some element of psychology still thinks gay is taboo but it is the same group that can't see how much of a benefit it was to grow up GLBT and autistic. Of Course, that is one major reason Modern Autism feels it can ignore us as we can't possibly be good role models for autistic people. It might even empower them to work even harder to keep us hidden. It doesn't help matters much that we un intentionally deflate a lot of the Rain Man era ideals either. Our real life success is not only NOT welcome news in autism circles it is bad for the modern version of autism. I don't think the Father of the Computer is a bad role model for any one.

Myth! Children with autism cannot show affection. Probably one of the most devastating myths for families is the misconception that children with autism cannot give and receive affection and love. We know that sensory stimulation is processed differently by some children with autism, causing them to have difficulty expressing affection in conventional ways. Giving and receiving love from a child with autism may require a willingness to accept and give love on the child's terms. Sometimes the challenge for parents is waiting until the child can risk a greater connection. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends may not understand a child's aloofness, but can learn to appreciate and respect his/her capacity for connection with others.

/Many in our Anthropology have had life long partners and more of us have had loving hugging relationships through out our lives. Many of us had the best of practice doing the gay social hug. If we really figure out our thoughts and learn how to communicate them Love flows as easy for us as it does for a traditional person. Granted many aspie have trouble with that aspect of life and we are not perfect at it and experience proves love and affection or acting upon it need a bit of practice but many of us had the finishing school to help us overcome.

More Myths and Misunderstandings about Autism
Progress means that the child doesn't have autism.

/Progress for us was often, when we silently figured out a social situation or a new type of picture thought or perhaps how to translate a thought or pre think a conversation. The improvement we displayed to the real world was well earned. Our traditional world just chalked it up to something they had done, (naturally).

Behavior change from maladaptive to adaptive isn't autistic.

/Those of us in the real world and the autistic one are noted for our being adaptive on the surface at least, Deep down we stick our old habits but don't show that in public. Some of that is the result of our completed social autism experience.

Children with autism do not smile at you.

/I can see where they would not have much to smile about 95% of their day is spent not being able to keep up or figure things out fast enough. When we do figure things out (autistically) it is a private victory as we just figured out a milestone of our development all on our own without any encouragement or fanfare or even a gold star. No One knows what hoops we just jumped threw.

Children with autism do not give or receive physical affection.

/We are not thrilled with it but can do it. If you have tried to hold a wild animal like a rabbit the tension is much the same as we fell giving and getting hugs. We prefer to be alone.

People with autism do not notice others and don't pick up cues from peers/adults.

/No Kidding, perhaps since we are pre occupied looking at our brain generated images and our optic vision and at times our hearing is OFF, every now and again we just didn't see you?

People with autism do not want friends.

/Sometimes that is true we prefer to be alone. Many of us in our anthropology do have Friends and want friends and they are often easy to make and our friends tend to mirror us to a large degree. Perhaps we are somewhat nerdy. Most Autism folks in our group have very liberal non based views and often the people around us our parents our CO workers don't like that too much. We often wonder why Diversity training ever has to be taught it should be natural and a natural state of being.

Individuals with autism do not relate to peers/adults.

/We often do, but to be blunt only a few of us have had the chance to learn enough of our autism thoughts and the insight of the "99 conversations" traditional people have. Traditional speech and communication is often very superficial and it seems it take 20 conversations with a traditional thinker to get one point across. Aspies tend to think in complete well reasoned thoughts (hard to believe I'm sure). We have to learn to water down our thoughts to communicate them. Those of us doing that do pretty well in all conversations.

People with autism could talk if they wanted to.

/Perhaps they NEVER had the chance! We do TWO separate things when we think and we have to take the completed Autism Thought and convert It to speech or actions. Traditional thoughts and speech FLY by and move TOO quick for untrained autism thoughts to keep up with. Many in the Anthropology have learned the" 99 conversations" and fill in the blanks with current information and in essence have the same conversation over and over again, just like the traditional people have .( People don't realize how predictable they are.) Proper autism If it is ever admitted to or figured out will spend many hours of class time working on 'making speech'. The basis for speech is there and it is the lucky few of us that have figured it out that actually talk easily. Have you ever tried to explain a Dream? It is kind of like that.

