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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Dog and Pony Show

Autism,the figured out autism has no place in the world.

The comments from my last posting and on the web article I wrote explaining the late Kim Peek the inspiration for the move Rain Man and the contemporary Autism Empire to follow have been great to "how dare you pretend to be autistic". I was published on OP ED NEWS and my Blog and several different Yahoo groups. The response was far and wide and so help me even if I was a good friend of contemporary autism or I was even regarded as the next Temple Grandin (was once pretty close to that honor) my explanation of old working autism would still be called into question. But that would be an advancement for sure.

Discovery even long drawn out life time discovery like autistic like me have figured out; in reality has discovered the building blocks of the mind is just simply worthless in the eyes of a common person or even autism expert. The experts of the world don't know us. Autism Experts and Psychology guru's alike are horrified of our success and like any human they fear the unknown. Experts especially, are fearful of other 'experts' and will run and hide behind the wall of peer review at their favorite university instead of letting the discovery of a new (old actually) thought system be developed. As Autistic like me developed and figured out a never in print before thought process that takes place during the Autism Lack of Eye contact - we discovered it is the sublevel thoughts that make us Einstein when figured out and make us MR/DD Retards when not developed. Modern Autism unknowingly goes too many miles in the wrong direction as the facts of autism were tarnished hidden and forgotten by contemporary Autism. Add the smell of money and power to the Autism equation and you have a this huge Autism Epidemic. Some of the biggest funders of the Autism Epidemic are the group home industry, and drug companies. Starting with Dr. Rimland himself the,father of the movie Rain Man the ignorance factor of autism has been snowballing for years now and even looking cross eyed and displaying the slightest delay in development gets one the Autism Diagnosis and sadly the ticket to a first rate group home.

Sadly Autism grew too big too quick and as all great empires have done they fail from with in as eventually the foundation of autism as we know it will be exposed and it will be found out ,the foundation of old working autism was once known and forgotten for one reason or another. Today despite 200 more people like me that missed Rain Man 's Curse and despite the fact after a 30- 40 year learning curve discovering a never in print before human thought process was figured out we are the thorn in the side of Autism. Contemporary Autism understandably has jumped threw hoops of fire to keep our comments out of the CDC meetings for starters. Autism Speaks and other autism greats like the ASA refuse to admit to anyone older than 25 not in a group home matching the mold of new autism they were poured from. The admission of old Autistic people, like me ,our odd schooling tales and parents' horror stories, would prove most of this modern Autism charade was not necessary. Every point we figured out like diet , behavior ,and our pain tolerance and keen senses and the GENIUS side to autism has an explanation contemporary autism will gag on and more to the point will not admit to. No Experts will stand there and be humiliated by the truth of a group of 40 year olds that came up from the bottom of the gene pool and learned a human thought process that has never been in a book before. Hark! its even an invisible thought process only indicated by the lack of eye contact.

Man is not engineered for big discovery or big news so I will just have to leave my inventions, wit, odd humor with mankind and join the ranks of those before me like Turing ,father of the computer, and of course Einstein and Di Vinci and United States President Abe Lincoln and Di Vinci among others that man only tolerates after we are dead or even killed. Don't Kill me off yet! I have to finish my Green Turing Motor and give mother Earth a chance! After all man did not kill off Alan Turing (1912-1954) until after his computer won WWII. His Computer by the way was an idea fresh out of autism genius and no one could believe it- but it worked- Thank goodness Sir Winston Churchill seen the hope in Autism and Turing. (Just look at the computer today!) Olde working autism like I promote has the same edge to it and its edge is too advanced for average humans to tolerate.

Rich Shull on the Blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism..

Offering an Olive Branch to contemporary Autism ,as always. Please don't greet it with a chain saw, again. (I will however accepct the cash offer to sell the rights to my book, autism hates so much, and to pull this blog)

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

good bye, Mr.Peek

Rain Man's Inspiration Passes on - his mind explained.

In memory of Kim Peek.

