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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Autism Time Line

Time Lines of Autism


Boy from Alverez
Kind of Man Beast Boy type of Story
Lots of Autism Traits in this guy

1600' s 1940s People were doing double-blind
Experiments in Autism all along. Many of us
simply over came and learned to think with our
different odd thought process -that to this day
Has never been in a text book.

Optic vision is replaced with a brain generated
image and we convert that to word speech or actions
Many of us were weird odd and challenged in life and
school but due to the discipline of the era and the quality
education stressed Many of us had very best of things
to help us break from our shells. Autism responds well to
strict discipline and (unknowingly) splinter skill learning.

Many of us simply out grew our autism some of us
kind of fit in society, some of us do life in an odd way
nearly ALL of us missed the radar of the psychology community.
Only the Savant seems to make headlines in autism and that is
indeed the one extreme of Autism and the only point of view
(it seems) Autism has to work from. It was even the basis for
Rain Man. There is little difference between the village idiot and
a Savant.

1900s George Washington Carver,Tusguee University
Father of the Soy bean and many cosmetics- I have seen
movies of him and can follow is autism traits and logic, only
picture thoughts could make the connections and do the
Things he did. Traditional People take credit for is work
(quite often) as People of Color were never allowed the
Freedom they needed in that era.

1912-1954 Autistic hero Alan Turing W.W.II hero and Father
Of the Computer takes his own life. Like many of us Alan over
came Autism on his own used his Splinter Skills to do the
computer but lived in an era when homophobia ruled. Despite his
work ending W.W.II no one could allow this "strange guy" autistically
and sexually to ever be admitted to DESPITE his world class long
reaching work! All of his work is hidden in history as British Secret
Service work. (serious humor, Perhaps this is why they don't teach
history in school anymore it is GLBT positive! there remain many evil
forces in the world that will not admit to gay anything -that exposes,
their intolerance and ignorance.

Rich Shull,,,,

1957 Encloypedia entry on autism tells of all the very
worst traits of a Savant, and naturally associates
Autism with Schizophenria and other things. It makes no
mention of the legions of people that had overcome
autism on our own. We were the only ones able to figure
out our thoughts as no expert (sorry it is the truth) has
ever had a thought like ours. That is still true today in 2006
as it was in 1957. Only today its worse the "experts" have
an agenda billion dollar budgets TV media and a hit movie to live
up to and no critiques. They will not admit to us! (not now)
Hunters will be seen as heroes until Lions have historians.

Rich Shull Host of this blog, was born in 1962 and might
have been the last generation to be able to do that double-blind
Autism experiment. It has in effect just been completed in 2006
and despite our long term repeatable results and world wide
anthropology, we unintentionally blow the cover of modern Autism.
We were Dietless, mostly friendless loners that forged our own way
-all along figuring out autism COMPLETING the social side of autism
experience and often our Splinter skills connected our autism world
to the real one! If Rain Man had a little more luck socially he too
might have done more than phone books and math's. My Self
included most of us in school in the 1960s and before
were tested for all kinds of things and seen many a psychologist and
suffered threw many attempts at Special Education, & "help" from all
types to discover Autism on our own. THANKFULLY Autism was
only known as a horrible condition with savants. No Psychologist
could guess we were only a few picture thoughts away from Rain

Hopefully today our figured out autism if it is ever admitted to will
prove to be the DNA road map of the mind. It seems those of us
completing the double blind experience do well in real life and
we connect to the Savant and a normal person and also point
out an obvious link.

1970's Autism Awareness, Psychology awareness begins -Pills
and Diets become popular. Terms such as hyperactivity disorder
ADD, and even Autism get polished and reinvented. Rain Man's
Curse is launched. Again just like in 1957 the savant side of
Autism is exploited and while Rain Man was a great movie
it unknowingly slammed the door shut on Autism's unknowns.
Psychology had a new autism standard to live up to after Autism
reinforced the Savant angle again.

PLEASE NOTE it is natural for traditional thinkers to do what
They did-invent autism. They did a natural honorable logical
thing to "treat" autism. Only thing is they were not playing
with a full deck or all the facts. They were only playing with
Savant logic, diets and drugs and do not have a clue to what we
have done right under their nose. I fault Autism for NOT admitting
to us and admitting they missed a few things. Of Course, today we
are bad for their business and reputations and bank accounts.