When a child with autism does not respond to a question/direction to which he has previously given a correct response, he is being stubborn/non-compliant/obnoxious.

/Every once in a while we actually have the right answer at the right time if by some chance our thought process was properly misaligned we came up with the right answer. Doing it twice might be just plain frustration. I remember learning picture thought by trail and error and being able to do something once but, not a second time. If the teacher would have said and we would have known to use "a picture in Picture thought" for that type of answer we would have been more able to be consistent. I can see where an Aspie would get very pissed off possibly have some glimpse of doing it right and not being able to complete the idea twice.

Autism can be outgrown.

/Indeed It can become better tolerated and some 80 year olds that have contacted me no longer picture think in daily thought or conversation as they have adapted to traditional thought. They continue to think with pictures for the bigger thoughts.

Autism is an emotional disability.

/It can be, unintentionally be helped too much or cursed by the establishment is not fun. Learning your thought process on your own via trial and error 'in the dark' basically doesn't make for the happiest campers. Those of us in the GLBT autism spectrum are ether the happiest autistics or the most miserable if we have to live in the closet with homophobic people in our midst.

Children with autism cannot learn.

/Indeed we can, I am talking older autism mostly and many of us DID learn by accident via our now taboo splinter skills. Once we figure out our splinter skills, etc., that knowledge generally flow and filter to all aspect of our life. I learned to do Division via splinter skills I figure MPG on a car, I had picture thoughts figured out for that, I had tried and tried division in the traditional way and it never worked. My Dad seen I could figure MPG on a car and it turned out to be the same thing. We tend to learn it in relation to our strong point and move backwards and forwards from there. Once could take Rain Man's Phone book skills and work them backwards into real life skills. Many of us in the anthropology did just that!

Children with autism will show no imagination.

/We have Laughed at that one for years and the statement should read Imagination traditional people would realize. When two proficient thinkers meet in person our imaginations seem perfectly normal. We have such a hard time even figuring out our communication type thoughts communicating a vivd dream type of thing are nearly impossible. Again Our Thoughts seem to need watered down to be understood.

Bad parenting causes autism.

/Hardly, bad parenting might make autism worse but in general autism's biggest problem is all the "help" that has turned out to be work than help. At one time autism was picture thinking, keen senses, splinter skills, pain tolerance and the preference to be alone. Those ideals were nearly figured out before Rain Man introduced a curse upon autism. I wonder if today's drug and diets don't make things worse. Modern Autism is well aware we all came out pretty good without ANY of those aids, admitting to that in a study of any type could leave the Autism NASCAR race car in the pits with an empty tank.

Autism is rare.

/Well, it used to be, The modern Epidemic and the lowering of the diagnosis standards has mixed autism and non autism populations. As people write to me from this blog It is obvious SOME of them clearly fit the old definitions of autism and the majority don't have a clue to our older Autism traits. YET some of the modern Autism folks despite ABA and the curse of Rain Man also identify with us and their older autism mates in our autism anthropology. via this blog We have identified populations of Image Streamers, CAPD suffers (Central Auditory Processing Disorder) people that also closely fit the definitions of older autism, Perhaps we should forget Autism and just call ourselves "Picture Thinkers" and get busy explaining a thought process that has never been in print before and quit dreaming autism will ever admit to its not so far away past. Mankind needs our insight and if your a parent of a low functioning quiet and shy Aspie we might very well be the answers you need.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The DNA map of the mind!

Putting A. Fine Point on it! We are the DNA of the
Mind. Humans have been searching for our Answers!

