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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Looking Up and to the Right


Now there is a buzz term in autism ;and some of us but, not all of us in our autism circles have been told and we are noted at times for looking UP and to the RIGHT when we are doing a deep Picture thought. Our eyes actually physically look up and to the right. When eye contacts returns to normal the Picture thought is over and we are better able to do real life. I have set in Autism Class rooms that are simply too loud and watched autism kids look off into space and we are doing it for a reason and naturally,everyone thinks we are ignoring them but in reality we are trying to do a picture thought.

Autism trying is best to help and demanding that we HAVE eye contact is probably getting eye the eye contact it feels it needs very badly but, it is at the expense of our Autism Thoughts. Those very thoughts we are being forced to ignore are the very thoughts of a Savant or at the least lots of our own good ideas we need to think on our own, do on our own, and overcome autism with. Autism thoughts work well when we get to use them develop them not when they are not taken away from us in the disguise of "help"- currently "help" with an attitude and an Epidemic to $upport.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Austere Autistics? Not Always

Alan's Social Skills in practice!

Posts and quotes from the book:
ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York.

Copyright 1983

Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Page 280

"Every month or so there was a Mess Night at which dress uniform, or in Alan's case a dinner jacket, would be required, and at which Pheasant might be on the menu. This he would enjoy, for although generally so austere he liked to live it up occasionally, dancing vigorously with the ladies of the ATS afterwards. There was plenty of social gossip and intrigue, which Alan rather like hearing about, and discussing with Mrs. Lee and Mary Wilson. Sometimes his own rather glamorous position as the mysterious Prof. coupled with his unthreatening friendly way with the women members of staff, aroused a mild jealousy. In this respect he kept his own secret.

It was the first time in his life that he had mixed with ordinary people for any length of time, people picked out neither by social class nor by special kind of intellect. It was typical Turing Irony that this should happen at an establishment working for the secret Service. He liked its inprententiosness, and perhaps escape from the intellectual pressure at Bletchley. He certainly had the pleasure of being a large fish in a small pond. This liking was reciprocated. There was an occasion when he was invited to a drinking party organized by the Other Ranks. For some reason it did not come off, but he was still very pleased: partly because at breaching social class barriers, but surely also because of the allure, felt almost inescapably by a homosexual of his background, of that vast unknown England of working class men. "

From Rich

Austere "Autisitcs" have our moments and Alan as you just read Alan had his. I might qualify this to mean autisitc's COMPLETING the entire autism experience complete with social lesions. Our anthropology has done the whole thing. Alan was well known for his work and his expertise and even if he were the "savant-Rain Man " type he would have been would have been known for his work. However since he was Gay and also needed to complete and account for this fact in his life he needed to do MORE than just his math. It seems he was fitting in rather well. Socially straight autistic people kind of fit in and seem naturally ignored. GLBT autistic, in coming to terms with who they really are not handed a social green card and shoved off into a corner to laugh at the straight people's jokes and innuendo. We have to work to discover who we are and then respond to our calling. This hones Autism's poor social skills and gives us a reason to do more socially.

Lots of Women LIKE gay men for friends they will stop and ask for directions when lost, and they are less demanding than their straight friends and easier to talk to. Some of these gals get termed "fag hags." Most importantly however Alan was forced to fit in for fear of being outed. Autism FORCED to endure this type of Social conditioning developed rather well. Sadly modern helped too much Autistic people have been so injured with the more work than help-help and sub par eductions that few would have developed enough autistically (picture thought wise) to even "know what to do " if presented with the same social situation Alan was presented with. We were much better off NOT knowing of our autism and our Double-blind experience. Now then, this is only more trouble, with a capital 'T.' We have double-blind experiences, we do almost normal lives, our Thoughts have never been in a text book before and now we are fighting Rain Man 's Curse, including an education system that thought we were in effect "poor old Autisitcs" only capable of a group home. Autism will not admit for sure now, who ever heard of an Autistic person in real life? Who ever thought we could and did figure this out on our own?

As for the Other Ranks drinking party Autistically Alan might have bowed out of that-or in other terms quit with the victory of being invited since he might have been afraid of being outed or being perceived as being gay. Socially if he was picture thinker, it is a lot easier to talk to a "fag Hag" rather than real men. Inevitably, the subject of women come up when you get several straight men together, and autistic are not good at lying, and If he was asked about the looks of So and So or to even comment on the 'reputation" of a gal or even the notches in his belt form "experience" he would have been at a BIG loss. He was smart to miss the possibly embarrassing "fun."

Taking a step back in time, and re-teaching every autistic person Picture thoughts would be our very best hope of reversing autism's curse. Not everyone is a picture thinker so not everyone would respond. However, those of us that DO realize this as Gold need to have this thought system taught to us. When you split hairs, drop the politics and count carrots our Autism Group has done something vital and impressive and important to all of mankind. Leave it to Autism "experts" to ignore our facts. As long as, we are bad for the business of Autism and only absently support SOME of the facts of the condition, we cannot afford to be admitted to. Just ask, The Autism Society of America If they ever heard of us? Officially they haven't. They have 860 million reasons and a few congrespersons (referance to prior post) on their side already hard at work researching autism. To bad they missed the point to the enitre thing.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blind , Our best teachers?

Rich asks?

Will the best Autism teacher of the future be Blind?

I have been very lucky in my life to meet many blind friends and one reason we get along so well is we often share the same types of Picture Thoughts and in some respects the same struggle to translate the thoughts to words. The blind usually have one advantage over us in that they don't have to look at and read the body language of the person they are talking to but still they need to listen to the verbal language they have developed to figure out the body language. We also share the some of the same social battles for acceptance as well.