I'm Rich Shull, a nearly 50 year old Autistic writer and inventor who like many of my era totally over came autism. We are just a few years too late, in terms of our late term figured out genius and our autism backgrounds being figured out, to be believed. Like Einstein, my friend Hajo who just passed the Mensa IQ tests we all started out life and school last, and we were often in Special Education. With all the power a troubled schooling can muster, and the fact we are way too old to be creditable in Autism Circles we still despite the odds honed our never in print before thought process into inventions like Alan Turing's (1912-1954) computer, my own Triple hybrid green car motor, wit, humor, Einstein traits and to a large degree became a circus act. As we come up from the bottom of the gene pool, we learned that is not the way to achieve the 'creditability' needed for the guru's of peer review to even give us the time of day. It doesn't help one bit, that what we have discovered a daydream based thought process has never been in a text book before either. Many of us Think like Peek did but are able to socialize his thoughts much better. Experts wrongly assume Peek was Smart but in reality he is like I am not all that smart just different in the way our mind works. While we started out life in a strange odd way, we were in reality in Special Education figuring out our sub level thought process that is a few notches below 123, and the ABC's. We had to discover a different kind of human thought process that was naturally programmed for us on our own.

Peek's thoughts were nothing more than your best dreams and daydreams on 'drugs'. Genius like that is nothing more than (in simple terms) dream interpretation. If you have ever explained a dream to some one, and you seen the minds eye picture of it you know the in creditable detail and I'm sure been just stunned to trying to get the words together to describe it. If you did pull off the trick someone got a grand explanation. That is just what Peek was doing, He was in other words just reading his daydream thoughts . Autism thoughts are by default daydream based thoughts and it is said Autism is thinking in pictures. These picture based thoughts are the base line thoughts all of man kind uses. If you have ever been stopped cold in a conversation and your minds eye presented you with a picture thought and you were forced to say I can picture it- but can't place the name, you just experienced a sub level thought you don't know you had.

The Human mind only has limited ability,it is very shallow, and not as pretty as the people seeking the discovery of Peek's genius would hope for. The brain has limited functions and everything we do as humans is a compromise when it comes to thinking and brain power. In fact, the thought you know and love you use all the time is just normal- for you- but in reality they are short hand autism thoughts. Speech, (along with stuttering) as well as translating brain thoughts to movement to motion, and turning the 5 senses into useful inputs is a deep complicated process that humans have evolved with. That prime evil system forms the base line thoughts we don't know we use. Now really complicate the brain functions by being social and to do that Evolution provided us with emotions to trigger the social thoughts.

Here is a shocker and a glimpse into where we came from in terms of our trip up the evolution ladder; our minds can't do more than one thing at a time if were in Autism Primevil thought mode. That is why Autism Kids present so odd. In fact contemporary Autism is hung up on something they call the lack of eye contact, a reaction Autistic kids display that drives normal people crazy. Indeed our eyes are OFF our optic vision is off, but our eyes remain open and we (generally) don't know that our optic nerve just replaced optic vision with a brain generated vision (think Day dream) that we are supposed to think with. A proper autism school would teach this point. Perhaps these thoughts are nothing more than our human base line thoughts? If NASA for example could hook a monitor to our brain and see the very same series of internal thoughts I describe here form and compile and watch us get them translated to emotion ,speech and more thought and even body language the shear inability of the human mind points directly back to the dinosaur. If you have ever seen a Hasbro children's toy called Lite Brite where you plug in a colored peg in a light board to form a picture that is a very good example of how the brain works. We have 1000's of those Lite Brite pictures going in our mind as we think the most simple of thoughts, and we need to read each one, glean a bit of information from it and use it to do something.

Mr Peeks, Lite Brite Pictures were complete detailed photo memory thoughts and he had the ability to simply read is picture thought back to you. That is it that is the Essence of his Genius, He was a picture thinker. All humans think in pictures but normal people do it so well 'their program' of working sublevel picture thoughts and emotion and shortcuts pinnacle what we know as 'normal'. You as normal functioning humans never see the sub level thoughts, the picture thoughts anymore as all of your thought is shortcut thought. The Sub level thoughts that happen during an autistic person's lack of eye contact, that support these thoughts make autism a puzzle, make Autism a Genius Thing and also hold a mirror to man's mind; the reflection will not be pretty. Mr Peek was using all of his brain power to read and remember his photo memory. He was very good at that obviously. He used so much brain power to do that as a matter of fact he never developed the ability to use some of his brain power to relate movement and motion and body language and emotions to real life events. That is perfectably understandable as autistic people are both deaf and blind while we display the lack of eye contact. Autism people remain deaf and blind in plain sight and just present with the lack of eye contact. Not so Ironically many traditional people are also millisecond deaf and blind and you see it all the time when "people will not listen" in reality their mind is thinking and if it bulks a second longer they will get a minds eye view of something where their Optic vision is turned off and they will be looking at a daydream type of thought and they will be stopped cold in a thought and then forced to say, "I can picture it but can't place the name'.

