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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Bye Kitty- Autism milestone passes

Good bye Kitty thanks for (unknowingly) being one of my best autism teachers.

Dear Reader's: The world just lost a grand dame of Opera, film and Broadway and early television Kitty Carlisle. She was 96. She is best known for her long term run on the TV show called to To Tell the Truth. The object of the show was to guess which one of three people were actually who they claimed to be. The panelist including Carlisle and even at one time the late Johnny Carson drilled the impostors, all claming to be the same person, to find out which one really was the mountain climber, doctor etc. At then at the end of the show the host asked the real person to stand often they were right and occasionally they had been fooled. The audience watched to see the panel to get fooled. It was engaging television as all TV was back in that era.

IT WAS ALSO AN AUTISM LESSON! For the legions of us thankfully missing the autism diagnosis and the curse of modern autism that instantly assumes we are destined for a group home this show had to have been one of our best building blocks to fill in the gap between autism's view of the world and a normal persons take on things. I predict if all the old autistic that probably out grew their autism were ever united many of us would tell how we related to this show and figured out the real meanings of words and phrases we often heard others say.
Still more of us image streamers and picture thinkers had a chance to re adjust our picture thoughts to match reality by learning from that show. We got to see and learn how the impostors "faked it." We often learned from Kitty Carlisle that the way you ask a question got a result and often stumped a guest. Basically we got a lesson in Autism Savvy watching that show.

Of course we were just odd strange kids and not autistic in those days we were well before Rain Man and diagnosis and before Autism was a buzzword. TV was quality 4 channels and not 200 channels of gibberish and not low quality non engaging television like we have today. If some modern Autism School would dig up a few reruns of that show copy and follow its lead many of their autism students would be exposed to the same critical thinking ideals we learned via that show. I must caution people however, It might just spark the autistic mind into action and once an autistic person starts to think for themselves there is no stopping us and we might not end up in that group home after all. Will modern Autism stand for such nonsense? How would they explain their epidemic? How would they explain them making us zombies?

Kitty was associated with her "famous" quote concerning arts funding, she was on the board of many fine arts councils etc., and was called on the carpet to explain a particular art project. She said" We fund good art not a point of view" Perhaps Autism needs to quit funding a point of view and quit trying to make an epidemic and institute a third party to investigate our claim that autism is Einstein and there are at least 200 more of us that have missed Rain Man's curse and over came. Autism needs to learn from the rest of its Temple Grandin's and not hide them.

Rich Shull Http:// April 19, 2007

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