Some of my blind friends are always saying I can picture that and can't find the words to say it, especially if they had sight at one time. Those that had sight once often describe the "same" thing I realize when our Brain generated Image, our picture thought cancels out our optic vision. While their optic vision is not there to turn off, it seems their brains "feed the optic nerve" and somehow let them see something. Many report seeing stuff they knew when sighted just like it was real and they were actually looking at it again. Others that never had sight also "see things" and use their pictures to think with at times.

If indeed Autism is Picture Thinking and Picture Thinking is proven to be the simple building blocks of the mind, something like starting your computer in "Safe Mode" it would seem picture thoughts might be the default thought process of the human mind. Being Blind takes the optic part out of the thought process and they are then forced to work without the visual input. I have often wondered if the modern normal thought process most people use is VERY fast picture thoughts working in our brains and it is the fast forward quick read of those picture thoughts that is simply translated into words. When I talk with Image Streamers a group of people I met on Yahoo they TRY to think in Pictures and they report deeper thoughts, detailed thoughts that they ever have otherwise. Like us they have a time occasionally at getting that complicated ImageStream watered down into something that can be spoken quickly in a normal conversation. The Idea to Image Streaming is to tap into their good ideas and for some to become "smarter". I wonder If I have not realized some "missed diagnosed" never diagnosed Autistic people on their site. Many have Autistic traits.

Before Autism became the soup dejouir diagnosis and had to bow to the pressure of an empire getting bigger, I wonder if research, old research that was not pushing a point, might not have made these same connections? I remember talking to that 90 plus year old researcher in Indiana while at an Autism Convention and he was there shaking his head shocked at how big autism had become. He told me he was forced to get with the new autism to keep his job. He had come up to me and said you Think in Pictures, hate hugs etc,and I agreed as he seen me jump with the keen senses as well, when the crowd clapped in the adjoining ballroom. We were both there on the sly and non invited guests.

There is a whole new world locked in our working Picture thoughts and those of us that figured it out and many other populations that do versions of them might actually be able to crack the code of human thought. Ironically it is Invisiable ,we think in Pictures and no one can see them; No wonder everyone was confused. Now the trouble is how do you ever get any one in research to even consider doing a study on something they can even see or touch? They always say there is 90% of our brains we don't use but, maybe we have been using all our brain after all? These picture thoughts are very complicated and awe consuming and if your lucky yours work perfectly and you are normal but, if not you might be lost like we are only getting a percentage of our Picture Thoughts working. .

I have seen the very best picture thoughts and resulting ideas from many people and our complicated gem of ideas become the stuff the Savant is known for. Often times all we do in being a savant is simply read a picture thought. I also see where many autistic people kind of have bits and pieces of their puzzle figured out and even have great autistic thoughts but no way to ever get them out. Our Anthropology seems to have done something and identified many more types of thoughts then ever known about before. Lets combine what we have figured out and ask for help from our image streamers and the blind folks and at least hone what we already know about into something useful for Autism folks. That seems to be proven research. Again, we ask would Rain Man and modern autism give us a nod, and let us present our point? I don't care how you spin it or what you call it our proven knowledge will help many in grips of autism. We can't sit on this any longer. Please urge the ASA to let us in the door.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

860 Million Reasons for an Autism Season

860 million reasons NOT to look back,

The following quoted clip was from an online Autism newsletter,

IF theyAdmit to Us the Game is Over! Autism might be figured out!

""Consider this: There is a bill making its way through Congress, The Combating Autism Act, which would authorize $860 million in federal funds over five years for autism screening, intervention, education and research -- including a doubling of autism funding at NIH. It is a landmark piece of bipartisan legislation, crafted with great care by co-sponsors Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT). The bill has been endorsed by every major autism organization in America (no mean feat in itself) and is being championed -- in person and on The Hill -- by such influential citizens as NBC President Bob Wright and his wife Suzanne, founders of Autism Speaks, and Deirdre Imus, a leading fighter for the environmental health of all children and wife of the sharp-tongued host of the morning airwaves. ""

FROM RICH Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism

I am sorry to be a wet blanket and put a damper on all of this autism "fun" but the facts remain. If ALL of Autism were admitted to there is a good chance Modern Autism as we know it would cave in on itself. There are least 860 million reasons and a few professional reputations and few ego's at stake so, it is best NOT TO look backwards.

I am author of the book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and my book Builds upon Thinking in Pictures by Temple Grandin. It tells of our Completed Autism Experience. More importantly it tells of an Autism Anthropology that spans EVERY generation from the very youngest to the oldest senior citizen in Autism. We all have done double blind experiments in Autism and have very similar results. We have mostly earned a 'normal life' most of us are in the real world and have a normal job of sometype, Most of us drive, many of us excel in our fields and we have even fathered the computer with the efforts of Alan Turing (1912-1954).

As we meet online we discover we all share the same milestones in Autism Development we done the same steps in Picture thought development and we all came up with a type of human thought process that has never been in a text book before. Modern Autism KNEW us well some years ago and we were welcomed for a short few weeks until they discovered our Anthropology only seems to include about 1/3 of everyone diagnosed with autism. In our unique situation people form all over Autism seek us out looking for support for GAY autism. Quite a few meeting us both young people that have had the works Autism Wise and older folks never having been diagnosed all know each other since we all Think in Pictures , (Autism as we know It), have the keen senses, and many of us have discovered we have the Autism Pain Tolerance. (the hard way). We tend to meet the very oldest strictest definition of autism before the Rain Man era. Our Figured out Autism explains everything from a Savant to Einstein to dyslexia. Have we discovered the slow motion building blocks, the very basic steps of the human mind?

Many modern Aspies that find us online are defiantly Gay thus the reason they sought us out, looking for Gay Support for Autism. Quite a few of them don't have a clue to Picture thought and tell us we are full of something, they feel pain in the traditional way, and seem not to have the keen senses or a splinter skill in their life. Still SOME modern Aspies that find us THRIVE upon meeting us they hear of our Picture thoughts, their picture thoughts and they know them as their primary thought process. Like us they were doing their own double blind self taught picture thought experience. Once we share a few trade secrets they bloom! These people have the Pain Tolerance, and splinter skill and thrive despite the ABA and the Diets and all the other good deeds of modern Autism.