There is lots more to Einstein , Mr Peek and others than picture thoughts, the simple picture thought ideal I describe here is just that simple. If you think in Pictures (day dreams) as your default mode of thought you learn like I have how to really develop and harmoniaze your complicated dream thoughts into ideas, you come out OK , if not 40 years too late. You also learn to think with normal thoughts so your OPTIC vision remains on and that allows one to learn body language, drive and be more social. Obviously there is not one shred of this obvious in the dark thought system all humans use, in one form or another, that has ever graced a text book before so the 'experts' of psychology, autism and the human mind don't even realize the very elements necessary to discover the minds' mind. Now with that said the mind will some day be graphed or drawn like the popular Helix DNA of Genetics is today. The mind is that simple that pr imitative and someday when these 1000 chapters in Psychology ever get figured out and the plug in modules that make us function are identified and mapped the TV Talk shows like Dr. Phil and even show's like PBS's Sesame Street and its featured character Big Bird will be able to hit the sublevel thoughts and 123 and the ABC's will be seen as advanced thoughts. The Sub level stuff the daydream picture thoughts make the 123's and the ABC's possible as well as Einstein 's genuis. Those Sublevel thoughts also make or break the human being and hold the very keys to ones personality and even personality disorders. Just imagine the serial killer, the Schizophrenic , the addicted Smoker, drinker, the Narcissists , and the perfectionists among other types, going to the psychologist office and coming out 'cured'. If they know the picture thoughts that make us a genius and the same lower forms of that thought that makes man, human, thoughts that form our personalities will some day be able to be identified and corrected, just like we diagnosis a broken bone today.

Well now, I have to end this piece as I started it, by saying people like me are coming up from the bottom of the gene pool a little to late and our genius might well be chocked full of ideas but, man's own ignorance and short cut thoughts make it impossible for him to do anything more than his allow his ignorance to shine threw. Man has been presented with the clues to his mind for centuries on end but man will never overcome the mass ignorance factor or more to the point the genius of his flock is not really a genius but rather a simple minded picture thinker.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kim Peek Passes on,, NASA listen up please. (Rain Man)

Although he was the inspiration for "Rain Man" and Hoffman actually studied him before starting the movie, Kim Peek was not autistic. He was born with macrocephaly, damage to the cerebellum, and agenesis of the corpus callosum.
While the movie made many more people aware of autism, it had the downside that people thought ALL people with autism had an major outstanding savant talent.
I wrote a handout for an autism rally about 10 years ago entitled "AUTISTIC", No Not Like in Rain Man".
If I can find it, I will pass it along.

"Rain Man" Muse Dies of Heart Attack
Kim Peek, 58, Inspired Dustin Hoffman's Oscar-Winning Role in 1988 Film, Classified as "Mega-Savant"
(AP) The man who inspired the title character in the Oscar-winning movie "Rain Man" has died.

Kim Peek was 58. His father, Fran, says Peek had a major heart attack Saturday morning and was pronounced dead at a hospital in the Salt Lake City suburb of Murray.

Peek was a savant with a remarkable memory and inspired writer Barry Morrow when he wrote "Rain Man," the 1988 movie that won four Academy Awards.

Fran Peek said his son met Morrow at a convention in the early 1980s and the writer was taken with Peek's knack for retaining everything he heard. Morrow wrote the script, and the movie went on to win Oscars for best film and best actor for Dustin Hoffman, whose repetitive rants about being an excellent driver and the "People's Court" about to start were a hit with moviegoers.

Although the character was technically fictional, Fran Peek said his son was every bit as amazing as Hoffman's portrayal of him. And Kim's true character showed when he toured the world, helping dispel misconceptions about mental disabilities.

"It was just unbelievable, all the things that he knew," Fran Peek said Monday. "He traveled 5,500 miles short 3 million air miles and talked to nearly 60 million people - half have been students."

In his later years, Peek was classified as a "mega-savant" who was a genius in about 15 different subjects, from history and literature and geography to numbers, sports, music and dates. But his motor skills were limited; he couldn't perform some simple tasks like dressing himself.

