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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Rich's comment below! Quoted Article appears first

In the mood
Friday, February 24, 2006 By Eric Gwinn
If you saw a guy on the street yelling into a cell phone that blinked red but then glowed pink when he slathered his words with sarcasm, you might dismiss the phone as a toy, a 21st-century mood ring.But John Finan, a Duke University doctoral student, sees things differently.His essay proposing a mood phone recently won a Motorola-sponsored contest for college students.Finan proposed a phone for people with Asberger's syndrome, a mild form of autism that prevents the brain from picking up non-verbal clues: a raised eyebrow, a smile, a change in body language."Useful would be a phone that can analyze speech and assess changes in tone and volume and determine whether the caller was angry, bored or whatever and send this to the listener in the form of light," says Finan, who's pursuing a doctorate in biomedical education. But what if I wanted to hide my feelings from the person on the other end of the line?"Interesting question," Finan says, his voice registering amusement and reflection. "Do you have the right to keep your thoughts private because someone lacks the capacity to see them? No. If you post a sign among blind people, is it private or public domain? I think it's public."Finan wins a $10,000 scholarship, a Bluetooth-enabled car and an apprenticeship in Motorola's chief technology office.--Knight Ridder News Service Again IF anyone realized what we were trying to do and indeed what the proficient picture thinkers of autism were do doing to appear normal the Ideal mentioned in this article would be laughable.

From Rich,,,

If this researcher or indeed others in Autism Circles knew our vision is OFF as well as, our hearing especially during a conversation (for a few milliseconds typically) They would say "oh there is no way they can figure out body language ",their hearing and vision are not even on! They would be right for once!

As Proficient Picture thinkers we have been charmed enough to figure out many aspects of traditional thought -the same thought we share with you and we have EVEN been able to have the luxury of doing body language. Thus we can tell you the time when we resort back to picture thoughts our natural first language it would be impossible for us to read body language if our optic vision is OFF! Again when we think our brains create an optic image that cancels out our vision and we need to look at that image and figure it out. You could stick your tongue out at us and make stupid faces and we would never see it!

Modern Aspies treated to the "best" in ignorance probably just "don't get it" and might only realize they are out of it for a few seconds or millseconds. IF they had our luck and good fortune while they were out of the loop during a conversation they would realize the "Blank" spot as they know it is indeed the time they need to Thinking in Pictures- Those of us that have figured out picture thought know that while we are in overload that is when Our INVISIBLE to you thought process is working (or Trying to). We learned by accident mostly that we had other things going on during our thinking time and Learned to think with pictures. Picture thought it seems is the building block for traditional thoughts and the stuff Psychology doesn't have a clue about.

We have to take our Picture thoughts and convert them to real life words actions and thoughts. You try explaining a dream or a daydream in 20 words or less and in 5 seconds and see how confused you would be? Then you have to learn the social timing the ins and outs of people and in our case the 99 conversations people have, Often times we just fill in the blanks and fit in your mold of what ever one of the 99 conversations you might be having. There is little difference between a Savant the village Idiot and the Highfunctioning autisitc person just a little bit of luck and a few figured out picture thoughts! (That have never been in a text book before!)

My hat is off to this cell phone guru he has the right idea and the support to make it happen but he is just spinning his wheels.Our optic vision and hearing is off and you could turn the lights off on the Las Vegas strip and we would never know it if we were picture thinking. Just the idea of this proven thought process is just too bold for autism to admit to and sadly they are not real keen on listening. All of Mankind is paying the price! BTW I'd give something big if this GURU could invent a hearing filter for us that cancels out EVERYTHING else we hear. Our Hearing is decibels above yours and everything is the same volume to us.

Rich Shull Host of Blog Pre Rain Man Autism , Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% efficient green car motor ;;; On the web at THE QUOTE

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fragile X and a GAY History

From PBS -WGBH Boston 1993 and Earlier Fragile X Studies

Long before Autism and Fragile X were Buzz words and Autism Folks jumped on the band wagon of fragile X syndrome and also adopted it as rally call of Autism and evelated it to a high status with in autism It was BIG NEWS in the GLBT community! It was seen as a predictor of If was one was Gay or not. The late 1980s were abuzz with Autism and Fragile X syndrome and they were the talk of the gay press.

Of Course, Fragile X and Gay have never been mentioned in Autism Circles and odds are they will never be admitted to in autism at least BUT IF people were actually put faith in Fragile X and Indeed accepted ALL the studies of Fragile X they would have to naturally look for gay (LBT) autistic people. INDEED we are here on line and our anthropology is the best performing autistic population. Autism will not even admit to any one in the GLBT spectrum even IF their own studies beg to ask or make the point to "LOOK HERE". The following is a general Interest GLBT Fragile X syndrome article from the Web. It is Copyrighted to WGBH Boston a PBS Station. Rich Shull

Search for behavioral genes1993
Study Links Genes to Homosexuality reported the Washington Post. Is There a Gay Gene? USA Today chimed in.
A self-proclaimed "obscure molecular geneticist," Dean Hamer, had conducted a study in the early 1990s that showed a correlation of a DNA marker on the X chromosome with homosexual men that was higher than random distribution would have been. The study had looked at extended family histories and at the DNA of gay men. Researchers found that a tiny portion of the X chromosome appeared the same in a surprisingly high proportion of gay brothers. Hamer's team did not find a so-called gay gene, but found evidence to suggest such a thing existed. The results were printed in the journal Science in June, 1993, sparking headlines that ranged from seriousness to tabloid silliness.
The article appeared just as President Clinton was pushing for a new policy of tolerance of homosexual people in the armed services. What Hamer, and many others, found was the fact that "the genetics of behavior, and sexuality in particular, is an emotionally and politically charged topic."
Equally as controversial are discussions of genes for intelligence. The X chromosome has helped reveal genes linked to intellectual activity, sparked by the discovery of fragile-X syndrome, the most common form of mental retardation. After Down's syndrome it is the most frequently occurring inherited disease among Westerners. The gene sequence causing fragile-X has been identified, though not entirely understood. It is not an intelligence gene, but one that controls fetal development. Down's syndrome, too, is revealing of the role of genes in development of intellect: most Down's syndrome children are born with an extra copy of one chromosome. This difference amounts to less than 2 percent of the chromosome count, but causes gross impairment of intellect as well as physiological problems. About half of the 50-100 thousand genes individuals inherit from their parents are thought to be involved in brain development. But "nature" is only part of the picture, and its countless twists, turns, and variations make human development far from straightforward.
Advances in the understanding of Alzheimer's disease have helped push discoveries in the relationship of genes and behavior. As with heart disease, a person may have a gene that predisposes him or her to develop symptoms. In some cases the symptoms will occur regardless of behavior, but in most cases there are environmental or "lifestyle" influences that spur development of the disease. Eating fatty foods can cause arteriosclerosis, and drinking lots of aluminum-rich water can cause buildup of amyloid in the brain, a physical cause of Alzheimer's dementia.
The genetic link to a homosexuality and the pursuit of knowledge about each and every human gene has raised ethical and practical questions about searching for genes for violence or aggression, shyness, intelligence, and other behaviors.
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Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Projection thought

A copy of a picture thought!

