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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Turing Motor ,Triple Hybird

Triple hybrid 70% Efficient, Turing Motor,
Developed by Rich Shull, host of this blog.

Autistically Designed? Well, yes, it made all the difference in the world. Savants (Rain Man) Einstein share the same thoughts-its only our hard earned communication ability that makes the difference.

Not that Modern autism would know or even care what I'm talking about OR even care there are at lest 200 more people we know of (probably more) that all do more than Temple Grandin does and we all figured out a never in print before thought human thought process and took all the "bad traits" of autism and used them to our advantage. We were never cursed with the antics of modern autism and thus were absently allowed to develop and people seen our good points and our obsessions working for us and we were not instantly condemned to a group home, like the autism people of today are. Modern Autism has done one of the greatest misgivings man kind has ever witnessed by ignoring it best functioning population: simply stated, we are bad for the business of autism. Autism if done correctly is Einstein and incorrectly as it is currently is : a group home condition. Add a Billion dollar research empire and associated spin doctors to it and Autism really has no other choice BUT to be an epidemic. Now on to the Autistically designed Turing Motor.

The Turing Motor -Named for Autistic Alan Turing (1912-1954)

The one big central spinning cylinder the only real moving part to the motor spins as it spins to life with a puff of compressed air. The driver pushes a button and wisp of air starts the Truing Motor. A light on the dash board tells the driver its ON, as it is so quiet and vibration free as it has no up and down moving parts, that the driver would not even know its on otherwise. If Idling the electric function takes over for faster idle speeds and very low speed driving below 15 mph the Turing Motor is Electric/above 15 mph, The Turing Motor has 6 firing rings one idle ring and the electric motor windings all mounted on a central spinning cylinder and those firing rings then operate on gas. Think of a firing ring as a cylinder on current cars. Full power and all 6 rings are operating on gas and the car is flying toward top speed effortlessly, let up on the throttle a bit and firing rings shut down as eventual cursing is done on 2-3 firing rings. The driver never knows how many rings are running unless one looks at the dash monitor or feels the acceleration of full throttle. All of this switching between full and lite power is naturally smooth and effortless as the entire concept to The Turing Motor is few moving parts and green emissions. All parts spin the same direction. The cylinders continue to spin even if they are not being used. Some of the air from and non working cylinder is sphenoid off and stored as compressed air for starting idling and low speed operation.

The Turing Motor is designed from the flame of combustion backwards thus it has a totally never done before concept. My Autistic keen senses let me be privileged to hear the decibel meter quality stuff other mechanics never heard in a car as I to got my education current Model T based cars. I started life as an auto mechanic. My education in cars and car wisdom is FAR different from the normal thanks to the keen autism senses. We hear what a dog might. In reality modern day Model T motors we lovingly call high tech are very primitive from and engineering point of view hardly run. They are only 35% efficient. Ford and others were just first in line to discover the obvious piston and cylinder and we have been stuck with it ever since. The Turing Motor is 70% efficient very powerful and will yield over 100 MPG in a small car. The Truing Motor is adaptable to lawn mower type of things and even will make a fine race engine. Eventually Someday The Turing Motor will feature a built in gear box inside the cylinder thus combining the engine and transmission. This will allow engine and transmissions to be built as one piece making for even smaller more earth friendly cars.

The world needed this green engine years ago. I have built bits and pieces of it, tested a few concepts and I'm left with a grand working idea that is short a few Thousand dollars of development money. Like Henry Ford I will simply have to build it and then reverse engineer it. Unlike Mr. Ford this isn't tinkering in the back yard and being first in line to discover the obvious piston and cylinder this is engineering derived. Like the autism that allowed me to develop my Turing Motor, the engineering is sound and solid but the autism thoughts have never been in a book are at its roots. Sadly our autism thoughts confuse the average human, especially the educated ones. Now If some human Ph.D. Person would have discovered our thought process by now my job of developing the Turing Motor would be easy.

As it is the far greater challenge of The Turing Motor is trying to get a humans to realize the thoughts and senses that made it are far more advanced and broad than most people realize thus our natural expertise. Alan Truing father of the computer very much faced the same problems I do but thankfully the world needed his computer really bad for the war effort of the 1940s or it to might not have been built. There was an entire British Secret Service system in need of a computer. The world needs my Green fuel efficient motor, and mankind needs our autism base thoughts to explain his own thoughts but autism it seems doesn't need our particular brand of expertise as it indeed ruins their billion dollar charade. Money (autism empire) doesn't talk it dictates reality even if is a false one.