What we have done, figured out our Picture thoughts, has never been in a text book of any type before. It was a double blind experience that rendered our success. Sadly, we don't include all of autism or the Autism Powers would still like us. Autism Publishers will not touch our Temple Grandin style books, I published mine on my own. (they loved it at one time) Our Picture thoughts are INVISIBLE to anyone else and our Brain generated images we use to think with turn OFF our optic vision (glazed spaced out look) and we have to read and translate our Autism Thoughts and convert them to real thoughts. We add many more types of Picture thoughts to Autism beyond the very simple ones Temple wrote about.

Our working Figured Out Autism is not at all welcome news in autism circles we unintentionally deflate the Rain Man Era Autism. There are at least 860 million reasons to research autism and naturally since no one in Autism has had autism thoughts like we know them there is no experience for them to even know what we have done. We have been trying to get in autism conventions for years on end now and are blacklisted. Even the very best of autism research is on the wrong floor of the parking garage to ever figure out what we have done. Our worldwide only meeting on the Web anthropology (a first in human history)? has united all of us and allowed us to compare notes on our autism. No matter where we are from or the languages we speak the Autism is still the same, we all share the same milestones in development and often the same complete version of Autism. However, Rain Man has spoken and no matter what we have done or how well we have done it we have to get squished with the power and glory of Modern Autism that has no room for our working past.

Finally, having to admit to us will cripple modern autism (unintentionally) and also answer lots of questions Mankind needs answered. If we are right, and Autism is simply the slow motion step-by-step building blocks of the human mind all figured out, we are on to something Modern Autism doesn't seem to want to know about? It could be bad for their business. Please Urge the Autism Society to at least let us in the door of their convention.

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Monday, May 22, 2006

Comments expunged? What it means?

If they are really missing?
Related to the post below, AUTISM'S WATERGATE.

The previous post on this blog, brought to light the 'possible' idea (not proven) that my 'distracting comments' explaining an autism that modern Rain Man Era isn't keen on, have vanished from the public record. If indeed that is the case, the only chance I (we) ever had of getting our autism anthropology discovered by anyone in terms of a reporter, a Congressional aid or even seen by a watchdog agency anyone with a legitimate need to know about EVERY fact of autism might have just vanished. If indeed this is the case and we have been struck from the public record it would seem most logical that Modern Autism powers would be the ones pulling the strings. We are not even allowed to attend autism conventions.

My comments were made in front of the biggest powers of autism as they were in attendance at the same town hall meeting I was at. They could not help but be scared of our living working anthropology and how it differs from their ideal of autism. At the very least admitting to us is a hornet's nest and sadly not admitting to us is cheating mankind out of a different kind of human thought, explained that sheds light on autism and many other psychology issues. Our Double-blind experience inadvertently asked all the right questions and came up with answers that do not flatter modern autism. Our anthropology spans every generation and kind of levels out the autism playing field. Perhaps our admission might deflate the expert status of many in the Autism Field.

No matter if your researching Autism, widgets or anything else complete review of all the facts, including those you like or those that don't support your case are imperative for honest progress to happen. I wonder about the sincerity of autism researchers, you think logically they would welcome our high functioning anthropology (they once did) and not hide us. Indeed , we have explaind more of autism than they ever could know about.

My goal of this and exposing the "missing records" is simply autism is being shortchanged. Again my offer stands If they would want to do a WIn WIn Autism Summit behind, closed doors if they like , and learn of our insight we gleaned over time they could take the results call them autism research, or anything they wanted and the most important part our proven experience would filter its way into the autism classroom. FINALLY! Autism despite its claims has never been taught in any classroom ever. We rendered our sucess by trail and error and double -blind experience.

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Below, Our autism Hero and a book about him, (and inadverently, working old Autism)

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Good Bye to Will and Grace

Good Bye Will and Grace. And thanks :)

Some 8 years ago now television changed forever, for the better. The world was introduced and fell in love with Will and Grace. For many viewers this was their first exposure to something actually close to a gay life. No matter if you loved it or hated it you have to admit it's awards and accolades and its sheer class moved the world forward just a few more inches. Thanks to all who made it possible!

Just as Will and Grace made Gay life palatable for many more people the world over we need something like Will and Grace to introduce the world, the autism world, to its most successful populations. The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Autisitc,as well as our straight autistic friends and Anthropology members have done something, been able to do something no other Autistic population has been privileged to do, complete the Autism Experience. No matter how or why it happened all of us in our unadmitted to anthropology have been able to complete the autism experience and for many of us it was with the aid of the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Social charm school many of us experienced, first hand.

Granted the homophobic are SCREAMING what does Gay have to with Autism well actually nothing (please don't quote this out of context) and everything. Every little bit of our Double-blind autism experience was not planned or controlled or orchestrated buy a soul, we were all loners as were our parents and teachers. Not knowing of Autism, really it was possible in an era before Rain Man afforded the idea we couldn't do and didn't do it all. Perhaps we might have done autism in a strange way but we had some attempt at a normal life to. For many of us being Gay was thankfully tolerated in some way and while no other population would have been friends to us the Gay LBT folks had to stick together and we were given a crash course in social skills we would have never got any other place on earth. Our gay friends over looked our social quirks and helped us hone them to something useable. Many of us connected our Picture thoughts (autism) to social things making for social based picture thoughts. Modern autism hardly has any success in picture thoughts let alone social ones. Figured out Picture Thoughts have never been in a text book before and our social ones might never be especially if someone has the idea they are Gay based.