Proficient Picture Thought has many types of picture thoughts
the one included here is what I call a Projection Thought it is a very advanced type of Picture thought. It takes a lot of ground work to think like this and we learned to do that on our own, via trial an error . This IS picture thinking many steps beyond Temple Grandin's work. This stuff had NEVER been in a text book before.

In this example, the people are PROJECTED in to my (our) visual field by our brains they are a BRAIN GENERATED IMAGE. The rest of the picture is optical as you would see it. If we were standing side by side and you asked who is that couple down the street, My Brian MIGHT project this image into my visual field and I could READ the picture and convert it to words and Say that is Tom and Sally. This proficient picture thought was developed as way of keep ing up with your body language and a way that allows for picture thought. Young inexperienced picture thinkers would have the people generated image totally cancel out their optic vision and as such they would loose eye contact with you despite their eye being open and looking at you.

Obviously, when we think we are doing more than you give us credit for. It seems no matter where we are from or the Languages we speak we all have developed nearly the same types of picture thoughts. Rich Shull ,, Http://

This Picture is from the 1961(?) movie pillow Talk staring Rock Hudson and Doris Day, but it mimics our advanced thoughts.

Friday, February 17, 2006

20 Things about autism

Loosely based on the Article by Ellen Notbohm -10 Things the Autism Student Wishes You Knew.
The Article by Ellen Notbohm is terrific and I like it but indeed it reflects new age autism SUBTRACT 30 YEARS from that and see how high functioning autistic people from that era generally do so much better in real life. We had done and were doing our double-blind autism experiments while this stuff was being invented. Today our results and living anthropology can't be admitted to. Too many of us do a semblance of traditional life.

A disclaimer- I have never met the author or had any communication with her in anyway. I use her excellent article as a base for this post. Please keep in mind our anthropology was 30 years before her time frame when Autism was not diagnosable unless it was severe and many of us experienced the very best of blind luck in our double-blind experience. Please keep in mind autism diagnosis standards were lowered a few times and that allowed for more variation in the autism population and a good explanation of why only some Aspies of today "know" us. Even worse the very fine line we marched in absently connecting autism to real life was inadvertently erased as modern Psychology took over Autism ignorant of our obvious success.

1. Behavior is indeed communication trouble BUT our Expert friends in Education, Autism or Psychology have never experienced thoughts like ours. They have no idea our Eyes are OFF and we don't see them. They have no idea we are still processing stuff from two conversations prior to the current one. They have no idea we are looking at a brain generated image and thinking with that. Merely Interrupting behaviors IS DEADLY as older autism people can tell you by do that and molding us to the 'normal' of traditional thought you are UNKNOWINGLY short circuiting our thought process. AUTISM has to operate in our younger stages a few steps below your thought level and since our thoughts have never been in a text book before we are at a loss like your are. OLD FOLKS. like me had the advantage as normal thought was not forced upon us as quickly as it is today and that gave us the chance to actually complete a few image stream or picture thoughts. Once we learn a few of those we did better in achieving traditional thought and better behavior. Autism thought parallels normal thought but doesn't copy it until later life when we have figured it out.

Believe this I truly don't know what is or isn't right and my thoughts are not as close as you might think they are to yours so your logic is faulty in giving us no negative feedback. We learned our best lessons with a whack (I don't mean child abuse) and NEGATIVE feedback was the way we learned our best lessons. Constructive criticism is helpful. We might not understand the logic and the reasoning to your words but a whack or other "severe" punishment told us NOT to do something again.

Look beyond your traditional thoughts (impossible at this point) and realize if you know what it was we did to think and how we think in a different language than you operate with autism would not be anything more than a version of Latin. Trouble is our thought process is individual to us and not visible, our brain operates in a different fashion. The only clue you might have we are minus the eye contact.

2, Never assume your traditional thought is OUR thought and we can process or think or figure things out like you do. Proficient Image streamers and autistic that have figured out autism can tell you when we come off normal and keep up with traditional people we are jumping threw hoops to do that! Since you do not know our picture based brain generated images we try to think with you have no idea while we are trying to process our thought our Vision and hearing are turned off. While our senses are OFF we miss the very words or instructions you thought we heard. Many of us from the old days came to-out of a picture thought just in time to see our classmates lining up or moving our chairs into a circle for a reading lesson, We simply learned to go with the flow.

You can never be sure how much of an instruction we get or understood YOUNG aspies are trying to naturally think with our unknown picture thought and it is our BEST thought process but yet we can't do it. OLD folks absently got to experiment and figure out autism thoughts and image streams and thus we learned how to use them and convert those thoughts to what you wanted. That Experience was invaluable in real life. Leave it to "modern" psychology to try to force normal traditional thought upon us- in our best interest.

Stick with me threw the repetitions-since you assume we think with normal thought you don't realize our only chance at figuring our a math problems if we are not mathematically gifted is via our splinter skills. Splinter skills connect our picture thought and invisible to you image streams we think with to your style of thought. It is OUR LEARNING HALLWAY. Autism connected to real life as proven in our anthropology time and again needs a splinter skill connection.

3, Fluorescent Lighting were once real trouble in old (1930-60's) lighting systems that were not phazed.The lights actually turned OFF and ON as the AC electric cycle changed. In rooms with natural light it was not a problem but the very first cloudy day in first grade (1967) was horrifying the room was getting brighter and darker, Mrs. Nutter thought I was scared of the lightening and didn't realize the world was getting brighter and darker for me. Modern lights use only one phase of the electric cycle to save energy and the lights no longer turn off or on, they are study and quiet (mostly).

