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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Upside of Autism

Comment based on the Wall Street Journal  Saturday/ Sunday March 31 April 1 edition

HEAD CASE : Jonah Lehrer           The Upside of Autism,

April starts Autism Awareness Month, and suddenly the press is transformed into a mouth piece for contemporary autism. Most every article describes the huge increase in autism cases,  and  often every article includes the following statements,  the lack of eye contact ,miserable social skills and the fact there are more boys than girls with the condition, don't even mention the group home side of the story. This refreshing Wall Street Journal Article was quite different and actually told there was some of us that really do OK in many ways. 

A big shocker was the mention of Autism's Temple Grandin. Temple is the highest functioning person contemporary autism will own up to.  Perhaps she doesn't do too much and succeed in life like we do or she to would be shunned.  Autism is blessed with and totally ignores its very best functioning population. We BUILD on the Work of Temple Grandin and take the picture thoughts to the threshold of normal.  Normal humans use short cut thoughts and don't know it . Once we figure out autism's long hand thought your normal ones are the result. Temple Grandin has not got this far yet. Autism research has this idea no autism person can do more than she has unless of course they discover the cure. There is no worry of that ever happening as no autism researcher has come up from the bottom of the gene pool and thus they are totally ignorant of everything autism entails.  Autism is not a top down thing as it is currently set up but, rather it is a bottom up to the top  puzzle we had to solve on our own as it has never been in a text book before. 

We are in fact a living anthropology of people from all over the world and figured out autism, it is the long hand version of human thought.  We started out below 123 and the ABC's and ended up in Einstein territory.  Our anthropology met each other online and we all tell the same pre rain man story and all came up with the same picture thoughts and same ideals no matter what country we are from or language we speak. We were all ignorant of each other and missed the antics of contemporary autism- or we would have been in a group home for sure.  We even did a version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy to make our social skills flow.

We taught our selves an entirely different kind of human thought. It has never been in a text book before. It is the next 1000 chapters in Psychology. Old Classic autism is also medical research stood on its nose.  Our keen senses and pain tolerance of only feeling 7 and above on the 10 pain scale is just beyond belief. Still if we have been injured or sick our medical records ,stunned doctors, nurses are just set back a few notches as we bounce threw life pain free. This Pain Tolerance was once a common ideal in classic autism. It has been since the 1960's since our pain tolerance appeared in a medical journal. Most contemporary Autistic people are Autism not diagnosed to the old strict standards so most of them do feel pain and those that don't only hit the radar when they get seriously hurt- then they are often 'labeled as too dumb to be hurt' (and tell you about it).

  Autism hero Alan Turing, 1912 -1954 gay autistic father of the computer and WWII hero ran marathons with out walls!  The boy from Alverez (1600's) ran the woods naked in all kinds of weather. He was captured and brought to town for testing. Of course normal people in the 1600 's as well as , today testing 'different' people have the cart before the horse as always. The entire Montorissi School  special education system we still us today is based on his tests and results.  It seems not much has improved.  I for one am very glad Autism forgot about our pain tolerance ,just imagine the torture chamber we would be in at some drug company lab while they seek to find a pill that copies our pain tolerance.

It has only been since Rain Man the movie that Autism took off and is now a big buzzword and  political issue and yes and epedmic. Sadly the late Dr Rimalnd father of the movie Rian Man  was ignorant of real Autism and his empire is now too big to overcome as those of us that really made it and did the whole trip up from the bottom of the gene pool are too little too late.  The peer review and approval process has failed autism as those of us that really made it have a story to tell that no peer review and approved 'expert' will buy.   Autism is BOTH mr/dd and Einstein. Since normal researchers have never knowingly had an autism thought the research of Autism is worthless.  Unless they realize the entire scope of the  human mind their short cut thoughts are just too shallow to figure out autism.  Until some researcher comes up from the bottom of the gene pool  like we did no one will have the experience to even look for ,or ask the right questions.  Until then autism speaks but will not listen.

