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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Alan's Autistic Driving 1930's

Autism Revisited- quotes from Autism's blueprint The Enigma by Andrew Hodges the biography of Alan Turing 1912-1954, father of the computer. His biography is Autism's blueprint older autistic (mostly) followed.

Page 395 Autism and driving.

"I might suddenly go mad and crash" he told Don Bailey rather dramatically. He had not done well with the car at Princeton (a 31 Ford V8) and probably tended to daydream with mathematical thoughts in a dangerous way. He preferred in any case to use his own steam," (a motorized bike)
From Rich Shull

"Daydreaming with mathematical thoughts" is probably right on the money meaning he was using picture thoughts to think with EVEN while driving. I have learned to JUST DRIVE and keep optic vision on while driving and I use Projection thoughts If I need to picture think while driving. Projection thoughts are a wonderful go between thought of Autism and normal thoughts. If Alan was in a more of a car culture like we are in the United States, I am sure he would have developed the projection thoughts probably after a few accidents. Indeed our Autistic drivers usually honed this autistic thought style after our 3rd or 4th crash. Then we never had trouble driving again as we knew to keep our optic vision on and distraction to a minimum.

Now here is the Kicker we make GREAT STUNT DRIVERS. Who else could figure the angles and speed of the cars approaching you in a crash scenario? Then figure the laws of physics to make the least of the impending crash or miss it all together? We can, autistic drivers knowing all the picture thoughts can be perfect stunt divers. It is like Einstein driving a car.

Here is my story. I was traveling down US 33 in Lancaster Ohio and a driver running a red light at Collins Road is directly in my path as (he/she) was continuing their course. I was in the passing lane heading toward Lancaster. I figured out WHEN the other diver would finally "see me" (via Years of diving experience) and then I figured they would just scream Oh **** and slam on the brakes in a panic and wait for the cash.

Well, Via Autism thoughts I figured out the stopping distance of their car with full brakes and I figured the crash point if I did nothing and then figured via the laws of Physics- I could do better by stepping on the GAS not the brakes. As I did that I would power threw the crash, If we hit lots of the crash energy would be knocked away most of the crash force would be harmlessly expelled, plus my tires would grip much better under full throttle. As it was I MISSED the event by a few millimeters. Normal emotional based drivers would have also screamed Oh **** and did nothing and indeed by default end up with the worst possible crash, as all the energy of the crash would have been concentrated in the crash zone with major injures to both parties for sure. After the near crash my rear axle thumped a bit that was a small price to pay considering a real crash was just missed.

After the missed crash I finally did have a few emotions and a bit of build up and let down but they were after thoughts. My point is emotionless Autistic thoughts did WONDERS in allowing the same Einstein thought that makes us savants and inventors allows us to keep us out of the crash as well. Years earlier when my 62 Pontiac featured on the front page of this blog lost all of her brakes going down hill I was able to use Autism Picture thoughts and emotionless thoughts to "read" the page from the driver eduction manual and do the stuff you do when you loose the brakes. (and they say picture thought doesn't work) I missed a crash then to. The entire student body was surrounding me saying "Good Driving" when I finally got her stopped! They seen me FLY off the hill going into Lancaster High School then when I was driving in circles to rub off some speed and then when they heard the motor roaring as I down shifted to eat up some speed it was all a signal of trouble with a capital T. I think a normal driver wood have again just panicked and crashed. As you can see Luella is still in one scratch free piece and indeed a beautiful classic car these days. Then it was just an old car and of course my autistic obsession.

If Alan would have drove more he would have got good at it like we did. Granted a 31 Ford was a chore to drive in its own right Luella at least had power steering and brakes when they worked. Many modern autistic people being brought up in the modern era have no business driving I'm sorry to say as they never had the insight developed to understand the basic autism fact of OPTIC and Brain Generated vision. Not only that few of them have developed our best picture based thoughts so they have no clue how to do normal thoughts and our natural ones That indeed makes us zombies to modern autism and also to Rain Man's curse and lackluster ways. So much for progress.

When I help new young autistic drivers of today I MUST stress the point and make them learn we NEED to step on the brakes and not just touch the pedal. Once that issue is resolved and we discuss optic and brain generated vision we do OK with some practice. It seems we naturally don't press hard enough on the brakes, perhaps that is related to our pain tolerance. Otherwise we need to sit with the car idling and listen to all the noise it makes that you never hear like the fluid flowing in the power steering the vacuum in the brake booster and the noise of the valves etc. Many finally learn for the first time in their life via that experience we indeed hear more than you do. I joke with them,(yes we can do jokes) not to complain of the noise, their compliant will never be heard! Rich Shull

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