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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Auditory Processing

Auditory Processing and Aspies (and others?)

We are both deaf and blind at times

Autism's Deaf and Blindness

Autism as I know it being a proficient picture thinker is riddled with times that I am BOTH DEAF AND BLIND! I have had these conditions since before I was in school. Today 40 years later I now know the deafness and the blindness are related to picture thoughts trying to develop. While Picture thoughts (brain generated images) are trying to form especially with those people that don't understand their picture thoughts the pure brain power needed to do a picture thought might in my opinion turns off our hearing and vision as "power saving feature " of Picture thought.

Today I can her and see perfectly as I control my picture thoughts. As a proficient picture thinker I can think in a manner suitable to the situation. If my brain is not thinking in pictures or trying to, hearing is perfect I hear every word. We even have super good hearing and hear stuff decibels above the traditional person. Picture thought is like turning a television to a new channel as the "plug" is pulled on the first one. In other words optic vision and hearing are NORMAL one-second and when a picture thought is developing our hearing is turned down or off and our optic vision is turned off. It is replaced with a new optic vision that is brain generated, just like switching to a new channel. Picture thought is INVISIBLE to anyone else and even Picture thinkers, most of them don't have a clue to the idea they are having beginning picture thoughts. I suspect early picture thinkers are lost and stunned and out of it occasionally but, if they are lucky they are able to develop "traditional" thought as they are being taught in school. Sometimes the visual and the hearing loss are just a millsecond or a few seconds or they can be a minute or two if we are are in over load a state where nothing seems to work.

I wonder if our brain only has just so much capacity and picture thought uses most of it thus hearing and vision and maybe even the nerves that allows us to feel pain are turned off? Of course none of this has been in a science book before so modern folks that don't hear or see or process the world well, might be two using different types of thoughts, one of which is unknown.

I now realize when I don't hear well or have to read lips or guess at something 98% of the time is due to a picture thought in progress. I am one of the lucky ones that can control my picture thoughts and that allows me to keep pace with the real world easier. I can finally, after years of practice Listen, picture think, listen again and by controlling my picture thoughts I am able to get along well. Our developed Advanced picture thought is usually quicker, controllable, and even an efficient type of thought. The stuff Temple wrote about Picture streams, motion pictures and still pictures,( and even overload) is not fast paced enough to promote normal hearing. Proficient picture thinking is not perfect at hearing either but we do get to process more than others.

I wondered Why as many people in this anthropology have WHY we passed the hearing tests in 1st. grade and still we could NOT hear at times. Too much noise, too much to think about all trigger the "automatic" reaction that shuts off our hearing I wonder If Picture thought were ever discovered or taught in a school to those in the autism spectrum, Or any one with a processing trouble if some of the afflicted would realize in short order that they are picture thinking? Picture thinking tries to turn off our hearing and vision.

If we are the living missing evolution in mankind's walk up the evolution scale our odd processing and picture thoughts and nearly everything else about our characters would have its roots in a "cave man" past. We are not all that far removed from the dark ages and old primitive brains -if indeed that is what we have- just are not suited to listening and thinking without a picture thought to guide it. It is scary to realize (my Opinion) that most all of the mental disorders have a new explanation and even a simple one that is directly inline with autism. I have wondered for years now if Schizophenria is nothing more than total picture thinking (complete with our too much noise issues). Aspies are lucky (some of us) and have bridged a gap between normal and older thinking.

Interestingly our anthropology shows a glaring obvious point at times that many of us share the same family tree, or our ancestors all came from a general area. We have seen a connection between Germany Europe and the East coast of America and even Germany and Australia. This is the power of anthropology and a living one at that. PLEASE HELP, Encourage someone in science to commission a proper study on us.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Reversing autism?

There is no Need to Cure or Reverse Autism!

