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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Chimps, Tools, Autism and Human Thoughts

Chimps, Tools, Autism and Human Thoughts.

Reading over the Web today I read about a guy named Kohler, that experimented with chimps in the 1920s and he found some amazing traits from his chimps. He discovered in so many words they could think and even build tools. Of Course, they could! I can't help but wonder If they are Picture Thinkers like we are? The average person would read our thought like a day dream and then have to convert that dream to words. Perhaps chimps do some version of this? Stuck in the chimp and animal worlds there would be little need for spoken speech it would be like tooting a car horn -a big noise that might get some attention. Picture thought is LOGICAL as we have eyes and see and optic nerves. It would not be a stretch for the optic nerve to hold a few images and reuse them and turn them into other NEW images that might even cancel out the current optic vision. The new images might simply put the optic visual of a tree together with a house to form a tree house. Well, there is the idea of a treehouse and perhaps as man needed to talk and describe his brain generated images he began converting those visuals to sounds. Is this the foundation of language? (comment) When I stutter I often have 2-3-4-5 Picture thoughts needing to be explained and when I settle on one the stutter goes away!

Wouldn't it be wild IF proficient picture thinkers turned out to have the same types of thought Chimps have? Of Course our Picture thoughts brain generated images have never been in print before so we are all wet in most people's view. BUT, not only do we bridge the gap between autism's village Idiots and savants they also explain many aspects of traditional thought. Our Proficient Picture thoughts seem to be the building blocks of the Human Mind and once figured out might prove to be the DNA type map of the mind. Since none of this has been in Print before or even figured out it is no wonder the best of research remains ignorant of our greatest ideals. For sure modern autism is not thrilled with us as we tend to unintentionally deflate Autism.

Picture Thoughts as we know them would be GREAT at making tools, acting as GPS and more. Our keen senses have been associated with animal type senses. Just like the Researchers think Autism IS or should be traditional thought and thus that is what they push, that is what they know and understand-none of them have ever had working picture thoughts. Autism Thought is close to Human thought but it isn't an EXACT match, until we get all of our Autism (Image Streams) figured out. IF we are autism and this is the building blocks of the human mind, do our Chimp friends simply think in Pictures? When I have been lucky enough to talk with another proficient image streamers in person our conversation was amazing and I doubt any one listening in on us could have understood us but yet we were having the BEST conversations of our lives. I wonder If a Chimp would have understood us better?

Our worldwide only recently web connected Autism anthropology proves we all seemed to have learned a natural for us different kind of language that might have been our default thought process. Once we figure that out we can get by with traditional thoughts and also think in Pictures. Picture Thought is odd strange process that is useful and even good at communication and problem solving. It is truly amazing we all have done the same milestones and came up with the same ideals when we picture think. NONE of us knew of one another and figured this out by trial and error! This is a worldwide "language" and is the same no matter if we are Russian or Australian or American or something else. If indeed humans came up from the chimp ,it is very logical many of us would still be programmed with the Old "language." Even the hieroglyphics on the cave walls don't look like a dinner order but rather the evolution of picture thoughts.

I'm sure once any autism professional admits to us and other psychology people listen to us and figure out just what it is we do to come off mostly normal they will be challenged and intrigued and might even stumble upon their best chance EVER at figuring out the human mind. Darwin the Evolution Guy was a deep christian and set on his discovery for 20 years before he made it public, He knew deep down the stink it would cause and he was right. If this theory ever pan's out and is investigated and lives up to my predictions Chimp and Man might very well be neighbors friends and uncles. Rich Shull, Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, on the web at