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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

This Blog ,One Year Old

Dear Reader's

I am very humbled and pleased to announce this blog is now a year old. I need to thank BLOGSPOT for their free service, as well as, my sister for the computer upgrades and Internet connections. Ultimately we need to thank Alan Turing (1912-1954) Aspie (most likely) for fathering the computer. (THANKS Doug Gypsy, Tony *), Hajo, Bill and Dad, Roxie and Mom)

It seems over the past year my cyber "family" and cyber connections have come from all over the world. This blog started out as Autism but is now so much more. It seems to STRAIN and not FILTER autism connections thus it offers a broad view of Autism not available otherwise. I have spoke to people online for the very first time working from a library to aspie computer guru's to parents/teachers and even autism professionals from all over the world and of course aspies themselves. I have shared and been inspired to relate the issues via the posts on this blog. Due to the anonymity of the net I really must confess I have no I idea who I am speaking to at times but, I wonder due to the nature of my mail and the questions and points of view presented that I haven't spoke with some of the big names in autism? This blog coupled with the 30 some other online autism groups I participate in offered the basis and connections to my blog.

I have got 30 Emails a day at times from my online presence and I never dreamed (humor) I'd need a staff at times. By far the most popular post I did (shockingly to me) was a first one called Catching a Ball in 2004. It is in the archives in February 2005. It brought a tear to my dad's eye and apparently hit home with many others. It explained how in later life after overcoming autism I was able to finally play ball. The teens and kids I was playing with had no idea it was my first time! (I was 40.) I was swamped with mail of good nature from it and it inspired and gave hope to many. It even was the turning point in some of my early homophobic ctitques,saying oh, "he (they) are not so bad after all."

My on line experience has netted autism from Russia, and all over the globe. This strained version and not the finely filtered version of autism is proving to be a very eye opening experience and had given rise to my slogan "Explaining Einstein to Dyslexia." This world wide anthropology of people seem to do a different kind of thought and weather you think of us as autistic or Picture Thinkers or something worse, we all have done the same trial and error learning shared the same milestones in our development and today share the same working version of picture thoughts. By the way our thoughts have never been in a text book before. They might very well prove to be the DNA map of the human mind and the building blocks of how it works.

My blog and my appeals for information at times has brought to life many aspies (none of this is official or scientific) and here are some of our findings.

* Some of us share common genealogy many of us have Swiss German and Irish roots even if we live in Idaho or Australia.
* Many of us have a Narcissistic (or otherwise 'looped') family member.
*Some of have a definite problem running skipping and doing jumping jacks-In later life we finally have hip pain and X-rays show we have two different shaped pelvis halves.
* Some of us have defiantly experienced Pain Free Injuries.
*Picture thought is our primary thought process-we learned it on our own.
*Picture thought is the "same" no matter what languages we speak otherwise.
*We are teenagers to 80 something's.
*Quite a few of us (absently) learned via splinter skills.
* Seemingly only some modern aspies know us (Picture Think, Pain Tolerance, Keen Senses)
* Even Modern Aspies know us (some of them).
* Many of us do traditional lives hold jobs and have lifetime relationships.
*Image Streamers (on Yahoo) are people who TRY to picture think some seem "natural at it"
* We have a large (and Loved) population of Transgendered people in our Autism spectrum.
*The Transgendered seemingly have over come Autism better than anyone.
*Lots of us feel cursed by Rain Man and feel the sting of the after glow years later.
(**** I' m sure Rain Man the movie was never mente to hurt autism.)
* This "anthropology" as started on this blog (Yahoo before that) was 95% Gay based and now the numbers are equaling out as we meet more and more successful Aspies.
*We all agree psychology and mankind has never generally had thoughts like ours. We might very well being using a "Latin" no one has figured out yet.
*Modern Versions of Autism only seem to be known by the Autism that invented them.
*Many blind people that were once sighted share our thought process.
*Autism has a wonderful history that is 'unknown' and hard to connect and account for since we are spread out all over the world and our thoughts have never been in print before.
* A completed picture thought typically needs watered down and translated to traditional thought to be spoken-If one is able to do that he-she has figured out our version of Autism and done something never in a text book before.

(Again I must stress these are Observations and not proven "facts", I bet over time many will be proven true)

I have been no more excited and thrilled to learn of the success of several of my cyber friends that had graduated from High school reading at low levels and headed for a group home and after being turned on to their picture thoughts or splinter skills have grown by leaps and bounds. If only I could tutor them in Person. It would be even better If they had been treated to their correct thought process while they were in school. Again that has yet to be figured out in Autism circles. Many of us did our success via our splinter skills, now taboo in autism.

Thanks to all of you who have written over the past year and please hang in there If I haven't got back to you yet, (humor) I can only type so fast. I once again urge and appeal to the Autism community to admit to us and help us figure out what we have done or PLEASE admit to us and set us free and let us assume the identity of Picture Thinkers and share our knowledge with the world. Once you admit to us we can leave you alone!

WE NEED to do that Picture Thinkers Autism Conferance! That way all of us in this worldwide anthropology can finally meet in person, If you know of any foundation that will help us host this let me know!

Sincerely Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Please Note, I often mention Temple Grandin in this blog and we have never met in person BUT many of us relate well to her work and build upon it.

Only SOME of us have met in person and our Magic is real!

KUDO"s to a special Gal on the West Coast of America! Thank you for slowing me down a bit... Rich