Autism IS a wonderful gift and the insight it offers and the results it has given are as obvious as the computer screen your reading this on. Aspie Alan Turing(1912-1954) was Father of the computer and many aspies like him, are still alive and well today. In fact many of us have met one another online and in person. We are from all corners of the globe. We all did blind backwards experiments in autism and not so amazingly all came up with the same results! We not only share our proficient picture thoughts we all had the same milestones in their development. It was like we learned to read at the 3-4-5 grade levels. Autism was our naturally programmed language and we developed it on our own, it has never been taught in any form or has it ever been in a text book before. We turn off our optic vision and replace that with a brian generated picture we use to think with. That Brain generated image is invisible to you. Perhaps our glazed look might be your best idea of our picture thinking. By the time we combine are super senses and odd thoughts we do traditional life pretty well.

It is just too bad we find ourselves on the wrong side of the Autism time line as we have found no matter how good we do at real life, Autism still has no reason to admit to us. In fact, It is NOT to their advantage to admit to us. We unintentionally deflate most all of the work from the past 30 years or so. If we were ever admitted to the face of Autism would change. After the new facts became apparent in a quality study of our long term anthropology, I predict Autism would NOT loose its jobs or its funding but rather it would be directed in a better direction and even discover new points to the condition. Our thought and hearing process has never been understood (We are even deaf and blind for a few seconds occasionally) and we have figured it out. We have painless injuries that also need figured out. Think of all the benefits to mankind on those points alone being researched? A quality study would also highlight our odd learning stories that we share and our forced social interactions that not every population in the spectrum shares.

As I have said before condense our long term experiments into a reasonable 1-6 Pre School and autism could be taught that easily. Again NO ONE in the field despite their claims knows how we think or has been privileged to have an autistic thought. If they knew that Temple had just touched the tip of the ice berg, they would not have forgotten about her work but tried to develop it. Even Aspie Author Bill Stillman describes Picture Thoughts.

The cards will fall in many directions but, old autism will finally be explained if they ever studied us. So many things will be obvious and many new questions will be brought up and perhaps if we are really lucky we might just unite old and new autism into something connected to reality. So much of the working living old autism is suited to the new autism that is just plain sad New Autism has the "wrong end of the stick." Ignorance is not all that bliss when we see autism from the inside looking out. Ignorance is only opening the door to a group home for too many of us. The ignorance factor of Autism (unintentionally) has grown in recent history. Perhaps now it has lost track of the ideals it has really never known?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ceorge Washington Carver an Aspie?

George Washington Carver another Aspie?

Much in the spirit of Dr. Alan Turing, Autistic gay, father of the computer George Washington Carver seems to also fit the mold of our unstudied Autistic anthropology. Both Alan Turing and Carver were "odd" people with the utmost respect from their peers in many different fields. Both seem to shy away from the limelight and put their work before anything else. Alan was given the Office of the British empire award, for work fathering the computer and offered many interesting positions. Carver was visited by President Roosevelt and Henry Ford and even offered a job by Henry Ford. Ford and Carver developed the first plastic parts for cars.
Socially, both guys seem to be aloof, but sociable they got along well other but preferred to be alone. Both were deeply interested in mankind and how to improve it. Carver was a poet and writer as well many other things. Were both of these Guys Just using their Autistic splinter skills to their best advantage? Being and Autistic Picture thinker I can see where Alan Turing's Work followed his "splinter skill" interests. Here is a list of Carvers (some Of) achievements and again from an Autistic point of View Lots of Carvers work is all related easily via picture thoughts. Although when the typical person reads the following list it might look like nothing is related but Picture thought wise everything is nearly Identical. Of Course Picture Thought has never been in print before so as far as Autism and proper society is concerned we are just blowing smoke.