NASA scientists had been studying Peek, hoping that technology used to study the effects of space travel on the brain would help explain his mental capabilities.

Fran Peek says the funeral will be next Tuesday in Taylorsville. Details were pending.

In his later years, Peek was classified as a "mega-savant" who was a genius in about 15 different subjects, from history and literature and geography to numbers, sports, music and dates. But his motor skills were limited; he couldn't perform some simple tasks like dressing himself.

NASA scientists had been studying Peek, hoping that technology used to study the effects of space travel on the brain would help explain his mental capabilities.

The Above was a post from the Yahoo Group ASN

From Rich Shull, host of the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

My Condolences to the Peek family.

As for NASA and others types of GURU's trying to figure out our obvious,, They have their heart in the right spot but until they have seen the sub level thought process in motion and learned like we have to use those daydream type thoughts they are simply on the wrong planet to figure out our obvious. As I say the even the best and brightest regular minds think in short cut thoughts (AKA NORMAL THOUGHTS) so that means the normal thoughts you use are the short cut thoughts that we learn when people autistic like me, finally over come autism. I suspect If NASA had a clue to our deep picture thoughts that happen during our lack of eye contact thoughts , they would see why Mr Peek had so much knowledge. If you can imagine one of your vivid dreams or daydreams and multiply that 20 fold and make that your everyday thought process you would know why Mr Peek was so smart.

At the same time Mr. Peek like autistic people in general was using his very limited human brain power in non traditional ways. EVERY human has the savant ability in their 'code' its just never tapped. If NASA or others could hook monitors to our brains and watch the thoughts form, our day dream picture thoughts form they would be shocked to see Mr Peek's thoughts were all laid out in picture form in a version of your day dreams. NASA would also learn the human mind is not limit-less or all that smart actually and Mr Peek's brain power was used for knowledge and there was not enough of it left for simple "things" like dressing or being really social.

The great fooler of Autism or Genius and the underlying thought system that makes us "so smart" and also such social idiots at times lies in the autism thought process that takes place during the lack of eye contact when we really should be thinking with our default sub level daydream based thoughts. These have never been in a text book before and Temple Grandin's Thinking in Pictures is the closest thing in print I have seen that explains them. Since most traditional people don't have a clue to the sub level thoughts she is describing her book and its knowledge fell on deaf ears. No amount of peer review, or even the late Dr. Rimland, had a clue. This thought process while totally natrual for us ,and is the base for your thoughts has never been discovered as of yet. High functioning autistic build on her work and Savants even take our picture thoughts (your daydream thoughts) much further to the point where humans don't even have enough brain power left to be social.

The shocker of the mind figured out is humans will not be impressed with their mind. It is so primative so evolutionary and so lackluster that no one will admit to it when man does figure it out, like we have. Indeed, there are the next 1000 chapters in psychology waiting in the wings of figured out autism, all figured out but unless the experts experience our kind of thoughts first hand they don't have a clue they are clueless and looking up the wrong tree for the wrong thing. Experience is the only teacher.

Here are some fun facts and the reason why the experts and the Savants themselves remain "hidden in plain sight".

)))) Our thought process is invisible to you and takes place during our lack of eye contact. Ideally autism people should be able to be thinking in Picutre thoughts, Once we learn those; nomral thoughts like you use result.

)))If you don't think you think in Picutres -you do- Have you ever been forced to say "I can picutre "it" but can't place the name? If so you just looked into the sublevel picutre thoughts that your mind tapps into all the time. Your OPTIC vision was OFF and you were looking at a minds eye picutre of something? That same Minds Eye picture makes (you see its stunning detail) is what fosters our Einstein ,Rain Man , Savant thoughts, as we are simply "reading to you" ,our picture thought. We think by default with those mids eye picutres all the time and need to learn to short cut those and then normal thoughts work as you know them.

)))) Few Autistic people realize their OPTIC and Brain generated vison is Interchanged. Many autistic never figure this out and just learn a weak version of normal thoughts on their own by happenstance and eventually function.

)))) Optic vision (eyes) and Brain generated vision (daydream thoughts for lack of better words) we think with interchange and we 'don't know ' our eyes are off and we are looking at our brain generated thoughts we are supposed to think with. There is NO divide or break point between those thoughts so the autistic person usually doesn't have a clue we our eyes are off and the optic vision has been replaced with a very similar Picture thought.

