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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mind Blueprints, Stuttering

Dear Reader's:
A comment form a reader asked to explain my stuttering comment and how working autism knowledge might shed new light on stuttering. Here is my explanation.

When I stutter it is not as often as used to be but, it is usually a time of fast paced speaking events. My Brain Generated Images (never been in print before) are in the process of being translated to speech to be spoken and If I have been able to analyze the thoughts to be translated to speech I find there are 3-4-5-6 ideas that could be converted to words. When "by magic" I decide on what brain generated image is to be spoken, converted to words, the stutter instantly goes away. What I 'm talking about here is a sub subconscious process that might be based in Pictures the brain uses to translate its thoughts to words. How many times have you said I can see him (it) , I can Picture that but, just can't come up with the word or the name. That is a stalled blip in time, a snap shot of picture thought, that for the most part flows and works flawlessly for normal populations. We have to look at thoughts like those all the time to get along.

I predict that someday with a lot of luck the human mind will be mapped like a DNA type of thing, and the common knowledge will be humans actually Think in Pictures, all of us and currently we never realize that we do but, I see it all the time in subtle ways in everyone from professors to idiots. Our picture thoughts are close to using your day dreams to think with and Picture thought offers a grand explanation for everything from Stuttering to Dyslexia and even how we make and form words. No matter what language we speak the Autism Process that makes the words is the same. Picture thoughts also explain learning abilities and disabilities and a few personality traits as well. Obviously at this point this is inside information and it is coming from the 'wrong place,'I can assure you and is likely to be hidden forever as our obvious is not obvious in lots of traditional people's minds.

Once our double-blind experience is ever figured out or admitted to humans might have the blueprint, the slow motion building blocks of the human mind in their hands. IF our autism proves to be the key to the kingdom we might simply be able to figure out what picture based thought process needs completed before certain things happen. Someday pre school will not be the ABC's but rather might be an intense course in picture thoughts that will lead to traditional thoughts. Proficient Picture thinkers like me and many others actually do well with traditional thought and we also do the slow motion step by step building blocks of the mind as part of our thought process to. There seems to be 10 levels (at least) of Picture thoughts humans need to have subconcouisly hammered out before we perform as typical -'normal' If any one of those levels is missing or perhaps many are missing we don't real well. I wonder if someday psychology treatment might be refresher courses in Picture thoughts. For example I can see where Dyslexia might be improved if picture training were given. Please don't get the idea you can show people pictures of backwards letters and numbers but what I'm talking about is more along the lines of figuring out how the brain looks at something and fails to convert it the correct form. If you will, it would be like wireing a computer or rewireing a faulty computer.

Please while you laughing at me this, bubbling idiot with hair brain ideas take a moment to remember not much more than a 100 years ago we were in effect in the dark ages, what man has done since the 1800s really is not that impressive it was more like, discovering the obvious firsts to be discovered. Humans are sadly not all that smart as most of their thinking ability was stored in their picture thoughts that seem to have been subscoiunsly hidden for the sake of communication and speech. As humans it seems , began to talk the pictures and thus the capability for deep thought that the Savant and other great thinkers are noted for was put on hold in favor of just trivializing a picture thought so it could become speech to be spoken. As man started using words the brain for many people was able to use its talents to become good at visual things and body language. As it adapted for quick paced word to be spoken rapid fire so to speak its once dominant picture based thoughts had to keep getting watered down in order to keep pace with a normal conversation. I can tell you a picture thought is worth a 1000 words and a million thoughts and traditional people now know the words but have lost track of the million thoughts, the deep thoughts that once gave eveyone the potiential to be Einstein. People have said there is 90% of our brain power we don't use but, I wonder If picture thinkers use more of it than normal? Our Completed figured out picture thoughts are usually far beyond words unless we have been lucky enough to figure out autism- picture translation, something that we learned on our own via trial and error.

As I meet people from all over the world that speak many different languages we seem to share the common Autism thought process, the nuts and bolts of our autism ,and our picture thoughts seem to be the same even if the language we speak is different. I also have met a lot of blind folks in my time and they to share a lot of the autism thought traits and possibly in their case they might have simply thought with the default picture thought despite many of them never having vision. Those that have had sight or partial site in their lives really closely follow the autism thought patterns. How many researchers have ever had the wear with all to ever figure out a blind person? Central Auditory Processing Disorder (capd) fits in in this picture thought explanation very well to. CAPD in a lot of ways sound like the very oldest definations of autism before the Rain Man era took effect. I would guess most of our Anthropology is more CAPD like than Autism based by today's measure. However, If Autism's Standards were never lowered so often, many Autisitc of today would have to be classified as something else. The point remains our Picture thoughts seem to be the very basis of Man's mind.

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