Traditional thinkers don't have a clue to our hearing and will not put a decibel meter in a class room to "hear" just how loud things really are. Seemingly everything is the same volume for us. I use that hearing to trouble shoot cars and have learned to cope with it and not let it ruin my life. Once noise is figured out even the mowing the grass is possible. Old folks like me often absently LEARNED a great autism lesson haveing to operate the power mower. We ran it too slow typically so it would be quieter and then often made ear phones. We even have volunteer firefighters in our ranks! Imagine the noise they learned to deal with!

If Autism experts were "expert" in our senses they would be developing hearing filters for us and not diets. Many of us have already built them on our own. Of course, They haven't admitted to us yet, we are bad for their reputations.

4, We never got breaks unless we made them for ourselves and we did that by absently learning we thought differently than normal. While we were reinventing the wheel thankfully no one was there to tell us NOT to think like that we were able to learn how to cope and even did some 5 minute vacations occasionally. While going off to a carpeted corner with head phones is great it only enforces the idea we can't be and achieve normal, A decibel metered class room that taught our brain based image thoughts would be far more effective. In fact condense our experiment and you could teach Autism's image streams by 6th grade! Most of us could be mainstreamed by then. Autism = Latin only thing is no expert knows our Latin.

5 There is NO difference in "you left a mess in the sink" or Please rinse out your paint cup Either statement is just words and the longer more complicated the statement the less likely it is we will understand it. Early Picture thinkers might have a hard time with the word PLEASE and other "flower type" words as they don't convert to Picture thought well. FIRM exceptions and rules to be followed are appreciated they give us a definite something to do or a standard to be met. Please don't finish the job for us make us do it and do it correctly no gold stars until it is done and done correctly! UNKNOWINGLY making us think like you want us to-like you do is just an exercise in frustration on all fronts. IF you knew of us really knew of us you would appreciate our difference . At least let us teach you a few things that have never been in a text book before.

6. That school assembly was the best thing (after the fact) that ever happened to us for many of us it was our first experience with crowds and dealing with them, Again Gym class was held in their to and that helped us get used to the LOUD echoes and more importantly learn how to image stream and think in pictures and still keep up with the real world. Setting in the office or missing the Assembly teaches me nothing but I'm special and CAN "T figure out how to handle too much noise!

7 Don't be a fool learn it on the fly, We were not good at things and we were the class screw-ups and class clowns at times but that was not intentional! Granted a few extra minutes to get organized is nice but you don't get that in real life crossing a street in front of traffic. We built a lot of character and developed of our better social skills being the brunt of many jokes. A though Skin and the confidence you CAN do something is basically what your reading about here-Our Autism was ignorantly aged to perfection!

8. Many of us growing up and now comparing notes in our anthropology now we realize we grew up with a narcissistic parent. Those of us that did learned to walk on egg shells to keep them happy. In a cruel way that was an autism lesson all to istself. Thankfully we usually had a more rational parent or grandparent to guide us. Yelling and screaming typically makes you look like a fool but it is good to let the emotions out.

We realize you might feel over stressed with an autistic kid and that placed many extra burdens on you especially If you follow the approved Autism plan. We know your behavior modification is unmatched to our thought process and the natural way we are. We realize the Experts tell you one thing but we only respond to another. They don't live with us-you do.

9 The PERFECT Time to control bad Autism Behavior or behavior is right in the middle of something. When I walked across the freshly painted basement floor I got my ass tanned, more importantly I learned an important lesson to listen to dad and do what he said. If you allow a temper tantrum to disrupt the behavior modification all you tech me is throw a fit and you will not get punished. Again Autism needs Definite Rules and Instant behavior modification.

Bending down to my level scares the Hell out of me and odds are I'd never see you anyway as my image streams would be flowing (or trying to) and thus my optic vision is off. If you speak in a soft voice are you really mad?

Storyboards are worthless we really THINK IN PICTURES & image streams OUR picture thoughts (if we were allowed to develop them) not some elese's idea of a storyboard idea. Our Story board If you knew our Picture thoughts would be wild different from what you ever expected. Each of us is at a different level of Autism thought and by some off chance If an autistic person understood the idea of a storyboard the next person might not as he or she might not of done the type of thought process yet to enable him to understand it. WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN present a stroyboard? If you really honestly knew of our "storyboards"= Picture thoughts you would be trying to teach us with them all the time. Someone has got the idea we think in pictures but, they certainly have the wrong ended of the stick.

10 Choices in life are natural and part of life is teaching me to critical think and I can make my own decisions, Let me fall, Let me try and let me Fail before I graduate High School and can't read beyond the 1 st grade and then end up in a group home.

Autism get real, We are Autism's best functioning populations we have bridged the gap between the real world and autism and completed double blind autism experiments. We have proved like fine wine Autism gets better with time. WE are SORRY we stand modern Autism on its nose with our better than average success Our success was not intentional but Autism's ignorance upon ignoring us is. NO One in expert Autism circles has ever had a picture thought or an image stream and learned HOW to use them . No one has ever completed our autism experience.

Sadly what we have done and what we have figured out has never been in print before. No one in autism or psychology (who can blame them) wants to admit to us as we are nothing but trouble as they see it. They peer check their ignorance in the coat room and by doing that cheat mankind out of his best untapped resource the unfigured out mind. Our Autism Explains everything from Einstein to Dyslexia and connects the many versions of autism together. Inside information like this is priceless and can be percivied as deadly if your in the status quoe of Autism. We will not cripple autism but rather give it the key to really grow into something. Answer this question? If autism was so much better off today than it was before Rain Man why is it we do normal lives and build upon Temple Grandin's work and most of us do a more traditional life? Why does modern autism not admit to us?

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

MORE than One Type of Picutre Thought

There is more than one type of Picture Thought.

To my Dear Reader's -Image streamers, fellow readers

I have been very one minded and tardy and perhaps a bit too forward with my view of Picture Thoughts. I present the view all picture thought cancels out optic vision and the brain generated images take over the mind. In my case they do. I WOULD remiss in not telling the whole story as I have met many people via this blog that indeed think in pictures and image stream and they have a 3-d type of thought and other ways of working with their thought pictures than I generally talk about here.

I have had people write to say my optic vision simply fades away. I have other write to say they see their picture thoughts "blended" in to the center of the optic vision. I have heard of 3-4-deminsion picture thought. It seems all we might have in common is Brain Generated images we think with and many of us use them in many different ways. This might very well stem from the fact we are all self taught and we all had a unique experience as we 'learned' our thought system. When all of this is figured out someday It might well come to pass we all do the same thing but do it in a different way. Our results seem to be the same even if our Picture Thoughts don't exactly match.