)))) Picture thoughts only last typically for a few milliseconds (unless they are developed into genius things),we display the lack of eye contact when this happens. Again they interchange freely with optic vision. This is the Essance of Autism and Genuis- our minds are working in a different mode- one never in a text book before.

)))) Those Picture thoughts expanded and figured out result in Savant, Genuis type things. (as well as trouble, like serial skillers etc)

))))Picture thoughts use so much brain power , there is none left for social things.

)))) Since our OPTIC vision is OFF (we don't know it) we never learn the ins and outs of catching a ball, body language, until we discover it for our selves after we discover our OPTIC And Brain generated vision are separate and then, how to use one or the other. Our eyes remain open (fooling you) but our OPTIC vision is OFF. (perhaps our optic nerve serves a dual purpose?)

)))) Autism People (savants too) are often Deaf and Blind for a few milli seconds as we think. You admire the deaf and blind for their insight, we have the same thing going.

))))These Autism Thoughts figured out are simply the sub level thoughts of the mind, the building blocks of the mind.

)))) Autism (and the ultimate Psychology 101) could be taught in a school. Autism could be taught in a grade 1-6 pre school.

)))) These Autism Genuis and savant thoughts are the best link to Evolution and will prove to be the living missing link.

)))) SO much Brain power is used , there is none left to feel pain. (Autism Pain tolerance) Only when something is seriously wrong, do we 'feel' it, even then we walk on broken bones and run marathons with out walls. (DID Mr Peek feel any signs of the impending Heart Attack?)

)))Normal people think in Shortcut thoughts and primarily use emotions and body language as their primary shortcut thoughts. Once we learn Autism :we to use, your shortcut thoughts , become Social, play ball and drive etc.

)))None of this has been in a text book before. (go figure)

))) Knowledge like this coming up from the bottom of the gene pool is just too little too late or is it?

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism , Rich is author of the book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, built on Temple's Thinking in Pictures and Inventor of the Turing Motor a Green triple Hybird car motor that features one central spinning cylinder and runs on Compressed Air, Gas and Electric. Good Green MPG and Earth Shattering acceleration.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hand writing and Autism- Its on the Wall!

I found this article on the Web about autism and handwriting.. WELL DUH is all I have to say, Old Working autism had this figured out long before Rain Man- Dr Rimland's Autism reworked Autism for the worse. This explanation will be new news to the autism 'Experts' that know us so very well but, our OPTIC vison is OFF while we are thinking so we can't always see what we are writing. Most Autiistc people don't realize their OPTIC and brain generated vision is interchanged and much of the time during the lack of eye contact our optic vision is off. Tell that to the 'experts'. Didn't Temple Grandin Write a book called Thinking in Picutres? Now add our Pain tolerance in the mix and we end up holding the pen or pencil too hard and push on the paper too hard and by the time we do all that, we can't have good penmanship. Of course that is a sign of Horrible autism and a sure sign of defect and the defect is not us; it's you the normal thinker that knows us so well. In reality you don't have a clue to autism and will not own up to those of us that build on Temple's Work and take it to the reaches of normal thought. Of Course Autism Speaks and they claim its time to listen but in reality autism is over a barrell and contemporary autism is off on a tangent started by the late Saint Dr. Rimland who was not playing with a full deck of cards himself.

Autism really is the building blocks of the mind, the logical fitting explantion for all things autism and psychology but like those before me like Di Vinci, Turing and Einstein we can not 'out class' the ignorance of people at large. Rich Shull, on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

MONDAY, Nov. 9 (HealthDay News) -- Autistic children are more likely to have handwriting problems, including trouble forming letters, than those without autism, researchers say.

The new study included 28 children, aged 8 to 13. Half of the study participants had autism spectrum disorder, but all of the children scored within the normal range for perceptual reasoning on an IQ test.

The children were asked to copy a scrambled sentence -- "the brown jumped lazy fox quick dogs over" -- to eliminate any speed advantage for children who were more fluent readers.

Five categories were used to score the participants' handwriting: legibility, form, alignment, size and spacing. Half of the 14 children with autism earned less than 80 percent of the total possible points, compared with one of 14 children in the group without autism. Nine of the children with autism scored below 80 percent in the form category, compared with two of the children without autism, the researchers reported.

