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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Autism's Pastoral Connection

Autism's Pastoral Symphony
"Pillow Talk"

Dear Reader's:

It is well past 1am in the on a very cold night and thanks to an Email I just answered from a wife wondering about her Autistic husbands lack of sensitivity I just hit the right note in explaining autism to the non autistic and the autistic person. This is my most important post ever and everyone in autism will finally be connected in one form or another. If your interest is sparked and the preverbal light bulb comes on please share you moment with all of us.

I could have titled this piece Pillow Talk, I was describing a way this lady could have her husband connect to his autism thought style and also start connecting to her as well. I told her put his face in a pillow (he is very high functioning) while the TV set is on and suddenly with his face buried in a pillow he will HEAR perfectly. There will be no garbled words no loud noises no lapses in hearing. ALL he should see is BLACK,,,,,,, Until that is ..... he is STARTLED to discover SUDDENLY his vision will come on! It will come on just as if his eyes were on and open, and in reality that will be his Picture thoughts in action! (his face still buried in a pillow!) Suddenly he has just discovered that his OPTIC and Brain Generated Images have been interchanging with ease for years. Suddenly he will realize OPTIC and picture thoughts are different and too closely interchanged. He will realize his mind has been playing tricks on him all of his life. Once this discovery is made he will instantly be able to start controlling his Optic and Brain generated Images and next thing you know he will discover Picture in Picture Thoughts the connecting thoughts between autism and normal thoughts.

This optic and brain generated Picture Thought ideal is noted in all of autism as the lack of eye contact. Now interject the ideals of a blind person and you have Autism. It is noted that the blind people hear VERY well as since they are blind their hearing is improved to help compensate for the blindness. Well, when our OPTIC vision is OFF it seems our Brains think we are BLIND and Turn our HEARING UP. This explains our very good hearing and hearing of higher tones and pitches than normal.

Now add in autistic OVERLOAD the magic point in time and space where were lost between Optic vision and Brain Generated Images and during this time were actually Deaf! So in a nutshell we think with the same pictures as your day dreams, were Blind and hear super good one-second and are blind again and deaf the next moment. ONCE we learn that we are thinking in another language and learn to either do optic vision OR brain generated images we actually self discover the power of Einstein thoughts locked in autism AND we also discover the nuances of social thoughts and body language. When we learn to control our thought after we discover we have OPTIC and Brain Generated vision we can then do things like drive as it is easy to keep our optic vision on and our Picture thoughts OFF.

Most importantly this ideal proves how we think! Granted unless the "Autism Experts" are Autistic themselves and think like we do they can't get the same results from our pillow talk experience BUT, They surely see where what we say would make great sense. Modern Post Rain Man Autistic persons are brain washed just enough they might realize no results of their pillow experience unless they are closet picture thinkers and unbeknowance to them they picture think and just didn't realize it. Once a few of us do this experience and our results bear us out Autism will finally have a reason to "discover us again," At least a few new age autistic people will do this pillow talk experience and will know instantly what I have just written about just as of folks in the old unadmitted to Temple style anthropology do.

Well now, Autism might well be on the road to being solved with this statement (or should be) but I have this horrible fear that no matter how many of us relate to this autism pilliow talk experiement and know and even realize this how we think and even how we grow and connect to real life thoughts, no autism experts will give anyone of us the time of day. Our Exerience might well be proven, true and repeatable but no one in autism research with a PhD (Piled Higher and Deeper) is ready to accepct the fact we have discovered the building blocks of man's mind and solved Autism as well. They just can't accpect the fact their superior attitudes and educations have failed them and even worse their view of life is not always correct. How can they explain their red faces as those of us from the bottom of the gene pool the only ones with the experience of living with autism by the way ,actually were smart enough to figure out what they could not?

I can only hope they drop their guard (or are forced to -please write the ASA) and some real honest expert hears our story and relaizes we do the builiding blocks of the human mind. They will know what do and they will see how Autism is MR/DD and Einstein as well as a savant. They will see the picutre thoughts we all do as Autism seems to be a slowmotion version of normal thoughts. They will see the millions of things so obvious in psychology that had been hidden until now in plain sight. They will never see what we see as they think "normally". But perhaps they can at least give us credit where credit is due and be brave enough to let mankind out of the dark ages upon our discovery?

Rich Shull, Author Autism Pre Rain Man Autism (built on Thinking in Pictures)
Inventor Turing Motor, GREEN 70% Efficient AUTISTICALLY designed triple hybird motor.

Look Up Alan Turing (1912-1954) on the web our Autism Hero, Father of the computer.

Read more about Autism's Living Working connected Past and future on the Web At Rich's Web Blog Pre Rain Man Autism

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