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal and Mr. Lehrer for not just printing the autism party line. It is refreshing not to hear how big autism has become.

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism 

Special thanks to Dr. ands Mrs. Evans for passing this article along.

Rich is inventor of The Turing Motor a green 'triple hybrid' Car motor running on Compressed Air Gas and Battery- less electric.                 

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Only an Autisitc Engineer

I work in an elegant 5 story condo building and our elevator is always messing up and doing its own thing. It often stops on the wrong floor or often stops briefly and goes on to another floor : it doesn't stop long enough to get the doors open at times. Some days it is fine, some days it is a wonder if you get the right floor.  Well with the benefit of autistic keen hearing the stuff like a decibel meter measures I am able to hear the trouble. It s the BIG super relays sticking. You can hear these relays CLANK all over the building when the elevator is started.

I was standing the elevator room the other day watching the monitors and listening to the relay stick  and heard why and seen why it never stops at the floor you desire at times and goes right on to another floor. The relay is not releasing. Relays simply take small amounts of current to control large amounts of current.  The plungers inside the relays slide (or they should) but ours stick at times. When that happens the computer 'thinks' it has completed the stop on the first floor and it hasn't and then  it takes you back up to another floor. When the relay doesn't release the elevator pump motor keeps right on running. There is nothing wrong with the computer it is doing its job but it is getting the wrong signals or the things that need to work to make those signals worthwhile are not right.

All good mechanics these days weather they are working on automobiles, air conditioners or elevators automatically check he trouble codes stored in the computer and then just start replacing parts ignorant of the real facts. The trouble codes can be wild and are rarely correct. Many codes were simple one time issues that set a code.  Just as the computer and the mechanic are ignorant of the Model T  type of knowledge the real deep understanding of the motor that Ford himself was ignorant of, the elevator mechanics are probably ignorant of the simple mechanical things that mess up their system. There again  they never had the autism training and experience my keen hearing afforded me. I bet many mechanics once they heard the relay sticking would instantly know that is the issue.  To the normal ear the relays sound just fine. I 'm not sure even if a decibel meter was  used to "listen for them" it would register ,even then.  

The relays have been replaced before and they are mighty expensive, that time the whole system failed. Our pampered residents found them selves climbing a lot of steps. I fear until these relays fail altogether we will have more months of wild elevator rides.  Hopefully no one gets stuck. 

If I were to build the relays I would include external grease able slides, and fan powered cooling fins. This  is  probably something like General Electric would have built in the 1950's . It would probably last 50 years or longer and be trouble free.  Perhaps this is the Tesla  autism side of me taking. Years ago I worked with similar relays at the Bath house. This time they controlled the steam generator that pumped steam into the steam room. The best guy in the business was baffled on the system and I finally convinced the manger to go to W.W. Granger ( wholesale industrial goods)  and get replacement relays and low and behold it worked fine. Like these on the elevator they to were sticking. Again only the with the gift of keen autistic hearing was I able to figure that out. 

I learned over  the years working at the Cadillac dealer ship I discovered I  might have had the answer but, it will not pass muster with my co workers. Not only do they not have the autistic hearing and the Einstein mind set- the point of view I'm pushing is totally foreign to them. Normal humans are not kind when your answer and conversation is out of their ballpark. 

One of my inventions is a decibel meter based car engine trouble shooter that includes a video monitor "weather radar" type of picture .The mechanic would simply point the camera at the motor and its trouble would be obvious. Alas, it will never work as it doesn't involve the computer and precious few mechanics under stand the real nitty gritty of the model T type of car motor we still use today.  I  am sure Einstein ,Tesla, Turing ,Di Vinci and other are not at all shocked our invention and innovation still pass over the head of the average Joe.    

Meanwhile until the elevator totally dies were in for a few more stops than we wanted.  When it finally dies the relay will have fused tight like it did before.           