I don't have a degree in anything but real life autism. I was lucky perhaps as Einstein was as well as Turing to have figured out Autism's unique thought process. If Autism would care to listen and learn from us they could rewrite all of psychology and learning issues by figuring out what we know. The resulting text book would be a1000 pages long and prove to be the building blocks of the human mind. I venture to guess autistic in full picture thought mode (AKA, lack of eye contact) really do use ALL of our human brain power in advanced autism thoughts. Humans it seems use a streamlined version of our Autism thoughts and they have indeed cut too many corners and have become to inflexible and really have seriously limited their thought ability. It seems ALL humans are picture thinkers only more modern versions of us really have dummed themselves down too much. Picture thinking autistic have been able to tap into our thought process just like hooking a TV monitor to our brains thus we have seen the slow motion step by step thoughts that constitute normal human thoughts. These thoughts seem to answer all the right questions in Psychology and learning. Once our thoughts are figured out many more people could do what we do, in fact groups of them already exist; they are called Image streamers. I bet many of those folks are simply the lost autistic of time gone by. Perhaps one day pre school might be Image streams and picture thoughts and kindergarten would be 1,2,3 and the ABC's like it currently is. Image streams picture thoughts are base of everything else humans do.

When it comes to the Turing Motor, naturally engineers the proper ones with a host of degrees, bust a gut laughing at the idea (I don't see ideas like this coming from their desk) of it and If some do listen they figure the autism into the equation and think I'm and idiot (thanks Rain Man) and then I'm ruined for sure. (humor) Some even call the group home to see if I have escaped? If you take the savant of Rain Man and work those skills into a real life you get a well rounded person, you treat autism like a MR/DD condition and this is the epidemic you get. You get what you pay for: With this in mind how can you donate to Autism Causes and not demand they investigate all of autism not just the parts that make them happy and wealthy. Autism Speaks out loud ,but refuses to listen.

Rich Shull Http://

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Of Course we can Drive

OF Course We can - drive, hold a normal job, communicate with others, do a normal life-unless we were cursed by modern autism.

If you really want to split hairs Autism has never really been an issue or and Epidemic until the Ignorance and the modern autism cause took root. Rain Man the move laid the red carpet it rolled out the ground work for making autism the ultimate Group home condition. Little did the guru of Autism the late Dr Rimland,father of the movie Rain Man realize Autism is Einstein as well as MR-DD. If you treat it one way like the Temple Grandins did its a doable condition with Einstein traits. If the self-elected Autism Experts of the billion dollar Empire "treat us" as they do we are for sure destined for a group home.

Autism is so skewed these days that those of us that do more than Temple Grandin does and take our odd different thought process that has never been in a book before to the bank, are ignored since we don't fit the modern autism stereotype. We are also ignored in Academic endeavors as Autism needs to introduce to us the world at large, first. Of course that will never happen we unintentionally deflate the billion Dollar Autism Empire. Just what empire like Autism would let itself be bothered with the real life facts of a real anthropology, even if we have figured out Autism is Einstein.

The "rule's" of Academia seem to naturally preclude obvious knowledge like ours so there for despite old autism figuring out the building blocks of the human mind, like we have, Academia is guilty of not having enough guts to think on their own. It seems Academia weather they realize it or not has trapped them selves into a protocol war and it seems no experts writing wordy worldly papers often filled with new terms and respun old ideas are allowed to even have a "think tank session" out side of their narrow windows of study.

GASP! They might have to question the work of another academic person. It seems you can challenge the word of another academic type person to a point but, out right challenging anything more than the words used in a paper is treason and grounds to get fired from an often very nice university -- research foundation type job. There is a big difference between a nice office in a quiet office and earning a living sorting packages at United Parcel Service-perhaps the only other job many of these people might be able to get with ease. Needless, to say there might be a bit of honor among thieves ideal here and they all figure they all have a better chance of keeping their jobs if they only pretend to be wordy and worldly. Just think of all the precious ideas and knowledge locked away in the minds of "very educated" people without a chance of ever being discovered as no one wants to end up working at UPS perhaps along side some of their former students.

By the way our Autistic Hero Alan Truing (1912-1954) brought and drove a 1931 Model A Ford when he was here in America working with the war effort. If you have never driven a Model "A" you know for sure We CAN DRIVE! If Autism would care to look back and discover the rest of us in more modern times they would delighted (well maybe not) we make outstanding drivers. Naturally honed Autism Thoughts (that they never herd of) make for outstanding driving qualities. Search this Blog for "Driving" and read about my driving stories and those of others I have helped over the years.

