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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

One Brain Two IQ's one personality

Explaining our Thoughts/ two IQ 's and the same brain.

The photo above is taken from the movie Pillow Talk 1961? Staring Doris Day and Rock Hudson. The photo from the movie happens to emulate an advanced Autism thought process I call Picture in Picture Thought.

Threw out my life, If I somehow could 'translate' the Picture thoughts in one way or another I could come off as pretty smart. In the illustration above in reality you would not see Rock Hudson in Bed that would be a brain-generated image that is projected into my visual field- think of it as a daydream. That smaller image is just a visual image of our thoughts and we had to learn how ,by trail and error to read them translate them and find ways of making them 'keep up' with traditional thought. ONCE TRANSLATED they need converted to words and spoken. Picture thoughts are very fast paced current and connected and very precise and in fact OUTPACE traditional thoughts. Trouble is by the time we figure out how to convert the thoughts ,pre think the conversation and actually get the correctly timed words out from our Picture thoughts the typical conversation is over and done with. Proficient Picture thinkers work around these points and most of us have learned by route the conversations and social patterns of those we talk with and simply fill in the blanks. What Psychologist or Autism Expert knows what I am Talking About? Our Thought system has never been in a Text book before!

IF YOU and I were standing right beside me SIDE by SIDE looking at Doris Day in bed, you would NOT see Rock Hudson in bed. For us proficient Picture thinkers Rock pictured in the corner of our visual field would be a brain generated image made by our brains. It would not be visible to you. This Image of Rock is projected by our brain into our visual field. It WOULD block a corner of our optical vision.

Once we see Rock in our brain generated image and we translate that picture thought to the words "he is wearing a blue robe". Or we might translate the thought "there is a red head board" or even "there is a picture on the wall above him". All of these are possible explanations for our Picture in Picture thought. Part of being a proficient picture thinker is being able to translate the picture to words easily.

This Picture in Picture thought is advanced autism and we do it everyday to survive. Young inexperienced autistic people would probably never be able to do this type of thought. However, IF we combined all of our experience together and cut about 35 years off the learning curve this advanced thought could be common by 6th grade IF were finally able to teach it in a proper autism class. This is stuff beyond what Temple Grandin wrote about in her book Thinking in Pictures.

This picture is very nub of Autism or possibly CAPD Central Auditory Processing Disorder and there are many more that are more advanced than this one and many many more simple thoughts that have to be figured out before this one would work. This is indeed why we need to meet in person so that we might share our never in print but yet proven thought process with mankind.

* Generally speaking as near as we can tell, People start out autism picture thinking seeing spots in their visual field (where the picture of Rock is)

* Eventually this spot becomes a picture (brain generated) that we realize.

* Next that spot Picture thought GROWS turns off our Optic vision and becomes a full picture thought. That thought is translated into words or actions (eventually) and simply fades away and normal optic vision is restored.

* Next we tend to have Motion Pictures were the spot (where Rock is) GROWS and cancels Optic vision but the brain generated Image is like watching a movie. It too fades away and optic vision is returned.

*Traditioal Thinkers know pictures to be worth a 1000 words and if we think with hundreds or thousands of pictures per day it would stand to reason we have some deep thoughts and possibly a good idea or two. My entire Touring Motor is built running tested and designed in the from of picture thoughts, now If I could only get them to the drawing board or in production. I might be autistic but I'm artisitic. Sadly even the ideals of my motor defy convention and thus can't possibly be right. Traditional Thinkers don't have any imagination! (humor) I always wanted to say that Autism Experts claim we don't have any imagination well they are right - we don't have imagination that works since they don't understand our core thought process. More importantly they have closed minds and like parachute's they don't funtion when closed. Makind is being hoodwinked for gods sake someone pull the rip cord!

Oh the two IQ's If I resort to traditional thought my second language I can come off like a sack of rocks at times .But, IF I can picture think and be lucky enough to pull of a complete translated thought, I often make stunning statements .

Did Einstein and Turing, Carver and Testla simply translate a few picture thoughts, relate their obvious (to me ) autism insights into social things , It seems likely ,completed picture thoughts could easy explain their inventions!

Rich Shull