Perhaps that point of same results gives credence to the fact we are simply operating with a different type of human thought system maybe even a sub routine of tradtional thought that has never been in print yet-modern man is not that old. Do Apes Think Like we do?

Anyway weather we are Image Streamers, Autistic or persons with other classifications we all tend to do something that works and it seems to have it roots in our minds. The potential for our thoughts explaining nearly every aspect of the human mindset is just too wild. Indeed our biggest factor in not being realized is progress itself. Of course, as always NONE Of this stuff has ever graced a text book before! Thus every Psychologist and educator in the world doesn't have a clue and in reality no reason to even hear us out as we don't do approved thought. Perhaps Someday a traditional thinker or a group of them might actually listen to us for a few minutes?
Rich Shull Http://

Monday, February 13, 2006

Cat on the Hat

Dear Blog Reader's
I shared this post with a gay blind group from Yahoo that I'm on. I share it here for a number of reasons One is Critques love to claim autisitc people have no imiagination and two If someone reads this and realizes the world is flooded with technology and kindess and love it would seem the blind are still stuck with a cane and a dog. Why is that in 2006?

Hi all,,

Inventor Rich here,,,,, I need some thoughts please-good bad and indifferent, All comments are welcome and appreciated.

I spent part of today researching a few on the market circuit boards and photo cells and web cameras and a few sonar type things and got the idea if we took some of this technology that can read a license plate from outer space to the new terrorist recognition technology put it together into a hat blind people might have a good guide dog on their head. The terrorist stuff is used in airports and cameras scans the faces and compares the current picture to a data base and if something matches pretty close a human is notified. The same stuff could be trained to realize friends, The layout of your house or even a route to the market. It might also pick out a gallon of milk or a box of something.

All the information processed could be converted to words and speakers inserted in the ears could tell you the information your sensor hat was getting. I found stuff that could read signs, and street numbers, I found stuff that realizes people faces and lots of inferred sensors that could tell you if someone was in front of you or a stove burner was on. Even a GPS sensor could guide you and just like the ones programmed in a car could be programed in your hat to guide you to a new designation. GPS is accurate to within 2-3 feet. Sonar and cameras could keep you on the sidewalk and off the street. Instead of blaring instructions you might hear a DEE BEEP sound if you were on the side walk and TA DEP if you were getting off the center of the sidewalk and BA BEEP sound if you were at an intersection. Some Cameras could easily read traffic lights and don't walk signs and street numbers. ()

If you wore or had a chip implanted in a finger a camera could be trained to read the tip of your finger so traditional Touchpads could be figured out, as well as door bell locations or elevator controls Batteries and controls could be worn on the belt. Settings could be precise so in areas like your home where things don't change you would know everything and even a few sensors like those used in department store security systems could guide you around your house (like you can't already get around there) . Less precise settings could guide you threw a crowd or into a restaurant. Again your finger could follow the menu and the camera could read the tip of your finger. The anti theft chips in a store are placed in merchandise and if they go past matched sensors on the exit doors they send off an alarm. You could put those on your door ways, etc., and have each one give a different signal. Yes, even a solar panel could be incorporated to help keep the hat charged or provide minimal back up power. Solar panels will work off man made light as well but sunlight is better.

Well, there is the thought, It seems lots of these boards could be programmed to work
together or perhaps a complete system could be developed. All of this stuff can be to some degree be purchased off the shelf and it has been already been invented just not combined in this manor. All computer stuff (typically) operates on 5 volts or less and getting a common chip or board to mate and match and combine the functions of all of this stuff would be doable.

You decide, I'm a day late and a dollar short? Are there any companies already attempting to build this? HONDA has built Asmo their robot that can walk, see and think this stuff can't be beyond technology. Of Course, blind folks don't make up a large portion of the population with money so as we know if a company can't smell money and make a 3 digit profit margin it typically doesn't get done.

All comments are Appreciated?

(Humor) Any volunteers to test my idea once I get it built?

Ps I had one trimester and Devry - probably just enough to be dangerous.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Autism Time Line

Time Lines of Autism


Boy from Alverez
Kind of Man Beast Boy type of Story
Lots of Autism Traits in this guy

1600' s 1940s People were doing double-blind
Experiments in Autism all along. Many of us
simply over came and learned to think with our
different odd thought process -that to this day
Has never been in a text book.

Optic vision is replaced with a brain generated
image and we convert that to word speech or actions
Many of us were weird odd and challenged in life and
school but due to the discipline of the era and the quality
education stressed Many of us had very best of things
to help us break from our shells. Autism responds well to
strict discipline and (unknowingly) splinter skill learning.

Many of us simply out grew our autism some of us
kind of fit in society, some of us do life in an odd way
nearly ALL of us missed the radar of the psychology community.
Only the Savant seems to make headlines in autism and that is
indeed the one extreme of Autism and the only point of view
(it seems) Autism has to work from. It was even the basis for
Rain Man. There is little difference between the village idiot and
a Savant.

1900s George Washington Carver,Tusguee University
Father of the Soy bean and many cosmetics- I have seen
movies of him and can follow is autism traits and logic, only
picture thoughts could make the connections and do the
Things he did. Traditional People take credit for is work
(quite often) as People of Color were never allowed the
Freedom they needed in that era.

1912-1954 Autistic hero Alan Turing W.W.II hero and Father
Of the Computer takes his own life. Like many of us Alan over
came Autism on his own used his Splinter Skills to do the
computer but lived in an era when homophobia ruled. Despite his
work ending W.W.II no one could allow this "strange guy" autistically
and sexually to ever be admitted to DESPITE his world class long
reaching work! All of his work is hidden in history as British Secret
Service work. (serious humor, Perhaps this is why they don't teach
history in school anymore it is GLBT positive! there remain many evil
forces in the world that will not admit to gay anything -that exposes,
their intolerance and ignorance.

Rich Shull,,,,

1957 Encloypedia entry on autism tells of all the very
worst traits of a Savant, and naturally associates
Autism with Schizophenria and other things. It makes no
mention of the legions of people that had overcome
autism on our own. We were the only ones able to figure
out our thoughts as no expert (sorry it is the truth) has
ever had a thought like ours. That is still true today in 2006
as it was in 1957. Only today its worse the "experts" have
an agenda billion dollar budgets TV media and a hit movie to live
up to and no critiques. They will not admit to us! (not now)
Hunters will be seen as heroes until Lions have historians.

