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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stuttering no Speech and Picture Thought

An Idea a Thought and a Theory on Stuttering and Picture Thoughts and no speech in Auitism.

Picture Thoughts the as of yet unexplained form, of human thoughts that might simply be the building blocks the step by step slow motion internal thoughts our brains use to function with might explain lots of things. Picture thoughts seem to start out very simple and unnoticed in childhood and if the "automatic" learn goes well the person develops normally. It seems from my experience Picture thinking and not having the 'automatic learn'-easy button- in a useable form there are several steps from pre school on that the mind needs to do BEFORE normal functioning is achieved.

Most people are lucky enough do this naturally as they are taught in school. Some of us have a different basis for our thoughts and need and use the picture thoughts. (brain generated images that cancel out optic vision ,invisable to everyone else) Picture thought might be like a Windows 3.1 computer or a teletype machine and traditional thought might be like a Windows XP computer. Of Course, the picture thoughts we use have never been in a text book before.

What I'm talking about here could be associated with permeant memory on a computer, ROM as it is called it mean Read Only Memory humans might have the vary 'same thing' in terms of hardwired picture thoughts that are mostly invisible and unknown but nonetheless the basis for our thoughts and our not so perfect thoughts. I have found each step of completed picture thought results in a new a milestone in development. I wonder that if someday our Thoughts can be mapped like DNA and people might be able to look and see what picture thought task has been learned and completed and see oh that needs 'fixed.' Perhaps someday LD classes will teach Picture thoughts and their students might actually get to learn the slow-motion building blocks of the human mind.

With fully functioning Picture thoughts I can often fly threw life like with the best of them but at times I'm a mess and my picture thoughts must be used (Optic vision is off and Brain Generated Images are used.) The Picture Thought can be a visual step by step process I use to think with. Converting SPEECH from picture thought to words to be spoken might be an autistic based thought process (that hasn't been explained yet in traditional circles) where our brain generated thoughts get 'converted' to words or actions. You might come close to the idea by trying to tell others about your day dreams or dreams- I wonder If Picture Thought are not simply not the same thing but our primary thought process: not something we do on a whim.

Often Times when I stutter and I have had working picture thoughts (brain generated images) going I have noticed more than once that I often had 2-3-4-5 Completed Picture thoughts going and my brain was at a loss trying to pick the one to 'describe.' When I decide on the 'correct' picture thought the stutter goes away instantly. Until that time I try to describe too many thoughts at once. IF this picture based thought process is the very basic computer code of the human mind It is easy to see how stuttering can be helped. In order to figure this out a psychologist of the future will simply be able to figure out the base picture thoughts, computer code, of the mind and properly trained they will get a view of what it takes to figure out the human mind and what it takes to change it for the better. I have heard of Autistic people that can't talk but find a way to say the words they need to say by perhaps using a favorite spot on a record. If that part of the picture thought process was understood It might well, be related to the stuttering. Once we "learn" to translate that picture thought (by trail and error) to words we find we can talk. This basic windows 3.1 building block has yet to be figured out by traditional populations and researchers.

What we are talking about here are the building blocks for human thought and it has never been in print before. Picture thought parallels traditional thought but doesn't seem to copy it. It might very well be the basis for human thought. The completed points in Picture thought seem to be the magic button one needs to achieve before thought as we know it works as intended. Other populations with a version and a take on Picture Thought might very well be Image Streamers a Yahoo Online group, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) and picture based autism thinkers. The Image streamers can really boost their IQ at times via picture thought. They have said pictures are worth a 1000 words and I bet they worth a million thoughts. An Image Streamer seems to have figured out a way to convert "prehistoric" picture thoughts to words. Like the High functioning picture thinkers of autism we need to water down our thoughts just to communicate them.

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