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Monday, October 10, 2005

Cartoons My Autism Text Book

Pictured is the way I used my book A Charlie Brown Christmas (c 1966) unknowingly as an Autism Pircture thinking text book. I folded the pages in such a way to make new "pictures" from opposite pages. This was training for the picture thoughts I use today. This IS Autism 101, Now ,all we have to do is convince the experts of that.

The following is a shared quote for corrspondance I had with a person on another Autism Fourm. It relates 'perfectly' to the picture above.

"The other night he asked me if my thoughts were in CARTOON, I found thatvery interesting, to which I replied I don't think so. After thatquestion I had to do some research and came across a lot of info on thethought process of Aspie's. And boy does that not shed some light on myson's reactions. I too notice that he is a very vivid thinker andmovies which I would not think would be offensive to him (children'sshows) can have some serious impact on him. Because of the way heinterprets things what seems funny to us can at times seem extremelydisturbing to him. Well it was just great for me to read your emailRich. I believe if my son had all the words for it he would explain histhought process as you have done.Best regards, "

Thanks for the Kind thoughts.

You know, my VERY FIRST "autism Text book" was the 1966 Edition of a Charlie Brown Christmas. (American Cartoon Strip) My Mom gave me this as a Christmas Gift and when I was 7-8 years old and it is mostly a picture book with a few words and small story line. Unknowingly this became my autism Picture thinkers Text book and I used it all the threw 10th grade. I had no idea I was using this book to absently train my self to use those Picture thoughts I was trying so hard to ignore.

I would look at the pictures and the form new pictures by folding over certain page and 'combining' the picture from one page with the picture on another. Today it is clear as bell I was developing my still picture, motion pictures and even my more advanced picture thoughts by doing this. I could not have been more blessed than to have that book it was in effect the very basics of autism All mapped out. Others in our anthropology sometimes report having a special book that was picture based.

My Friend Gennady from Russia also reports the "a" picture book in his early development. I wish I under stood Russian and our translations were more 'correct' as I think he indeed did the same thing I did in terms of developing his picture thoughts.

As for your Son and his cartoon thoughts be glad he realizes a different thought process, Please encourage him to use it and ALSO encourage him to be sure he explains things to you so you understand him. Doing that will develop his picture Translation skills (Like describing your dreams to someone else) The quicker and better he does that the further along he will get in life. He is off to a good start as for him Picture thinking is his natural thought process and language is second.

Best Of Luck on your Autism Journey. Rich Shull Ohio, Usa


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