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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Friday, February 17, 2006

20 Things about autism

Loosely based on the Article by Ellen Notbohm -10 Things the Autism Student Wishes You Knew.
The Article by Ellen Notbohm is terrific and I like it but indeed it reflects new age autism SUBTRACT 30 YEARS from that and see how high functioning autistic people from that era generally do so much better in real life. We had done and were doing our double-blind autism experiments while this stuff was being invented. Today our results and living anthropology can't be admitted to. Too many of us do a semblance of traditional life.

A disclaimer- I have never met the author or had any communication with her in anyway. I use her excellent article as a base for this post. Please keep in mind our anthropology was 30 years before her time frame when Autism was not diagnosable unless it was severe and many of us experienced the very best of blind luck in our double-blind experience. Please keep in mind autism diagnosis standards were lowered a few times and that allowed for more variation in the autism population and a good explanation of why only some Aspies of today "know" us. Even worse the very fine line we marched in absently connecting autism to real life was inadvertently erased as modern Psychology took over Autism ignorant of our obvious success.

1. Behavior is indeed communication trouble BUT our Expert friends in Education, Autism or Psychology have never experienced thoughts like ours. They have no idea our Eyes are OFF and we don't see them. They have no idea we are still processing stuff from two conversations prior to the current one. They have no idea we are looking at a brain generated image and thinking with that. Merely Interrupting behaviors IS DEADLY as older autism people can tell you by do that and molding us to the 'normal' of traditional thought you are UNKNOWINGLY short circuiting our thought process. AUTISM has to operate in our younger stages a few steps below your thought level and since our thoughts have never been in a text book before we are at a loss like your are. OLD FOLKS. like me had the advantage as normal thought was not forced upon us as quickly as it is today and that gave us the chance to actually complete a few image stream or picture thoughts. Once we learn a few of those we did better in achieving traditional thought and better behavior. Autism thought parallels normal thought but doesn't copy it until later life when we have figured it out.

Believe this I truly don't know what is or isn't right and my thoughts are not as close as you might think they are to yours so your logic is faulty in giving us no negative feedback. We learned our best lessons with a whack (I don't mean child abuse) and NEGATIVE feedback was the way we learned our best lessons. Constructive criticism is helpful. We might not understand the logic and the reasoning to your words but a whack or other "severe" punishment told us NOT to do something again.

Look beyond your traditional thoughts (impossible at this point) and realize if you know what it was we did to think and how we think in a different language than you operate with autism would not be anything more than a version of Latin. Trouble is our thought process is individual to us and not visible, our brain operates in a different fashion. The only clue you might have we are minus the eye contact.

2, Never assume your traditional thought is OUR thought and we can process or think or figure things out like you do. Proficient Image streamers and autistic that have figured out autism can tell you when we come off normal and keep up with traditional people we are jumping threw hoops to do that! Since you do not know our picture based brain generated images we try to think with you have no idea while we are trying to process our thought our Vision and hearing are turned off. While our senses are OFF we miss the very words or instructions you thought we heard. Many of us from the old days came to-out of a picture thought just in time to see our classmates lining up or moving our chairs into a circle for a reading lesson, We simply learned to go with the flow.

You can never be sure how much of an instruction we get or understood YOUNG aspies are trying to naturally think with our unknown picture thought and it is our BEST thought process but yet we can't do it. OLD folks absently got to experiment and figure out autism thoughts and image streams and thus we learned how to use them and convert those thoughts to what you wanted. That Experience was invaluable in real life. Leave it to "modern" psychology to try to force normal traditional thought upon us- in our best interest.

Stick with me threw the repetitions-since you assume we think with normal thought you don't realize our only chance at figuring our a math problems if we are not mathematically gifted is via our splinter skills. Splinter skills connect our picture thought and invisible to you image streams we think with to your style of thought. It is OUR LEARNING HALLWAY. Autism connected to real life as proven in our anthropology time and again needs a splinter skill connection.

3, Fluorescent Lighting were once real trouble in old (1930-60's) lighting systems that were not phazed.The lights actually turned OFF and ON as the AC electric cycle changed. In rooms with natural light it was not a problem but the very first cloudy day in first grade (1967) was horrifying the room was getting brighter and darker, Mrs. Nutter thought I was scared of the lightening and didn't realize the world was getting brighter and darker for me. Modern lights use only one phase of the electric cycle to save energy and the lights no longer turn off or on, they are study and quiet (mostly).

Traditional thinkers don't have a clue to our hearing and will not put a decibel meter in a class room to "hear" just how loud things really are. Seemingly everything is the same volume for us. I use that hearing to trouble shoot cars and have learned to cope with it and not let it ruin my life. Once noise is figured out even the mowing the grass is possible. Old folks like me often absently LEARNED a great autism lesson haveing to operate the power mower. We ran it too slow typically so it would be quieter and then often made ear phones. We even have volunteer firefighters in our ranks! Imagine the noise they learned to deal with!

If Autism experts were "expert" in our senses they would be developing hearing filters for us and not diets. Many of us have already built them on our own. Of course, They haven't admitted to us yet, we are bad for their reputations.

