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Figured out Autism is the next 1000 chapters in psychology. Once we learn the picture thoughts that happen during the lack of eye contact, normal thoughts result. We build on the work of Temple Grandin and we missed Rain Man 's curse. Autism Is BOTH mrdd and Einstein and even social functioning people

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Friday, September 17, 2010

30 famous thinkers Einstein and Newton

Einstein and Newton 'had autism'

Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton may have suffered from a type of autism, according to experts.

From the BBC  April, 30, 2003   Part of the series I am doing on 30 famous thinkers.

From Rich Shull

To be quite honest all humans have autism potential and autism is nothing more than the unfigured out human mind.

The funny part is NORMAL as you know it and we strive for in all aspects of life is just a small  sliver ,snap shot of the really narrow part of the human mind that all works together to form what we know as normal. For sure all humans use all of their brain power and they don't know it. The words we speak, our thoughts  and persona we present are all haphazardly put together piece by piece in the sub level mind . If you were lucky and got all the right bits of the internal mind map puzzle you can pass as OK. (never been in a text book before)   

If man really understood his mind school would start out BELOW 123 and the ABC's and we could hone (discover) our daydream type thoughts- it is what autistics call thinking in pictures- to the point where those base line thoughts were all completed and function good enough that  normal thoughts result. I know psychologist and others are going what is this ***** talking about? What I am talking about is the sublevel baseline thoughts that have never been in a text book before and it is the very thoughts we learned on our own by happenstance. If this Autism process the sub level thought could have been taught to our Einstein and indeed all autistic people we could have functioned  well from the start.

The mind is quite simple really as is anything, once understood. Sadly the mind is a far cry the marvel of world as man has hoped it would be. It really is very primeval even to this day. The mind all mapped out is a road map of every section of picture thought needed to function. The human mind is nothing more than a photo album that talks , Humans really don't think (too often) they react. If psychology knew our thoughts the Einstein and Newton genius things would be obvious; it is just a stop on the picture thought "railroad", also obvious would be narcissiam, learning disabilities ,addictions, serial killers, perfect normal people, monsters of all types  even dyslexia and stuttering all have roots explanations and even cures in autism thoughts.

If this idea holds water and psychology really does discover what we have, someday we could go to the psychologists office and they could go threw 'all of our switches' and turn on the ones we want and turn off the ones we don't. In other words a few visits could  to the psychologist could cure the dyslexia ,the serial killer traits and narcissiam. (as well as everything else) .

Interestingly, all humans have the Einstein ability in them and it is mostly independent of the small sliver of the normal social mind. Indeed we can have social Einstein's and Einstein himself as well as many other great autistic people like Alan Turing (father of the computer) for example finally became social. If research ever discovers what we have they will be shocked to discover being social and normal is a privilege that most people get by default but, if they learn the roots of normal thoughts like we have they will see why humans are as we are. 

Finally,, here is a glimpse of your sublevel mind in action. You going along have a good chat with someone. Your talking away and SUDDENLY your stumped. You have to hold up the conversation and Say,"I can picture him but can't place the name" you OPTIC vision is OFF and you looking at a brain generated image of 'uncle Joe" or perhaps an image locked in your mind and you then say Oh that is "uncle Joe" right then and there you were exposed to just one picture thought you were stuck on. You mind made you stop long enough to really look at the internal thought (picture thought)  Once you figured it out, you were able to say that was Uncle Joe and move the conversation along.

The uncle Joe thought playing below the surface of the mind is just one of 1000s that all flow together (if we are lucky)  and form the small completed normal thought, the one that we finally translate to words and actions. I guess there are 30-40 picture thoughts that need to be completed BEFORE we can present one normal thought such as small sentence with body language. 
That Uncle Joe thought you have had is very crisp detailed accurate and only one small bit of it (joes name) was translated to words to be spoken. The autism we have learned is thinking with those deep complicated thoughts ( we present with lack of eye contact) all the time and then trying to convert them to words hence our poor social skills and communication ability. Once we learn to translate and water down our picture thoughts we can finally pass for ok and  be social.   We could teach this invisible thought process to autistic kids and all could communicate well.

Another point here, the Uncle Joe thought was just wild vivid ,detailed and that ideal is the SAME as the Einstein thought. Here is the difference a normal mind simply waters down the Uncle Joe thought so it can be spoken and fitted into a conversation, it waters it down to basically nothing for the sake of being social. The Einstein Mind naturally develops analyzes that picture thought  and many others and picks apart the detail of them and forms new thoughts (our inventions and good ideas). See the mind is too simple and research wearing its blinders everyday has missed the point of psychology and autism for centuries now. As Einstein Said, "If they knew what they were doing they would not call it research."   

Being autistic we are both deaf and blind  (milliseconds and seconds at a time) as we think in pictures giving rise to our keen senses and wisdom. People admire the blind and the deaf communities and their ability to cope understand and thrive, I admire the blind for their insight to the human mind and I would rather visit a blind psychologist than a sighted one as the advantage would be obvious: sighted ones were blinders everyday.

Finally I think the worst thing to ever happen (in some respects) to mankind was that trip to the moon , It falsely gave man the idea he was really smart, we are lucky that roman Chariot Apollo 19 (?) made it to the moon and back.

Rich Shull on the blog Pre Rain Man Autism



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