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Friday, December 09, 2005

Wakefield on the web

Wakefield on the Web,

Perhaps like me, many of you via Email links you received the media player links to Dr. Wakefield's recent speech he gave at Carnage Mellon University in November 2005. I listened to the all of the presentations and was really kind of awe struck over all. If I were in Autism for the first time, a parent of an autistic child and had just been presented with the news my child is Autistic Dr. Wakefield might make some real good sense. I think he indeed knows nearly every aspect of Modern autism and indeed he has many valid points. Plus, like any good researcher has numbers and studies to shed light on his various points he needs to make. Numbers can prove any point you want but not considering all the numbers is like taking a quote out of context. The parallel presentations from is supporting speakers had lots of quoted studies as well.

It seems every Conference or Speaker's event I have ever witnessed in Autism has the cloth covered speakers table on the left of the stage and podium on the right as this one did. I guess it is tradition just like not allowing for all members of the autism community to make their points. Peer review speakers assure that a 'good olde boys club' keeps the same underlying goals even IF the peers are a bit different in their slant on autism. Most conferences like this one did review the Kanner history and the agreed upon history of Autism the one that will not admit to our best functioning populations. Autism now includes via the DSM 4, 166,300 people. OUCH, that is a lot of people and just how many fit the '1957' version of "natural Autism?"

Kanner coined the term autism in 1948 and old definitions in encyclopedias of the 1950s and 1960s has autism described as something rather different than it is today. Those definitions talked of Pain Tolerance Picture thoughts and keen senses. Today our Unadmitted Anthropology of autistic people shockingly do most things Modern Autism claims as impossible and we indeed have done double blind autism experiments and have repeatable results and reach back in time even further than 1948. In fact the story of the boy from Alverez dates back to the 1600's

Our Double-blind experiments have yielded a thought process that has never been in print before and might explain everything from Einstein to Dyslexia. Politically we are the thorn in the side of modern Autism as we unintentionally deflate their modern versions. They used to like us and even hailed Temple Grandin as "gold" but those of us that built upon her work and do kind of traditional lives autistically are just shunned. I have said many times in this blog and in other places Autism seems be the fantasy of a lots of doctors trying for an easy uncritiqued career. Research of autism offers a 'Swiss bank account' of opportunity for many less than stellar doctors. Granted they do not see it that way, in their mind they are doing a community service and doing exactly what they have been taught at their universities and indeed their PHD's proclaim they are indeed smart and know a lot of their field but OUR Autism has never been allowed to be explained before. It has never been part of a Ph.D. course. It is so odd and out of place that Temple's Landmark book was not so shockingly ignored. Even IF some Ph.D. type of person read it he-she would not be keen on exploring it as this thought process has never been in print before.

Parents and others in the spectrum unknowingly have also played into the role autism has created for them and today Autism is indeed a curse, a prescription for a group home. Once diagnosed the kid is shuffled off to special education for his own good. Many of us in our Anthropology have for whatever reason missed the Rain Man type curse as did our parents, etc., and the difference was striking. Most of us were ENCOURAGED TO ACHIEVE, no one was there to call us autistic. Unknowingly we took our splinter skills to new uncharted heights. That allowed us to learn autism and more importantly the way to convert autism back to traditional thought. Autism again is our natural programmed thought process and we learned it by trial and error on our own.

The 'ringer' of this whole sad mess is lot of familles and people are for ever hurt and Mankind has lost out on it best insight ever by lowering the Autism Diagnosis standards to allow for an Epidemic. Honestly no one seems to care that more kids are diagnosed Autistic and the now the Autism empire (America mostly) needs fueled-someone has to gas the NASCAR Race Car, give need for an Autism Postage Stamp, give the best of celebrities a cause and give a story line and a theme to mainstream television. The Monster of Autism has to be fed and thus it is an all holds bared type of thing. The old boring quietly figured out in plain sight autism that we have is just no match for 'experts' and their views. What empire would do the scientifically correct thing and admit to all its populations?

Autism the old simple "Natural" type of autism spans all of autism and mankind. Our un-admitted to anthropology is all over the world and we met online. We tend to meet the old definitions of autism even IF we are teenagers or 80 something. We meet each other online and instantly know one another and often share the nearly identical milestones in development and progress. Even those that have graduated form an autism school grow by leaps and bounds once they meet us and we share our insights.

I guess the long and the short of it is we are on the wrongside of the Autism Empire and no matter how well we do it, just admitting to us and our true odd stories amounts to a suicide pill for autism's Monster. ALL of mankind is the looser as our thought process just might be that of Einstein, We might be the living missing link in Evolution, our Pain Tolerance could go miles in making people pain free. Honestly, condense our double-blind autism experience and you could teach Picture based Autism by 6th Grade! Please Encourage the 'Experts' to let us in the Autism Society conventions. It might be the future of your very own kids that we save! Rich Shull

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