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Sunday, January 15, 2012

MRI's & More Stunned Doctor's

An MRI , Physical Therapy, and many more stunned Techs and doctors .

The shoulder saga continues and I have just completed nearly two months worth of Physical Therapy at the Ohio  State University Morehouse Center. The techs have been 1st rate , the care has been great and for sure the left shoulder never responded at all to the treatment. Thankfully Dave my primary Tech (he must have a 6th sense) never pushed the left shoulder beyond anything I could not stand. I knew I was feeling lots more than I was presenting and I was so glad he the sense to stop. I remember years ago when I was learning of this 7 and above Pain Tolerance that most doctors in the E.R. keep on going until they see me in obvious pain. It is the way they are trained and indeed who ever heard of the pain tolerance of autism. I remember very well getting half -way home from the E.R. visit and being sicker than I was when I went in.

I am just as shocked at this pain tolerance as the doctors are (well I ’m over it now) and my learning curve in my self -discovery was just wild. Ask my family as they seen way too much of the story fold and unfold. They for sure believe the 7 and above part now for sure. My Step mom Roxie was never so shocked to see me go from agony to total bliss the second my abscess tooth broke on the way to the E.R years ago, it was one of my first pain experiences. Honestly dad hit a bump driving me to the E.R, and the tooth broke and the abscess fluid covered my mouth and I was FINE it all quit hurting! Dad stopped and got me a bottle of cold water and I rinsed my mouth out and the cold water didn’t even hurt! Roxie was so stunned as we all were, we turned around and went home.

Just last week at Therapy I didn’t finish some simple exercises as I was getting sick ready to puke ,Dave was shocked scared to see the pain I was in and this was not shoulder pain but rather from the hip area. I told him the best I could it was just some of the staples left over from previous operations moving around. It was very hard for him to believe that. As I write this four days later ,all seems well again .

Don’t apologize Doc,

I had an MRI done on my Shoulder last week as well and it showed all kinds of issues from torn this and that to broken bones. My Doctor called me late in the evening to tell me the news and was apologizing for not having me on stronger pain meds and doing the MRI quicker. No I was not in serious pain as the MRI suggests I might be however If I were normal and felt pain like everyone else I might well have had this fixed months ago.

Autism as a long history of this Pain tolerance, Alan Turing 1912-1954 ran Marathons with out walls or sore muscles. I have ridden 1000’s of bicycle miles with the bad hip and knee and it never hurt until the injuries were seriously aggravated . Abe Lincoln (autistic) showed the pain tolerance all the time by lifting logs and even lifting complete whiskey barrels’ up to drink from them . The Boy from Alverez in the 1600’s showed like the rest of us remarkable pain tolerance. OLD pre rain man autism knew of our Pain Tolerance and respected it. Contemporary autism forgot all about it and it would be easy to do - if you don’t feel pain- your not sick. Then when you do feel pain ? Your autistic and thus too stupid to know a thing so the real issue of what was really wrong is probably masked over. Now it gets worse most contemporary autistic people don’t meet the old strict standards for autism DX including the Pain Tolerance so they really do feel pain and that even hides the ones that don’t even more.

It is just as well

If someone in Medicine discovers this pain tolerance again all the autistic people like me from all over the world that missed Rain Man’s curse would be listened to for once and then united and shipped of to the “Lilly Drug torture Chamber” so they could pull and pry on us until we cough up our secrets on the lack of pain , you think Viagra is a hot seller try a pain pill as good as our tolerance? There are at least 200 more like me and we all came out pretty well and took Autism from the bottom of the gene pool to the top and of course we do too much of a real life to be admitted to by contemporary autism.