We are not at all sorry that many in our anthropology are GLBT, and we are not at all sorry that we have done so well at autism, including socially and we even drive. We are Not sorry we have figured out Autism a thought process that has never been in print before, but we are sorry Autism is so homophobic as to ignore its very best living working population. I know politically you could never mix Autism and children but you can not afford to ignore us either. We have offered to do Autism summits and you could figure out what we learned over the years by trial and error and you can even claim it as your research spin it to a straight world and start copying our success.

You will be impressed as we have been with the MOST successful Autism Populations ever the Transgendered Autistic people. Over all they have done Autism better than ANYONE on earth and their success is more hidden in plain sight than our is. Sometimes the very best and the most obvious things are in plain sight, just like our autism anthropology. It seems only the most perfect of researcher or best of autism guru's could ignore something as good as our figured out world. Before you donate another dime to Autism, insist they figure out what we have already figured out. You Autism experience will be the better for it.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Autism ,What we haven't felt.

What Haven't We Felt? Birth of a new blog

A long forgotten issue in Autism ,is the Autism Pain Tolerance. Like Autism in general where lots of us don't do real good in life socially or academically, etc., there are many of us that do well in life. Those of us doing well in life out in the real world without better than average communication skills and real world real life experience seemingly also know of Autism's Pain Tolerance. Weather we have been in a car crash or motorbike accident or fallen out of a tree or had other injuries odds are we never felt enough of them know we had been hurt. Many of us in our Long term Anthropology have had birth defects like off center hips and we never felt the full effect of these until we were in our 30's.

Experience from our anthropology tells us lots of us have had sports related injures or injuries in general and never felt enough pain to tell us to 'ease up, that hurts" or have we typically felt enough pain months later to know we had anything wrong. We have had broken elbows that were treated as sprains, We have had people fall out of a tree and survive "unhurt" despite a broken color bone. We have parents nearly charged with abuse as they get their loved one to the hospital too many days too late.

Just how many Autism people have suffered threw the common appendix attack the Gail Bladder episode and never felt enough of it to know something was wrong. How many autistic kids have the communication ability (especially the modern folks) to even come close to explaining an internal hurt, if indeed we ever feel it? How many of us have kind of silently endured in an ignorant bliss.

If all the medical studies of Autism are void of our basic knowledge we don't feel Pain Correctly or even at all, how can their observations be even close to right? Seemingly there are some in autism the know the pain tolerance a little too well, and we are injured folks. Some people in the Spectrum seem to totally feel pain correctly. Still others many others THINK they feel pain normally (like I did) UNTIL they are injured or hurt. Typically after that happens they slowly and 'painfully' get the idea they are indeed hurt but, don't feel enough of the pain to even realize the extent of their injures.

Just think,, If our pain tolerance could be figured out and somehow duplicated with a pill? Perhaps we don't have nerves connected correctly explaining our Pain free status.
Just as Autism has missed our Picture Thoughts and how well we use them and how we developed them, they have missed the fact many of us are Pain free as well.

I have heard from many people over the years via this blog that also had experience with this autism trait and thus we need to if nothing else document our stories. Thus I'm starting a New Blog called--- AUTISM, What We Haven't Felt?--- Perhaps this will become a kind of clearing house for people to post their experience and a place were others can come to discover what we already know and have absently figured out. Trust me, we have an odd story to tell when we go to the Emergency Room and never feel a thing during the press until you scream test. When you have broken bones treated as a sprain for over a year you also have some odd medicine to explain as well. Please join us add your Two cents worth to this new blog. Together we all might turn this into something good.

I will post the blog address here as soon as I get it set up.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Flat Earth

Rich Shull,,,, Http:// Autism's Flat Earth Society

To my Dear Readers and parents of someone in the autism spectrum.

I know many of you read these posts on this blog and fume and think how outrageous! Just how can a "***" like that or a number of them have done so good at over coming Autism? Just how can all the experts of autism be so off? We have done what we are supposed to have done and yet are kids are not doing a real life? Were straddled with behavior challenges and diets and advise from all sides none of which seems to work. We live and think Autism and IEP"s and Autism this and that and if all the people put faith in are the experts we think they are why shouldn't we follow their advise? Just what is this Anthropology of High functioning people all about? Have our kids been absently cheated?

To answer that and spread a ray of hope, remember Autism was invented for the most part and all it needs is a foundation that our Anthropology offers. While Modern Autism was looking naturally "east and west" we were doing our double blind experience looking "north and south." The Essence of a double blind experience is NO ONE knows anything about what they were doing. We didn't know we were figuring out autism as generations before us have done as well, and Modern Autism wasn't aware of what we were doing right under their nose. The results are also Double-blind and our real to life functioning autism where most of us pull off the trick of normal to some degree, totally flies in the face of New modern Autism.

We can see from inside point of view Modern Autism has got a hold of the wrong end of the stick and if they only knew the reason for our behavior and understood our never in print before thought process Autism could be taught by 6th grade. I predict we could take many of our group home modern day residents and go back and teach them their basic Autism and social skills as we have learned them and WALLA we would do the "impossible." The whole trouble with Autism is our very basic, basics and the how and why we think with pictures has never been in a text book before. Temples book is the very starting stages of Autism Thoughts, WE BUILD On her work. Autism thoughts are invisible to you, except for perhaps our gazed look. Even if not everyone Thinks in Pictures and they have never been in a psychology book before It is obvious the very best performing people in Autism that can explain a Savant are picture thinkers. Simply presenting this thought process to everyone in the Spectrum will spark all kinds of hope for all of us. We are offering something that is proven to work, even If, especially If, Autism will not own up to us, It certainly has to have some advantage on that fact alone. Perhaps Autism should own up to us and SMEAR us in a media campaign, actually that would work to? It would at least get our message out and the facts will withstand the strongest of critiques.