Some of the synthetic products developed by Dr. Carver: *
Adhesives Axle GreaseBleach ButtermilkCheese Chili SauceCream CreosoteDyesFlour Fuel BriquettesInkInstant Coffee Insulating BoardLinoleumMayonnaiseMealMeat Tenderizer
Metal PolishMilk FlakesMucilagePaperRubbing OilsSalveSoil ConditionerShampooShoe PolishShaving CreamSugarSynthetic MarbleSynthetic RubberTalcum PowderVanishing CreamWood StainsWood FillerWorcestershire Sauce * Source: Hattie Carwell. Blacks in Science: Astrophysicist to Zoologist. (Hicksville, N.Y.: Exposition Press), 1977. p. 18.

I have seen movie film strip of Carver being interviewed in person and his persona has lots of Autism characteristics about it. If Indeed Carver and others were Autistic (seems likely) we have here among us Carver recorded on tape and lots of older Autistic like me that have met in person. We know what Autism is about and can see its traits like lack of eye contact and the likely hood of a picture thought in that person's mind. We realize the loud noises most traditional people never hear that 'mess' with us. Perhaps if we have been Injured we even have a story to tell in that regard as well as in we never felt our injury.

I deeply admire George Washington Carver, no matter if was autistic or not. Modern Autism would never claim him for a lot of reasons and most likely like his counterparts our reality does not support modern Autism.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Aging Parents and Autism


With the insight of our Autism Anthropology, and its power of long term observation we are becoming aware that many of us in the autism Spectrum are facing a "looped " parent. Many of us are taking care of our parents these days and some of our parents are not all there. Many of us have a Mother or a Father that can no longer do life as they used to. They seem to have lost all sense of logic, money handling ability and flyoff the handle at a splitseconds notice. They seem borderline depressed all the time. Tantrums and fits are common events unless you are lucky and find a way to communicate that doesn't spark a riot. It seems we have become good at tricky conversation. Many present well in public, but those that know them 'all the time' realize a different person, often a mean person that throws things!

The entire family and even friends and neighbors seem to jump through hoops to keep these people on track. More often than not it is the Mothers that tend loose it but Father's have been known to be looped as well. Sometimes simple old age makes and already existing tendency more obvious but in general there is indeed more than the aging process to deal with. Many of us also note grandparents and others further back in the family tree that have similar late in life developments like this.

This is indeed the power of obversation, It highlights MANY things never thought of otherwise. It is largely unbiased and doesn't have to care if its findings support a cause (like Modern Autism) or not. However, our Anthropology is at the mercy of the Autism Empire and if wishes to keep us hidden, It might only be afraid of long-term reaching back in the past findings. Many of our points don't support "Modern Autism". BUT, all of points do relate to modern autism in one form or another , just not in a way suitable to highlight a new invented version of old state of being.

Just as this aging point and autism is obvious( if we were to be studied) our very autism insight is this obvoius as well. Our blind backwards experiements in Autism and our daily use of our resulting insight are just too much to ignore, unless you have something to hide.

A Note on the picture thought I used to create this.
An Interesting note, I'm a proficient picture thinker and do well more than the stuff Temple wrote about and I had (type of Aspie thoughts) 60? Still pictures 14 picture streams 30 motion pictures and some were in Picture-in Picture format. For new readers to this blog Picture thoughts are brain generated and sometimes cancel out optic vision or parts of it (lack of eye contact)? Those picture thoughts are then converted to words or actions or more thoughts. This is true picture thinking and it has never been in print before, so no text book or psychology expert has a real clue to what we do.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Meeting More Modern Aspies


With a tear in my eye and heavy heart I must report I met yet another modern Aspie this weekend. This poor soul had just graduated high school and could only read at the 3 rd grade level. I have met many people in the same boat over my years. It seems Special Education has been more work than help. As well intentioned as all the help has been the HELP took away our slimiest of chances at success. Those of us making in the real world, those of us that do more than Temple Grandin does those of us never to be admitted now hold the keys to autism and The Establishment is too' something' to admit to us. We are so LUCKY Autism was never diagnosable in our time.

