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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Famous thinkers -Michelangelo

 From the Webiste I am featuring called the 30 Famous thinkers and their links to autism.

The article on Michelangelo, was indeed quite eye opening for me,I had only really known him as a great artist. After reading the article and being informed of his early life, strange life, obsessions , impairment of socal skills, and lack of conversation ability it all points to classic autism.  Of course, Autism is a dangerous word these days (2010) as there are more experts on autism than real autism cases.  Sadly not a one has been blessed with our trip up from the bottom of the gene pool and learned every single stage of the internal workings of the human mind. Even worse the normal mind most people use and know as normal that just works for you , is a sliver of the real mind  that is often to shallow and small to really be effective. If man knew what we do psychology would be solved.

Back to Michelangelo,

His odd strange life is not all that odd or strange, I started out like he did as have many people like me. While normal people see his life as pure trouble, pure autism, all it really is exposing is the incomplete foundation of human thoughts. Michelangelo, was like the rest of us not born with the normal mindset pre wired for us.  That means the odd strange behavior is simply the display of his (yours too) long hand thought he had to figure out. He never succeeded in total autism thought being brought full circle to the threshold of normal thought you know but, his legend lives on to this day. Lots of us leave a legacy like Alan Turing, Father of the Computer (1912-1954) .

The article moans about his social quirks , like not holding up his end of a chat. If psychology knew what he had to do to talk, (autism) and knew his picture thoughts like your day dreams are his primary thought system AND those invisible thoughts need converted to normal ones THEN translated they would know why he was horrible at conversation, just like many autistic people are. The sad thing is many of us Autism will not own up to have figured out this autism to speech conversion thing and we can now keep up with normal people. This could be taught in EVERY autism classroom . Of course it has not even been in a text book yet and due the nature of man's genius (pun) he will never figure it out as the cart is before the horse.  All  Michelangelo was simply displaying was the long hand version of human thought that we still have to learn on our own depite the best efforts of contemporary autism.

What really impresses me his is ART all he was really doing was literally reading the deep beautiful picture thoughts (think daydream) of his mind and using them to create sculpture ,art and more .  I read the same picture thought when I do my inventions, Alan Turing did the same when he invented the computer. The character Rain Man in the movie of the same name was reading the phone book reciting the pages in his mind 's picutre thought.  Of Course Picture thought is not even on the radar of psychology and  psychologists are intrigued and at the same time horrified of Autistic Temple Grandin and her picture thought. Temple's good work is not complete picture thought and if it were she could function nearly normal . Many of us in the real world ADD many more layers of picture thought to her work and when it is all complete we get normal thoughts the shortcut thoughts you don't know you use.

The article said Michelangelo could not apply him self and I counter he did appily himself but not in a way  a normal thinkers would ever realize. You can't do David (sculpture)  like he did or the chapel cealing and not have deep down motivation. I suspect this comment fit, as normal people had no idea of his real invisiblele to the public picture thoughts that if visible would have proven him to be all about art. The art side of him the genius side of autism people our inventions our thoughts our legacy all stem from these picture thoughts. YOU USE picture thoughts all the time your self - but just don't know it as evolution has drummed down (sorry) your thought process to be social not a thinker so it is no wonder the world doesn't under stand autistic people nor can it help us finish the autism pre school and help us  become 'normal '.

Of course they mention he was gay and what is the big deal? Many of us including Alan Turing ,father of the Computer and WWII hero are. Will they ever admit a Gay man's computer played a big role in ending WWII? until recently they didn't even own up to Turing.  The Gay /Straight thing is like "the man is from  mars and women are from Venus type of thing." Straight and narrow people like to hate us (love and hate are same thing -really)  but they don't mind if give them good art ,or the computer.

If we need to span the gap of time one BIG OBVIOUS stop on the way is the Boy from Averyon (1600's) he was wild child ,Farrel child that was captured in the woods of France and then expertly (of course) exposed to the best of psychology and medicine  in all kinds of test . Just like then as now psychology lacked the basic information of the mind  to be anywhere near effective. They could have even had Victor talking instead of calling him mute. Obviously Autism and Psychology has been on this centuries old quest for knowledge and understanding and as long as the cart is in front of the horse and the peer review stiffles the real knowledge man will be embarrassed to discover on his mind ,and the earth remains flat.

Thank You Michelangelo, for leaving the world a brighter happier place. Rich Shull on the Blog Pre Rain Man Autism



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