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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Playing Jeopardy!

Playing Jeopardy!

No doubt most of you know of Ken Jennings the all time Jeopardy (America) quiz show champ. I too watched as many of you did, as he answered question after question. I was intrigued with the way Ken answered questions and he seemed to have a short cut in the thought process others lacked. When I knew the answer or had knowledge of the subject my Brain generated images we use to think with were remarkable in getting the right answer as quick as Ken did.

My picture thought seems to be able to jump over lots of small thoughts and go right to the "Answer" In so many words (broadly speaking) I was looking at a Daydream picture a thought picture of the completed answer. If I followed the logic correctly of others challenging him it seems they had to think a little bit longer and harder and if they were playing against anyone else they might have been winners themselves. Of Course, this begs the question is Mr. Jennings a picture thinker? A picture is worth a 1000 words and a million thoughts if you think with them. Completing the Autism Experience has taught us which thoughts to use and how to use them. I also noted a pattern and most logical answer to the questions as I do all questions on shows like that. The questions and answers stay pretty close to "common popular" knowledge as if they didn't you would risk boring the viewers. Typically on the first or second most popular person or event is the topic of the question. Ironically the same appilies to typical human conversation It is all pretty much the same conversation with different "blanks" filled in. Unless it is technical and needs to be most communication simply sets a tone and not an agenda. It seems no one will admit to anything , that seems like Human nature.

When he was wrong on an answer I noted at times an answer that would not relate well to a picture thought, our brain generated images we use to think with and convert to words or actions. Picture thoughts like nouns are usually pretty definite and verbs are kind of handled for me at least with a motion picture thought- a type of autistic thought. It seems some of his goofs in my opinion would have had some abstract picture thoughts to decode.

With this said I will leave poor Mr. Jennings alone, I bet even with his money and new found friends he might feel like he was happier being poor.


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