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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Autism Parity

Autism Parity- Lack of Eye Contact the Obvious Trouble in Autism
THIS IS a Parity, in this case a serious story told with some real facts. The Parity is done by Rich Shull host of the WEB blog called Pre Rain Man Autism and Author of the Book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism and inventor of The Turing Motor. It is seriously fun and seriously true and it describes the honest real life attempts of old working autism to be heard in the modern Autism movement. The REASON we are being such a pain in the ass is we have figured out the building blocks of the human mind in our figured out autism, It was an accident (to some degree) we figured out a different type of human thought. Our success is NOT sufficient to overcome the Rain Man Era Autism of modern times. We might have overcame autism but not the legacy of autism. This Article was found on the web page SCIENCE DAILY. Again THIS IS A PARITY.

The Original text is in BLACK my Added text is in Italics and BLUE type. I removed the names of the people mentioned in the article and replaced them with ****** signs as a courtesy.
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The work deepens understanding of an autistic brain's function and may one day inform new treatment approaches and augment how teachers interact with their autistic students. Years ago before Autism was a big deal lots of strange kids forged threw and overcame their autism. They had the complete ignorant backing of their parents, teachers and tutors and all completed a Double-blind Autism Experience. The outstanding results have given the world many inventions such as the computer and the Truing Motor as well as explained a "new" different kind of human thought process. This thought process might well prove to be the building blocks of the human mind and a link to Einstein's insight. Tracking the correlation between eye movements and brain activity, the researchers found that in autistic subjects, the amygdala - an emotion center in the brain associated with negative feelings - lights up to an abnormal extent during a direct gaze upon a non-threatening face. That is no shock as the optic nerve in someone autistic is typically off (lack of eye contact) so the Autistic person didn't even see the face presented. Writing in the March 6 issue of the journal Nature Neuroscience, the scientists also report that because autistic children avert eye contact, Autistic kids seemingly avert eye contact but in reality their optic vision is Off and their brains are busy thinking with image streams. Young autistic people often think they see as normal but, it takes many of them years to realize their optic vision is off and being replaced with a brain generated image they use to think with. They often try to tell their parents and teachers but finally give up on the idea and just silently start figuring out their autism on their own. They find if they mention that fact too often they are considered for the funny farm. It appears to the Autistic person as traditional thought might, as if it were typical vision. The Lack of eye contact is a real important clue the autism mind is at work and it is working as designed. Don't tamper with it. the brain's fusiform region, which is critical for face perception, is less active than it would be during a normally developing child's stare.

"This is the very first published study that assesses how individuals with autism look at faces while simultaneously monitoring which of their brain areas are active," says lead author *** ******, an assistant scientist at UW-Madison's Waisman Laboratory for Brain Imaging and Behavior. ****** measured eye movements in conjunction with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a sophisticated technology that allows researchers to "see" a brain in action. It is too bad the researchers don't realize the thought process they are monitoring with their MRI is NOT what they think it is. It is not eye contact or lack of it but rather what they are watching is the step by step process the human mind must do to think. Hopefully someday Proficient Picture thinkers of Autism will be subjected to the same study and they will get an honest result from their study. It must be noted however the results no matter how good will be downplayed as false and insufficient as honest reporting will cripple modern autism.

Notably, the UW-Madison study overturns the existing notion that autistic children struggle to process faces because of a malfunction in the fusiform area. Autistic Children are busy picture thinking. Their brains are naturally programmed differently and thus they are doing lots of step by step baby thoughts and compiling them to form a traditional thought. Autistic kids have NEVER been taught their different odd thought process they are naturally programmed to think with; it is in pictures. This is something never in a psychology book before. However it is only the select people of autism that have completed a double-blind autism experiences that taught themselves autism that have figured out the building blocks to man's mind. Rather, in autistic children the fusiform "is fundamentally normal" and shows only stunted activity because over-aroused amygdalas make autistic children want to look away, Autistic Children look away it seems, but in reality their eyes are off just as if they were blind. says senior author ******** *********, a UW-Madison psychiatry and psychology professor who has earned international recognition for his work on the neural underpinnings of emotion. Someday after the basic Autism thoughts are finally figured out emotions are better handled in Autistic people. Autism research has been serially and seriously deficient over the years and researchers were stunned to discover they were never even asking the right questions in Autism. Even worse since Autism became a designer condition the tip of the iceberg autism perception has stripped many generations of Aspies of their slim chances at real life success. To make matters even worse Autism Players purposely ignored the living Autism Anthropology of successful people from all over the world. Researchers were never expecting the answers to come from within the autism spectrum.

