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Monday, December 23, 2013

Finally, Alan Turing "forgiven by the Queen"

Although, this honorable achievement has finally happened "100's of years too late"  I am sure Alan would be relieved to some degree. I am also glad mankind has progressed to the point where things  of this nature don't happen in many societies today ,but still there is progress to made worldwide. GLBT is still a crime in too many places in the world.

I wonder if deep down inside Alan really knew how slighted he was? If he was the picture thinker I think he was he was probably more worried of the next advancement of the Turing Machine  he had figured out than being socially conscious  of the nasty points of life that everyone else seen and judged him by.  Sex is a naturally occurring point of life and some people are attracted to someone  the rest of society sees as odd. If Alan had been straight the world at large would have known of him instantly as huge larger than life hero he was.  He would have been one of the key players in WW II specifically ending it.  He had all kinds of security clearance and even  met with Churchill and Roosevelt in person. 

Picture thinkers like us have an entirely different point of view than most people. Our OPTIC vision turns OFF and then to explain it words you understand we start to daydream-thus the thinking in pictures. Our Daydreams -picture thoughts are much more than a typical daydream you have. These picture thoughts can be entire engineering studies, a brilliant idea, a complete system of picture thoughts. IF only we could water these thoughts down to small enough bits the average person could understand we will have solved the worlds troubles.  Sadly even the best and smartest and most learned people that run our think tanks, universities and most respected companies are just more lucky than really smart. Normal smart as in the best a traditional person can do is pretty good but our Picture thoughts dwarf all of theirs.

The reason picture thinkers don't rule the world is pretty simple we have few people that understand our thought system. It is very hard to come off as Einstein when you are Einstein. First off the idea we need to present is just too complicated ,to different ,to odd to even be given more than a smirk or out right laugh by a common person. No matter how good our ideas and ideals they are just too far off center to pass public muster.  Then no one even the psychologist has ever learned our simple picture thoughts that were naturally occurring in our lives -these are the building blocks of the human mind and have never graced a psychology text book. When we learned our thought system finally we were shocked to discover humans -normal humans, think in short cuts. When we learn the key to your short thoughts we can actually start to blend in to society.  There is just too much natural impasse to ever overcome the 'common is what common does' that it will take many more generations before mankind actually knows the nitty gritty of his mind.  Do you realize most conversations humans do can be called the 99 conversation humans have?  Really no matter how new and novel we think we are in terms of speech and communication  we only really do the same thoughts over again and again.         
Well , still I am delighted for Alan's reputation being cleared , I hope other picture thinkers like us  learn how to do the social bit of life with a bit more charm. We must realize we need to charm people not  tell them our obvious as our obvious is not their obvious and indeed our thoughts are just too complicated to be believed let alone digested. Even when we do get our ideas going like Carl Strandland of Lustron Homes  or  Demming the father of the good assembly line (kicked out of Detroit)  our good ideas often step on too many toes.  The lumber industry killed the Lustron  homes and Demming's assembly line idea worked very well and Toyota was one of the first to partake of his idea.

Meanwhile my hero Alan Turing still inspires me to this day form our painless injuries to our picture thoughts autism is a blessing and a curse and if we can ever crack the code of the common man we will share the keystone thoughts of man's mind with man but; I fear the disappointment of the thoughts being less than man  expected would be most discouraging.  Perhaps we are better off just being 'stupid human'?    

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.  Solstice 2013  


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