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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Growing Pains!

Even more of us now,
Autism's Quiet Forgotten Anthropology grows again!

Threw out my years online hosting this blog and several Yahoo groups I have been very privileged to meet many autistic people like me that somehow missed out on the "best of autism" and shockingly we again make a very good case for no intervention in the serious way modern autism is aiming for. I recently met 3 more people via my emails from my blog Pre Rain Man Autism. We all could be considered "Temple Grandin's." Our blueprint we all seem to follow is the life of Alan Turing (1912-1954) he was father of the computer.

As a rule most of us grew up very rural and grew up out of the reach of modern autism antics. The small communities we grew up in have done wonders for us socially and autism wise. It seems those around us just knew us for who we are and we presented a bit odd but unknowingly we were "not" autistic. If we would have been IN REACH of autism experts we too would have been treated to the very best of autism and might well be in a group home. Way too many of us do too much of a normal life to ever be admitted to in autism circles. Most of us hold a job of some sort and many of us drive. Doing a life like that is not good news to autism experts of today. How could they explain us?

As a rule we learned later in life we were autistic-well the word-autism was finally put on us and SUDDENLY our lives made sense. Many of us are picture thinkers and hear of Temple's work, Bill Stillman or my own and seen the "gee that is how I think" syndrome comes to light for us. NOT being diagnosed we were able to complete the double blind autism experience uninhibited and untouched by the "help" of modern autism and its kind heart but nasty ignorance. Our new anthropology members like those before them have figured out autism either knowingly or unknowingly is a different kind of human thought system modern autism knows and loathes as the lack of eye contact. The autism we know and love is the very answers to the same autism modern autism stumped on. We think in pictures during the lack of eye contact. Our figured out autism thoughts eventually yield normal thoughts just like you use. None of our autism gatekeepers has been down our road and experienced our MR/DD thought process seen it turn in to Einstein's ;conventional human logic and perhaps a billion dollars worth of autism research and its "experts" is not willing to give us a listen that is for sure. Admitting to a population of autistic people that came out pretty good never did an autism diet or tons of drugs as required by Modern Antics is pure autism treason. Suddenly If the Crypto Sensitive Autism Guidelines were discovered again as they were known before Rain Man Autism would again have the hope and the promise it once did. Sadly mankind is left out of the loop as the Autism empire is in motion and their ignorance highlighted the worst of autism and made generations of us group home zombies. There is indeed an Epidemic of autism cases but it is not autism it is only the autism ignorance of our autism experts. It is fair to say if many in our group were not so lucky to miss the curse we too would have been in the group home as well. Autism if not treated correctly is a prime breeding ground for an autistic retard to develop as our gatekeepers only know enough of autism to be dangerous.

Even worse as Autism sees it, most in our high functioning anthropology are Gay Lesbian BI sexual or Transgendered and indeed that is how many of them find us on the web looking up Gay autism. Some of us are indeed straight but the majority of us are Gay. Now you know for sure another reason why the most successful population can't be admitted to as Autism's ignorant empire is set up for the children and there is no way a billion dollars worth of experts will ever agree to talking to us now-they might be seen as gay friendly. For the record many of your very own autistic kids find us and go back in the closet so before you claim your kid can't be gay please think again. Please don't be homophobic. Finally, a popular buzz term in Autism these days is Fragile X syndrome look deeper into Fragile X and see all the studies that were once the talk of the gay communities that proved Fragile X was a good predictor of weather one would turn out gay or not. I suspect The "fragile X Researchers" tapped out the GLBT angle and made their claim there and seen new life in Fragile X research and Autism so they are here "doing their thing now." Seems fitting if they studied our anthropology they could combine the Fragile X of autism to the Fragile X of GLBT and autism might well have a new lease on life.

Figured out Autism is here and our double-blind experience combined with modern autism could yield Autism success for all of us and end up adding 1000s of chapters to the psychology books but alas it might never happen we are on the wrong side of the autism time line-curse you Rain Man (the movie).

Rich Shull on the blog, Pre Rain Man Autism
Rich is inventor of the Turing Motor a Green Car motor hat is autistically designed. It is triple hybrid and runs on Gas electric and compressed air and is not piston and cylinder based. It is autistic senses and obsession connected to real life-your kids could do it too!

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