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Monday, June 01, 2009

The Wild Boy pages 5 -11

The Wild Boy Mordicai Gerstein

Pages 5-11 Quoted directly

5 There once was a boy who lived in the mountains of southern France.

6 He lived completely alone, with out mother or father,or friends . he didn't know what a mother or father was. He was Naked. He didn't know what clothes were. He didn't even know he was a boy or a person. He didn't know what people were, he was completely wild.

7 He knew how to live in the wild woods . He knew which plants, berries and roots would nourish him. He was always hungry. He knew how to survive the harsh winters, the long icy nights. He didn't seem to feel the cold.

8 No one but the animals knew he lived there . He didn't talk to them because he didn't know what talking was. He didn't befriend them because he didn't know what friend were . sometimes the fiercer animals attacked him. He had to fight, his body covered with scars.

9 He loved the wind.

10 He loved the snow he loved the full moon.

11 He loved the icy water from the mountain streams and drank with his chin touching the mossy rocks. He was completely wild.
From Rich

These words are mixed with a lot of pictures this is after all a children's book. Still it is based on the Story the Boy from Averyron and admittedly the "weak version of it". Normal thinking pervades and poor Victor once discovered was doomed. Normal thinkers think everything has to be just like they want it to be or it just doesn't work. Normal is a normal does.

Page 6 claims he was completely alone with no mother and father and while that seems true Autistic people are never alone he was probably fulfilled with surviving. We are not all that social with people until (if we are lucky) learn some of your ways of communication. Until then we prefer to be alone. I'm sure Victor would have done very well on his own, after all he seemed to have done OK until he was captured. He might well have been a "still born" and left for dead or another possibility was he was NOT a cuddly baby and never gave eye contact so primitive parent left him go? This non cuddly baby business was once a hallmark of autism traits. If his parents were a bit Narcissistic as is kind of common in autism circles they would not have cared if he stayed with them or not.

Page 7, Tells of his survival ability and notes he was COLD and he never felt the cold.... Well hello? That is the autism Pain Tolerance we only tend to feel 8-9-10 on the Pain Scale and nothing below that. This used to be rather common knowledge in Autism circles and Designer Autism came to the conclusion we were too stupid to feel our pain. Both Explanations work and I like the newer one or otherwise the Drug companies would have us in Torture chambers figuring out why we don't feel pain. I too Thought I felt Pain like many aspies did UNTIL we are seriously hurt then we know better. Its only the Xrays of the broken bones we have walked on that convince others we were hurt. Meanwhile some in modern Autism are perplexed with the aspies with stomach digestion issues and all it is probably the last stages of something simple like lactose intolerance, only it present as severe and we don't feel enough pain to pass the press until it hurts medical exams. It also explains why we have a hard time in toilet training, we never feel the urge to go or when we are done. Modern Autism Again Loves to claim were too stupid to know that. Our Autism Blue print The biography of Alan Turing (The Enigma) Tells of Turing (father of the computer) being an avid runner and he often wrote in letters (before e-mail) that he never never felt the "wall" or the pain or the pulled muscles of his sport while others were in agony. I know what he has never been threw as do many of us injured in real life autism accidents. To bad Modern Autism will not own up to us.

Page 8 The he lived with but never talked with the animals is very normal thinker position. I rather suspect he loved the animals and they took care of him. Autistic people have a fond appreciation for animals and we have a communication with them and a feel for them. Didn't our Temple Grandin design the humane slaughter house? Our keen senses and hearing that normal thinkers don't have (developed) give us an inside to the animal kingdom. I have walked up to an injured deer stuck in a fence and helped her out of her mess. I have walked right up the meanest dogs and they melt, I find I can make eye contact with them and not make the noise to scare them, we seem to be on the same level. I suspect he probably lived with a heard of deer or perhaps a dog that he slept with for warmth. I have seen the motherly instinct in all aminals so it is possible they were his warmth on those cold nights.

Pages 9-10,11

He loved the wind the moon and drank from the creek are just par for the course. The moon was probably a night light of sorts for him and a good thing and I'm sure the wind was good for the sound it carried and the scents it also brought to him. Of Course the normal thinker just had to add he was completely wild.



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