Just what is this blog about? SHOCKINGLY we ARE the humans humanity has been searching to find for centuries now, we might be the living missing link in evolution. We might be everything from Einstein to the village idiot and armed with our experience in real life we might actually hold the key to many mysteries of human kind. Many of us started out life undiagnosed autistic, pre rain man and today we find our selves in many different places. There seems to bits and pieces of autism in nearly every aspect of every learning disability personality issue and even our splinter skills might explain an Einstein or too.

Those of us that have figured out our autism thoughts/Picture Thoughts think with a DIFFERENT kind of human thought that has yet to grace a text book. I'd bet money on the "fact" Einstein and Alan Turing father of the computer and many others great minds were Picture Thinkers as well. Explained picture thoughts (someday) will describe to the traditional thinker WHY it was easy for the great thinkers of our time to do what they did and seemingly so easily. Our Thoughts are based in pictures kind of like your day dreams and our optic vision is turned off when we think. There is a FINE line between being an Einstein or the village idiot and LUCK is often a big factor in the two. Traditional people will be scared to realize the narrow difference.

Naturally since we are programmed so differently from traditional people it is a given all the best minds in research and medicine can't figure us out, we have never been in a text book before AND we figured out Picture thinking on our own. No one in science or research has ever known or shared our thoughts. Once our secrets are exposed people will be a gasp in disbelief and relish in our insight. Not only do we explain Einstein we also shed a totally different view on the cave persons. So much of our life is prehistoric and it would make some sense there would have to be living missing links in the living population. We only found each other by accident via the Internet and we are from nearly every place on earth and speak many different languages but YET we share the same Picture Thoughts!

Our Thoughts coupled with our keen senses seem to give credence to many things like clairvoyance and, ESP. It will be noted someday after our deep thoughts are known about by the general public that many ESP things will have a better explanation and indeed ESP might be a left over function of our human skills, perhaps from a time when we were hunter gathers. Picture thinking seems to be step by step thought per thought view of human thought. We seem to be able to identify and expand on every step of the mind. I predict that someday once our 'primitive thoughts' are discovered for what they are we might in so many words form the' road map' of the human mind and the end of the map sets traditional thought as you know it, and the other end of the map might be a very low functioning person, Along the way certain milestones either achieved or not, might go a long ways in explaining learning disabilities and personality issues.

This road map back in time is the like the DNA of the mind and once mapped like DNA it might indeed be as useful as can be. Humans have needed this insight 'forever' and just due to the nature of our being it is upon us the Picture Thinkers to expose and explain our selves. Obvious modern science and research wants nothing to do with us as we are too different and too radical for the insight we deliver, it totally flies in the face of tradition and that is a sin if nothing else is. In so many words we have to over came Rain Man's Curse, convince psychology we actually HAVE done a different kind of human thought and then by the time we fill in the blanks of Evolution (if we do) we will spend a few more centuries being burned at the stake. Humans are not noted for being the most tolerant of beings although they like to think otherwise.

So in a nut shell we might be a lot of things to a lot of people but our insight into the human condition is a priceless self realized portrait of man himself. Some groups hate our guts most know nothing of us, older autism researchers almost had us figured out before Rain Man and mankind needs to hear our voice and point of view for the first time. PLEASE if you are in a position to help us "out" once our story is explained and picture based thoughts and our keen senses and even our splinter skills are exposed, future generations of man will be the better for it. Legitimate researchers please note we not take away your job and will indeed make more jobs!

We would love to hold the worlds First ever Picture thinkers Conference in 2006 and if you know of a foundation or a funding source (non profit, non biased) that might help us meet for the first time Mankind would be a-gasp with the results. It would be just like landing on the moon again. Sincerely, Rich Shull, author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of the Turing Motor

Monday, January 02, 2006

The Best Autism Money can buy!

Mark Twain said ,"we have the BEST government money can by"

We also have the BEST science (autism) money can by weather it is an expert that claims that smoking does not hurt you or cause cancer, or someone claiming global warming has nothing to do with pollution to some drug company eager to push their latest pill It all comes out in the wash eventually. I hope someday soon Autism's washing machine gets emptied as Mankind has already been to the cleaners supporting an autism that missed out, on purpose on some of its most basic and obvious points. We did get a few good TV scripts and a awsome movie from Autism however. What a price to pay; mankind remains deaf, dumb and stupid?

