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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Nip Of Something, Pain Tolerance

NIP! I was cutting the lawn in the back yard on Sunday when a neighbor's dog jumped the fence and and came over and bit me in the darieraire. The actual picutre is not fit for this blog but here are the undergarmets I was wearing , plus keep in mind there were a good pair of sturdy of blue jeans that were ripped as well. It felt just like a pinch. The actual wound is much bigger and was really swelled and it bleed for 24 hours before it stopped.  I had a set of rubber handled coverd plyers in my back pocket and I think they really kept the full effect of the bite as the dog got some unexpected interferance in his mission.

Like all previous wounds,, ( Modern autism should know this)

This one does not display black and blue marks (a white person thing) . If this were not a photograph in poor taste I 'd post a picutre of the actual bite here.

I was not thrilled with  the idea of going to the Emergency Room for this as everytime we end up there  ( Old Functioning autisitc in geneal) we become a circus attraction. The last time I was there people from  Doctors to hospital staff to the public were gawking at my X-ray of the neddle in my foot (above) and seen me walking on it with out pain. I was not thrilled about the idea of being sunny side up and exposed as people looked at this dog bite. Of Course no good doctor could resist the Push and Press (until you scream) diagnosis tool and that is the side my bad hip is on so by the time they reached 8-9-10 on my pain scale- when we do finally react- they might have blown my hip again. 

Old Autism pre Rain Man knew of this pain tolerance and gave it the respect it deserved. I know all new age medicne thinks it is great and knows everything and assumes all popuations feel pain but all they need to do is trace the roots of autism to discover we don't. We can thank the late Dr Rimland  (father of Rain Man) for some of that forgotton glory.  It is just as well, The torture chamber we would be subjected to via autism research or medical research would not be fun even if we don't feel pain. I'm sure no research group could be trusted not to do a first class cover up after they abused you to death. 

I proposed in my bansihed book Autism Pre Rain Man Autism a test for the pain tolerance. I related my real life as a mechanic and devised the following. Present the Autisitc person with a series of bolts and give him a wrench. Have them tighten the bolts until they thought they were very tight. I predict Aspie would snap low grade bolts like candy canes and not even wince doing it.  Only the very good grade bolts would not break and we would finally grimace and show some sign of pain as we tightened them.  When I finally discovered a torque wrench that is designed to break away when a pre set torque is reached I was shocked to discover 80 foot pounds was my thresh hold and it felt like 20 foot pounds of torque. No wonder I broke nearly every bolt I touched.

Over the years as I have met old and new age Aspies . Some display the pain tolerance and know it like I do and others don't. It seems those of us WITH the Pain tolerance are the ones that Think in Picutres (building blocks of the mind)  and when  we meet the non pain persons of  today's autism they don't have a clue to picture thoughts.  This BEGs the question ,If the Autism Pain Tolerance and Picutre thoughts and Splinter skills and Obessions were reintroduced into Autism would the successfull Autism of time gone be obvious again?  It is a sure bet, modern Autism and its Research Empire that speaks with a billion dollars of "power"  is not going to be the one to open up this pandora's box - they were the ones that sealed it to start with.

Meanwhile Autism Pain Tolerance like explaind in The Enigma as Alan Turing our autism hero ran marthons with out walls and invented the computer via splinter skills and obession is the real working autism  that time forgot and now can't admit to.  I cry knowing of all the humanity and the next 1000 chapters of Psychology are yet exposed again here in  current times and (not shockingly) man is too dumb to know what he is missing.

As Di Vinci was quoted (along the lines) "Wake up you miserable humans".  I might add until man realizes he is thinking with a short cut thought process he has no chance in discovering his own mind or body. The roots of man's mind and body are in old working autism and our connections we made starting out at the bottom of the gene pool .  The shocker of this Autism connecting to real life will be man is very primevil even to this day.   

Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism. Inventor of The Turing Motor, A green triple hybrid car motor running on Compressed Air , Gas and Electric. 0-60 in no time flat and Green earth friendly MPG.

Ps, Please note the neighbor who has the dog is a very responsible dog owner, and rescues many dogs. This one that did the deed was totally deaf.         

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Blogger emma said...

I hope you went to the ER in the end, dog bites are teeming with bacteria I think, so you proabably need some kind of antibiotic.

The thing with pain seems to be some people have extra high tolerance and others feel pain much more than usual, at least that's what I've read from some people. Either way it's a kind of imbalance I guess compared to "normal" pain thresh hold.

9:48:00 PM  
Blogger Pre Rain Man Autism said...

No, I didn't go to the ER and it seems like its healing fine. The expensive ER visit is beyond my budget and America is still working on getting health care reform.

Autism Pain tolerance is wild and presents wild. I think were hyper active about pain and think we feel pain UNTIL we are actually seriouly hurt. Then we realize we don't feel stuff. I wonder if the hyper pain is more of a pre reaction to pain? Perhaps somehow it is a signal from our body as it knows it misses the deep pain signals? If only Autism GURU's would look into this with some serious zeal. Rich

10:35:00 AM  
Blogger chamoisee said...

I just went through a hysterectomy. I expected to be in pain afterwards and really was not. The doctors looked at me like I was an anomaly, but figured the anesthesia hadn't worn off. When it became apparent that I was simply not in much pain at all a couple days later, my doc decided that "You just don't perceive pain in the same way that other people do". Lol...

Unfortunately, because I am in no pain, it has been hard to refrain from doing things I shouldn't do yet. My only indication of excess activity is sudden and profound fatigue....

8:40:00 PM  
Blogger Pre Rain Man Autism said...

My only indication of excess activity is sudden and profound fatigue....

YES I know the feeling,,, that sudden 'low blow'that instant sign you did too much too quick and never had the pre pain, or the pain of forthought to know you went too far. Its that 8,9-10 on the pain scale we do feel,,,, that finally gets our attention.

PLEASE be careful and take it really easy , your not as healed as you think you are. Rich

12:16:00 PM  

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