Rich Shull, Inventor of the triple hybrid Turing motor (Gas ,Electric and Compressed Air)

Author of the "Satanic verses of Autism"/ Autism Pre Rain Man Autism

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Bye Kitty- Autism milestone passes

Good bye Kitty thanks for (unknowingly) being one of my best autism teachers.

Dear Reader's: The world just lost a grand dame of Opera, film and Broadway and early television Kitty Carlisle. She was 96. She is best known for her long term run on the TV show called to To Tell the Truth. The object of the show was to guess which one of three people were actually who they claimed to be. The panelist including Carlisle and even at one time the late Johnny Carson drilled the impostors, all claming to be the same person, to find out which one really was the mountain climber, doctor etc. At then at the end of the show the host asked the real person to stand often they were right and occasionally they had been fooled. The audience watched to see the panel to get fooled. It was engaging television as all TV was back in that era.

IT WAS ALSO AN AUTISM LESSON! For the legions of us thankfully missing the autism diagnosis and the curse of modern autism that instantly assumes we are destined for a group home this show had to have been one of our best building blocks to fill in the gap between autism's view of the world and a normal persons take on things. I predict if all the old autistic that probably out grew their autism were ever united many of us would tell how we related to this show and figured out the real meanings of words and phrases we often heard others say.
Still more of us image streamers and picture thinkers had a chance to re adjust our picture thoughts to match reality by learning from that show. We got to see and learn how the impostors "faked it." We often learned from Kitty Carlisle that the way you ask a question got a result and often stumped a guest. Basically we got a lesson in Autism Savvy watching that show.

Of course we were just odd strange kids and not autistic in those days we were well before Rain Man and diagnosis and before Autism was a buzzword. TV was quality 4 channels and not 200 channels of gibberish and not low quality non engaging television like we have today. If some modern Autism School would dig up a few reruns of that show copy and follow its lead many of their autism students would be exposed to the same critical thinking ideals we learned via that show. I must caution people however, It might just spark the autistic mind into action and once an autistic person starts to think for themselves there is no stopping us and we might not end up in that group home after all. Will modern Autism stand for such nonsense? How would they explain their epidemic? How would they explain them making us zombies?

Kitty was associated with her "famous" quote concerning arts funding, she was on the board of many fine arts councils etc., and was called on the carpet to explain a particular art project. She said" We fund good art not a point of view" Perhaps Autism needs to quit funding a point of view and quit trying to make an epidemic and institute a third party to investigate our claim that autism is Einstein and there are at least 200 more of us that have missed Rain Man's curse and over came. Autism needs to learn from the rest of its Temple Grandin's and not hide them.

Rich Shull Http:// April 19, 2007

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

A kind welcome


Barb Yavorcik, Pat Cloppert and I have talked things through and we would like to have you at the rally. If you want to bring a sign, as you have indicated you want to, that is fine. If you can tell us any more about any concerns you have beyond what you have sent us please feel free to do so. I will also let the folks at the Statehouse office know that you will be at the rally with your sign potentially.

Rich, We thank you for your input, as we all need to keep in mind that they are different needs across the spectrum, and we do need to hear from everyone.

Thank you.

Doug Krinsky

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

From the Rally Organizers

Dear Blog Reader's

The following is very kind response from one of the organizers, to my post below called the "Autism Rally " to be held April 19th in Columbus ,Ohio at the State House. I have sent a response off to the people involved telling of the struggle of Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, and the idea Autism Is Einstein and not MR/DD.

From the Rally organizers


I am putting together the Autism Awareness rally with ASO (Autism Society of Ohio) and ASA (Autism Society of America) - Central Ohio chapter and I received a copy of your e-mail about the rally. I would like to understand how we can help you in creating awareness about other concerns you have about individuals with Autism in Ohio. We will have an adult with Autism speaking at the rally who has authored several books - Sean Barron, who is quite well spoken from what I have heard, as well as Bittersweet Farms speaking about the needs of adults with Autism, on top of Representatives, a State Senator and the Director of ODMRDD speaking about how they can help our folks.

The rally is all about creating awareness of needs, services and the need for more support to everyone and their families. I would like to understand what your concerns are specifically. Please e-mail me anything specific that you need help with or a issue you would like addressed at the rally. I want everyone, including you, to feel welcome at the rally, as it is for you, as well as many thousands of others and we want to be very inclusive.

Please let me know.

Thank you,

Doug KrinskyFather of a 9 year old twin boy with Autism
OCALI (Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence)
Advisory BoardArc of Ohio, Board of Trustees
614-***-**** (office)
614-***-**** (cell)
614-***-**** (fax)

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Way the Mop Flops

Autism: The Designer Condition and Billion Dollar Empire and the Curse of Modern times.