Rich Shull, on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why do we really do that?

Everyone, has done this stuff but, no one knows why they do it?

 We look at our watch several times and still don't know what time it is.

We think it  is one day of the week but its another.

Stand in a room and wonder why you went in there? 

Talk to your self.

 The answer to all of these dilemmas is simple really and lies in the daydream part of the mind you don't know you use.  Not even the best of psychologist has clue to this because they don't understand autism the long hand version -roots of man's mind. When Autism's Temple Grandin talks about thinking in pictures this is what she is talking about but probably hasn't figured this part out yet. These day dream based thoughts operate continuously below the surface of the mind like a water wheel or a wind mill and they constitute our  base thoughts that provide for the thoughts we unknowing short cut in what we know as normal thought. These day dream based thoughts are invisible to us unless we actually see them! When we are stuck on  a subject and our OPTIC vision goes OFF and we look at a brain generated image -a daydream of "Uncle Joe" who's name we can not place- but our mind shows us this day dream based thought and we see for our selves who 's name we can place. Our mind can see the picture thought of him (as you see in your daydream)  but we still have to work to discover his name. The name is in a different mind folder most likely and if one of the first people you ever met he has a very 'small' mind picture in your mind since you made when you were a baby. Baby thoughts and humans are very 'small' compared to mature thoughts.


Because looking at your watch is totally sudden in terms of your day dream thoughts you don't know you use / it presents a dilemma to your picture based thoughts.  You mind has to unexpectedly open a  new set of "files" to make the watch viewing experience complete and useful. Many thoughts like this re just to quick in happening for the brain to able to do it right .If science could look in and watch our picture thoughts they would see the smooth flow of normal thought instantly confused with the short burst of a small thought of what time is. Until all the time files in you sub mind are open you will look at the watch and it will not register.  The boys playing with the brain waves , have missed the whole point. Of Course , they think I am full of something since there is no peer review approval for my point of view and no psychologist has figured out autism, the building blocks of the mind


Picture thought wise this very simple . When we get up after a sleep our subconscious mind assigns a day of the week  picture thought to  the current day. Sometimes due to an odd sleep pattern or a day out of schedule it will seem like a different day. Many people unknowingly have a pre set series of picture thought for a set day of the week that matches their activity for that day. If events don't pattern themselves correctly they get off and thus we think it is a different day. Yes the human mind is not flexible enough to bend and adjust to such a simple thing. This same ideal makes humans very stubborn ,bigoted , and  very resistant to change and new ideas.

STANDING IN A ROOM, Why did you go in there?

Once again your picture thoughts are out of time with reality. The mind is a very big slow IBM 360 computer (old room sized computer from the 1960's) and when you do something too fast like go to a new room it has to catch up and it can't. The below the surface dream liner thoughts play like a record player and our normal mind gleans the small details we need to think and form words from those thoughts and to  put it in other words walking too fast into a different room or a new situation leaves the brain to play catch up. It has to reload the picture thoughts for that room for it to be effective.  If you think long and hard about that room change before you go there you will find you will know why your there. 


Here is a good one. Man is  not great at words and if you seen the picture thought to spoken word conversion thought process like we have ,talking to your self is just fine. I am amazed the human mind can even do such a thing getting those pictures to words requires a interface that seemingly should not work. In fact, most humans only know the 99 conversations people have.  These are the 99 most used conversations we do. Once I learned these autistically they now help me flow in real life. Ironically , when I speak to my counterparts from all over the world they do the same type of thing no matter if they speak Russian ,German , Spanish etc.    

I know it is hard to fathom, but these same invisible thoughts make Einstein - Einstein. The complete mind base the picture thoughts day dream type of thoughts most humans don't have clue they use are the simple scewed up out of time thoughts I mention here and indeed Einstein when done correctly.  At the rate man is going he will never figure out his own mind as he tricks himself into thinking he is superior and rules the world.  That is just an illusion.  

  Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism


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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What was it? The Shoulder Infection

As usual, in my case, medical science is at a loss. My shoulder infection was officially called P********* and the official explanation was it was a bug that jumped from outside the armpit to inside and then it started eating flesh and muscle... Or was it?

Penny  Wise and Pound Foolish? 

For close to 7 years I drove my van with manual steering as I could not afford to get the power steering fixed. On the highway it was great and drove normally with out the power assist. However , parking lots and tight quarters at slow speed was pure hell. I pulled my left shoulder a few days after I started driving like this and since I didn't feel pain  (only 7 and above on the pain scale)  I missed all the clues something was a miss. Over time it got better and at times much worse so bad at times I even felt it. Eventually the shoulder always hurt and got to the point where the infection was so bad I could not move it.

My Question is  was all this shoulder infection the 'bug' jumping from out side the skin to inside - or  simply put did the  pulled injured muscles that never got the chance to heal  simply start to decay?  Or did the infection simply start on its own in the damage tissue. 

Of course, I never told Dr. Bishop or others of the 7 year driving experience with out power steering , one most people would never dream of it and two their pain tolerance would have prevented them from driving like that. I also find Doctors are very well off and they have no clue that some of their patients don't have the money to fix a car etc.  Money wise for me it was either food and living essentials  or no living. Fixing the van was beyond the budget, especially when it ran perfect other wise.
  My Van drove easy with out  the power steering  but was designed to have power steering and the steering wheel was too small in diameter to really have been useful for a manual steering application. Cars with manual steering (from the past) had bigger diameter steering wheels for leverage.  Even 3-4 years into this adventure a plate on the floor board where the steering rod went threw was broken as it had too much stress put on it via the manual steering. Just the simple act of breaking the plate was a mechanical feat.   When I had the plate re welded the welder  was puzzled on the stress fracture , and how it broke . Indeed it took lots of torque to do it. That pain tolerance was indeed grand; it let me do the impossible for 7 years, break parts that don't break and never allowed me the privilege of feeling the pain I need to feel.   

Well today Toy has power steering and 255,000 miles the power steering works  and that is really good as  I only have one working arm  for awhile. The repaired arm is still in recovery mode but it get it gets therapy when I dive and rest it on the steering wheel and let it move with the flow.  

It is no wonder Alan Turing , (1912 -1954) autistic and father of the computer ran marathons and other races and never felt the wall, most runners feel. Perhaps someday modern medicine will have us in the Lily drug torture chamber in the name of progress  as they attempt to copy our autism pain tolerance in a pill.    

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Roots of the Mind

The nitty gritty of human thought.  Long time readers of this blog know I came up from below 123 and the ABC's from the bottom of the gene pool. Along the way I learned the 99 conversations people have( an autism thing) where we learn and memorize the speech patterns of others. By doing that we could think with our long  hand Einstein thoughts and still keep up with a conversation. I also by default learned there are 20 more layers to the personality that Psychology has never experienced.

These are part of the picture thought system our autism thoughts. In other words your personality is based in your daydreams. If autism is ever explained to the 'professional' they will see where the sub conscious picture thoughts humans don't knowingly use anymore are the keys to the next 1000 chapters in psychology.  While we learned the picture thoughts that build on the work of Temple Grandn and then shortcutted them into your normal thoughts not only did we learn how to think with our deep subconscious  mind we also got to road map the mind several layers below what current psychology knows. 

The mind is so simple and in my view there seems to be about 20 sections of picture thoughts that need to be "installed" and booted in order to get a perfect personality. Most people get 17-18-19 sections of the sub mind and they turn out OK. If you miss a few things you could easily become narcissistic, otherwise messed up. Someday its my dream when psychologist know this sub thought system one could go to the psychologists  and come out cured in a few visits. There are sub level thoughts directly related to Einstein traits, a loud boisterous personality, a quiet shy person , the social lite, the ax murderer, or the angry person.  If one gets all 20 sub level picture thoughts they are considered perfect.  If they get less of them or part of them they have worse and worse personalty's.

