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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Brainwaves and Autism

Brainwaves and Autism?

There you go, there is a statement for you,,,,

I was reading a published technical paper online the other day dealing with Dyslexia and lots of the paper was reporting the brain waves activity of Dyslexia. Certain parts of the brain were active for certain things and errors between a normal brain and Dyslexia brain were noted. I have read in many other papers the where the brain wave activity has been noted and compared from population to population. I WONDER What would picture thoughts in action look like on a brain wave machine? No one, has even figured out our picture thought let alone recorded them in brain waves.

What would their machine do when our optic vision turned off? What would it look like with a projection thought? What would look like with a still pictures, a motion pictures a Picture in picture thought? What would it look like as we were in "normal mode" and keeping up with the real world without picture thought? Picture in Picture, Projection, Still and Motion Pictures are types of Autism "picture thoughts." I wonder if a projection thought might for example appear like something they already "know about" Wouldn't It be wild If our brain wave patterns matched a lot of known patters and we could say ,"That was Still Picture we were doing?" to explain our autism thought and perhaps a mystery of theirs?

Growing up as a mechanic and playing with my test equipment in odd ways I could often hook an Ohm meter I had , the probes of it touching my head and it caused the needle to be moved the display just like the inkpens move on a brainwave machine or lie detector sheet. I tried this with other people and hardly ever got any needle action out of their tests? Occasionally the needle would move a little but not much on other people. I on the other hand could have that meter pegged, however. I had discovered this long before I heard the Word Autism and have no idea If I was picture thinking when this was going on or not. Today my modern meter is digital and not sensitive enough to work like the old one did that was analog.

I better be careful I might actually get what I (we) wish for. Perhaps someday IF we are ever admitted to and someone DOES do brainwave tests on us while we are picture thinking they might be forced kind of like a Frankenstein movie, torture scene. Personally, I could not trust Autism not to skew the results to their advantage. Honestly, Medicine and science probably could not be trusted either as there are mad scientists and doctors out for their own good first. The thing about the obvious results of a brainwave test might not be so obvious and just think If our Brainwaves matched the traditional populations and say we could corollate a type of picture thought to a certain brain wave? No one would believe that- It might suggest that humans really are picture based thinkers. In fact, It is a safe bet that the brainwaves they do know about and have recorded might be understood on the surface but we might actually be totally wrong. Lots of Scientist Researchers and Experts are human and admitting they might have been wrong usually never happens.

I would LOVE to see the brainwave results of my motion picture thoughts I have regarding my complete working model of my Turing Motor. My Optic vision would turn OFF my thoughts would start and I have had 20-30 different views of a motion picture thought of my Motor Running. I have watched my running motor and in a projection thought with a motion picture in progress and even look at still pictures of engineering drawings all at once. If you done that same thing on Computers and had the 4-5 different screens showing multiple aspects of my thoughts seemingly you would need 4-5 computers to produce the same things. I have been notably tired after viewing 20 minutes of picture thoughts like this.

NOW IF I could only convert these thoughts to a real life version. I have built prototypes and they have worked but I guess I need a several million in seed money and a big machine shop to ever build this 70% efficient motor. By the time I explain the Autism, the stereotypical Forrest Gump and GLBT aspects of things I have the all the creditability of a jailed stockbroker.

I wonder If Alan Turing, Father of the Computer and other great thinkers were Picture Thinkers? I have read and studied Alan's work and I can 'see ' how his computer worked autistically but I don't have the gift (splinter skill) of math, etc., so I'm at real loss understanding it in real life. Autistic folks in general are not noted for being social climbers so those of us with the added social skills lessons might have some advantage in getting our points across.

While this idea of doing our brainwaves is interesting and needs to be done for the sake of mankind .man is probably several lifetimes away from even admitting to us. (humor) I guess that is just as well, I don't want to be the one tied to a table getting my brainwaves recorded- That would be an obvious invitation for a lobotomy or at the least a few nasty acts to be done by some of those in Autism that think I have slighted them.