Intentional or not Mankind has been held back and set back centuries by not really allowing the old boring Autism before Rain Man to be developed. If we would have been allowed to develop many learning disabilities like dyslexia and CAPD would be figured out by now. If our autism was proven to be the slow motion building blocks of traditional thoughts, we would have obvious insight into the human mind and its development that we still miss to this day. If our simple but complicated and parallel thoughts and our double blind experience we had to figure out was ever accounted for we might not have any really serious learning disabilities that would not at least have a road map to follow in their ultimate resolution.

While deep down I trust science and the scientific method, science has been tarnished by the-for hire-scientists and researchers that come from the same mold of Politicians. Trouble is by the time they are proven as frauds they are retired and living in a nice place and out of the limelight. Others that carry on their work are often poured from the same mix and that allows for more of the same-another generation or two of "retarded" folks destined for a group home when they turn 18. It also allows for another generation or two of BMW owners that have personalized plates at the expense of true progress. Get real they could never admit to us now, we would cripple their way of life, ours is already at their mercy and they are not about to admit to us but I HOPE some GURU of autism will at least get some ideas from reading our work (Temple's- Thinking in Pictures etc) and have the courage to copy some of it and hopefully it is copied in the right context and does some good. (picture boards an Autism GURU"s try, were the right idea but carried off in the wrong way) Those copying the work don't have the right point of view typically to make it successful but they might get lucky /eventually. I would rather see them try and miss than keep up the same old things.

Human nature is such that people don't always get what they deserve Picture Based Autisitcs have done wonders for the world already-the computer comes to mind, and as long as some traditional based thinkers can stake claim to our work the world is happy. Now If we could only get an Autism Guru to be first inline to 'figure out' earths last secret of mankind. Autism. Human nature is also programmed that the obvious is not obvious and the progress human's have made has been accidental. If traditional people thought with the autism process there would be a lot fewer mysteries in the world. Aspies have solved many of them but there again we were NOT allowed to that on our own in the heiricahy of things as our inside information and actual experience in Autism and thinking Autisitcally means nothing to an Autism GURU with a reputation to uphold or a BMW payment to make. Hell, they are still trying to figure out the defination of autism.

I don't think any of them are smart enough to say gee, this branch of autism has figured something out, our branch of autism has figured something out -do you think the shared knowlege would beneifit everyone? Of course it will ! It seems the only opposition to the idea is the GURU's them selves, just how would they explain a red face, theirs. Yet the Autism Socieity of America claims it is the voice of autism it probably is -it has 'brought' the rights to the slogan- Thus it also has the 'right' to reject any ideas it can't explain or approve of.

As of this writing SEVERAL offical registered mail letters have been sent to the ASA on behalf of all the Temple Grandin Style Autisitc people from all overthe world and they never responded. I bet their thoughts are admit to those "****" and watch their empire crumble. Oh it will some day, just when is a matter of time. I don't mean to sound harsh and petty ,but our enitre anthropology holds more information and keys to life and unless we get the chance to explain our insight mankind will miss out on more Einsteins, Alan Turings and real life figured out answers. Rich Shull

The Gold Standards?


"The Age of Autism: Gold standards The Age of Autism: Gold standards By DAN OLMSTEDUPI Senior Editor WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- A published scientific paper suggests gold salts -- the treatment that may have prompted improvement in the first child ever diagnosed with autism -- can affect mental conditions. "Although there is very little modern research on these applications for gold, historically one notable use of gold was as a 'nervine,' a substance that could revitalize people suffering from nervous conditions, a term we would today call neurological and psychiatric disorders, such as epilepsy and depression," according to the paper, "Gold and its relationship to neurological/glandular conditions." The paper appeared in 2002 in the International Journal of Neuroscience, co-authored by four researchers at the Meridian Institute, a Virginia-based non-profit group. It is online at"

PARTIAL quote from an online based autism group and they quoted the ENITRE article from Dan Olmsted.