Granted I can see why, they don't like us, our thought process has never been in a text book before and those of us that have mastered it (most old Autisitcs, before Rain Man) do pretty well in traditional life. Just how can that experience and anthropology of living folks be right? How can we be admitted to now? Just the mere fact we are here is too much to handle. We have an entire culture, entire education system, and Aspie thought system all figured out. No Kidding condense our Experiments in Autism and you have the basics of Autism Taught by 6th grade! Just how can you expect to learn Autism If you NEVER teach it or even know what it is your supposed to be teaching?

If You have a low functioning child it is my guess, gut feeling, you have a picture thinker. NO MATTER what education system you use/We have to learn Picture thoughts on our own, THEY have NEVER been taught in a classroom of anytypr before and they ARE NOT a version of normal thought so PLEASE quit trying to pass Autism off as a version of traditional thought. I have seen our Aspies grow and bloom when they clued into our different thought process. Honestly we have a wonderful Living anthropology of mostly Picture Thinkers that do Autism "well."

I Suspect that is indeed WHY we will forever remain hidden as our true experience and insight our gift of autism (figured out) is just too little to late and to h*** with the kids, more in a group home is no big loss. But YET IT is the Autism Thought process is so different and yes (this will sound bad) beyond traditional thought that for no other reason we need to develop it. It was Autistic Thought that fathered the computer and many other inventions. Even the Best of us can't overcome Billions of dollars and an Autism Empire that is rampantly out of control. Mankind is the big looser. My apologies to the modern aspies, your on the wrong side of the timeline,,,,, We will never stop trying to breakthrough on your behalf.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Quiet Hearing!

A Quiet Roit!

Well, Loud actually!

In grade school as a group punishment, if the class was too 'something,' the teacher had this habit of turning out the lights and making everyone be quiet and put their heads down on their desks. You know, The world the Aspie world, got louder when we did that! Soon as others were in sometype of blissful rest I was going 'wild'. With our room being Quiet I could now here what was going on in other rooms (CLEARLY) and could hear the loud air flow in the heating system, the chirp of rubber shoes on the floor in the hall way clear down by the Principal office! The clock in the room roared like a car without a muffler. In a way I liked the noise, the normal noise of our class room it was its own distraction.

A traditional person would need a decibel meter to hear what we hear, and as you just read the Aspie world is Louder than you would ever dream. Many of us simply get used to it, ignore it or even use it to our advantage. I have used that noise, My super hearing to trouble shoot cars. Combined with Aspie advanced Thought (brain generated picture Thoughts) trouble shooting cars is easy. I have fixed stuff others only dream about.

I also have an education in cars like no other person and it is not at all shocking to me to realize few people in the word understand the car, they don't hear it like I do. I heard the sound of a late slow sticking valve on a neighbor car for months and watched has he tried and tried (replaced parts) to make it run. There was a good theory it was the transmission slipping but a good transmission shop confirmed it was fine. Socially, I have learned not to bother to tell some people of their troubles as I'm hardly an expert in their eye. Even IF I were a first class citizen (not Aspie) I would need lots of clout and a pile of degrees to tell him the simple fact his car simply had a sticking valve. A decibel meter could have told him that to if he knew what to listen for. Note Mechanics in general forgot the "model T" We still drive Model T's just the high tech is bolted to it. If you fix the model T the High tech takes car of itself in better cars. Thankfully a minor accident put that car in the junkyard and got it out of his hair.

My simple "Wrong" inside knowledge, that I absently learned via my aspie Obsession with cars is the motivation for my Turing Motor a 70% efficient logically designed motor. I designed it from the flame of combustion backwards. All parts spin the same direction it will idle at 2-3 rpm and run at 7-8000 without trouble. It is so efficient that that the tail pipe will be touchable. (most you can't touch).

Please Read other posts in this blog to see how superhearing and visual thought intertwined in the aspie mind and how we worked through the issues and were lucky enough to become social as well. Please remeber ,this was time long before Autism was diagnosable.