Our Double-blind Experience rendered and rehashed and taught in an autism school might indeed offer the best hope ever of figuring out figured out autism. Autism by the way was and has been figured out for a long time, it is just natural a traditional thinker would miss the very bold and obvious points of it they don't come from the same point of view we do. Only completed proficient picture thoughts (advanced Autism) mimics traditional thought enough for the traditional mindset to work. What we absently learned was the very basic autism thoughts in our double-blind experience. PLEASE urge Autism powers to admit to us. The Alan Turing's of the world and other Savants were simply just the luckiest people to be able to figure out our picture thoughts and you only know Autism's Rain Men (and Ladies) we were the only obvious things sticking out to grasp, but yet what we have really done is explain them in our experiences.

We are like the reporters of Autism we don't invent our Autism Facts, we just report them. The results are great for everyone in the spectrum except for a few, reputations and empires and professional status would be challenged, but I have faith no one will be out of a job. In fact, we will make more Autism jobs and actually render autism facts that will benefit many other disciplines other than Autism. We explain Einstein to Dyslexia. Too bad we don't have a degree in anything but real life.

Autism Noise and Mother's Day

I was very lucky and got to do Mother's Day Brunch at Bob Evans Restaurant, my sister and I took Mom there. It was only due to the figured out autism and the honed autism thoughts and knowledge of our super good hearing trait that I was able to 'survive' in that hostile environment. It was far too loud! just like an autism classroom. I was the only one there that heard EVERYTHING. While the average person knew and realized a louder than normal rumble of people talking and the occasional "bling" of a dish dropping, etc., the noise didn't impede their conversations, to a large degree.

Autistically the Blig of the dish dropping was heard as BLIIIIIIING and not a simple Bling. The high pitched S sound coming from the Cell Phone Conversation 2 tables away was never even heard by most people. The clatter of tableware and glasses was chorus of high pitches that normal people take as atmosphere but it is hell on our hearing. During the high pitches that provoke our overlaod,periods of time when our senses are turned off for a few milliseconds to a second or two our we can't hear a thing. The too much to deal with noise wise simply shuts off our hearing, and If we are having a picture thought that is turned off as well. Being a proficient Picture Thinker I can use Picture in Picture Thought (very advanced Autism) and thus I'm far less likely to loose my thought in overload. Junior Picture thinkers especially those of modern Autism probably don't even have a clue they are picture thinking or if they do how to even attempt to use their invisible to you thoughts.

During the Overload when the senses are shut down I am as lost as the normal autistic kids of today are but Autistically I have we, have learned the 99 conversations people have and when our vision and hearing start functioning again we have simply progressed along a few more words in the conversation we were having, in this case with my Mom and sister. Family conversations are especially easy as I know the family traits and can take more conversation liberties (translated that means more small talk). I am delighted to say Working Functioning autism works this well and our Anthropology does this all the time! Modern Autism Could DO the same thing but as long as they insist on chasing us with musical Instruments and Sing to us (CBS news Monday, May 15th, See previous post) we don't have a chance of any constructive learning. It seems the modern Autism is only treating or attempting to treat the outward symptoms of Autism and they lack our insight to Why we have the lost in space look and they don't even realize our hearing is wildly different, or for that matter how we think with our invisible to you thought process. It is safe to say if an "expert" knew of our working autism they would defiantly slow down and quit making fools of themselves. Well, Maybe not? The autism Empire might well be unintentionally tarnished with our working autism ,unless our insight could be spun and disguised as research and our ideas are slowly learned by the Autism teachers and professionals and quietly blended into the Autism classroom we have no way of ever being admitted to in Autism Circles. Meanwhile, Please get out Temple's Thinking in Pictures and read it again and realize we take her work to new heights that have never even been in a text book before! We build upon her work. Our working daily use autism has never been in a text book before and Autism Publishers refuse to publish our works. It seems we have the best Autism money and Experts can buy and create.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Monday, May 15, 2006

CBS News Autism Story


Monday May 15 Th., 2006, Just how messed up as Autism become?

I just witnessed the last 2 minute Segment of The CBS evening news dealing with Autism. The idea mentioned in this video was to follow the Autisitc kid around the classroom with a musical instrument and literally chase him or her and sing their name! HOLD on Folks! Many years ago Autism was aware of our super good hearing and keen senses and perhaps logic should tell you Singing and Screaming at us is probably not a good idea? Didn't Progress just regress? Our hearing is decibels higher than normal and I even use that super good refined Autistic hearing to trouble shoot cars, I hear stuff other mechanics don't. My refined Autism hearing is working autism, something learned and earned long before this Rain Man's curse took Autism the wrong direction.

If nothing else the noise and the literal chasing of a student around a class room that is in itself too loud is doing a very LARGE disservice to the autistic student. As our Temple Grandin Anthropology is IGNORED on purpose it is because we have figured out these autism quirks and we done it on our own! Autism has billions of dollars invested in their empire and many experts were expecting an uncritquied career and they were getting that, as they create new generations of Group Home People to support their ignorance. If you never teach a person a thing and they are never allowed the "freedom" we had to do a double blind Autism Experience and absently learn what has NEVER in a text book before it is no wonder we came out much better and can explain a Savant, the gold standard of Autism.

Just for the record, our Anthropology Thinks in Pictures your daydreams perhaps. Our OPTIC vision is turned OFFFFFF and our brains try to project an Image of something into our optical nerve and we read that as our Thoughts. IF as we have done autistically in our double blind experience we have learned to realize, read and translate that day dream-picture thought to reality and words to be spoken, we have figured out in effect our Autism thoughts. As parents and teachers only see the surface of our glazed look and they think we are ignoring them they are Dead Wrong, we are trying to develop our internal picture thoughts. Of Course Modern Autism Will NOT tolerate that. Modern Autism also doesn't realize or even care that our hearing is much different from normal and we hear more than most people do: yet while our Picture thoughts are being developed (or Trying to) our Hearing is OFF as well. Proficient Picture thinkers have found ways to deal with this and make our lives flow. You would never guess we even exist as Autism has been doing its level best to ignore us. We take Temple Grandin's work much further!