Autism: The building blocks of the human mind all figured out.

The Designer Autism Especially during autism Awareness month in April, includes the following names. Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Dr. Rimland, Bill Cosby,Toni Braxton, Tom Brokaw, Autism Speaks, NASCAR, Doug Flutie, Toy R US, and hundreds more popular names and figures in public life and indeed not to mention Ophra and Larry King all have brought in to some level the Autism sob story the only story Autism knows or will own up to, at least. Even Today as this is being posted on my blog Ophera is doing a show on Autism.

I guess that is the way the mop flops when it s controlled by a billion dollar empire. What a shame Modern Autism is going head long off a cliff in a free fall and they missed the entire point to he condition. Speaking of Lack of EYE CONTACT a popular "trouble in autism" it seems our Autism leaders are down right BLIND as they ignore all of us that have overcame autism and do some sort of normal life. We have an autism base figured out a different kind of thought process that has never been in a text book before and it is a thought process autism researchers have and will continue to miss forever as "the experts of autism" don't even know the right questions to ask. In fact of all of us that have made it, pretty much pull off the trick of normal thought and good social behavior thus we blend in too well. Our Double Blind long term experience proves modern Autism was a self-inflicted injury made into a horrible life sentence thanks to Rain Man the movie and the attitude and the less than stellar behavior of many autism "experts." As long as Autistic are group home commodity and drugged up like we currently are Autism is nothing more than CA$H Cow and lifetimes occupation for many in autism research. If they were serious researchers and cared one bit about anything other than their empire and pay checks they would be delighted to investigate the claims of those of us that missed Rain Man 's curse and came out "OK." (crypto -sensitive autism) It seems it really is hard to get a person to understand something when his not understanding it keeps his pay check coming .(based on the words of Upton Sinclair)

Autism's Building Blocks :The low standards of Autism Research are never more obvious than Modern Autism Research and the spin machine and the designer status of Auti$m. In fact old figured out autism borders on science fiction as some would see it: but it works. Our thought process explains everything from the Village Idiot to Einstein to even stuttering and dyslexia and sheds light on nearly every mental condition known to man. After all, if we are right Autism is the Building Blocks of the Human mind and the Lack of Eye contact signals an entire thought process that Man doesn't know about. That thought process might well go back to the cave person making us the living missing link in Evolution. Couple in HONEST autism facts that modern Autism never knew about or could not explain and promptly forgot about and we have a very good case for being part cave person. Autistic have keen senses, a pain tolerance, a preference to be alone, and a magical invisible to you thought process that if honed is amounts to Einstein and if absently developed is a Savant (Rain Man) and if never figured out is the Village Idiot or a modern group home autistic.

Modern Autism has been breeding Idiots for far too long now and all they have to do is look at those of us that discovered Autism on our own to know we did something really special that has never been in a text book before. As long as the people they pluck out of childhood are kept to behavior less idiots and MR/DD drones as they curse them the Autism diagnosis the world suddenly has an Epidemic of Autism Cases and add in the Fame of money and fame hungry autism researchers and Autism has a life it doesn't deserve. Actually our figured out autism that has never been in a text book before but has been figured out in our anthropology's experience proves we could teach autism to everyone by 6 th grade! Of Course, autism experts have no idea of our Autism Thoughts that take place during our lack of EYE contact thus we are full of shit - who ever heard of an Invisible human thought process? We have, and it eventually gives way to your normal thoughts.

THAT IS THE WAY THE MOP FLOPS! I challenge Dr. Cathy Pratt, of the ASA and Indiana University, the remnants of Dr Rimland's empire and the ASA and Autism Speaks and other autism service foundations to get their head out of their *** and admit they missed a few points. Of course, why would they care? Everyone they effect is in a group home by the time they are 18 if they done their job correctly anyway. Modern Autism doesn't know our hope and see our success and they don't want to! (we are bad for their ego) .They have made up their minds Autism is MR/DD and only that and they way the go about it /it is just what they like it to be. The only way Autism is to be "cured" is to listen to those of us that been there and done that. Your already using Autism's Alan Turing's Computer and that doesn't seem to hurt, so why not listen to the rest of us? It seems their goals are to keep the epidemic growing and claiming succcess when some poor soul masters a story board. We actually- the hard way- mastered a "stroy board" and also learned to talk with the same thoughts! Their breeding autism idiots via their very own ignorance and yet Autism is Einstein not MR/DD unless of course, your an Autism "Expert" with cloth ears and blind eye$ and no ethics.

Rich Shull

Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism
Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green Autistically designed Car Motor.

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