Rich Shull Host of this blog, was born in 1962 and might
have been the last generation to be able to do that double-blind
Autism experiment. It has in effect just been completed in 2006
and despite our long term repeatable results and world wide
anthropology, we unintentionally blow the cover of modern Autism.
We were Dietless, mostly friendless loners that forged our own way
-all along figuring out autism COMPLETING the social side of autism
experience and often our Splinter skills connected our autism world
to the real one! If Rain Man had a little more luck socially he too
might have done more than phone books and math's. My Self
included most of us in school in the 1960s and before
were tested for all kinds of things and seen many a psychologist and
suffered threw many attempts at Special Education, & "help" from all
types to discover Autism on our own. THANKFULLY Autism was
only known as a horrible condition with savants. No Psychologist
could guess we were only a few picture thoughts away from Rain

Hopefully today our figured out autism if it is ever admitted to will
prove to be the DNA road map of the mind. It seems those of us
completing the double blind experience do well in real life and
we connect to the Savant and a normal person and also point
out an obvious link.

1970's Autism Awareness, Psychology awareness begins -Pills
and Diets become popular. Terms such as hyperactivity disorder
ADD, and even Autism get polished and reinvented. Rain Man's
Curse is launched. Again just like in 1957 the savant side of
Autism is exploited and while Rain Man was a great movie
it unknowingly slammed the door shut on Autism's unknowns.
Psychology had a new autism standard to live up to after Autism
reinforced the Savant angle again.

PLEASE NOTE it is natural for traditional thinkers to do what
They did-invent autism. They did a natural honorable logical
thing to "treat" autism. Only thing is they were not playing
with a full deck or all the facts. They were only playing with
Savant logic, diets and drugs and do not have a clue to what we
have done right under their nose. I fault Autism for NOT admitting
to us and admitting they missed a few things. Of Course, today we
are bad for their business and reputations and bank accounts.

1990's Rich Meets Tony Langdon Via Jupsy's Other Planet web site
and discovers online groups of Autistic people that do autism very well
We are mostly Gay Lesbian Transgendered and BI Sexaul. Amazingly
Many more of us do better in real life than our autism counterparts.
Most of us hold traditional jobs and drive and have families. Perhaps
we had Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Charm School? Today we find
straight autistic folks that relate to us occasionally and do like we do.
In EFFECT our Online Autism Anthropology was formed!

1995? Rich hears the word AUTISM for the first time ever after hearing
National Public Radio's Fresh Air and the interview with Temple Grandin.
FINALLY my thoughts were explained by another person! I had been doing
Picture Thoughts all my life! Most of us in the Anthropology do more
Picture thought wise than Temple wrote about. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN

1997 Officially diagnosed high functioning autism.

1998- Discovered by Indiana University and introduced as the next Temple Grandin
at their events-All was fine until I outed my self. The Autism world dried up!
doors slammed and phone calls were never to be returned!

1998 my Book PRE RAIN MAN AUTISM is born It builds upon Temple's
THINKING IN PICTURES and even illustrates picture thoughts. It was
presented to nearly EVERY autism publisher and they all loved it
until the gay issues were brought up. The door slammed shut again.

2000 My Turing Motor is born The Turing Motor is an Autistically designed
and built internal combustion motor that is 70% efficient. This motor spins
3-4-5 times on one firing is cooled with freon, and will get a small car about
100 MPG. An ego boosting SUV might get and actual 20 mpg in town
and still have towing power using this motor. This motor is named for Alan
Turing (1912-1954) ,"autistic" Gay and father of the computer.

2003 Attended on the sly an Autism Conference held by Indiana University
In Indianapolis. I blended in the crowd wearing my work uniform and got to
listen to several speakers. Standing in the hall rolling my eyes and jumping
with the shock of the applause, I was approached by an older guy, who said,
You think in Pictures, Have a pain tolerance and obviously don't like noise
Like that? I agreed and introduced himself as an old Autism researcher
he was told years ago to get with the new autism program or get out- in
other words endorse Rain Man. He told me to keep the faith and
publish my book.

2003 Autism, Pre Rain Man Autism, by Rich Shull Is published
by I Universe Lincoln Nebraska. Book is shared with several
players in autism and is greeted with tons of hate mail, nasty reviews
and even hostile Internet bullies that did nothing but Instant Message me
claiming I was only in this to recruit children! TONS of child porn was
sent to me with the threat it would spread around the web to autism sites
with my name on it. Eventually one of the worst offenders apologized and
admitted after actually reading my book that I was not as evil as they

2004 ? Autism Town Hall meeting Indianapolis Indiana held on behalf of the
Center for Disease Control. I had two public speaking encounters and described
our Anthropology and double blind autism experience, Painless injuries
and the gay aspect to our lives as well as some of our thought process
. The Crowd was STUNNED and in AWE. I'm told some of the big
players in autism in attendance left the room complaining about
******** and autism and one would not ruin the other. (if they could help it)
NOTE : I wonder if this was expounged from the public record, It was
taped and transcribed and my efforts to retrive transcripts via public
information act have been fruitless.

2005 This blog is launched and a year later it has opened up
a world autism has never known before. It has united a worldwide
anthropology of autistic people, who picture think with the same thoughts,
despite speaking different languages and being self taught. We have identified
many of our lost populations in groups of Image Streamers and those diagnosed
with Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Autism's new definitions forced
these people into a new label. Our Anthropology spans
and draws from the entire autism spectrum we are teens to 80 year olds.
Sadly, we don't totally support the new version of Autism. Thus that is
another reason we can't be admitted to. Our Non-suppot of the Autism
empire of today is not intentional it is just old Autism like we have figured out
is not the same stuff of today. Players in Modern Autism fear our results
and achievement. Our Ph'ds in real life pale in comparison to theirs.
Mankind is the real looser as our modern day counterparts are in group
homes or leaving school not being able to read. Well at least they have been
correctly nurished on various Autism diets.

Rich Shull as presented on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

World Autism Congress

Dear Pre Rain Man Autism Blog Readers and Friends,

Here is a copy of the official letter of acceptance from the World Autism Congress in Capetown South Africa for attending and presenting at their conference, in 2006.

I have responded that I will attend providing I can secure funding for the trip. This invitation has been a long time in the making and I will try to get there ,as well as, take along other people like me that also do autism very well. We don't have a statement to make but rather a point to be pondered and explained and expanded upon. Here is the copy of their correspondence.