That Optic Projection by the way could be anything from the Phone Book, like Rain Man read in the movie to plans for a motor. The LUCKY autistic people like me have learned to read and translate our thoughts to real words. IF we were REALLY lucky we also had the very best of social experience to hone our naturally poor Autism Skills in to something that worked. More over our Autism Thoughts are naturally 100 times more complicated than traditional thoughts and part of our Autism Success is learning to water down these thoughts into smaller bites everyone can understand.

Autism wake up and get out of your shell and admit to your best success! Your, as of this writing, unadmitted to anthropology that has been there and done that! We have done a version of human thought that has never been in print before and it was never in print before because it has never been figured out before. Just because it wasn't in your text books is no reason it hasn't been identified and figured out and even proven in our double-blind experience. Higher Education/research was never programmed to have the answer to Autism (or anything else) simply surface on it own but yet its natural blinders assure the very best in Autism Knowledge is forever lost... How very sad.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Diets and Autism

Dear Readers,,,,

As you read over this blog and discover as the rest of have, Autism is not nearly as complicated as the "experts" would like it to be, one case in point is the Autism diets that are Gluten and Casein free. Honestly what does a diet have to do with Autism in this case? Our entire Anthropology was brought up and raised without any special diets and we came out over all very good. As the cards unfolded in our Double-blind experience we have discovered autism to be more centered on a different kind of Human thought that has NEVER BEEN in a text book before more than a diet. GASP!!!!!! what did I say? I'm sorry to insult the new Guru's of Autism but, our experience was void of your diets and we came out pretty well. What a diet like this has to do with picture thoughts and keen senses and a pain tolerance is beyond me.

There are times I think a special diet weather it is for Autism or weight loss or 100s of other things is simply just bad science at times. Bad science pushing a cook book perhaps?
I would be delighted if Autism Professionals would actually study all of autism, even our bit, and if they did they might very well see our figured out Autism is something that we learned and earned and rendered in a double-blind experience. Perhaps the thing about admitting to us is, we don't support (unintentionally) the new modern, The 'Oh I have fallen versions' of Autism that have only have their place in modern times. There is a big devoid in Autism between the new version of it and the pre Rain Man version of it. The old version has solved and figured out much of our condition and could easily add volumes to Mankind's data banks and open doors in psychology and education that NO researcher would have ever found as they didn't have our set of keys. Modern Autism Is pretty much a pity party with too many victims being absently cheated by the not so expert, experts. I hope Autism was not invented and honed to form this Media Empire it has become today but, nonetheless Postage Stamps NASCAR Racers and many more Media type of events including an awareness month no matter how well intentioned simply close the doors on honest insight that no one "wants to know about now."

Not all that is called progress is progress. Autism is neglecting its responsibility to everyone that donates to it and the taxpayers funding its research, not to mention cheating the families of those in the spectrum by not considering all the facts, even the ones it doesn't like. If this were just a bunch of doctors and researchers spinning their wheels and not doing much harm I'd care a lot less. HOWEVER, what they are ignorantly setting on and purposely hiding what might very well be the origins of the human mind and the slow-motion step -by- step thought process of the human mind. If what we have figured out was not a vital key to human thought and we didn't explain a savant I would not worry so much. It seems like we are indeed a day late as Rain Man's Curse is in full swing. (humor) I think I need a glass of Milk!

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Friday, May 12, 2006

Time Magazine

Dear Blog Reader's,
Time Magazine as many of you know did a feature story on Autism , This is a letter to the editor I sent to them. Rich

Pre Rain Man Autism =

Dear Reader's:

Perhaps we are a day late? Autism has a wonderful high functioning unadmitted to anthropology of people from all over the world that HAVE figured out Autism, a thought process that has never been in print before. We build upon the work of Temple Grandin and take her work to new heights. We explain the Savants, as well as, the village idiot. Modern Autism has been jumping threw hoops to keep us quiet and hidden for years now. We unintentionally deflate the modern Autism Empire, post Rain Man.

Our thought process might very well prove to be the slow motion building blocks of the human mind. Our autism can explain everything from Einstein to Dyslexia and shed light on nearly every aspect of psychology. We are teenagers to 80 years olds and come from every place on earth and all share the same thought process. We all learned Autism in a double-blind experience. Seemingly only 1 of 3 people called autistic know us and know our Picture thoughts, Pain Tolerance and Keen Senses among other traits. We tend to meet the very oldest definition of autism before the Rain Man Era people lowered the diagnosis standards too much. Mankind has been cheated out of his best insight but, still autism cannot admit to us as again we would unintentionally deflate their empire.

Please look over my (our) blog to see a version of working Autism that the Autism Society of America would prefer you never see.

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built upon Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures, and Inventer of the Turing Motor a 70 % efficient Green Car motor that could get a small car 100 mpg.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Another Wakefield Study

Dear Reader's
The following quoted Autism Study form one of the big wigs in autism might be fine and dandy, from a research point of view it might be valid and meaningful but, it just might be pushing a point of Modern Autism has to make ,as well. In reality no matter where autism came from or how it developed, wouldn't it not be better to look into autism's un admitted to past and figure out how we over came so well and fill in the gap between the savant and the village idiot. Combine our old working Temple Grandin Style autism with the modern Autism and give our autistic kids the very best chance ever, of a normal life. ? Does that make too much sense?