"Imagine walking through the world and interpreting every face that looks at you as a threat, even the face of your own mother," ********* adds. The only thing 'threatening ' about an autistic person's gaze is the fact it is not understood to be our version of normal. Normal minded researchers hold Autisitcs to normal standards and in reality autism thoughts never mimic the normal thought being pushed until the basics of autism are figured out. As of this writing in 2007 the basic autism thought process eludes all autism researchers. Autism research and most types of research are deficient as it operates on one plane and the autistic mind base operates on another and the two are at a natural impasse. Scientists and researches naturally assume autistic people especially those they have unknowingly molded to their group home version of autism are just simply too close to the bottom of the gene pool to be smart enough to figure out autism. Scientists have in the past speculated that the amygdala - which has been implicated in certain anxiety and mood disorders - plays a role in autism, but the study directly supports that idea for the first time. Studies asking the right questions often give the right answers and they make the peer review committees so much easier to deal with. The LARGEST MOST comprehensive autism of all time spans many generations and has world wide results but yet that study has never been compiled and completed as modern autism research is too deficient to withstand such honest unbiased results. Many Autism Researchers are of the publish and parish mindset and have chosen to research autism as there was little chance of honest criticism. They have the power to keep it that way to. All they do is band together and agree to never admit to Autism's newly coined Crypto Sensitive Population. They already erred to some degree in admitting to Temple Grandin. A late Autism GURU figured out that point when he was presented with an entire anthropology of Autism people that did even more than she had done. After all who would believe some "retarded" autistic kids, no matter if they turned out like Einstein?

An increasingly publicized developmental disability, Due to the fact Autism has become a buzzword and many people are employed in the autism empire it also means many less than stellar researchers flocking to autism research require their attention getting antics to get and keep funded. Autism researchers are looking forward to a future autism telethon to support their false cause. They have already incorporated flimsy autism plots into Television shows and of course the wonderful movie Rain Man launched the publicity that drives autism today. The spin and the P.R. associated with a fame game have made Autism bigger and worse than the original condition ever was. The admission of the double-blind group has proved the untouched autism of time gone by did much better. It became painfully obvious that those doing the double blind experience have figured out the step-by-step building blocks of the mind. Further their insight points to the idea autism thoughts are just slow-motion traditional thoughts. Nearly everyone in the double-blind group shockingly presents as normal and many grew and developed absently when their splinter skills and obsessions were exploited. autism greatly weakens the capacity to socialize and communicate normally. ) (serious humor, seems at least one of us is on a roll) The tendency to avoid eye contact is one of the most pervasive traits among autistic children, says *****. The characteristic is a problem because eyes, in particular, are a crucial source of "subtle cues that are critical for normal social and emotional development," ****** says. Autism researchers were shocked to discover upon finally admitting to the autism double blind experience group, that their emotions and eye contact were pretty good. They were astonished to learn that there is an invisible thought process a subroutine that happens in Autistic minds and once Autism people figure out that sub routine they can keep up with social clues and emotions quite well. Researches were even more impressed to discover one of their own a now deceased Autism Pioneer sat on this information and saved their jobs and his reputation. In honor of his achievement they are following suit.

