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Sunday, July 12, 2009


An Autism Experience!

Comments on the Broadway Across America Play Mamma Mia. Columbus, Ohio July 11, 2009

Presented by Capa - Presented at the Majestic Ohio Theatre Downtown Columbus.

The show was delightful very well done and worth every bit of the time and money. The casting and the staging was first rate, the singers and performers did a very good job and the audience was enthralled with their play. It was a delightful bit of Broadway in Ohio.

Now add the Autism to the mix and I think I was the only one there short of a deaf person that never comprehended the words to the songs or sometimes the words of the actors I didn’t know weather to laugh or cry as the people around me were impressed with the clear words from the songs and singers. I heard more than once the singers could belt out a tune. Well I was one person of the full packed theatre that never comprehended a word of the very loud well done play. That has been autism all my life - the louder bolder the noise, the less of it we comprehend. The more noise to figure out at one time (no matter how simple) the less of it that computes, overall.

That is the autism at work. This is still new news to the so called Autism Professionals but even figured out autism like I profess cannot keep up with bold and fast paced. Weather it’s a Broadway musical or counting change to a stranger we just are not there fast enough to keep up: at least I kind of learned to keep eye contact. Our brains use two different processes and we convert our deep thoughts, in this case confused with the noise and the bold loud words and turn them into normal thoughts and the resulting jumble in this case is not all there. I could not tell you a word of the songs. It was all noise with no meaning. Now as I write this I am listening to the CD of Mamma Mia even as I write this and played a low volume I can feel and hear every word all the words- all the ones everyone else did yesterday at the show. Funny in the 1800’s they fired a gun off near the ear of The Boy from Averyon (Victor) in a scientific (of course) test to see if he could hear. They determined he could hear but just like me computing what we hear is a different story. By the way autism hearing and thought are figured out, if Autism research would care to listen?

Funny, while talking to the people I was there with, I just read the lips of my sister mom and Hal and since I knew them and had their ‘100 conversations’ (a Rich term) figured out I just responded with a pre thought answer. Funny I didn’t even don’t even come off as an idiot. Still, I feel like one deep inside. In real life if I’m out of my element of familiar people or simple conversations I often stutter and fumble as all the autism thoughts just get all twisted together. Now the “damm funny” part of all of this when we got to mom’s house and she was showing off her computer cabinet and all the items in it I was struck with one the components just giving off a high pitch squeal that no one else heard. That same hearing level noise is the same stuff I use to diagnose car trouble with. In most people’s mindset louder and bolder makes for a better message but in autism's case it muddles the whole effect. However, the flip side to this slow out of touch thought process is Einstein. The slow deliberate one by one thoughts that mess up in this situation are the thoughts that mankind has yet to figure out, or get into a text book (autism/Einstein). These are keystones that really compute and solve the bigger challenges of life.

Rich Shull Host of the Blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of The Turing Motor a green 70% efficient triple hybrid car motor. “ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! “

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Blogger emma said...

Hi Rich,
Glad you enjoyed the show (I've heard its good (and the movie but I've not seen it).

I shouldn't worry about how you come across to others, whether someone is austic, an average Joe, shy, or noisy and obnoxious as hell, I think we are all part of the human spectrum:-).

Did you read the study (researchers have got to make a living :-)some how)about eye tracking?

1:44:00 AM  

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