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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

genetic discoveries Parity

Autism Parity Article from Columbus Dispatch ,Tuesday January 16, 2007 Pg, D5 Parity by Rich Shull for the blog Pre Rain Man Autism.

Early Treatment of Autism Hinges on Genetic Discoveries by Dr. John Barnard Childrens Research Institute Ohio State Univerisity

Orgional Article in black/ Rich's comments in blue.
Autism is a complex disorder of social,communicative and behavioral development that usually starts in children before 3 years of age.

It stands to reason most autism articles start along these lines and while it is true the good news those people in our autism anthropoloy have over came rather well and some of us are in our 90's. Modern Autism has a made a big deal of autism courtsey of Rain Man's Red Carpet invitation.

It is best thought of an umbrella diagnosis that encompassed a spectrum of at least five related conditions, collectively called autism spectrum disorders. Subtle differences in symptoms, usually discernible only by an expert in autism spectrum disorders determine how an individual child is classified within the spectrum.

Dare we forget the autism they are expert in is the autism they invented to a large degree after the movie Rain Man. They know the modern autism well and the peer review of autism assures the world is an autism hevan for those in the loop. Sadly no Autism 'EXPERT' from modern times knows more about autism than they can see with their own eyes. MOST autism thoughts are INVISABLE to the average person and take place during the famous 'lack of eye contact mode'. Once figure out and learn our autism basic thoughts we can mimic traditional thoughts and even body language . Before Rain Man most people grew out of autism with a little blind luck. Today our sucess is not the news the Autism Empire was ever expecting or wanting to hear.

Although the causes are unknown, a growing body of research supports the idea that genetic factors are an important underlying feature of the disorder. The study of Twins with autism has proved to be a particularly valuable research tactic.

This sounds pretty typical of any research not just autism genetics and twins and features of populations make for some good peer review buzzword terms. While those ideals are nobile they are unknowinly lacking the very basic autism knowlege we have figured out. What we have figured out as never been in a text book before and research via numbers and math and one sided peer review autism cursed research will produce nothing but jobs for researchers and misery for autism spectrum people.

Identical twins have identical genes, while fraternal twins are genetically similar, but not identical. When identical twins have autism, both are affected about 60% of the time, whereas fraternal are both effected about 5 percent of the time.

Our world wide autism anthropology has a story to tell all of its own family wise. We have some mighty strange families at times. Narcissism is a big factor in our lives as many of us have a parent or sibling with those tendencies. Ironically many of us learned our best social lesions cleaning up after our Narcissistic parent. As we meet worldwide and compare notes we have plenty of quirks in our families to keep autism research busy crunching numbers for years, indeed we have a few twins as well. I warn the autism researchers If you ever do the right thing and research our Anthropoloy be prepaired to be shocked with families that do not present well in research.

These findings stronly suggest a genetic basis for many causes of autism.

The great leveler to this autism debate would be the admission of our Anthropoloy that has completed our double-blind experience and came up with a different kind of human thought. Suddenly Autism would be known for what it really is and it would be just as obvious the discovery the Rain Man effect and the Neddle Autism effect of this enitre syndrome and suddenly with a foundation like that modern autism could really move mankind forward with honset progress. (and not a moment too soon)

But current thinking is that autism spectrum disorders do not result from genetic factor alone. It is likely that unknown environmental factor also are involved, perhaps as a result of genetic susceptibility.

One very obvious point to our anthropology that ranges from teens to 90 year olds is indeed environmental factors. It will be proven lots of autism we know today is the very direct result of autism research from the Rain Man era when unknowingly our very best chances at autism success were stripped from us. Coupled with a general lack of education and discipline standards of modern times they all spelled the end of the smart autistic. Interestingly being a world wide autism population it will be obvious autism is not near the trouble in some countries as it in America. Other countries approach autism differently and more in likely their students do what we used to do, succeed. Often their success is based on splinter skill learning and no regard or worry is given for our lack of eye contact. Rain Man era 'experts' in Autism made big issues out of those and took away our best chances and then drugged us up.

It is probable that each of the autism spectrum disorders is associated with a specific genetic abnormality. However, scientists involved in the search for specific genetic abnormalities in autism are challenged by the complex variability of individual cases.

Autism Research would have a perfect explanation for the vairation in Autism success once they fiugre out our autism thought process like we have done. Our honed proficient picutre thoughts mimic traditional thoughts. More importantly Autism thoughts are VERY complicated and complex (Einstein ,Rain Man) and thus our autism success is just as much learning to water down our thoughts as it is making them social. Autistically there is little differance between the villiage idiot and the rocket scientiest belieive it or not they all have the same base thoughts Like all autisitcs do, it is only a few degrees of picutre thought that happen while our eyes are off (lack of eye contact) that makes us or break us. When our eyes are OFF that is when our brains work! None of this has been in a text book before, yet it might be the building blocks of the human mind.

Unless individual children can be accurately and specifically classified within the autism spectrum, the search for underlying genes is clouded. Fortunately, specific genetic abnormalities are now being discovered for some rare and distinctive types of autism spectrum disorders.

Discovering specific genetic abnormalities associated with autism spectrum disorders might help detect them earlier in life than currently is possible.

Now there is a scary thought for you, If our autism was ever seen for what it is once was via admission of our anthropoloy, it would be clear that the earlier the intervention the worse the out come. Modern autism cannot let out information like this ever as it would be red faced at the least, more to the point and entire lifestyle and research culture depends on autisitc people NOT overcoming.

Children then could receive customized treatment programs at the earliest possible age, when the prospect for success is best. It is also possible that drug treatments can be specifically designed by researchers to specifically modify the genetic abnormality involved.

Well, now look where that approach has got us ,autism is a bigger problem today than it ever was. Even in the 1600's with the story the boy from Alverez we did better than we do today. Again If our group is ever admitted to and our autism thoughts and senses were totally understood, like we know them, there would be no need for the drugs of autism. The majority of our Anthropoloy has never been on autism drugs and we simply learned how to deal with our keen senses and thoughts. See what happend when the 'experts' take over a cause ? They get good jobs and cheat mankind out of honest progress. That is exactly what happend when Rain Man rolled out the red carpet and attracted too many researchers all of whom need a job and a chance at fame more than need to care about a few odd people.

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