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Sunday, May 24, 2009

French Autism History

Database: WorldCat
Query: (pn= "Itard, Jean Marie Gaspard,") and pn= "1774-1838."

1 Mémoire sur le mutisme produit par la lésion des fonctions
intellectuelles /
Author: Itard, Jean Marie Gaspard,
1774-1838.Publication: [S.l. : s.n., 1830 Document: French :
Libraries Worldwide: 1

Autism History: The listed book in French seems to be the earliest thing I can find in terms of Autism History. Amreica's Library of Congress owns the book and as time goes by I hope It translates well in autism history. It Seems to have the story of the Boy from Alverez in it, He was 1600's Wild Child that displayed many autisitc traits.

Up until the 1960's or so. The Boy form Alverez was listed and noted in many now forgoton Autism publications.

I hope once translated it proves to one of the first uses of this example of Autism , It might go a few miles in re establishing autism as more of a genuis thing and not so much the Mr/DD disaster it is today. Rich Shull on the blog Autism Pre Rain Man Autism 2009

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Blogger emma said...

After lots of googling finally found this
is this the same boy (alverez)?

12:08:00 AM  
Blogger emma said...

there is a book

12:16:00 AM  
Blogger Pre Rain Man Autism said...

Thanks Emma! This indeed sounds like the story ,I had the title all wrong. I have found and reserved The Wild Boy of Aveyron from my library and can't wait to read it.

I was talking with an 90 year old autism researcher in the year 1993/4 and this is where I learned the most of this story. He made all kinds of autism points citing this experience. He had promised me his old research notes from his years in Autism but, I never got them. He said he had referance to this story through out his work. He also made some points the Aveyron story also presented as older Autism.

In Fact the 1800's French book I cite in this post is the very book this author used as the basis for the book I'm about to read.

2:15:00 PM  

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