We have many people in autism, that have done a double blind autism experience and our fine results are not admitted to from Autism 'Professionals' . Besides the fact we might unintentionally tarnish a few reputations, It seems professional college educated researchers have never been presented with a living working anthropology and they don't have to give us the time of day. (and they will not) Sadly, research is only geared from the top down and often times because of this attitude anyone in the ranks of a condition can be safely ignored as there is no way a "retarded autistic" person could ever figure out the condition. While the quoted study might be nice and offer a bit of money to the ones in charge of it the fact remains EVERYDAY autism has been figured out and proven time and again. The stuff we figured out has never been in a text book and I doubt it ever will be as it is a thought process and a state of being that will not be obvious to anyone not, naturally autistic. As far as Autism is concerned the earth is flat.

Just how different autism would be, if years ago when our Anthropology was discovered and appreciated and even liked by some of the very big names in Autism that still dominate the craft, didn't turn tail and run? While we have figured out Temple Grandin's work and taken it to new heights and added chapters to mankind's knowledge banks and even identified a different type of human thought, it seems that is more work than help, at this point in the game of life. That begs the question why will autism not own up to us and share or even take the time to learn our knowledge that explains a Savant? You would think they like a population of underperforming people doomed to special education and a group home, it certainly supports their stereotype and makes for a few poster children.

Autism is not all that complicated, it is just another from of human thought and might be the slow motion building blocks of the human mind. The only thing complicated about autism is the stuff we have figured out and proven was achieved via a double-blind experience and we taught our selves our autism thoughts. Logically we are the only ones to have figured them out as they were our natural thought process and they don't resemble anything modern education realizes. Honestly we give insight to Einstein and even offer new and amazing insights to many other conditions. If our theory is correct and Autism is the building blocks of the human mind we are setting on 1000 more psychology text books yet to be written. The kicker is how do 'stupid, but successful' retards (as they view us) compete against an Autism Empire that might never have expected a group of people to have ever figured out the condition? The Wakefield Study follows and again what does it really mean for everyday autism? It certainly can't tell of the world what we have figured out and how we do so well in real life.
Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Forwarded Message:
New Wakefield study: Gastrointestinal comorbidity, autistic regression and Measles-containing vaccines
5/8/2006 7:47:36 PM Eastern Standard Time
If you received this email by error, click REPLY, add REMOVE and you will no longer receive Unlocking Autism posts.Medical Veritas 3 (2006) 796–802Gastrointestinal comorbidity, autistic regression and Measles-containingvaccines: positive re-challenge and biological gradientAndrew J. Wakefielda, FRCS FRCPath; Carol Stottb, PhD; and Kirsten Limbc, BSc AbstractBackground: A temporal association between exposure to measles-containing vaccine (MCV) and autistic-like developmental regression in a sub-set of children with enterocolitis has been reported. Measles virus (MV) was detected in ileal biopsies from these children at higher prevalence than in developmentally normal pediatric controls.This study tested the hypothesis of a dose-response effect of MCV exposure on intestinal pathology, as evidence of a causal association.Methodology/Principle Findings: Children with normal early development and autistic-like developmental regression were divided into two groups: re-exposed children (n=23), who had received more than one dose of a measles-containing vaccine (MCV), and once-exposed children (n=23), who had received only one dose of MCV. The groups were matched for sex, age, and time-elapsed from first exposure to endoscopy. Comparisons included: secondary (2o) gastrointestinal (GI) and related physical symptoms and observer-blinded scores of endoscopic and histological disease. Re-exposed children scored significantly higher than once-exposed for 2o physical symptoms including incontinence, presence of severe ileal lymphoid hyperplasia, number of biopsies with epithelial damage and number of children with acute inflammation. Markers of acute inflammation included number of children affected and proportion of biopsies affectedConclusion/Significance: The data identify a re-challenge effect on symptoms and a biological gradient effect on intestinal pathology, which links MCV exposure to autistic-like developmental regression and enterocolitis.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Turing on Einstein

A Held Back Alan Turing Figures out Einstein,

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

Page 32, 33

The School Certificate passed, the system allowed him a small part to play, that of the 'math's brain.' There was no mathematical sixth at Sherborne, as at some schools, notably Winchester. There was science sixth for whom mathematics, Alan's best subject, was regarded as subsidiary. Nor was Alan Promoted to sixth form immediately; he was held back in the fifth for the autumn of 1928, but allowed to join the sixth forum for their mathematics classes. These were taught by a young master,Eperson, just a year down from Oxford and a gentile, cultured person, the kind master who would consistently be played up by the boys. Here was the chance for the system to redeem itself at last, the spirit breaking through the letter of the law. And in a negative way, Eperson did what Alan wanted by leaving him alone.

""All that I can claim is that my deliberate policy of leaving him largely to his own devices and standing by to assist when necessary, allowed his natural mathematical genius to progress uninhibited. ""

He found that Alan always preferred his own method to those supplied by the text book, and indeed Alan had gone his own way all the time,makeing few concessions to the school system. During the machinations over the school certificate, or even before, he had been studying the theory of relativity from Einstein's own popular account. This employed only elementary mathematics, but gave full rein to ideas which went far beyond anything in the school syllabus. "
From Rich

Alan Turing like many of us lucky enough to be able to complete our double-blind Autism Experience was thankfully never held back completely although he was allowed to attend 6th grade math while being held back to the fifth grade for other subjects. THANKFULLY no one was there in the form of a modern 'Autism Expert' or special education system to "SCREAM" he is Autistic and CAN'T do a thing, don't push him etc.

As our anthropology's experience indicates most of us had our very worst times in 4-5-6-7 Th. grades, a time in education where the simple things become more complicated and MOST importantly the time our Picture thoughts need to be there and developed and yet ignorantly, they were never mentioned even once. Like Alan Turing and the rest of us, Autism will not own up to, we had to give our selves a crash course in Autism Picture Thoughts. Usually by 8th grade or so we knew we had a different type of thought process and were thinking in pictures to a large degree. THEN JUST AS NOW autistic picture thought IS invisible to anyone but us and it turns off our optic vision and replaces that with a brain-generated image we look at analyze and then convert to words or new thoughts. (something like your day dream) It was no wonder Alan was thinking in his own way, as Autism thoughts even in 2006 still have never been in a text book before. Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures is only the very tip of the picture thinking ideals.