The overall handwriting quality was poorer in children with autism, but all of the children in both groups were able to align, space and size their letters equally well, the study authors noted in their report in the Nov. 10 issue of Neurology.

"Our results suggest that therapies targeting motor skills may help improve handwriting in children with autism, which is important for success in school and building self-esteem," study author Amy Bastian, of the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, said in a news release from the American Academy of Neurology. "Such therapies could include training of letter formation and general training of fine motor control to help improve the quality of their writing."

More information

The U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has more about autism.

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Friday, December 18, 2009


Autism on the Rise
Fri Dec 18, 12:31AM PT - ABC News 3:23 | 61642 views
CDC study shows the disease is more common than previously believed.

From the Yahoo Front Page, a link to an ABC (America) TV piece on Autism on the rise. According to the article the CDC expects the autism number's to rise 50%.

Well now, Autism the Monster is in full swing, The ignorace of the entire condition and the self fuilling "wet dream" of autism guru's is just getting further and further out of control. The CDC was featured in this Autism piece by ABC news and it all seems like good news gone too far.

If the CDC would own up to this, I have testimoney that I gave at a 2003 Autism Town Hall meeting Indianapolis, Indiana where I was video taped, and my comments were transcribed and the comments I made were entered into the public record. This Autism Town Hall meeting was attended by all the BIG movers and shakers in Autism including the late Dr. Rimland, (father of Rain Man the Movie) who was none to thrilled with the my testimoney with the point of view of OLD working autism. My testimoney was very bad news for contempary autism as it exposed the ins and outs of old working autism and highlighted the finer points of how autism actually worked and eventually connected with normal thoughts. People Like Dr. Rimland ,Tony Attwood and other big players, were not at thrilled of hearing of successfull autism and people like me, that drove and did some sort of real life mostly because we missed Rain Man's Curse.

Dr.Rimland and others were fuming mad hearing the tales of old Autism and indeed fearing what would happen. What IF, the rest of the stroy were to get out the Autism that was once figured out (absently) and the points that made it so successfull were exposed again? -it would cripple new autism. Honestly the points forgotton from old working autism are what make autism such a puzzle today. Add old working autism practice back into the mix and suddenly autism will not be any worse than it ever was with the expection of the poor people poured from the new Autism mold that were prevented from their ulitmate goals and now, are probably in a group home.

EITHER LOST in the vaults of the CDC or destroyed forever are my Comments and Testimoney from the 2003 CDC conferance. I tried to get those via the Freedom Of Information act, a law that allows open access to goveremnt records here in America. The ONLY response I got from anyone was an UNSIGNED mechanically written note in the mail that said "you have been banished from the record" Imagine that?

That is not a shock, when you have figured out autism and the building blocks of the mind and the next 1000 chapters in Psychology there is no one there to back you up your lost. The only way Autism would ever own up to me and 200 more like me is if we were covered with choclate and had gold in our pockets.

Meanwhile Man is cheating himself yet again, as his blind ignorance and his greed (the autism Billion dollar empire)is a monster that can not be mastered now. Autism is doomed to its ignorant charade and the MR/DD side to the condition is the only thing highlighted these days and no one knows the very same autism is also Einstein and of course the Autism Experts that have not walked a mile in our shoes 'know us so well' to know we are only the retards they expect us to be and nothing else. There own Peer Review Autism assures only their point of view is considered and the damming bit of autism successfull's past are banished from the record.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Autism's Dust up

Autism's Big Dust Up

Autism has been figured out for years on end now- it is the internal thoughts that make normal thoughts work or in other words the short hand sublevel thoughts that make us appear 'normal' when they all function well. Of course they have never been in print before and the not one psychologist or autism guru knows enough about them to be more than dangerous. The entire Autism charade and the modern day epidemic of Autism cases, is just ignorance gone wild. Since Autism is the great fooler and is both MR/DD and Einstein and the keys to man's social functioning it has naturally been over blown over proportioned and dimmed down to the point of an epidemic. Our Internal thoughts are only known as the lack of eye contact in normal peoples thoughts but, what we are supposed to be thinking our way while our eyes are off; that is the nittiy gritty of the mind all figured out. These internal thoughts make all of man's mind function.