1990's Rich Meets Tony Langdon Via Jupsy's Other Planet web site
and discovers online groups of Autistic people that do autism very well
We are mostly Gay Lesbian Transgendered and BI Sexaul. Amazingly
Many more of us do better in real life than our autism counterparts.
Most of us hold traditional jobs and drive and have families. Perhaps
we had Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Charm School? Today we find
straight autistic folks that relate to us occasionally and do like we do.
In EFFECT our Online Autism Anthropology was formed!

1995? Rich hears the word AUTISM for the first time ever after hearing
National Public Radio's Fresh Air and the interview with Temple Grandin.
FINALLY my thoughts were explained by another person! I had been doing
Picture Thoughts all my life! Most of us in the Anthropology do more
Picture thought wise than Temple wrote about. THIS HAS NEVER BEEN

1997 Officially diagnosed high functioning autism.

1998- Discovered by Indiana University and introduced as the next Temple Grandin
at their events-All was fine until I outed my self. The Autism world dried up!
doors slammed and phone calls were never to be returned!

1998 my Book PRE RAIN MAN AUTISM is born It builds upon Temple's
THINKING IN PICTURES and even illustrates picture thoughts. It was
presented to nearly EVERY autism publisher and they all loved it
until the gay issues were brought up. The door slammed shut again.

2000 My Turing Motor is born The Turing Motor is an Autistically designed
and built internal combustion motor that is 70% efficient. This motor spins
3-4-5 times on one firing is cooled with freon, and will get a small car about
100 MPG. An ego boosting SUV might get and actual 20 mpg in town
and still have towing power using this motor. This motor is named for Alan
Turing (1912-1954) ,"autistic" Gay and father of the computer.

2003 Attended on the sly an Autism Conference held by Indiana University
In Indianapolis. I blended in the crowd wearing my work uniform and got to
listen to several speakers. Standing in the hall rolling my eyes and jumping
with the shock of the applause, I was approached by an older guy, who said,
You think in Pictures, Have a pain tolerance and obviously don't like noise
Like that? I agreed and introduced himself as an old Autism researcher
he was told years ago to get with the new autism program or get out- in
other words endorse Rain Man. He told me to keep the faith and
publish my book.

2003 Autism, Pre Rain Man Autism, by Rich Shull Is published
by I Universe Lincoln Nebraska. Book is shared with several
players in autism and is greeted with tons of hate mail, nasty reviews
and even hostile Internet bullies that did nothing but Instant Message me
claiming I was only in this to recruit children! TONS of child porn was
sent to me with the threat it would spread around the web to autism sites
with my name on it. Eventually one of the worst offenders apologized and
admitted after actually reading my book that I was not as evil as they

2004 ? Autism Town Hall meeting Indianapolis Indiana held on behalf of the
Center for Disease Control. I had two public speaking encounters and described
our Anthropology and double blind autism experience, Painless injuries
and the gay aspect to our lives as well as some of our thought process
. The Crowd was STUNNED and in AWE. I'm told some of the big
players in autism in attendance left the room complaining about
******** and autism and one would not ruin the other. (if they could help it)
NOTE : I wonder if this was expounged from the public record, It was
taped and transcribed and my efforts to retrive transcripts via public
information act have been fruitless.

2005 This blog is launched and a year later it has opened up
a world autism has never known before. It has united a worldwide
anthropology of autistic people, who picture think with the same thoughts,
despite speaking different languages and being self taught. We have identified
many of our lost populations in groups of Image Streamers and those diagnosed
with Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Autism's new definitions forced
these people into a new label. Our Anthropology spans
and draws from the entire autism spectrum we are teens to 80 year olds.
Sadly, we don't totally support the new version of Autism. Thus that is
another reason we can't be admitted to. Our Non-suppot of the Autism
empire of today is not intentional it is just old Autism like we have figured out
is not the same stuff of today. Players in Modern Autism fear our results
and achievement. Our Ph'ds in real life pale in comparison to theirs.
Mankind is the real looser as our modern day counterparts are in group
homes or leaving school not being able to read. Well at least they have been
correctly nurished on various Autism diets.

Rich Shull as presented on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.