I offer my sincere thanks to the World Autism Congress and their staff for reviewing and exploring our (high functiong) point of view. We will do our best to present at their conference.

30 October – 2 November 2006, Cape Town, South Africa

9 February 2006


Dear Rich

Thank you most sincerely for submitting a proposed paper for the above congress.

Autism South Africa and the World Autismorganizationn were amazed and thrilled at the quantity and quality of the wonderful proposals submitted making the selection process extremely difficult.

3.1 We are pleased however, to inform you that your paper “Based on his book titled: Autism Pre Rain Man Autism” was accepted for presentation.

As a speaker, you can register for the congress at a specially reduced fee of R1,500 (This covers the conference proceedings, refreshments and lunches on the congress days as well as the welcome cocktail party on the 30th October). Please note that this does not include the Gala Dinner, which is optional at an additional cost of R500 per person and that you will be responsible for your own travel and accommodation costs.

The financial aspect of this congress unfortunately does have to differ slightly from other congresses of this size in that this is an out-reach project deliberately aimed at assisting those in less fortunate situations and providing a helping hand to those from more disadvantaged backgrounds who are affected by autism. Hence we cannot invite speakers at no costs without pushing up the costs for other delegates to attend thus decreasing accessibility to an important sector of our target audience. We appeal for your understanding and support in this quest.

Will you please confirm your willingness to speak as soon as possible by completing the attached speaker form and returning it to me by email or fax no later than 20 February 2006.

We will advise all speakers of the final programme by end of March 2006 including dates and times of their presentations.

As Cape Town is now one of the top 6 of international tourist destinations in the world, it is advisable to book hotels and flights as soon as possible to ensure a booking.

Note that all accepted speakers will be required to provide by the following dates:

30 August 2006 Updated CV and abstract
30 August 2006 Fully written-up paper
30 September 2006 Copy of you presentation material (preferably in power point format)

Details of how to submit these will be sent to you in March 2006.

Thanking you for your cooperation,

Kind regards,
Natalie Smit, Congress Secretariat: SBS Conferences

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Connecting to the Traditional Thinker

I found this quoted on the WEB Author unknown

"If there is any distinguishing trait that sets humans apart from all other species on the planet it is their powerful imaginations It changed the Homo Sapien species (modern humans) from being merely intelligent beings, such as the Neanderthals, into a super species whose powerful imagination has catapluted it to unbelievable achievements."


Well, now, I wonder? It seems to me humans have become dumber over time. Providing our Picture Thoughts are indeed a step or two below traditional thought and maybe even the building blocks for traditional thought as you know it and we might even be the living missing link in evolution as I see it; mankind has reached a plateau it seems.

Proficient Picture Based thought as described on this blog represents a very different kind of human thinking that represents a wild deep process that is responsible for the computer among other things. I bet autism our version of it might even explain Einstein. It seems every BIG improvement, discovery or revolution in mankind's history had some type of radical thought associated with it. Many times Picture thought (if others understood it) would make the perfect explanation to why something big happened.

If picture thought were known about it would be obvious how the great thinkers of our world did their thoughts and it be just as obvious why someone might have dyslexia or other learning disability and it would be obvious that a traditional thinker is simply functioning on a very weak version of picture thoughts that they know as "normal." Normal as most people know it is great at the smallest things and challenges and the really deep stuff and major problems facing mankind are never going to solved easily by traditional thinkers. (no offense) Normal thinkers take 20 conversations to get one point across, and then they will spend all of their energy perusing the answer they what to hear not the honest answer they found.
Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Many of us know life from Einstein's point of view and we also as many greats over history have been noted for; being smart as a sack of rocks at times. Like the early stages of Autism where one is sometimes considered dumb many noted Thinkers started out the with dumb in their life. IF this Picture thought theory holds water it will prove Einstein, Alan Turing, father of the computer, and many others were just as much lucky as they were 'smart.' DEEP picture thought seems to be the only short cut to grand inventions. In fact our picture thoughts are so complicated we can't even describe them at times. They are so complicated and complex that they even turn off our optic vision and hearing to allow for maximum processing. It indeed seems our brains are better built and far out shine our abilities otherwise. Those of us proficient in Picture thoughts know many secrets in getting our complicated thoughts out but our biggest disadvantage is indeed the traditional thinker. Honestly, I love you all but you don't know the handicap you think with-it seems like your mind is operating while handcuffed.

Granted we are not the perfect people either it is often only our good ideas that show up and rarely unless we are in the right social circles do we ever shine, unless of course we might be at a 'geek festival' Now that we have identified ourselves and figured out our thought process If you,- the traditional thinkers-would give us a nod, I bet we could make music together.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

What ARE you talking about?

DORIS in Bed is optic vision the same thing you would see standing beside me.
ROCK in the corner is a Brain generated Image (daydream kind OF) only visible to a picture thinker

This is a very advanced PICTURE -In-PICTURE autism thought and represents one of the last stages of Autism progress. YOUNG picture thinkers would have all of their optic vision turned off (Doris would be gone) and the BRAIN Generated Picture of Rock will fill our entire visual field.

When the thought is complete optic vision is restored.

What ARE you Talking about??

Dear Reader's:

These past few posts have invited lots of question via Email; Most people are asking What is Picture thought, What are you talking about? I have had the questions from Autisitcs and non Autisitcs alike. Some Aspies write and say I think I have thoughts like that but I try to ignore them. Others like, me KNOW them well and use them to full advantage.

These Picture thoughts have never been in a psychology class before and for us they were our naturally programmed thought process. They are not much different from Latin or any other foreign language except they seem to be the very basic 'minor computer code' if you will that humans need to have working. I bet traditional thinkers know our thought process and at it was properly pre programmed in their minds and naturally worked. Autistic on the other hand had to learn our basic computer code as for some reason it was NOT naturally working for us and once, it seems we have it figured out we to do traditional thought. These Latin thoughts have never been figured out before since they parallel normal thought but don't copy it. We might reach right back in time and prove to be the living missing link in evolution?

When We Think our OPTIC vision is canceled our Eyes are turned OFF and our brains replace the optic vision with a day dream or dream -a brain generated image we look at . :read: and translate into traditional thought. We learned to do this on our own by trial and error. We also learned how to deal with being blind, and deaf for a few seconds occasionally as we process our picture thoughts. We also learned HOW to water down our complicated detailed picture thoughts to simple words. Pictures are worth a 1000 words after all. Autistic Thoughts properly figured out are priceless.