When Autism reached bumper sticker/ ribbon status (Autism is a Puzzle stickers) it has for sure, lost the vision and insight it once had of a puzzle solved. Read our Autism Blueprint in The Enigma by Andrew Hodges and see how our Alan Turing (1912-1954) over came autism and left the world the computer.

Meanwhile I rarely recommend many web sites but this one by a nurse practitioner is much better than normal It is a better than normal read for Autism these days

Please look it over and get a better than average feel for what Autism has become. Sad but, if Autism had not become a buzz word and an Epidemic we would be writing about the roots man's mind right now and not be worried about diagnosing someone autistic and condemning them to a group home. The same people in the group homes that never developed could be the visionaries of tomorrow. Man just cheated himself ,yet again.

Rich Shull and the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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Man on Thinking (life) Support

Mankind is doomed, as its always been. TV has made it worse!

I have been TV less for some months now and just recently got re connected to the world so to speak. I always knew TV was just a time waster for many people and the connection in their lives to the world, I realize it for sure now. Humans weather you believe it or not (probably not) think in pictures all the time. Body language is a just a short cut picture thought. Not hearing -listening- is not intentional but rather, the simple picture thought process that is the base line for human thoughts turning off your hearing- just like it does turn off our autistic hearing. Humans can only do limited functions with their brain and usually only one thing at a time thus TV has become easy thinking- the easy button for us. TV has in effect became the life support system of human thought.

Humans might as well be sitting in a nursing home or a hospital bed and instead of the easy chair, being connected directly to life support with wires they are radio wave connected by visually watching TV. If you think that is not at all true- watch what happens when the cable goes out and the pre fed picture thoughts on the screen are no longer there? People go crazy. They are in a state similar to those on real life support when the plug is pulled or the power goes off.

I'm not being funny here, I'm serious the Autism Thoughts I was able to figure out have turned out to be the sublevel thoughts of the mind that when figured out explain the mind. If there were true psychology experts that knew what we know they would be on TV either finishing the brainwashing process or simply be appalled with just how backward the human thought process really is.

Even when I take the autism full circle past the savant and social things to the Einstein thought, I am still limited to the best of picture thoughts. Picture thoughts for the uninformed are simply the daydream based thoughts all humans have. Those daydream thoughts have gone 'internal' and run below the surface of our mind all the time and unless your stuck on a thought and see a minds eye picture of someone you don't know your thinking with versions of your daydreams. Even when you are looking at a minds eye picture of someone and can't place their name you don't know like we do, you have just tapped into the sublevel picture thoughts that make our mind work. Man Mind runs on the daydreams below the surface all the time and when the autistic person has the lack of eye contact or the regular person can't hear (doesn't listen) or jumps to the wrong conclusion or doesn't get the joke It is all the picture thoughts daydream thoughts that are not advanced enough to be useful.

Turn off the TV, read a book and make your own picture thoughts again and humanity will be the beneficiary.

Rich Shull on the Blog, Pre Rain Man Autism.

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Preview to Johan Shull 1850-2025 the mind explained

My god, not another   :))) (smile)  is one coment you might hear from those read my first book, Autism, Pre Rain Man Autism. It was an awful book in some respects and I'll admit it but it did chart new ground, and built on Temple's Thinking in Picutres. Like the first book it was not written for the obvious reason of writing a book but, rather the roadmap it presented to man's mind. This current book Johan Shull 1850-2025 will if successfull expose all the details of man's mind.  It has to be science fiction as of this moment in time its all new news to man but it really isn't  but it has never been in a book before.

Frm Chapter Two,,,, A Slice of the book

New Chapter TWO

The Making of Einstein the Realization of my Genius

Old Chinese Saying: I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.

I hate to shatter the perception of genius but non instant genius is a time game. Like Einstein and many more autistic people that started out stupid- or at the bottom of the gene pool we often shine in later life. My friend Hajo for example just passed the Mensa IQ test and he like me was not the brightest kid in school. He is 40 something as of this writing. I started out life, swimming in the bottom of the gene pool and yes, climbing out of it has been a 35 year double blind psychology experience that has finally come full circle and the mind I have figured out, the same human mind you call normal is not all that impressive. It spans from the lower end of the scale in the depths of retardation and then on to savants, when all figured out normal thoughts and indeed the Einstein bits. Every human mind has the Einstein potential in it and even those in Special Education have great hope if the experience I describe here is taken to heart, proven and put into text books. Autism figured out is the next 1000 chapters in psychology and in my case the next 500 chapters in engineering.