******'* work comprised two studies. In the first, researchers placed autistic children inside an MRI scanner and showed them pictures of faces with both emotional and neutral expressions. The Researches later discover it was a moot point as the autistic persons optic vision was diverted and replaced with a brain generated image. The children had to press one of two buttons to indicate whether a face showed a blank or expressive face. Throughout the process, the researchers used precise eye-tracking technology to measure exactly which parts of the face study participants were looking at and for how long. Normally developing children far outpaced the autistic study participants in identifying expressions correctly. The long term double blind autism people doing the same study performed nearly on par with their normal counterparts but that ideal was swept under the rug as it was bad for the big business of autism. Lots of Autism Research jobs depend on Autism NOT being figured out. Autism research is a fame and money game so even if careing real life doctors do exist they are tied to peer review and grant systems for their paychecks. That lifestyle by design assures the innovation and even the proven innovation the double-blind experience has forged is never even mentioned.

During the second study, the researchers again placed subjects in MRI machines and showed them photographs of both familiar and unfamiliar faces. They monitored eye movements and brain activity, and once again, autistic subjects performed considerably more poorly than normally developing participants. Doctors were impressed (not really) to discover a fluke in the experiment as they discovered an autistic savant and despite the hope and the better than average results the researches decided not to mention those good results. Many didn't even know enough to realize the results anyway. They recall the GURU of Autism after all set the standards for autism by (ignorantly, I hope) making the Savant a circus act in the movie Rain Man. Rain Man made a wonderful false foundation to rest the new age autism on.

In the future, the findings could help scientists "train autistic children to look at a person's eye region in a more strategic way, like when the person may not be looking directly at them," In effect the long term double-blind experiment group of autism people also learned to do and keep eye contact, once they figured out the autism sub thoughts and honed them into a version of nearly normal thoughts, they demonstrate autism thought can mimic traditional thoughts. The researchers admitted their advise and ideas of the Rain Man years of autism have been seriously flawed. The quality doctor admitting to that fact has been reassigned to the chemistry lab at Indiana University washing test tubes. says *********. Researchers eventually could assess whether such approaches improve the ability to make eye contact and whether they might even induce positive developmental changes in the brain. Secretly, however, researchers are hoping however no real progress is made as no one will admit that when one door closes more open. Psychology and autism research has never been presented with the building blocks of the human mind all mapped out and naturally all the guru's of psychology are indeed scared. Everyone is scared of change especially when it is so obvious. On a similar note autism officials worry that the admission of the Crypto Autism double-blind experience will shift the focus of the autism banter and lawsuits from Mercury to themselves for negligent research. According to the one famed researcher" the diets and the pills and shallow ungrounded research were not enough," It is now time to retire or go back to researching Downs Syndrome.

Because autism is more inheritable than any other psychiatric condition, researchers also could start to explore the genetic mechanisms underlying hyperactive amygdalas - "a completely uncharted research territory," Researchers (admit it folks) love to chart new ground and that is over all good but, when they never had a foundation to start from their uncharted ground simply makes for impressive peer review and offers a bigger chance at getting published. Many modern researchers consider themselves a failure if they don't make it big and are not first in line to discover a hang nail on a donkey. says *********. And if the autistic amygdala is found to be overactive from infancy, the knowledge could help doctors implement intervention approaches right from an early age. Doctors must be careful however too much QUALITY intervention as demonstrated in the Autism double-blind experience will make group home autistic a moot point and it will rekindle the Autism genus aspect of the human mind. If that happens long term life long autistic they have molded as their guinea pigs will be in short supply and thus jeopardize their long term studies of the stuff they once thought was important.

Seriously,,,,, Please keep in mind there really is an untouched autism anthropology of people that have done double-blind autism experiments and have figured out real life. We are teens to 80 year olds and most of us build on the work of Temple Grandin. Modern Autism HAS known of us for years and other research disciplines will not admit to us (professional courtesy)? until Autism does. We unintentionally deflate the autism empire and thus they still have the power to keep us under wraps. PLEASE urge the Autism Powers to admit to all of Autism even the stuff they don't like. Autism has been a curse for too long considering we have figured out the keys to man's mind.

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The "best autism book ever" ALAN TURING: The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Simon and Schuster New York. Copyright 1983

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