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Monday, October 10, 2005

German Aspie Group has sucess!

Congrulations ,,,, (this is shared post to many different board and is posted on my blog)

The Following is from Rich Shull, and the quoted personal message is from a friend in Germany ,a member of our unadmitted to anthropolgy. It seems his group has had more luck than we have had. Please read over the post and see for your self we really do the real world, much to the chrigan of 'professionals' form all over autism circles. German is his 1st language. His corrspondance goes on to tell more and more good news. Please URGE Autism powers to account for us! Rich Shull ,Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism ,Inventor of the Turing Motor.

"Three weeks ago I've been to amajor autism congress in Germany, the "11th wholecountry autism congress" or alike; it's got the motto"autism is subject of changes - changes arechallenges". So we (two major self-organized aspieprojects) had the idea to show ourselves their byhaving a stand with papers and books. At first thechairwoman of the German autism organisation (they ranthe congress) weren't willing at all to allow us to doso. But fortunately she was on holidays the weeksbefore and her deputy at the end gave us thepermission. At the congress he even came to us saying"Hello". The congress was quite huge, more than 1000participants I guess, and all the "autism experts"were there but as well quite some autistics. Ourstands (we had two :-)) have been a (small) sensationand we talked a lot with people (mostly physicians orpsychologists) who were amazed seeing aspiesorganising themselves - without NT guidance. At theclosing meeting one psychologist stood up and said,for her the aspie stands have been the highlight ofthe congress. All in all I suppose we've been quitesuccessfull there."

The letter goes on to explain lots of interesting events in association with the congress.

(dirty Humor) I wish some of the organizers of the conventions I have tried to get into might go on vacation. It seems to do the world good to hear from others in the spectrum. Rich


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As of this writing I still have yet to hear from the Autism Society of America but, they did recieve my registerd mail. Look for previous posts that display the mail reciepts and the letter I sent to the ASA asking them to admit to us. Just how they get by ignoring a living working anthropology is just beyond me. Rich

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