Since this all of this is new news and never been in a text book before it has to be ‘science fiction’. The peer review, university establishment is not fond of totally new ideas and ideals and the very peer review that is supposed to foster discovery impedes it. Furthermore being a late term genius is not the best timing in the world, when you’re claiming you figured out the mind of Einstein. Normal traditional thinkers naturally think they have the key to genius as it is discovered in early life, in their opinion but, sometimes its not.

I learned and followed a different kind of road map and different kind of human thought process that again has never been in a text book. When all is figured out I have done nothing more than build one thought upon another in the more basic forms of the mind that evolution is ignorant of. Man’s mind is nothing more than a big picture dictionary haphazardly merged with the senses and it only flows when all the evolutionary shortcuts are working and honed to perfection. Every aspect of the mind is explained in Picture Thoughts. Yes I’m talking your daydreams and dreams, they are our default thought process and we think in pictures all the time. Autistic author, Temple Grandin wrote a book titled Thinking in Pictures, explaining some of the ideas. My first book Autism Pre Rain man Autism built on her book and even illustrated some of the picture thoughts. My biggest challenge with this book will be explaining man’s thoughts to man him. Man is in a evolutionary rut when it comes to the working of his mind and man’s mind has hit an internal plateau and the emotions that have come to substitute for fact ,logic and reason will just not be worthy of the mass ignorance of all the human race coupled together. It might well be centuries before this work is discovered and figured out by the common person or ends up in a philosophy discussion group. In general, more people you get together, the less able any of them are. Sir Winston Churchill had it all figured out when he said, “The biggest argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.” Di Vinci chimed in with” Wake up you miserable humans”; others have said their piece as well. Man’s mind is not all that good at things and once you discover how it is built and how it operates and the simple shortcuts we use I fear the discovery will cause man in general to be very disappointed in himself; the mirror will show a cave person looking back at us as we look at ourselves with a chip on our shoulder.

The building blocks of the mind that I talk about here, are the same for everyone, only most people never get to experience them as their blessed with a version of normal thought to start with. This source code for psychology is awesome in many respects and for once as my psychology is explained in this book we can have a smooth flowing explanation for every thing about the mind. Normal is a normal does and that means the true bearings and foundation of the mind are buried in plain sight and logically that is best place to hide anything. Normal minds operate on a series of short cuts as our minds lump together many different fuctions. Everything we do from talking to listening to vision to thinking to social behavior , even, fear, motivation, dyslexia, stuttering, personality issues , genius, savants, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias ,ESP , dreams and day dreams all flow together and have common building block roots based in that big photo album we call a brain. Everything Psychology is all figured out as I explain my Autism, Einstein my inventions the sad part will be it will be, the brain is like a 1940’s big plug in telephone switchboard that is overloaded and has only one operator. The evolution theory by Darwin will get a big boost with this psychology explanation and it will even tell us as humans, WHY parrots talk they have picture thoughts figured out! For sure dog training will get much easier. I predict dogs, cats, birds and other animals all have various forms of our brains or is it we have various versions of their brains? If you doing a big belly laugh about now and saying hogwash follow along with this example.

You’re going along having a pleasant chat with some one and you’re suddenly stumped. YOU MINDS EYE lights up and you looking at a picture of someone or something important to the conversation and YOUR forced to say, I can picture him, her, to it and can’t place the name. You Optic vision are OFF you thinking hard to figure out who that is?

What you have just done is tap into the one of the 1000’s upon 1000’s of picture thoughts that makes your mind work. If science could do the very same thing by hooking a monitor to our brains and see every picture thought we have and every thought we use to form a simple sentence you would have the clue you need to figure out the mind. This is where man’s mind is one big picture thought album. It consists of minds eye photos we have seen (memories) new images our brains makes on its own and 100’s of shortcuts that make us social functioning.

I bet most of you have a very similar story to tell, a very similar experience to share. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Those same pictures flow in our minds all the time, these same intense pictures make for my Einstein thoughts. Those same pictures when built upon one by one and intertwined with the human senses and coupled with emotion- the lightening rod of human thought make the simple human mind do what it does. Man really is a fool to himself.

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