We build upon the work of Temple Grandin and modern autism now kind of hates us for many reasons Typically we function too well and simply admitting to us deflates many of their views and positions. Our biggest disadvantage is we come out of our shell and completed our Double blind Experience in Autism and we are looking down the barrel of Rain Man's (movie) empire and few too many experts can't possibly know us or admit to us even IF they think we have merit. Politically as well as otherwise we are very LAST thing Autism ever needed to "know."

Please look in back posts of this blog for illustrations and explanations of our Picture thoughts. When You look over the Picture thoughts and think about them try to think what you have to do to describe a dream you had and take that process and turn it into a thought process and then describe it to someone QUICKLY. That in a nut shell is how autism operates. Those of us that have learned to think with those "dreams" in proficient picture thoughts do well, Others don't get along so well. PLEASE keep in Mind WHEN we picture think our Optic vision and hearing is off (although our eyes are open and look like they are working) and thus we don't do body language well. Also keep in mind process all those picture takes more brainpower than we have at times and thus we go into over load. Also note that proficient Picture thinkers have figured out the 99 conversations people have we have learned to do a lot with pre figured out traditional thought like you use.

The ringer of this whole mess is each of us has figured out Autism on our own, It thoughts and our picture thoughts are not visible to anyone else. Although we have found Autisitcs all over the world share the same picture type thoughts and milestones to make them happen we all naturally have our own private dictionaries. No matter if we speak Russian English or whatever the picture thought are the same. If It was not for the net we would have never met. Only a few of us have ever met in person. Everything about us screams something and mankind and academia have never been faced with the challenge of an odd population figuring out our own conditions? Just how do they admit to that? How do they spin it? Do they even admit to us? (humor) not if they are smart they don't) PLEASE if your touched by the Autism Spectrum insist someone Autism circles admit to us and perhaps all of mankind will be the better for it.

Rich Shull,,,,

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Same Picture thought 3 levels of Autism

TWO Picture thoughts BOTH of these images would be brain generated and invisible to the traditional thinker. Our Eyes might be looking at you and seem to be on BUT our optic vision is OFF. You might think of them as something like a dream or daydream. How well they can be translated to traditional thought determines the Idiot to the highfunctioining to the Savant

Translation from ASPIE picture thoughts to traditional thought from:
Village Idiot, Proficient Picture Thinker and the Savant same thought (picture) 3 DIFFERENT TRANSLATIONS

The Village Idiot (WE ALL see the same picture thought)
He might only jabber some gibberish and if you lucky all you might be able to make out is red, car, shiny,,,,,

The proficient Picture thinker takes the same Thought Picture and reads his audience, Figures what they want to hear, and said the car was sold at Householder's In Lancaster Ohio.

The Savant takes the thought and explains and describe a 1962 Pontiac, Explains its NASCAR heritage and how this version is noted as the world's worst car as less than 1/2% of them survive. He goes on to tell of the design flaw in the frame, the motor faults, the slim Jim transmission and the inspiration it is. After 20 minutes of talk you know everything you never wanted to know about a 62 Pontiac and if you were lucky you have a clue this talk held the key to something really big like a super efficient car motor. YOU MIGHT EVEN (look close) get an explanation of ABC order parts bins!

The Postal receipt picture thought.

The Village Idiot,,,,

Gibberish again, Green paper, offi'icccal (meaning official) mailkogosk (meaning mailman) These translations depicting the bad words might simply be the Autism thought process in an unrefined state. The word official needs converted from the picture thought you see here to the actual word Official to be spoken. For those aspies not at this level it is impossible to get the words ""Official Mail Receipt delivered by the mail man"" formed and spoken. A traditional thinker might see it as explaining a dream or a day dream. An Autistic person with no or little speech might have a picture thought just like this but can't figure out how to get it into words. Once upon a time using our splinter skills (absently) we accidentally connected speech to our thoughts and thus figured out how to talk. Modern aspies get cheated out of that advantage.

The Proficient Picture thinker,

Again figured out his audience and says this is the official registered mail receipt sent to the Autism Society of America for the letter asking to be represented in their Conference.

The Savant

Will tell you (like Rain Man) the every detail of the receipt and basically will read it to you word for word, just as If you read it right from this page. Social Skills and charm school IF he knew of them will tell him they are not wanting the details just the basics.

A few Notes,

Well, functioning people may or may not realize their picture thoughts as clearly as this. I have met 80 year old Aspies that no longer picture think, except for deep thoughts. It seems when proficient Picture thought is achieved so is normal traditional thought. Only when our Traditional thought cannot keep up with simple mundane conversation do we resort back to picture thoughts. Picture thoughts seem to be the step-by-step building blocks of the human mind. At this point in evolution they might be standard equipment in traditional people and Autistic people need to teach themselves those points, So far we have done that on our own and they have NEVER been taught in any school. Our Autism thoughts and milestones are the SAME no matter what language we speak, the internal Picture thoughts seem to be the same. We figured that out via double blind experiments in autism and meeting each other online.

From the Blog of Rich Shull,

Friday, February 03, 2006

What Savants mean to Autism?

Figuring out the nuts and bolts of Autism:
The last post on this blog explained the Savants of Autism and why is it we were the only people to figure them out? Simply put we have been there and done that! No autism professional, psychologist or anyone else in the Autism Spectrum has ever had the chance to do what we have done. We all have done double blind experiments in autism right under the nose of autism professionals and naturally they can't see the forest via the trees.

Today we are on the wrong side of an Autism Empire that was born big, and truth hits a little too close to home and hits a little too hard. Figuring out Autism's gold standard, a Savant and everything that went in to creating and making and realizing a Savant makes for a wonderful autism experience. Our Experience is just real life unmessed with autism in many regards and our results are all so challenging. They directly point to an autism that found many ways to work. It has discovered a different kind of thought process that has never been in print before. Possibly we might even have discovered the road map to the human mind as well. IF we have, figured out such things, future psychologists and teachers will be able to look at the our building block example map of the mind and say this was done, and this item needs work.

As we grew up absently and autistically we have discovered comparing notes we all achieved a normal milestone in life as we figured out each progressive item in Picture thought. Proficient Picture thinkers weather teens or 80 years old think both autistically and normally. Our Proficient Picture thinkers come form the ENTIRE autism spectrum and we realize each other by our picture thoughts. Picture thought has NEVER been in a text book before so in so many words we are all wet, Autism doesn't have to admit to us, Autism professionals still think and treat Autism like it is traditional thought, They started to ignore Temple Grandin on purpose, they ignore our anthropology on purpose as well, we might be bad for their business. Non of us have Ph'd's in anything but real life.

