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Friday, June 01, 2007

Industral Dandruff

Bumps and Bits on the back of the head.

I often search the site meter for this blog and see what people searched on to find my site. Occasionally I get a search probably from someone autistic or someone that knows an autistic really well concerning "bumps and bits on the scalp" Normal readers might consider this condition over active dandruff but perhaps it is more than that.

Long ago and far away on the OTHER SIDE OF AUTISM quality researchers were intrigued with the "yeast type secretions" from our scalp. I fact in crypto sensitive Autism Guidelines the forgotten Autism that was figured out before Rain Man, made big points from the fact autistic had the overactive condition. Yours Truly as well as other autisitcs from all over the world suffer from this condition and typical dandruff shampoos do little to relive the condition. It seems our scalps secrete a substance that dries to some degree and then flakes off our scalps. As we scratch our heads little nodules break loose, hence the bumps and bits.
None of us have never found a way to make it quit "growing" but we have found anti itch lotion containing a hydrocortisone type ingredient applied with a small pencil point tube does wonders in "massaging" our scalp for the whole day. Those of us with beards also notice it there as well.

Older autisitcs in our group mention this condition quite a bit and of course the poor modern autistic might have it to but, they can't talk usually or even worse no one will listen to them as they are "retarded" and can't speak for them selves. Plus I doubt any autism researcher of the modern age is really all that interested in the nitty gritty aspects of Autism like this and they are probably working too hard to get their next paper published or do one more goal in the fame game. Even though this might be a key clue in the autism condition and it was years ago before Rain Man rewrote the condition and made it a designer condition. Designers conditions can't have "Dandruff" that is for sure. It seems we can't have quality well rounded unbiased research either we have an Epidemic and its exceptions to live up to. That begs the question when Dr Rimland reinvented autism for the Rain Man era what else did he neglect?

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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