4, We never got breaks unless we made them for ourselves and we did that by absently learning we thought differently than normal. While we were reinventing the wheel thankfully no one was there to tell us NOT to think like that we were able to learn how to cope and even did some 5 minute vacations occasionally. While going off to a carpeted corner with head phones is great it only enforces the idea we can't be and achieve normal, A decibel metered class room that taught our brain based image thoughts would be far more effective. In fact condense our experiment and you could teach Autism's image streams by 6th grade! Most of us could be mainstreamed by then. Autism = Latin only thing is no expert knows our Latin.

5 There is NO difference in "you left a mess in the sink" or Please rinse out your paint cup Either statement is just words and the longer more complicated the statement the less likely it is we will understand it. Early Picture thinkers might have a hard time with the word PLEASE and other "flower type" words as they don't convert to Picture thought well. FIRM exceptions and rules to be followed are appreciated they give us a definite something to do or a standard to be met. Please don't finish the job for us make us do it and do it correctly no gold stars until it is done and done correctly! UNKNOWINGLY making us think like you want us to-like you do is just an exercise in frustration on all fronts. IF you knew of us really knew of us you would appreciate our difference . At least let us teach you a few things that have never been in a text book before.

6. That school assembly was the best thing (after the fact) that ever happened to us for many of us it was our first experience with crowds and dealing with them, Again Gym class was held in their to and that helped us get used to the LOUD echoes and more importantly learn how to image stream and think in pictures and still keep up with the real world. Setting in the office or missing the Assembly teaches me nothing but I'm special and CAN "T figure out how to handle too much noise!

7 Don't be a fool learn it on the fly, We were not good at things and we were the class screw-ups and class clowns at times but that was not intentional! Granted a few extra minutes to get organized is nice but you don't get that in real life crossing a street in front of traffic. We built a lot of character and developed of our better social skills being the brunt of many jokes. A though Skin and the confidence you CAN do something is basically what your reading about here-Our Autism was ignorantly aged to perfection!

8. Many of us growing up and now comparing notes in our anthropology now we realize we grew up with a narcissistic parent. Those of us that did learned to walk on egg shells to keep them happy. In a cruel way that was an autism lesson all to istself. Thankfully we usually had a more rational parent or grandparent to guide us. Yelling and screaming typically makes you look like a fool but it is good to let the emotions out.

We realize you might feel over stressed with an autistic kid and that placed many extra burdens on you especially If you follow the approved Autism plan. We know your behavior modification is unmatched to our thought process and the natural way we are. We realize the Experts tell you one thing but we only respond to another. They don't live with us-you do.

9 The PERFECT Time to control bad Autism Behavior or behavior is right in the middle of something. When I walked across the freshly painted basement floor I got my ass tanned, more importantly I learned an important lesson to listen to dad and do what he said. If you allow a temper tantrum to disrupt the behavior modification all you tech me is throw a fit and you will not get punished. Again Autism needs Definite Rules and Instant behavior modification.

Bending down to my level scares the Hell out of me and odds are I'd never see you anyway as my image streams would be flowing (or trying to) and thus my optic vision is off. If you speak in a soft voice are you really mad?

Storyboards are worthless we really THINK IN PICTURES & image streams OUR picture thoughts (if we were allowed to develop them) not some elese's idea of a storyboard idea. Our Story board If you knew our Picture thoughts would be wild different from what you ever expected. Each of us is at a different level of Autism thought and by some off chance If an autistic person understood the idea of a storyboard the next person might not as he or she might not of done the type of thought process yet to enable him to understand it. WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN present a stroyboard? If you really honestly knew of our "storyboards"= Picture thoughts you would be trying to teach us with them all the time. Someone has got the idea we think in pictures but, they certainly have the wrong ended of the stick.

10 Choices in life are natural and part of life is teaching me to critical think and I can make my own decisions, Let me fall, Let me try and let me Fail before I graduate High School and can't read beyond the 1 st grade and then end up in a group home.

Autism get real, We are Autism's best functioning populations we have bridged the gap between the real world and autism and completed double blind autism experiments. We have proved like fine wine Autism gets better with time. WE are SORRY we stand modern Autism on its nose with our better than average success Our success was not intentional but Autism's ignorance upon ignoring us is. NO One in expert Autism circles has ever had a picture thought or an image stream and learned HOW to use them . No one has ever completed our autism experience.

Sadly what we have done and what we have figured out has never been in print before. No one in autism or psychology (who can blame them) wants to admit to us as we are nothing but trouble as they see it. They peer check their ignorance in the coat room and by doing that cheat mankind out of his best untapped resource the unfigured out mind. Our Autism Explains everything from Einstein to Dyslexia and connects the many versions of autism together. Inside information like this is priceless and can be percivied as deadly if your in the status quoe of Autism. We will not cripple autism but rather give it the key to really grow into something. Answer this question? If autism was so much better off today than it was before Rain Man why is it we do normal lives and build upon Temple Grandin's work and most of us do a more traditional life? Why does modern autism not admit to us?

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