An Anthropology that is spread out all over the world, with few of us ever meeting in person, an Anthropology that often includes the village idiot, an anthropology that sometimes includes a rocket scientist or a Savant just can't muster the proper "attention" especially against the Autism Empire that sees dollar signs and wears blinders. If ONLY we could meet in person and walk together in to an autism convention they would have to finally listen. Just how can a double blind autism experience shared by people from all over the world yielding the same results be ignored? Only Autism could do that!

The good news is we have completed the experience, and we can tell you from experience Autism has never been properly taught in a classroom and it is not a version of Traditional thought. Indeed it has never been in a text book before. Autism IF you know it from inside out is not all that complicated and the BEST news is Autism (picture based) could be taught mostly by 6th grade. Autism parallels normal thought but does not copy it until a few steps in Autism are figured out. Autism is our FIRST Language and Traditional Thought like you use are our 2nd and that doesn't occur for us until the lower steps are done (absently in our case). Once Discovered Autism's Picture based thought will for sure explain Savants, Einstein, Dyslexia and many more learning disabilities. Now will Autism ever give us the time of day?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Savants Autisms Gold Standard- Explained?

Savants EVERYONE'S Autism gold standard.

No matter where you might be in your autism journey or where your loved one might be autistically EVERYONE agrees an autistic Savant is the one of the best things in autism-it was exploited in Rain Man, Savants have been admired and yet Savants like the rest of autism are just looked at with a collective sigh! Traditional populations have the wrong end of the stick when it comes to Savants and they only exploited their "good" parts and granted it is hard if not impossible to figure out a Savant as our thought process has never been admitted to in psychology circles. With a little luck like we had, Rain Man could have come out "normal."

The not quite Savants of our autism Anthropology of very high functioning people as represented on this blog border on the Savant but, perhaps we were lucky enough to also figure out a few social skills and blend in. Long time readers of this blog understand our details and the many reasons WHY modern autism has been trying to hide us for so long-we unintentionally deflate most of the autism of today. Our Picture based thoughts have never been in print before (text book) and our splinter skill development make us the shinning stars of Autism but Gold is not what it used to be-its better. Our double blind experiments in the human thought process have never in print before, our repeatable results and indeed our EXPLANATIONS of how we do it simply blow away all the 'experts' who think Autism is a version of traditional thought. Autism is horrified to admit to us as we draw from the entire autism spectrum and prove autism has jumped the gun. Their saving grace as they see it is they run the autism empire they invented and their is no room for autism's living working successful past. We are especially bad for business, the big business of autism.

Basically, when we think our traditional brain functions are turned OFF and our brains go into a deep "overdrive" and we dream ,picture think and do other novel things to collect and organize our thoughts and if we are lucky we are able to do what our brains have figured out. Temple could do wonders with animals, Alan Turing came up with the computer, Carver, did wonders with the soybean, My friends I talk about on this board are computer and radio Guru's (not all of them) and some of us have done novel things in our professions. I have invented the Turing motor a 70% efficient green car motor that could help save the environment and the worlds dependence on gasoline. Savant type autism is great at understanding the deepest depth of a subject and that provides us with the inside information and often our simple point of view to start from most traditional people miss. OFTEN times our point of view has never been discovered yet.

I can assure you the Model T motor we still use today is simply "stone age" and the result of tinkering and being first in line to figure out a piston and a cylinder. It was not based in engineering it was based in luck. The fact you can't get your car fixed and many are undependable are a tribute to human ignorance, just like autism is. The automobile computers despite the claims are a high tech necessity used to meet emission standards and the side benefit is they make for well 'tuned' machines that are still only 35% efficient. When I trouble shoot a car I fix the "Model T" that not even Ford or Mercedes, first in the field understood, (and even fewer mechanics) and the high tech cares for itself on better makes. If people were in understanding of the car, parts replacement as the primary diagnosis tool would be obsolete.

If people understood Picture based autism they to would know what it takes and what it is we do to overcome Autism. I hope that someday Autism such as ours explains everything from Savants to Einstein to Dyslexia - it already has to some degree on this blog and in the book Thinking in Pictures but alas no expert is from our planet and thus we remain freaks of nature and IF we do good enough traditional people exploit us for a movie or our inventions. MOST IMPORTANTLY Picture based autism (if your loved one is inclined to picture think) has been figured out! We have been there and done that and the day psychology admits to us holds a conference of high functioning people (like we have been begging for) is the day Psychology take a leaps forward and it might be the day the DNA type road map and the building blocks of human thoughts are figured out. There is little difference between the Village Idiot and Einstein-just a lot of luck!

Autism the advanced study of it has unknowingly in trying to help made Autism even worse than it was years ago and our anthropology if studied (autism cringes) will easily "cut the crap" so to speak. Autism will turn out to be solved,(not cured) and many segments of our spectrum will end up doing traditional lives. The face of autism will change and our thoughts explained will shed light on nearly all aspects of psychology and learning disabilities a light from a source never known before at that. It is the dawn of a new century in Psychology-well maybe/ I forgot none of us have PH D's in anything but real life typically. OOPS! We were on the wrong planet! (thanks Gupsy) .

Is this the connection a Savant makes, or needs to make?

In regard to picture based thinking, maybe savant thinking "A picture is worth a 1000 words ", A picture thought (autism) is worth a million thoughts (perhaps Rain Man was simply reading the phone book in a Picture thought!), A motion picture (autism thought) is worth a 1.2 million thoughts and a picture in picture thought (autism again) is worth several million thoughts and a projection thought of a completed something is worth an entire computer system and our 3 and 4 d dimension thoughts (autism again) are priceless insight! If we can explain little or perhaps none of this-"translate it" to traditional thought we are seen as idiots. If we have mastered the autism thoughts and can get them in to words we come off as pretty smart and the Savant seemingly can get his-her specialty points across and might lack the autism charm school necessary to really impress others.

Of course, you must remain aware that our innovation and our stunning results are usually out of the realm of possibility as traditional thinkers (no offense) are too shallow to know, or they don't have the mindset to realize our everyday obvious. It seems Turing's computer is a fine example of a different point of view that worked, without it you have never read this online!

Rich Shull,,,, Http://