Typical traditional thoughts seem to be so shallow and one dimensional while our autism thoughts can be just like reading a book, just remember a picture is worth a 1000 words. Einstein and Turing had to be picture thinkers as it is only a picture thought that could ever give enough detail for their complicated thoughts and theories and they were lucky enough to be able to translate those thoughts to real words or theories and even their inventions.

Splinter skills are indeed related to picture thoughts and pictures and picture thoughts build and build upon each other, thus the idea, Splinter skills are our learning hallway. I urge Special Education and Autism Professionals to get off their high horses and realize that splinter skills and their development and identification seemingly have saved generations of Autistic people form a group home. Yes, our anthropology has proven that fact time and again. Perhaps that is one of the major reasons we will not be admitted to?

If Alan or any of us for that matter, were able to be taught our Picture Thoughts and how to use them that would have propelled us deep into all kinds of things. Thankfully, we were all smart enough to invent and realize our own naturally different thought process. Working Autism might very well be the building blocks of the human mind and an explanation of the human mind and how it works and it does things like talk,think and process emotions. If you take our Anthropology's experience and condense our experience you could honestly teach Autism by sixth grade! We seem to explain everything from Einstein to Dyslexia.

I'm sorry to be so bold and forward especially due the fact I'm missing a degree in anything but real life but the fact remains, we explain the savants and relate to all of autism. You must agree the exploited savant is the gold standard of autism and If the savant was explained so would most of autism. What we have figured out is a different type of human thought that has never been in a text book before and it also is NOT naturally going to be exposed in any research done by Autism, Psychology or Education. It takes one to know one. The most confusing part of this autism puzzle is completed working autism like ours mimics traditional thought, but to get to this point we still have to do it on our own. No Autism Professional it seems, is professional enough to even listen to us, we have came from the Wrong Planet (Thanks Gupsy).

While this double-blind completed autism experience holds all kinds of real life hope for autism and indeed many other aspects to mankind's being. Our experiment just concluded and the timing could not be any worse. Autism Today, Is a Big Empire, complete with postage stamps, race cars and fundraisers and even TV shows and of course a movie that might have launched the whole thing. The circus act savant types of things and now the modern Images of Autism being helpless are just what was needed to help this big pity-party launched. Add to this mix self-elected "experts" That might or not have Autism best interest at heart and you have a big mess. Many Autism Professionals it seems really don't care long term, as if they did they would beating the doors down to glean our secrets not, building their walls even higher trying to hide from us. One thing is for sure they were never expecting a whole host of honest home grown critques that have been there and done that!

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Turing Award=Nobel Prize

On the Subject of Alan Turing, The A.M. Turing Award,

"Adi Shamer, a cryptographer at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and a winner of the 2002 A.M.Turing, computings equivalent of a Nobel Prize, used a technique called power analysis to uncover the password of a first generation RFID tag. "

The quote was from Consumer Reports Magazine, June 2006 Issue, Page 38

All I can simply say is Gee ,Autism look what you have been missing?

Here it is 2006 and Autism the older untouched versions of it have been figured out and time tested and rendered in double-blind experiences from autistic from all over the globe, with repeatable results to boot, and Autism societies and professionals are simply to ignorant or stubborn to admit we fill in the blanks and answer the questions they have been searching for. Success is success and ignored success our ignored success is simply proof positive that Modern Autism could really care less about autism or your Autism family member. If they really gave a darn they would have continued to embrace us years ago when they first learned of our anthropology and even they thought we were on to something. While we build on Temple Grandin's work and take mankind's mind into new uncharted areas and explain autism along the way the so called professionals of autism are not at all thrilled with our results. Admitting to us in any form will deflate autism as we know it today. Many people, powerful people in autism have given their lives for the sake of Autism and it is now proving impossible to be heard as their skewed versions of autism and, our skewed versions (as they see it) of Autism don't match.

Autism has many more books and chapters to add to mankind's knowledge base upon our discovery. Can you just imagine 10-20 more books building on Temple's Thinking in Pictures! More over modern Autism doesn't want to know of it, as our Autistic authors are routinely rejected from Autism Publishers. Despite going kilometers in explaining Savants and the nuts and bolts of Autism, the Autism Powers judging from their actions would prefer to keep Autism an' Oh Help me Condition' that more often than not yields one to life in a group home. What we have done has never been in a text book before and Thinking in Pictures, was only the very tip of our deep thought process!

While recent posts in this blog have been relating Alan Turing's life to Autism and explaining how it relates to autism thoughts and traditional thoughts, we learn by the quote above the A.M. Turing Award is equal to the Nobel Prize in Computers. That is a very well fitting, named award for our autistic hero, Alan Turing. Weather it is the Movie Character Rain Man, or Alan Turing or many other Savant type people from all over the world Autism has only noticed the high points to a savant and exploited them (hopefully not on purpose) to create an Autism Empire that today can't be touched. It employs many people and fuels the EGOS of many professionals that hide themselves in peer review hugs. The good old boy network seems to be more worried of being (unchallenged) 'expert' to their own standards rather than being true people of science and investigating all of autism, even the parts they don't like.

Rich Shull,,,, Http://

Posts and quotes from the book: ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983 Related Item PBS-BBC show entitled Breaking the Code by Hugh Whitmore, based on The Enigma.

PS, If anyone in Autism wishes to be big enough to take one side of an Olive Branch, we are willing to let you exploit our findings, spin them as you wish, as that is a win, win -- we get our autism knowledge to the people that need it and you might to get to keep control of your precious empire. Once the right seeds are planted Autism will grow on its own, in the right direction. Perhaps that is a really scary thought to some?