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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

good bye, Mr.Peek

Rain Man's Inspiration Passes on - his mind explained.

In memory of Kim Peek.

I'm Rich Shull, a nearly 50 year old Autistic writer and inventor who like many of my era totally over came autism. We are just a few years too late, in terms of our late term figured out genius and our autism backgrounds being figured out, to be believed. Like Einstein, my friend Hajo who just passed the Mensa IQ tests we all started out life and school last, and we were often in Special Education. With all the power a troubled schooling can muster, and the fact we are way too old to be creditable in Autism Circles we still despite the odds honed our never in print before thought process into inventions like Alan Turing's (1912-1954) computer, my own Triple hybrid green car motor, wit, humor, Einstein traits and to a large degree became a circus act. As we come up from the bottom of the gene pool, we learned that is not the way to achieve the 'creditability' needed for the guru's of peer review to even give us the time of day. It doesn't help one bit, that what we have discovered a daydream based thought process has never been in a text book before either. Many of us Think like Peek did but are able to socialize his thoughts much better. Experts wrongly assume Peek was Smart but in reality he is like I am not all that smart just different in the way our mind works. While we started out life in a strange odd way, we were in reality in Special Education figuring out our sub level thought process that is a few notches below 123, and the ABC's. We had to discover a different kind of human thought process that was naturally programmed for us on our own.

Peek's thoughts were nothing more than your best dreams and daydreams on 'drugs'. Genius like that is nothing more than (in simple terms) dream interpretation. If you have ever explained a dream to some one, and you seen the minds eye picture of it you know the in creditable detail and I'm sure been just stunned to trying to get the words together to describe it. If you did pull off the trick someone got a grand explanation. That is just what Peek was doing, He was in other words just reading his daydream thoughts . Autism thoughts are by default daydream based thoughts and it is said Autism is thinking in pictures. These picture based thoughts are the base line thoughts all of man kind uses. If you have ever been stopped cold in a conversation and your minds eye presented you with a picture thought and you were forced to say I can picture it- but can't place the name, you just experienced a sub level thought you don't know you had.

The Human mind only has limited ability,it is very shallow, and not as pretty as the people seeking the discovery of Peek's genius would hope for. The brain has limited functions and everything we do as humans is a compromise when it comes to thinking and brain power. In fact, the thought you know and love you use all the time is just normal- for you- but in reality they are short hand autism thoughts. Speech, (along with stuttering) as well as translating brain thoughts to movement to motion, and turning the 5 senses into useful inputs is a deep complicated process that humans have evolved with. That prime evil system forms the base line thoughts we don't know we use. Now really complicate the brain functions by being social and to do that Evolution provided us with emotions to trigger the social thoughts.

Here is a shocker and a glimpse into where we came from in terms of our trip up the evolution ladder; our minds can't do more than one thing at a time if were in Autism Primevil thought mode. That is why Autism Kids present so odd. In fact contemporary Autism is hung up on something they call the lack of eye contact, a reaction Autistic kids display that drives normal people crazy. Indeed our eyes are OFF our optic vision is off, but our eyes remain open and we (generally) don't know that our optic nerve just replaced optic vision with a brain generated vision (think Day dream) that we are supposed to think with. A proper autism school would teach this point. Perhaps these thoughts are nothing more than our human base line thoughts? If NASA for example could hook a monitor to our brain and see the very same series of internal thoughts I describe here form and compile and watch us get them translated to emotion ,speech and more thought and even body language the shear inability of the human mind points directly back to the dinosaur. If you have ever seen a Hasbro children's toy called Lite Brite where you plug in a colored peg in a light board to form a picture that is a very good example of how the brain works. We have 1000's of those Lite Brite pictures going in our mind as we think the most simple of thoughts, and we need to read each one, glean a bit of information from it and use it to do something.

Mr Peeks, Lite Brite Pictures were complete detailed photo memory thoughts and he had the ability to simply read is picture thought back to you. That is it that is the Essence of his Genius, He was a picture thinker. All humans think in pictures but normal people do it so well 'their program' of working sublevel picture thoughts and emotion and shortcuts pinnacle what we know as 'normal'. You as normal functioning humans never see the sub level thoughts, the picture thoughts anymore as all of your thought is shortcut thought. The Sub level thoughts that happen during an autistic person's lack of eye contact, that support these thoughts make autism a puzzle, make Autism a Genius Thing and also hold a mirror to man's mind; the reflection will not be pretty. Mr Peek was using all of his brain power to read and remember his photo memory. He was very good at that obviously. He used so much brain power to do that as a matter of fact he never developed the ability to use some of his brain power to relate movement and motion and body language and emotions to real life events. That is perfectably understandable as autistic people are both deaf and blind while we display the lack of eye contact. Autism people remain deaf and blind in plain sight and just present with the lack of eye contact. Not so Ironically many traditional people are also millisecond deaf and blind and you see it all the time when "people will not listen" in reality their mind is thinking and if it bulks a second longer they will get a minds eye view of something where their Optic vision is turned off and they will be looking at a daydream type of thought and they will be stopped cold in a thought and then forced to say, "I can picture it but can't place the name'.

There is lots more to Einstein , Mr Peek and others than picture thoughts, the simple picture thought ideal I describe here is just that simple. If you think in Pictures (day dreams) as your default mode of thought you learn like I have how to really develop and harmoniaze your complicated dream thoughts into ideas, you come out OK , if not 40 years too late. You also learn to think with normal thoughts so your OPTIC vision remains on and that allows one to learn body language, drive and be more social. Obviously there is not one shred of this obvious in the dark thought system all humans use, in one form or another, that has ever graced a text book before so the 'experts' of psychology, autism and the human mind don't even realize the very elements necessary to discover the minds' mind. Now with that said the mind will some day be graphed or drawn like the popular Helix DNA of Genetics is today. The mind is that simple that pr imitative and someday when these 1000 chapters in Psychology ever get figured out and the plug in modules that make us function are identified and mapped the TV Talk shows like Dr. Phil and even show's like PBS's Sesame Street and its featured character Big Bird will be able to hit the sublevel thoughts and 123 and the ABC's will be seen as advanced thoughts. The Sub level stuff the daydream picture thoughts make the 123's and the ABC's possible as well as Einstein 's genuis. Those Sublevel thoughts also make or break the human being and hold the very keys to ones personality and even personality disorders. Just imagine the serial killer, the Schizophrenic , the addicted Smoker, drinker, the Narcissists , and the perfectionists among other types, going to the psychologist office and coming out 'cured'. If they know the picture thoughts that make us a genius and the same lower forms of that thought that makes man, human, thoughts that form our personalities will some day be able to be identified and corrected, just like we diagnosis a broken bone today.

Well now, I have to end this piece as I started it, by saying people like me are coming up from the bottom of the gene pool a little to late and our genius might well be chocked full of ideas but, man's own ignorance and short cut thoughts make it impossible for him to do anything more than his allow his ignorance to shine threw. Man has been presented with the clues to his mind for centuries on end but man will never overcome the mass ignorance factor or more to the point the genius of his flock is not really a genius but rather a simple minded picture thinker.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

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