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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Inventor of The Turing Motor a 70% efficient green triple hybird autstically designed car motor. There are at least 200 more Autisitc people like me, that function very well and modern autism will not own up to us. We connect MR/DD to Einstein and real life. We missed Rain Man's curse (thankfully) The Turing Motor is Green has no up and down moving parts and will get a reasonable car 90 MPG. It is the motor Ford and Mercedes would have built if they understood their own. It is Autistic Obession and splinter skills all figured out!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Savant Expert?

Yes, the following is well and good BUT can Dr. Treffert tell us how we translate a picture thought?

What 3 and 4 dimension thoughts are?

How a projection thought can make us social?

The Day he can explain this he will finally understand what he thinks he currently understands, a Savant.

Autism is so simple and so different from what a traditional thinker thinks it is about. Without one ounce of real life criticism like this experts like Dr Treffert go totally unchallenged, riding high on the wave I might ad. They have no reason to dig and discover and see what we did to connect MR/DD to Einstein. There is only a few picture thoughts worth of difference between an autism idiot and a savant. Add in a few of the social picture thoughts and were actually close to normal functioning people.

Rich Shull, on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism, Inventor of the Turing Motor a 70% Efficient Green triple hybrid Car motor.

From my Web Email

Dear rich shull

The series of one-day seminars on Awares - Autism Cymru's pioneering website - involving the world's leading autism experts continues on Wednesday, October 1, 2008.

The participant at this fifth online autism seminars in 2008 is Dr Darold Treffert, the world's leading authority on autistic savants. He has been studying the savant syndrome since he met his first savant in 1962, when he developed a Children's Unit at a hospital in Wisconsin, USA. He is a clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin and on the staff of the Behavioural Health Department of St. Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He also conducted one of the world's first epidemiological studies of autism in 1970.

Dr Treffert maintains a very active web site on savant syndrome at through the Wisconsin Medical Society. He is also author of Extraordinary People: Understanding Savant Syndrome (1989), the first comprehensive book on the condition, and has participated in numerous documentaries on savant syndrome and autistic disorder. He has been studying the syndrome for nearly 40 years and he was a consultant on the1988 movie, Rain Man, in which Dustin Hoffman won an Oscar for his portrayal of an autistic savant. Dr Treffert is a clinical professor at the University of Wisconsin Medical School and is on the staff of St Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

The seminar will open at 12.01am British time on October 1, 2008 and run throughout that day.

Don't miss this unprecedented opportunity to put your questions to Darold Treffert - and please let anyone else know who might be interested.

You can register right now for this exciting event at

Best wishes,

Adam Feinstein
Awares and AutismConnect


AWARES Conference Centre

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