REALLY now what does Gold have to do with autism? Why are they even bothering to 'cure' autism-it has already been figured out and it has already given the world the computer and many more things including a never in print before thought process? The only thing Autism hasn't been able to give the world is the common sense and sense to let human nature realize there are aliens (autistics) among us and we are in plain sight! I guess it is only natural that the very best educated people in the world unintentionally miss our obvious success as no one ever taught them to look for the answers in the obvious places, like right under their nose. Those that have met us and those that know us will not admit to us just yet as no one wants to be first in line to 'discover us' and Autism is established already and the fuel tank on the NASCAR Race car is on Empty. Ran Man's Curse is in full swing and it needs to run its course Those "on the payroll researchers and politicians' it employs have a valid point to make-even IF it is at the expense of the very people they claim to care about.

Granted the modern version of autism might indeed respond well to the "gold treatment" but that type of autism is most likely different from the older more natural version of autism, the quiet shy type of autism. The picture based autism. If any of the experts actually knew what they were doing they would let us stand alone as picture thinkers and let us share our unique knowledge with mankind. Many moons ago we were autism-the only definition for it-and only since Rain Man autism definitions got so big and broad that autism epidemic was invented. Just due to our quiet shy and pain free nature we naturally blend in and are hidden in the studies of modern Autism and are often termed the low functioning people of Autism.

Scientist and researchers have been playing with anything they can get hold of for centuries now, in the 1800s people were given Mercury treatments (and died from) for sexually transmitted diseases, the birth control pill was tested in foreign countries to hide the possible side effects of it. The commercials on modern TV for the multitude of drugs would make a street drug dealer envious and it is amazing the side effects they mention seem more serious than the condition they treat. Still Autism seemingly has had the gold treatment once before. I'm just glad they never ran across gun powder and helium in their discovery race to make new and exciting drugs, I 'm sure that would have been a cure for something and I'm really glad it was not the first vigra type pill.

Autism like it or not is still mostly undiscovered by the "experts" and the earliest person I have read about on the web that might have been Autistic was The Boy from Alverez in the 1600s. I'm sure If even two experts totally understood him, autism would have never developed into the mess it is today. Again our thought process, and odd way of being have NEVER been in a text book before and the obvious smart experts don't have enough experience or courage or charm to actually use their brains and look at our obvious success. Most Ph.D. types tend to rest on their degrees after they get them a few are in a position to actually explore and discover and figure out the obvious. Schools and universities and non profit foundations are in show business and show business is not in approval of the small little nagging details like our anthropology. Rain Man's unintended curse keeps a lot of experts employed and many experts in autism were totally expecting an uncritqued career. It seems they have got their wish.

The mentality of many in Psychology and Research is so fowl that it stinks but, just what evil doctor or scientist with a long record of un happy patients ever gets called on the carpet for bad behavior. Who would believe some retarded person, Autistic person or someone with Downs Syndrome even if we had an obvious legitimate complaint. Who would ever listen to us? Even IF we were listened to the prim and proper doctor has much more creditability than we do and even though they never walked a mile in our shoes they still claim their god like status. As I set for my first Diagnostic interviews in Columbus Ohio some years back, I was jumping through hoops trying my best to keep up with the jerk of a doctor and I was processing picture thought after picture thought and all he could comment on was the idea I didn't have eye contact and I didn't listen. Actually it is the other way around He NEVER listened to my explanations of my thoughts I was using and converting to communicate with him. He had no idea while I was picture thinking my hearing was turned OFF.

Why would he care that he was speaking with someone that figured out autism via trial and error he was god and been declared so by default. That picture thinking and turned off hearing is very close to the symptoms described today CAPD. Central Auditory Processing Disorder sounds like the old picture based autism of time gone by. No matter what we are I'm sure with a few billion dollars and few politicians on staff we could turn picture based thinking into the next big thing-and give mankind the insight along the way. Rich Shull