These personalty traits are exactly what the psychologist needs to know to be really effective.  These thoughts have never been in a text book before and unless you made the trip up from the bottom of the gene pool you don't even know they exist. Psychology has been studying the mind for centuries now and no one ever came across  these thoughts. Keep in mind humans have been fooled for ever by mother nature , she has let us think with short cut thoughts and man was too stupid  to know any better. The sub- line, base- line thoughts I talk abut here are the roots of the mind and it is time they are exposed. Perhaps we might unite our autism anthropology and create a whole new research discipline?

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism


Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hard Stick -Pain Tolerance

This recent medical experience between the hospitals an the nursing homes has proven I am what all the nurses and aids call a 'hard stck'.  When they go to draw blood or do IV's my veins disappear or once they find them dry up. Sometimes they bust and the IV drug leaks into the skin and they needed to do an antidote.  Eventually, this problem was solved with the addition of a pic line a permanent line inserted in the vein. 

I had two Pic Lines one on the initial one was in the right arm and the second one new one is in the left arm .  My left shoulder  is the one that had the operation where the infection was removed from and I guess it is supposed to be sore.  The Nurses here at the nursing home always comment with as much as had been removed in terms of flesh and old muscle I should be in pain. Actually if I were normal I am  in pain most likely but don't feel it. 

As usual I don't bleed show black and blue marks nor do I give blood up . When the nurses need to fill a tube or two for tests, it is hard to get enough flow to fill both the viles at time. Lots of times it clots before the tube is filled and they have to stick me  at another spot.  This begs the question is this 'thick blood', lack of blood flow tied to the Autism Pain Tolerance. I never even bleed when the right side pic line came out. It seems everyone else bleeds like a stuck pig and they are expetcing to hold the wound shut for 5 minutes or so.   Is this indeed a clue to the pain tolerance?


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Luella's 50th year , Going to Motor Muster

Luella is 50 this year . My autistic obsession, splinter skill partner my 1962 Pontiac is due to be invited to attend the 2012 Motor Muster Car Show.  Motor Muster is the crem de le creme of car shows for un restored cars. Motor Muster  has the strictest car show standards and if you win the most prestigious of honors. The cars must remain as original as possible. Points are given for original paint, parts and upholstery. The closer the car is to new and original the more points it earns here.  Most cars show do not thrive on being so original. The car must present and run like 1962 in this case.  The only modern  updates allowed are radial tires and seat belts. 

Luella will fit the bill as original 1962 for sure. I lost track of the coats of wax I have given her over the years. It has to be over 200 by now. In fact her paint is so thin these days I no longer wax her as the primer is now polished. (thankfully her red paint and primer blend)  Yes, there are spots down to the bare metal.

Luella is all original but for the frame that rusted in two. It was a noted design flaw of 62 Pontiac's. Not many people bothered to fix the problem like I did. The body hung in dad's garage for 8 years as I worked on the impossible.  Luella also has hand made 389 motor , I had to re make  the valve train by hand so I had to redesign the rocker arms  which broke all to often as their oil passages plugged up.
Finally her renowned Slim Jim Transmisson is still on board and still works. That is a statement of its own right. The Slim Jim is a crude cross between an automatic and a manual and its flaws were wild. It had  wind up springs on the fly wheel, internal torque converter which overheated and  helped cook the transmisson . If you gave her too much gas at the wrong time the transmisson few to pieces.   

Only someone Autistic could and would  ever dream of Fixing this heap. I can assure you I was laughed at so many times as I toured the United States getting parts for a 'stupid repair' restoration.  If you have seen Rain Man the movie you know the character did great things with math numbers and phone directories I did the same thing with a Pontiac. However I was lucky enough to finish the autism puzzle and come out normal. Autism is just the long hand version  of human thought.

   Luella 2012 

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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